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What does SECOM mean?

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SECOM Stands For : SEGA Communications System

What is SECOM?

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SECOM definition / SECOM means?

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What is the meaning of SECOM?

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Related Full Forms - Terms


SEGA Stands For : SErvice GAmes


SEGA Stands For : Scotch Entertainment Gaming America


SEGA Stands For : Semi-Educational Game Association | Special Entertainment Games Association | Specialized Electronics And Graphic Arts

RAG rating system

RAG rating system Stands For : Red Amber Green rating system (Traffic light rating system)


SYSTEM Stands For : Saves You Serious Time Energy And Money


SECM Stands For : Secom General Corporation


NICS Stands For : NATO Integrated Communications System | Neurological Impulse Combat System | NAS (National Airspace System) Interfacility Communications System


ICS Stands For : Investigative Collaboration System | Incident Command System | International Classification for Standards | Integrated Communication System | Integrated Communications System | Inter-Service Chaplain Support | Interim Contractor Support | Internal Communications System | Instrumentation Control System | Integrated Checkout Station | Inter-Communication System | Interface Control Specification | Interpretive Computer Simulator | In Constant Situation | Incident Command System | Interagency Communications Structure | Incident Control System | Instant Cart Se


JMICS Stands For : Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System (JWICS) Mobile Integrated Communications System


NCS Stands For : National Communications System | not clinically significant | National Clandestine Service | National Communications System | Naval Control of Shipping | Net Control Station | Net Control System | Node Center Switch (MSE) | Near Infrared Camera & Multi-Object Spectrometer (NICMOS) Cooling System | Nutation Control System | National Crime Squad


SMS Stands For : Small Memory System, System Managed Storage, Send Me Symbols, Systems Management Server, Smart Messaging Service, Server Malloc (Memory ALlocation) System, Service Management System, Short Message Service, Short Message Service, Sega Master System, Storage Management Subsystem, Shred Mylar Surface


SCS Stands For : Shipboard Computing System | Source Control System | Special Communications System | Secondary Coolant System | Space Collaboration System | Spacecraft Control System | Stabilization and Control System | Super Composite Skin | System Configuration Switch | Stop Control System | Support to Civil Society


ATACS Stands For : Advanced Target Acquisition Counterfire System | Army Tactical Area Communications System | Army Tactical Communications System


CCS Stands For : Casualty Clearing Station | Central Control Ship | Change Control System | Combat Communications Squadron | Combined Chiefs of Staff | Command and Control System | Command and Coordination Set | Communications Control Set | Container Control Site | Central Checkout System | Central Control Section | Central Control Station | Command and Control System | Complex Control Set | Computer Core Segment | Console Communication System | Contamination Control System | Crime Capture System | California Childrens Service


TECS Stands For : tal Energy Control System | Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies | Team for Early Childhood Solutions | Technology Enterprise Commercialisation Scheme | The Enforcement Communications System | The English Centre Suppliers | Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems | Treasury Enforcement Communications System | Tuesday Evening Concert Series


PACS Stands For : Power-Aware Computer System, Protection Availability Continuity Scalability, Picture Archiving And Communication Software, Personal Access Communications System, Philadelphia Area Computer Society, Picture Archiving and Communications System


AFCS Stands For : Adaptive Flight Control System | Air Force Communications Service | Air Force Communications System | Armed Forces Compensation Scheme | Army Facilities Component System | Army Facilities Components System | Artillery Fire Control System | Automated Fire Control System | Automatic Flight Control System | Automatic Flight Control System | Automatic Flight Control System


FCS Stands For : Fast Combat Strategy | Fieldbus Connection System | Fire Control System | Forward Control Section | Future Combat System | Fecal Containment System | Federal Communications System | Financial Control System | Flight Control System | Flight Crew System | Fin Control System | Flight Control System | Final Candidate System | food contact substance


PACS Stands For : Patriot Act Communications System | Personal Air Conditioning System | Photoconductor Array Camera and Spectrometer | Pointing and Attitude Control System | Passenger-Aircraft Co-ordination System


CBIS Stands For : Central Billing Information System | Communications By Infrared System | Computer Based Info System


JTACS Stands For : Joint Tactical Area Communications System | Joint Tactical Army Communications System


ACTS Stands For : Advanced Catalytic Technologies for Sustainability | A Call To Serve | Acquisition Control and Tracking System | Advance Communications Technology Satellite | Air Combat Training System | Army Criteria Tracking System | Automated Control of Trainees Sys | Advanced Communications Technology Satellite | Advanced Computational Testing And Simulation | American Coalition for Traffic Safety | Area Comprehensive Transportation Study


TCS Stands For : Temporary Change of Station | Tactical Communications System | Tactical Computer Terminal | Tactical Counter Strike | Technical Control Station | Technology Communication Supplies | Temporary Change of Station | Terminal Capability Set | Theater Communications System | Technical Change Summary | Technical Concurrence Sheet | Test Control Supervisor | Test Control System | Thermal Control Subsystem | Thermal Control System | Torsion Control System | Touch Control Steering | Traction Control System


ST-V Stands For : Sega Titan Video


SEGNY Stands For : Sega Enterprises


WMCS Stands For : Warehouse Management Control System | Water Management And Conservation System | Weighted Minimum Common Supergraph | Whats My Communication Style | Wireless Mobile Computing System | Wireless Multipoint Communications System


SATCOM Stands For : Satellite Command | Satellite Communications | Satellite Communications System | Satellite Communications


MARCS Stands For : Macarthur Auditory Research Centre Sydney | Madison Area Radio Control Society | Multi Agency Radio Communication System | Multi Agency Radio Communications System | Multi Agency Radio Communications Systems


CMS Stands For : CoMmunist pro-Soviet | Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (formerly Health Care Financing Administration) | HHS Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services | Chief Master Sergeant | Cockpit Management System | Combat Mission Simulator | Communications Management System | Community Management Staff | COMSEC (COMmunications SECurity) Materiel System | Container Management System | Contingency Mutual Support | Conversational Monitor System | Counter-Mine System | Court-Martialled and Shot | Crisis Management System | Cambridge Monitoring System (Comput


PACS Stands For : Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) | Pediatric Activity Card Sort | Picture Archiving and Communications System | premature atrial contractions | Partial Anterior Circulation Syndrome | Pediatric Activity Card Sort | Posterior Anterior Chest System


TRI-TAC Stands For : Tri-Service Tactical Communications Program | Tri-services Tactical Communications ( system)


DSCS Stands For : Defense Satellite Communications System | Defense Satellite Communications System


IATACS Stands For : Improved Army Tactical Area Communications System | Improved Army Tactical Communications System


ANICS Stands For : Alert Notification and Incident Command System | Alaskan NAS Interfacility Communications System


SATCOM Stands For Satellite Communications System| Satellite Communications


DCS Stands For : Domestic Contact Service of the CIA | Defense Communications System | Defense Courier Service | Department of Combat Support | Deputy Chief of Staff | Digital Camera System | Digital Cell Site | Digital Computer System | Distributed Control System | Division Cavalry Squadron | Dynamic Coordinate System | Data Communication System | Data Control System | Design Communication System | Design Criteria Specification | Detail Checkout Specification | Digital Command System | Display and Control System | Distributed Control System | Document Control System |


VIICS Stands For : Vehicular Inter/Intra-Communications System | Vehicular Inter/ Intra Communications System


ACS Stands For : Automated Commercial System | Advanced Civil Schooling | Advanced Combat Simulations | Advanced Countermine System | Aerial Common Sensor | Agile Combat Support | Air Cavalry Squadron | Air-Capable Ship | Airspace Control System | Arc Combat Soldiers | Armored Cavalry Squadron | Army Communications System | Army Community Service | Asset Control System | Automatic Container System | C4I | Advanced Camera for Surveys (Hubble Space Telescope) | Atmosphere Control System | Attitude Control System | Access Control System | Administration for Childrens Servi


SCI Stands For : Scalable Coherent Interface, Serial Communications Interface, System Control Interrupt, Serial Communications Interface, Sierra Character Interpreter, Sierra Creative Interpreter, Sierras Creative Interpreter, System Control Interrupt, Scalable Coherent Interconnect, SciFax Fax file, Scitex Continuous Tone CT2T image file, System Configuration Information


CRS Stands For : Cant Remember Squat | Central Records System | Congressional Research Service | Contamination Response System | Coarse | Cant Remember Squat | Chairmans Readiness System | Coastal Radio Station | Combat Recon Soldier | Combined Reconnaissance System | Combined Reporting System | Communications Relay Set | Congressional Research Service | Container Recovery System | Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization | Correctional Reporting System | Cant Remember Squat | CO2 Reduction Subsystem | Counter Rotation Scanner | CouRSe | CRosS | Combined Revenu


CTS Stands For : Correspondence Tracking System | counseling and testing site | Change Tracking System | Commodity Tracking System | Common Targeting System | Conflict Tactic Scale | Contact Test Set | Course To Steer | Canadian Technology Satellite | Commercial To Space | Communications and Tracking System | Computer Test Set | Computerized Training System | Candidate Tracking System | Cadillac Touring Sedan | Cadillac Touring Sport | Catera Touring Sedan | Central Travel Summary | Commodity Transportation Survey | Compact Touring Sedan | Canada Treaty Series | Corres


MICS Stands For : Medical Implant Communications System | Medical Implant Communications Service


NSS Stands For : New Skies Satellites | Nintendo Sega Sony | Nuclear Safety Solutions | N S Group | Necklace Sterling Silver


AMCS Stands For : Additional Medisave Contribution Scheme | Advertising And Marketing Communications Society | Advertising Marketing Communications Society | Application Management And Consulting Services | Applied Mathematics And Computational Science | Attitude Measurement And Control System


MSCS Stands For : Multi- Service Communications System | Multi- Spectral Camouflage System | Senior Chief Mess Specialist


TADIXS-A Stands For : Tactical Data Information Exchange System - Data and Test Communications System


ETACS Stands For : Electronic Time And Alarm Control System | Electronic Time and Control System | Extended Total Access Communications System


CICS Stands For : Communications Interface And Control System, Computer Information Control System, Customer Information Control System


CS Stands For : Contaminated Site | Comsab | Confidential Source | Civil Service | Clinically Significant | Call Sign | Chaplain Service | Chief of Staff | Circuit Switch | Civil Support | Coastal Station | Colt-Scoville | Combat Service | Combat Support | Command Staff | Common Software | Communication Services | Communications Security | Communications Software | Communications Support | Constant Source | Content Staging | Counter Strike | Crew Simulator | Crew Station | Critical Studies | Change Status | Checkout Station | Clean Sheet | Common Set | Communi


MACS Stands For : Manufacturers Assistance and Communications Staff | Military Air Command Series | Mobile Armored Crew Station | Modular Artillery Charge System | Modular Artillery Charge System (artillery) | Modular Attitude Control System


WCI Stands For : WareOnEarth Communications | Watermark Communities | Webb Communications | Weitbrecht Communications | Winter Crest Inn | World Certification Institute | W C I Communities


GCS Stands For : Geographic Coordinate System | Ground Combat Skills | Ground Control Station | Ground Communications System | Guidance Cutoff Signal | Good Civil Service


PCS Stands For : Permanent Change of Station | Permanent Change of Station | Personal Communications Service | Personnel Communication System | Physical Component Summary | Portable Communication System | Post | Primary Control Ship | Process Control System | Processor Controlled Strapping | Procured Component Software | Payload Checkout System | Payload Control Supervisor | Pointing Control System | Portable Computer System | Power Conversion System | Predefined Command Sequence | Pressure Control System | Primary Coolant System | Procedure Completion Sheet | Possessio


DCS Stands For : Digital Communications System, Digital Crosspoint Switch, Device Control String, Disaster Control Squad, Desktop Color Separation, Digital Collection System, Document Customization Server, Digital Cellular System, Digital Cross-Connect, Desktop Color Separation, Detector Control System, Digital Color Separation, Digital Command Signal, Disk Cartridge System, Distributed Computing Suite, Distributed Control System, Data Category Selection, Datafile (ACT!


DCPS Stands For : Data Communications Protocol Standard | Defense Civilian Pay System | Dorchester Center Postal Station | Defense Civilian Pay System


ACARS Stands For : Aircraft Calling And Reporting System | Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System | Automatic Communications Addressing and Reporting System


FCC Stands For : Federal Communications Commission | Federal Communications Commission | Forensic Chemistry Center | French Cheese facility Certification number | Fire Commissioner of Canada | France Communications Council | Chief Fire Controlman | Family Care Center | Family Care Clinic | Federal Communications Commission | Federal Coordinating Center | Flight Control Center | Flight Coordination Center | Functional Combatant Commander | Federal Communications Commission | Flat Conductor Cable | Flight Control Computer | Flight Crew Compartment | Force Command and Contro


IWCS Stands For : Integrated Tactical Communications System


CSOS Stands For : Communications Switch Operating System


AACOMS Stands For : Army Area Communications System


TECS Stands For : II Treasury Enforcement Communications System


NARACS Stands For : National Radio Communications System


AFSATCOM Stands For : Air Force Satellite Communications System


LINCS Stands For : Leased Interfacility Nas Communications System


PCMS Stands For : Personal Communications Management System


SDCS Stands For : SAIL Data Communications System


TFCS Stands For : Treasury Financial Communications System


EVCS Stands For : Extra-Vehicular Communications System


GSM-R Stands For : Global System for Mobile Communications - Railway


GSM-R Stands For : Global System for Mobile (communications) ‰ÛÒ Rail


TRCS Stands For : Tactical Radio Communications System


JMCOMS Stands For : Joint Maritime Communications System


CRITICOMM Stands For : Critical Intelligence Communications System


UYC-9 Stands For : Tactical Secure Data Communications system


INTACS Stands For : Integrated Tactical Communications System


ACS Stands For Auxiliary Constraint Set| Auxiliary Communications Service| Advanced Camera for Surveys| American Chemical Society| Academic Computing Service| Advanced Competitive Science| All Cannot Study| American Campus Subscriptions| American College of Sofia| Adjacent Channel Selectivity| Advanced Communications System| Alternative Current Switch


ITACS Stands For : Import Trade Auxiliary Communications System


ASAS-CCS Stands For : All-Source Analysis System - Communications Control Set


SPINTCOMM Stands For : Special Intelligence Communications Handling System


ACACS Stands For : Army Command and Area Communications System


J-6 Stands For : Command | Communications System Directorate of A Joint Staff


EDACS Stands For : Enhanced Digital Access Communications System


DSS/ALOC Stands For : Direct Support System/air Line of Communications


AMBCS Stands For Alaska Meteor Burst Communications System


EGSM Stands For : Extended Global System for Mobile communications


DSSCS Stands For : Defense Special Security Communications System


DSCS-MOD Stands For : Defense Satellite Communications System MODernization


CLIPS Stands For : Communications Link Interface Planning System


WXXU Stands For : Army Airways Communications System station


ACOMS Stands For : Air COMMunicationS | Automated Collection Management System


JWICS Stands For : Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System


VICS Stands For : Variable Intake Control System | Vehicle Information And Communication System | Vehicle Information Communication System | Victorian Institute For Chemical Sciences | Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Standards | Voluntary Interindustry Communications Standards


CESI Stands For : Catalytica Energy Systems Inc | Certification Exhaust System Inspector | Certified Exhaust System Inspector | Cesicentre For Economic And Social Inclusion | Chauffe Eau Solaire Individuel | Communications And Electrical Supplies Inc | Confidential Expression Of Settlement Interest


HQGSM Stands For : High-Quality Global System for Mobile communications


JMTCSS Stands For : Joint Maritime Tactical Communications Switching System


C-JWICS Stands For : Containerized Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System


DSCSOC Stands For : Defense Satellite Communications System Operations Center


AUTO-SEVOCOM Stands For : Automatic Secure Voice Communications (System)


CHALLS Stands For : Communications High Accuracy Airborne location System