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What does FRN mean?

This page is all about the meaning, abbreviation and acronym of FRN explaining the definition or meaning and giving useful information of similar terms.

FRN stands for Floating Rate Note

What is FRN ?

There may be more than one meaning of FRN , so check it out all meanings of FRN one by one.

FRN definition / FRN means?

The Definition of FRN is given above so check it out related information.

What is the meaning of FRN ?

The meaning of the FRN is also explained earlier. Till now you might have got some idea about the acronym, abbreviation or meaning of FRN . What does FRN mean? is explained earlier. You might also like some similar terms related to FRN to know more about it.

Related Full Forms - Terms


NOTE Stands For : AutoBanc


SED RATE Stands For : Sedimentation Rate


NOTE Stands For : Network Office Terminating Equipment, Help document (WordPerfect for Mac)


RATE Stands For : Radioisotopes and the Age of the | Reforming Americas Taxes Equitably | Rough Around the Edges | Run After Tax Evaders | Run Against Tax Evaders


FRN Stands For : Floating-Rate Note


HFR Stands For : Horizons AlphaPro Floating Rate Bond ETF


FRNCD Stands For : Floating-Rate Negotiable Certificate of Deposit


FHM Stands For : First Trust/Highland Capital Floating Rate Income Fund II


TENR Stands For : Tax Exempt Note Rate


IFR Stands For Instrument Flight Rules| Internal Floating Roof| Increasing Failure Rate


VRN Stands For : Vacation Rental Network | Vendor Rating Of Nth | Variable-Rate Note


LF Stands For : Line Formatter, Large Format, Lever Filler, Level Floating, Link Full, Long Float, Long Floating, Low Fill, Linefeed


FPSO Stands For : Floating Production Storage Offloading | Floating Production Storage Offtake | Foster Parents Society Of Ontario


RYN Stands For : Re Your Note | Regarding Your Note | Rub Your Nipples


TN Stands For : Total Nitrogen | Tuned Air | Target Number | Technical Note | Tehsil Nazim | Tamil Nadu | Technitrol | TennesseeåÊ | Treasury Note | Treaty Nation | True Nafta | Treaty Nationals


ABR Stands For : Available Bandwidth Rate, Available Bit Rate, Available Bit Rate, Automatic BIOS Recovery, Adobe PhotoShop BRush file


SCIN Stands For : Scottish Cardiac Intervention Network | Self Canceling Installment Note | Slettersself Canceling Installment Note


AFR Stands For : African Energy Resources | Applicable Federal Rate | Annual Financial Return | Afren | Adjustable Function Rate | Alternative Fuel Resource | Annualized Failure Rate


ESR Stands For : electron spin resonance spectroscopy | Electronic Staff Record | estrogen receptor | erythrocyte (blood) sedimentation rate | Erythrocyte Sedimentation rate | Erythrocyte Sedimentation rate | Endonasal Sphenoid Release | Equivlant Series Resistance | Erythrocyte Sedimentation rate


RPE Stands For : Rate of Percieved Exertion | Rate of Perceived Exertion | Rate of Pregnancy Exercise | Regular Pulse Excitation | Retinal Pigment Epithelium


FLOPS Stands For : FLoating Point Operations per Second, FLoating-point Operations Per Second


RR Stands For : relative risk | Rational Recovery | Recognition Rate | Recovery Room | Reflexive Relation | Regular Rhythm | Respiratory Rate | Response Rate | Rest and Relaxation


CSR Stands For : Caesarean Section Rate | Cataract Surgery Rate | Central Sterile Room | Central Supply Room | Cervical Spondylotic Radiculopathy | Cheyne-Stokes Respiration | Class-Switch Recombination | Center for Scientific Review | CytoSkeletal Reorganisation | Cervical Spine Radiography | Corrected Survival Rate | Central Serous Retinopathy | Cortisol Secretion Rate


GRN Stands For : gene regulatory note | Goods Received Note | Graduate Registered Nurse | gene regulatory network | Gene Relation Network


FFAV Stands For Free Floating Aquatic Vegetation| Free Floating Aquatic Vegetation


VBR Stands For : Variable Bit Rate, Variable Bit Rate, Variable Bit Rate, Visual Basic Custom Control file


WKL Stands For : Weekly Rate | Wash King Laundry | Weekly Rate | Weekly Rate for hotel room


NIF Stands For : National Investment Fund | Note Issuance Facility | Nuveen Premier Insured Municipal Income Fund | National Investment Funds | Note Insurance Fund | Noranda Income Fund


CAGR Stands For : Compound Annual Growth Rate | Cumulative Aggregate Gross Revenue | Compounded Annual Growth Rate | Compound Annual Growth Rate | Compound Annual Growth Rate | Compound Annual Growth Rate


TARN Stands For : Target Accrual Redemption Note | Targeted Accrual Redemption Note | Targeted Accrual Redemption Notes | The Accounts Receivable Network | Trans Asian Railway Network | Trauma Audit and Research Network


TN Stands For : Town | Thursday Next | Toilet Nation | Trade Nafta | Ted NugentåÊ | Tunisia | Air Tahiti NuiåÊ | Table Name | Taders Note | Tasting Notes | Taub Nut | Team News | Teflon Nickel | TeilnehmeråÊ | temporary non | Teppy Note | Term Names | Terranova | The Nth | The Nucleosynthesis | the number | The Torsion Number | Titanium Nitrate | Titanium Nitride | Tom Nousaine | Tonga | Tool Names | Top Notch | Total Number | Toy Nomura | Tracking Number | Trade National | Trade Non | Traditional Neighborhood | Traffic Name | Train | Transposon | Treat


CAR Stands For : Committed Access Rate, Committed Access Rate, Committed Access Rate, Central Apparatus Room, Constrained Aspect Ratio, Contents of Address Register, Computer Aided Roboting


BER Stands For : Base Emission Rate | Blood Establishment Registration and Product Listing | Bureau for Education Research | Beyond Economical Repair | Bit Error Rate | Budget Execution Review | Bit Error Rate | Board of Elected Representatives | Budget Execution Report


CIR Stands For : Committed Information Rate, Committed Information Rate, Communications Initiation Request, Committed Information Rate, Current Instruction Register, Clear Instant Reset, Configuration In Run


IRR Stands For : Internal Rate of Return | Internal Rate of Return | Information Request Response | Internal Rate of Return | Internal Rate of Return | Internal Rate of Return | Internal Rate of Return


UR Stands For : Ultimate Responsibility | Unemployment Rate | User Requirement | utilization rate | Utilization Review | Universal Rocket | Unsatisfactory Report | Upper Right | User Room | Un Restricted | Unitrode | Unanimity Rule | Underground Railroad | Unemployment Rate | Update Recalls


FPU Stands For : First Production Unit | Floating Point Unit | First Production Unit | Floating Point Unit | Family Protection Unit


MRR Stands For Mean Reciprocal Rank| Metric Reaming Rate| Multi-Rate Ratio


LIBOR Stands For : London Inter Bank Offered Rate | London interbank offered rate | London Inter-Bank Offered Rate | London InterBank Offered Rate | London Interbank Offered Rate | Long Island Board Of Realtors | London Inter Bank Offered Rate


LBR Stands For : Latency Based Routing, Low Bit Rate, Low Bit Rate, Compressed file archive (LU), Display driver (Lotus 1-2-3)


CBR Stands For : Constant Bit Rate, Constant Bit Rate, Calculator-Based Ranger, Constant Bit Rate, Content-Based Retrieval


LBR Stands For : Laser Beam Rider | Low Bit Rate | Low Bit Rate


APR Stands For : Automatic Picture Replacement | Annual Percentage Rates | Annual Performance Report | Annualized Percentage Rate | Automatic Payment Receipt | Average Payment Rate | Accelerated Pipeline Replacement | Accredited Public Relations | Annual Percentage Rate | Annual Performance Report | Annual Percentage Rate | American Precision Industries


NSR Stands For : Non-Significant Risk | National Security Review | National Strategy Review | National Slow Rate | Nominal Slow Rate | Normal Slow Rate maneuver | Non-Self Regulating


VR Stands For : Vanilloid Receptor | Varietal Range | Veins Rupturing | Ventilation Rate | Ventricular Rate | Vision Rectitis | Vocational Rehabilitation


Y Stands For : Search and Rescue Unit Error | Width of vehicle or structure - Horizontal Axis | Y-axis | Yaw | Y-axis Rate of Change | Y-axis Rate of Acceleration | Y-axis rate of change of Acceleration


CFR Stands For : capillary filtration rate | Capital Financing Reserve | case-fatality ratio | chronic renal failure | citrovorum factor rescue | complement fixation reaction | coronary flow reserve | craniofacial resection | crude fatality rate | cyclic flow reduction | case fatality rate | Certified First Responder


MIBOR Stands For : Mumbai Inter-Bank Offered Rate | Madrid InterBank Offered Rate | Mumbai Inter-Bank Offered Rate | Metropolitan Indianapolis Board Of Realtors


TRIR Stands For : tal Recordable Incidence Rate | tal Recordable Incident Rate | tal Recordable Injury Rate | Total Recordable Incidence Rate | Total Recordable Incident Rate | Total Recordable Incident Rates | Total Recordable Incident Rating | Total Recordable Injury Rate


DN Stands For : Double Nose | A Double Numerical | Dagens Nyheter | Daisuke Niwa | Data Number | Death Note | Deep National | Demyelinating Neuropathy | Designated Numbers | Desktop Notebook | Detroit New | Developer Network | Devs Network | Dial Nigel | Digha Nikaya | Digital Network | Digital Number | Digital Numbers | Discussion Note | Distance Number | distinguisehd name | Distinuished Name | Dominant Negative | Dos Navigator | Double Negation | Nominal Diameter


PR Stands For : P receptor | pagetoid reticulosis | palindromic rheumatoid arthritis | pars recta | partial resection | partial response | penicillin resistant | performance ratings | perfusion rate | peripheral resistance | pharmaceutical representative | phenol red | phosphorylation rate | photoreactive repair | photoreceptor | physical rehabilitation | pityriasis rosea | placental retention | polymorphic reticulosis | polymyalgia rheumatica | poor responder | post resuscitation | pregnancy rate | prevalence rate | primary response | primitive reflexes | producti


AFDL Stands For : Floating Drydock


AFDM Stands For : Floating Drydock


FPI Stands For Floating Point Instructions


FPSO Stands For : Floating Production


FPU Stands For : Floating Point Unit


BFP Stands For : Binary Floating Point


FLOPS Stands For : FLoating-point Operations Per Second


FTFN Stands For : Four-Terminal Floating Nullor


FLCN Stands For : Floating Locking Clinch Nut


MRR Stands For : Marginal Reimbursement Rate | Materials Recovery And Recycling | Medial Rectus Recession | Midwest Rotary Rendezvous | Monthly Recurring Rate | Most Revealing Rear | Multiple Reporting Record


RULES Stands For : Rate | Rate


FRM Stands For : Farm | Fibre Reinforced Material | Field Replacement Module | Fix Rate Mortgage | Fixed Rate Mortgage | Flint River Mills | Formerly


AN Stands For : Agricultural Nutrient | Acrylonitrile | Netlayer (Auxiliary | Netherlands Antilles | Abl Negative | Absolutely Nowwhere | Acid Number | Acquired Nystagmus | Added Neutrons | Adequate Nutrition | Advanced Negative | Aircraft National | All Natural | Almost Nil | American Names | Anime Nation | Anime North | Anna Nezabava | Annon And No | Anti Nig | Any Number | Archive Note | As Needed | Asymptotically Normal | Attribute Name | Attribute Noise | Authors Notes | Authors Note | Authors Notes | Autonetics | Auxiliary Network


SFLB Stands For : Super Floating Load Bridge


PFLOPS Stands For : Peta Floating-Point Operations Per Second


FLOAT Stands For : Floating | FOX Load Optimized Air Technology


FPSO Stands For Floating Production Storage And Offloading


MFLOPS Stands For Million Floating-Point Operations Per Second


FLOTOX Stands For FLOating gate Tunnel OXide


SIGFPE Stands For : signal: floating point exception


TSFZ Stands For Traveling Solvent Floating Zone


FSRU Stands For : Floating Storage and Regasification Unit


QFCH Stands For : Qualifying Floating Charge holder


MFLOPS Stands For : Million Floating-Point Operations Per Second


MFLOPS Stands For : Million FLoating-point Operations Per Second


BRI Stands For : Basic Rate Interface, Basic Rate Interface, Basic Rate Interface, Begin Reading Information


FLT Stands For : Fleet | FLighT | FLoaTing | Fully Loaded Trailer


FLEGNARD Stands For : Floating Little Evil Gremlins Now Are Ridin Dirty


FSO Stands For Floating Storage and Offloading| Full-Scale Output


FPE Stands For : Forms Processing Engine, Floating Point Exception


ITOF Stands For : Convert Integer TO Floating point format


YD Stands For : Yield Deviation | Floating Crane (Yardcraft | Yard


FPP Stands For : Fermented Papaya Preparation | Floating Panoramic Photography


FLOPC Stands For FLoating point Operations needed Per Cycle


LIBID Stands For : London Interbank Bid rate | London Inter-Bank Bid Rate


PER Stands For : Pharmaceutical Evaluation Report | Packet Error Rate | Perform | Personnel | Position Error Recovery | Premature Engine Removal | Pyrotechnic Energy Release | Perigee | Period | Position Error Recovery | Preliminary Engineering Report | Premature Engine Removal | Pyrotechnic Energy Release | Pay Negotiating Board | Personal Needs Break | Pocket Note Book | Prisoner Escort Record | Periodic Electoral Review | Position Error Recovery | Premature Engine Removal


ROI Stands For : Return On Investment | Rate of Interest | Radio One | Realization | Record Of Invention | Registration Of Interest | Results | Return On Innovation | Return On Investment | Risk Of Investment | Return On Investment | Rate Of Interest | Rate Of Income | Return On Investment


AFDB Stands For : Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie | Floating Drydock


TFR Stands For : Temporary Flight Restriction | Time From Receipt | Total Fertility Rate | Trouble and Failure Report | Temporary Flight Restrictions | Time To Fly Right | Total Fertility Rate | Total Fertility Rate


NOO Stands For : Note On Original


QNP Stands For : Quick Note Pad


CON Stands For : Command On Note


AAN Stands For : Another Authors Note


VAN Stands For : Value Added Note


MMR Stands For : masseter muscle rigidity | maternal mortality rate | measles | Medication Management Review (Australia) | mildly mentally retarded | mouth-to-mouth resuscitation | mutation in mismatch repair | myocardial metabolic rate | Macro- Molecular Resource | Mouse Mutant Resource | Macro- Molecular Resource | Measles | Maximum Metabolic Rate | Measles | measles mumps and rubella


UBR Stands For : Universal Broadband Router, Unspecified Bit Rate, Unspecified Bit Rate


BERT Stands For : Bit Error Rate Token, Bit Error Rate Tester


BER Stands For : Bit Error Rate, Basic Event Representation, Bit Error Rate, Byte Encoding Rules, Bit Error Rate, Binary Encoded Representation, Basic Encoding Rules

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