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What does ABCDE mean?

This page is all about the meaning, abbreviation and acronym of ABCDE explaining the definition or meaning and giving useful information of similar terms.

ABCDE Stands For : A Better Compact Disk Encoder

What is ABCDE?

There may be more than one meaning of ABCDE, so check it out all meanings of ABCDE one by one.

ABCDE definition / ABCDE means?

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What is the meaning of ABCDE?

The meaning of the ABCDE is also explained earlier. Till now you might have got some idea about the acronym, abbreviation or meaning of ABCDE. What does ABCDE mean? is explained earlier. You might also like some similar terms related to ABCDE to know more about it.

Related Full Forms - Terms


ABCDE Stands For : Any Bodys Custom Design Embroidery


ABCDE Stands For : Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty Everyday | Catastrophic Hemorrhage


ABCDE/S Stands For : AirLand Battle Conventional Defense Enhancement/Synergy


DISK Stands For : Dutch Internet Survival Kit, computer subjects use Disc for Disk


DISK Stands For : Image Entertainment | computer subjects use Disc for Disk


DISK Stands For : Digital Identification System for Kids


CDRW Stands For : Compact Disc Re Writeable | Compact Disk Re Writable | Compact Disk Read Write | Compact Disk Recordable Writable


CD Stands For : Change Directory, Change Directory, Compact Disc, Compact Disc, Collision Detection, Compact Disc, Content Distribution, Carrier Detect, Channel Delay, Connect Direct, Compact Disk, Cursor Down, Compact Disk description, Change Directories


CDI Stands For : Conditioned Diphase Interface, Compact Disc Interactive, Compact Disk Interactive (Phillips CD-I IFF file), Compact Disk Interactive


CDG Stands For : Compact Disc Graphics, Compact Disk - Graphic


CVD Stands For : Chemical Vapor Deposition | Center for Vaccine Development | China Video Disk | Ci vediamo dopo | Come Volevasi Dimostrare | Compact Video Disk | Congressional Visits Day | Cycle De Vie Des Donn


CDDB Stands For : Compact Disc DataBase, Compact Disk Data Base, Compact Disc Data Base


PCD Stands For : Page Count Daemon, Photo Compact Disc, Kodak Photo- CD image format Bitmap graphics, Photo Compact Disk Image File


CDfs Stands For : virtual Compact Disc File System (Linux), Compact Disc File System, Compact Disk File System


CDDA Stands For : Compact Disc Digital Audio, Compact Disk Digital Audio


CDR Stands For : Compact Disc Recordable, Committed Data Rate, Compact Disc Recordable, Crash Data Retrieval, Call Detail Record, Clock and Data Recovery, Contents of Data Register, Contents of Decrement Register, Contents of Destination Register, Clinical Data Repository, CorelDraw format Vector graphics, Compact Disk Recordable, Copy Density Range


TCD Stands For : Tray for Compact Disk storage


CDXA Stands For : Compact Disk eXtended Architecture


CDROM Stands For : Compact Disk Read Only Memory


WCDE Stands For : Wilson Compact Disk Player - Extra


CDFS Stands For : Chandra Deep Field South | child development and family services | Child Development and Family Studies | Compact Disc File System | compact disc filing system | Compact Disk Filing System | Consortium of Digital Forensic Specialists | consortium of digital forensics specialists


CD-ROM Stands For : Compact Disc Read-Only Memory | Compact Disc Read-Only Memory | Compact Disk Read Only Memory | Compact Disc Read-Only Memory


VCD Stands For : Video Compact Disk, Value Change Dump, Value Change Dumped


DD Stands For : Data Dependent, Data Dumper, Device Dump, Duplicate Data, Digit Directory, Data Duplicator, Discharged Dead, Disk Data, Disk Drive, Disk Duplicator, Double Density (floppy disk), Duplicate Disk, Defined Definition, Definition Data, Definition Description, Compressed Macintosh file archive (DiskDoubler), Data Definition, Data Dump, Deterministic Data, Disk Dump


DU Stands For : Disk Utility, Disk Usage, Disk Usage, Disk Unit, Data Unit, Disk Used


CE Stands For : Customer Edge device, Communication Encryption, Compact Efficient (Windows CE), Correctable Error, Customer Edge device, Clear, Compact Efficient (Windows CE), Contrast Enhancement, Computer Eyes ( Digital Vision IFF bitmap), Cgi Edition, Compact Edition, Compact Environment


DMG Stands For : Dot Matrix Graphics, Mac OS X disk image, Macintosh OS X Disk Copy Disk Image File


DF Stands For : Data Frame, Desktop File, Display Full, Data Frame, Distributing Frame, Disk Free, Disk Free, Dont Fragment, Dont Fragment, Dissipation Factor, Dyna Flat, Direction Flag, Data File, NCSA Hierarchical Data File Bitmap graphics, Disk Format, Disk Fragmentation, Disk Freespace


DAR Stands For : Dual Analog Route, Decision Analysis and Resolution, Disk Archive RPMSeek, Disk Archiver Retriever, Data Acquisition Request, Direct Access Restore, Disc Area Ratio, Disk Archive Rpm


DOS Stands For : Dead Operating System | Defunct Operating System | Dense Operating System | Difficult Operating System | Dinosaur Operating System | Dirty Operating System | Disk Opening System | Dumb Operating System | Dunce Overriding System | A Doctors Orders System | Dal Oil and Sugar | Datorn Och Skolan | Day Of Sharing | Death Of Seasons | Defective Operative System | Degradation Of Service | Demons Of Shadows | Denail Of Service | Denial Of Services | Digital Operating System | Dijaska Organzacija Slovenije | Dimensions Of Sound | disk | Disk Of Shadows | Di


LAME Stands For : Aint an MP3 Encoder | Lackluster Anglo Musician Exploitation | Lame Aint Mp Encoder | Laughter And Mutual Entertainment | Legislative Accountability Measure For Education | Less Ambitious Mml Editor | Linux Administration Made Easy | Linux Advocates Massarcing Everyone | Local Area Music Ensemble | Loozers Achieving Mindboggling Eliteness


GD Stands For : General Decentralized, General Deployment, Game Disk, Golden Daemon, Google Desktop, Grand Design, Graphics Definition, Gigabyte Disk, Gigabyte Disk, Garbage Disposal


UDF Stands For : Universal Date Format | The Universal Disk For | Ulster Defence Force | Unified Disc Format | United Dairy Farmers | Univeral Disk Format | Universal Data Format | Universal Disc Format | Universal Disk Formating | Universial Disk Format | User Definable Function


HDD Stands For : Hard Disk | Hard disk display | Hard Disk Drives | Hard Drive | Hard drive disk | heating degree day | hhhard drrrrivvve d | Holding Dick Disorder | Heating Degree Days


CCDP Stands For : Cisco Certified Design Professional, Compact Compact Disc Player


HDD Stands For : High Density Disk, Hard Disk Drive, Hard Disk Drive, Hub Direct Display


CHKDSK Stands For : check disk, report Disk Characteristics and RAM Availability


EMAC Stands For : Emergency Management Assistance Compact | Emergency Management Assistance Compact | Ethnic Minority Advisory Committee | Emergency Management Assistance Compact


SCANDISK Stands For : to scan the disk for any error in hard-disk sector which is used basically in-use windows 3.0 to windows Me. It is now replaced with chkdsk now


IMAGE Stands For : Information Manipulation Archiving Gathering And Extraction, Disk Image (Disk Copy


DVD+RW Stands For : Digital Versatile Disk Re-Writable, Digital Video Disk plus Read and Write


MD Stands For : Maintenance and Diagnostics, Mini-Disk, Multiple Device, Mini-Disk, Manufactured Diagnostics, Move Directory, Make a new Subdiretory, Make Directory, Management Domain, Meta Directory, Multiplication Division, Memory Defragmenter, Memory Disk, Machine Dependent, Meta Data, Mutable Dictionary, MDCD Compressed file archive


E/C Stands For : Encoder/Coupler


VOCODER Stands For : VOice EnCODER


FME Stands For : Flash Media Encoder


DOS Stands For : Denial Of Service, Disk Operating System, Denial Of Service, Disk Operating System, Denial Of Service, Autodesk Comprehensive Education Solution, Disk Operating System, Dual Operating System, Data Over Signal, DOS related file (Win95), External command file (1st Reader), Declaration Of Support


SBE Stands For : Synthetic Battlefield Environment | Sub-Bit Encoder


SAME Stands For Specific Area Message Encoder


FDD Stands For : Feature Driven Development, Frequency Division Duplex, Floppy Disk Drive, Floppy Disk Drive, Fast Direct Display


DFP Stands For : DART for Publishers, Doubleclick For Publishers, Digital Flat Panel, Data Facility Product, Disk Fault Prediction, Disk Fault Protection


CFL Stands For Council of Federal Libraries| compact fluorescent lamp| Compact Fluorescent Lamp


CIF Stands For : Common Intermediate Format, Caltech Intermediate Format, Common Intermediate Format, Component Interface Framework, Caltech Intermediate Format graphics file, CD (Compact Disk) Image File, IUCr Crystallographic Information File, Ventura Publisher Chapter Information File, Catalog Interchange Format, Cells In Frames, Computer Integrated Factory


EBB Stands For : Encoder Breakout Board, Empty Bit Bucket


DENC Stands For Dual-digital ENCoder ststem


MD Stands For : Maintenance Diagnostic | Maniacal Dictator | Marshalled Deployability | Material Development | McDonnell Douglas | Medical Discharge | Messy Desk | Mini-Disk | Missile Defense | Mobilization/Deployment | More Death | Most Dangerous | Multi Directional | Bio-Medical Office | Malfunction Detection | Manual Direct | Manual Disconnect | Master Dimension | MicroDot | Mini-Disk | Mission Director | Maybe Democrat | Mondale and Dukakis | Microdot | Morning Disaster | Motor Drive | Mini-Disk | Monroe Doctrine | Media Division


SUPER Stands For : Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer


SUPER Stands For : Simplified Universal Player Encoder Renderer


WDD Stands For : Water Development Department | Wavelength Disk Drive | We Do Digital | Web Document Delivery | weighted diagnostic distortion | Western Development Division | Windows Disk DefragmenteråÊ | World Delta Database | World Diabetes Day


ERD Stands For : Entity Relationship Diagram, Entity Relationship Diagram, Emergency Repair Disk, Entity Relationship Diagram, End Recovery Data, Prosa Entity Relationship Diagram graphic file, Emergency Recovery Disk, Emergency Rescue Disk, Engineering Review Diagram, External Requirements Document


DVD Stands For : Dads Volcanic Destruction | Dads Volcanic Detruction | Dangerously Vindictive Damper | Dependable Video Discus | Digital Virus Disease | Dual View Display | Dumb Video Ducks | Dumb Vs Dumber | Digital Video Disc | A Dangerous Vapour Dampner | Deliciously Varied Data | Digital Versitile Disk | Digital Verstile Disc | Digital Video Discwhilst | Digital Video Disk | Digital Video dist | Digital Videodisc Or Digital | Dolby Video Disk


CP Stands For : Code Page, Compact Policy, Copy Protected, Call Processing, Cell Phone, Charging Party, Customer Premises, Copy, Central Processor, Color Printer, Computing Power, Control Panel, Compact Precision, Computer Problem, Computing Products, Control Program


FDC Stands For : Fault Design Criteria, Floppy Disk Controller, Floppy Disk Controller


VRE Stands For : Video Rack Enclosure, Voltage Regulator Enhanced, Variable Resolution Encoder


ERT Stands For Electrical Resistivity Test| Emergency Response Time| Encoder Receiver Transmitter


CDRW Stands For : Compact Disc Re-Writable, Compact Disc Re Writable


PPE Stands For : Prefix-Preserving Encryption, PCBoard Programming Executable, Proper Procedure Environment, Programmable Priority Encoder


DICE Stands For DARPA Initiative in Concurrent Engineering| Dolby Interactive Content Encoder| Deliberate Interpretative Conscious Experience


CF Stands For : Chaos Frame, Cursor Forward, Call Forward, Carrier Furnished, Coin First, Compact Flash, Compact Flash, Conflict Free, Carry Flag, Computation Flag, Comma Format, Imake Configuration file, Call Forwarding, Configuration File, Control Function


CFC Stands For : Call For Comments, Call For Comments, Call For Comments, Compact Flash Card, ColdFusion Component, Compact Flash Computer, Compressible Flow Computer Program


CD-R Stands For : Compact Disc Recordable, Compact Disc Recordable


CD-RW Stands For : Compact Disc Rewritable, Compact Disc Rewritable


RD Stands For : Remove Directory, Remove Directory, Receive Data, Receiving Data, Remote Device, Routing Domain, Receive Data, Receive Delay, Real Date, Removable Disk, Rotate Degrees, Register Destination, Register Dump, Rewind Disk, Record Delimiter


CLD Stands For : CD Label Designer | Center for Leadership Development | Center for Leadership in Disability | Centre Local de DÌ©veloppement | Certified LabVIEW Developer | Civic Leadership Development | ClamAV Local Database | clear liquid diet | Color Layout Descriptor | Compact Language Detector | Compact Letter Display | Comparative Law Department | CONTEXTUALIZED LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT | Council for Learning Disabilities | Custom Learning Designs


CCE Stands For : Cinema Craft Encoder, Citect Certified Engineer, Control Creation Edition, Console Chinese Environment, Connection Control Entry


RAID Stands For : Redundand Array Of Inexpensive Drives | Redundant Array Of Inexpensive Discs | Redundant Array Of Inexpensive Disk | Redundant Arrays Of Independent Disk | Research in Attacks Intrusions and Defenses | risks actions issues and decisions | Risks Assumptions Issues and Dependencies


DOS Stands For : Department of State (US) | Date of Separation | Day Of Supply | Days Of Supply | Department of State | Deployed Operational State | Disk Operating System | Disk Operating System | Dead On Scene | Democratic Opposition Of Serbia | Department of State


CD-ROM Stands For : Compact Disc Read-Only Memory, compact disc read-only memory


CD-ROM Stands For Compact Disc Read-Only Memory| Compact Disc Read-Only Memory


VDS Stands For : Video Data Specification, Virtual DMA Service, Virtual Dedicated Server, Virtual Disk Support, Virtual DMA Services, Virus Distribution System, Video Display System, Virtual Data Space, Virtual Disk Service


ADE Stands For : Automatic Directory Exchange, Amiga Developers Environment, APOC Development Environment, Absolute Digital Encoder, Advanced Document Engineering, Archive Data Extract


HDC Stands For : High Definition CODEC (CODer-DECoder), Hierarchical Domain Controller, Handle for Device Context, Hard Disk Controller, Hard Disk Controller, Handle-to-Device Context, Hard Drive Controller


HDA Stands For : High Definition Audio, High Definition Audio, Head Disk Assembly, Historical Data Access, History Data Access, Head-Disk Assembl


SAME Stands For : Society of American Military Engineers | Specific Area Message Encoder | Specific Area Messaging Encoding


DOVE Stands For : Digital Orbiting Voice Encoder | Daily Operating Vital Expenses | Daughters Only Venting Emotions | Days Of Vocalization And Education | Deepening Our Vision Of Encounter | Development Of Vietnamese Endeavors | Document Of Value Engine


CASL Stands For : Capital Area Soccer League | Central Arizona Soaring League | Chicago Area Solo Librarians | Colorado Advocates For Smarter Lighting | Common Algebraic Specification Language | Compact Application Script Language | Compact Applications Solution Language | Competition Advocates Shopping List | Comprehensive Assessment Of Spoken Language | Computer Aided Systems Laboratory | Council Of Australian State Libraries | Creating Applied Systems Leadership | Custom Attack Simulation Language


SD Stands For : SAN (Storage Area Network) Disk, Scan Disk, SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) Device, Small Dual in-line package, Smart Disc, Smart Drive, Spin Down, Same Domain, SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) Device, Service Director, Session Directory, Speed Download, Secure Data, Secure Digital, Self Delete, Service Description, Show Descriptions, Software Design, Software Development, Speed Dial, Secure Digital, Scattered Disk, Semi Discrete, Spool Directory, Submitted Data, Selective Default, Saving the Data, Single Data, Sorted Directory, Ent


MS-DOS Stands For : MicroSoft Disk Operating System, Microsoft Disk Operating System


CD-ROM XA Stands For : Compact Disc Read-Only Memory eXtended Architecture, Compact Disc Read-Only Memory eXtended Architecture


GLADOS Stands For : Genetic Life-form and Disk Operating System | Genetic Life-form and Disk Operating System


APE Stands For : AEMS Pipeline Editor, Alternative PHP Encoder, Anachronox Programming Environment, Animal Project Editor, Animation Production Environment, Automated Performance Enhancement, Archives Portfolios Environment


HDA Stands For : Hampden DuBose Academy | Hampshire Deaf Association | Hard Decision Aided | hard disk A and | Hard Disk Assembly | hard drive a | Hawaii Dental Association | Health and Disability Advocates | Heritage Digital Academy | high def audio | High Dose Alert | Hispanic Dental Association | History of Decorative Arts | Holiday Decorative Association | Home Digital Assistant | humorous duet acting


CEB Stands For : Compact Electronics Bay


CD-R Stands For Compact Disc Rewriteable


CLD Stands For : Compact Laser Designator


CD-E Stands For : Compact Disc Eraseable


CD-I Stands For : Compact Disc Interactive


DOM Stands For : Deluded Old Man | A Dedicated Object Management | A Document Order Model | Daerah Operasi Militer | Daily Oral Math | Data Object Model | Day Of Month | Days On Market | Days On The Market | Digital Optical Monitoring | Disk Of The Month | Disk On Media | Distributed Order Management | Document Object | Document Object Module | Domain Object Model | Download Only Members | Dump Organize And Map


ECL Stands For : Encoder Control List, Exit Control List, Embeddable Common Lisp, Esterel C Language, Execution Control List, Extended Control Logic, Executive Command Level


CLFR Stands For Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector


CHTML Stands For : Compact HyperText Markup Language

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