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What does CD mean?

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CD Stands For : Change Directory, Change Directory, Compact Disc, Compact Disc, Collision Detection, Compact Disc, Content Distribution, Carrier Detect, Channel Delay, Connect Direct, Compact Disk, Cursor Down, Compact Disk description, Change Directories

What is CD?

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Related Full Forms - Terms


CDRW Stands For : Compact Disc Re Writeable | Compact Disk Re Writable | Compact Disk Read Write | Compact Disk Recordable Writable


CDI Stands For : Conditioned Diphase Interface, Compact Disc Interactive, Compact Disk Interactive (Phillips CD-I IFF file), Compact Disk Interactive


CDDB Stands For : Compact Disc DataBase, Compact Disk Data Base, Compact Disc Data Base


CDG Stands For : Compact Disc Graphics, Compact Disk - Graphic


DISC Stands For : Data Information Systems and Communications, Domain For Innovative Software Content


CDfs Stands For : virtual Compact Disc File System (Linux), Compact Disc File System, Compact Disk File System


DISC Stands For : DISCounted | Domestic International Sales Corporation | Digital Information Service For Computerfreaks | Directory Of International Studios And Control | Decision Information System for Citrus | Dominance Influence Steadiness And Compliance | Dominance | Domestic Industrial Sales Corporation


CDR Stands For : Compact Disc Recordable, Committed Data Rate, Compact Disc Recordable, Crash Data Retrieval, Call Detail Record, Clock and Data Recovery, Contents of Data Register, Contents of Decrement Register, Contents of Destination Register, Clinical Data Repository, CorelDraw format Vector graphics, Compact Disk Recordable, Copy Density Range


DISK Stands For : Dutch Internet Survival Kit, computer subjects use Disc for Disk


DISK Stands For : Image Entertainment | computer subjects use Disc for Disk


DISC Stands For : Discharge


CDFS Stands For : Chandra Deep Field South | child development and family services | Child Development and Family Studies | Compact Disc File System | compact disc filing system | Compact Disk Filing System | Consortium of Digital Forensic Specialists | consortium of digital forensics specialists


DISC Stands For : Demonstrators For Integrated Ship Control | Developing In Service Course | DISCone | DISConnect | DISCrete | Diversity Incorporating Safer Communities


CHANGE Stands For : Camden Homeless Action Network Generating Energy | changing | Chemical Health And New Growth Experiences | Collaborative Humanities and Arts Network for Growth and Education | Collaboratives Helping Americas Neighborhoods Grow And Excel | Communities Helping All Neighbors Gain EmpowermentåÊ | Community Health Assessment aNd Group Evaluation | Community Helping Accomplish Necessary Growth and Empowerment | Creative Humans For A New Global Experience


DISC Stands For Digital Information Science and Communication| Denmark Inter-disciplinary Study tour Committee| Drop In Study Centre


CD-ROM Stands For : Compact Disc Read-Only Memory | Compact Disc Read-Only Memory | Compact Disk Read Only Memory | Compact Disc Read-Only Memory


PCD Stands For : Page Count Daemon, Photo Compact Disc, Kodak Photo- CD image format Bitmap graphics, Photo Compact Disk Image File


CCDP Stands For : Cisco Certified Design Professional, Compact Compact Disc Player


CDDA Stands For : Compact Disc Digital Audio, Compact Disk Digital Audio


DISC Stands For : Digital Interactive Sports Card | Dementia Information And Support For Carers | Designer Innovator Smart Character | Digital Interactive Systems Corporation | Diploma It Service Center | Disabled International And Students Of Color | Distributed Intelligent Servo Control | Dominance Influencing Steadiness And Compliance | Dominance Influencing Steadiness Compliance | Dominance Influencing Steady Or Compliant | Dominant Influence Steadiness Compliance | The Development Initiative Steering Committee


VCD Stands For : Video Compact Disk, Value Change Dump, Value Change Dumped


CDRW Stands For : Compact Disc Re-Writable, Compact Disc Re Writable


CD-RW Stands For : Compact Disc Rewritable, Compact Disc Rewritable


CD-R Stands For : Compact Disc Recordable, Compact Disc Recordable


VCD Stands For : Very Crappy Disc | Visual Compact Disc


CD-ROM Stands For : Compact Disc Read-Only Memory, compact disc read-only memory


CD-ROM Stands For Compact Disc Read-Only Memory| Compact Disc Read-Only Memory


CDV Stands For : Cell Delay Variation, Cooperative Distributed Vision, Compact Disc Video


CDW Stands For : Critical Design Walkthrough | Command Data Word | Compact Disc Writeable | Collision Damage Waiver


CD-ROM XA Stands For : Compact Disc Read-Only Memory eXtended Architecture, Compact Disc Read-Only Memory eXtended Architecture


CD-R Stands For Compact Disc Rewriteable


CD-E Stands For : Compact Disc Eraseable


CD-I Stands For : Compact Disc Interactive


MCD Stands For : Mini Client Driver, Multimedia Cartridge Drive, Multi-Channel Desktop, Music Compact Disc, MathCAD Document


CE Stands For : Customer Edge device, Communication Encryption, Compact Efficient (Windows CE), Correctable Error, Customer Edge device, Clear, Compact Efficient (Windows CE), Contrast Enhancement, Computer Eyes ( Digital Vision IFF bitmap), Cgi Edition, Compact Edition, Compact Environment


SVCD Stands For : Super Video Compact Disc


CPDA Stands For Compact Printed Disc Antenna


SVCD Stands For Super Video Compact Disc


SACD Stands For : Super Audio Compact Disc


CCCD Stands For : Copy Control Compact Disc


CDA Stands For : Cluster Development Agent, Content Delivery Application, Communications Decency Act of 1996, Compact Disc Audio, CD audio track


CDROM Stands For : Cup Drink Retainer On Machine | Compact Disc Read Only Memeory


DISK Stands For : Digital Identification System for Kids


CF Stands For : Chaos Frame, Cursor Forward, Call Forward, Carrier Furnished, Coin First, Compact Flash, Compact Flash, Conflict Free, Carry Flag, Computation Flag, Comma Format, Imake Configuration file, Call Forwarding, Configuration File, Control Function


CDD Stands For : Common Data Dictionary, Component Design Document, Clock Difference Diagram, Compact Disc Driver


CD Stands For : Canadian Forces Decoration | Certified Director | Companion Dog | Cow Dung | Cookie Dough | Corn Dog | Cannot Decide | Cell Designation | Compact Disc | Cyber Dad | Carl Dinkelacker | Carnal Desire | Carrel Dakin | CD definition | Certainty And Dependability | Chalmers Datenforung | Changing Directory | Character Death | Child Development | Cirrus Design | Civil Defence | Civil Disobedience | Class Document | Classy Dragapella | Clearly Digital | Cluster Differentiation | Cluster Of Differention | Coarse Decision | Cold Dead | Cold Deadapril |


EMAC Stands For : Emergency Management Assistance Compact | Emergency Management Assistance Compact | Ethnic Minority Advisory Committee | Emergency Management Assistance Compact


ABCDE Stands For : A Better Compact Disk Encoder


TCD Stands For : Tray for Compact Disk storage


CDXA Stands For : Compact Disk eXtended Architecture


CDROM Stands For : Compact Disk Read Only Memory


CD Stands For : CounterDrug | Cable Driver | Canadian Decoration | Cavalry Division | Channel Designator | Civil Defense | Collision Detection | Combat Development | Communications Deception | Conference on Disarmament | Control Data | Coordinating Draft | Counter Drug | Critical Dimension | Customer Direct | Candela | Center Director | Change Directive | Coefficient of Drag | Command Decoder | Contractual Data | Critical Dimension | Communications Division | Convergencia DemocrÌÁtica | Castle Douglas | Cornell Dubilier | Cabinets on Dock | Common Digitizer | Co


WCDE Stands For : Wilson Compact Disk Player - Extra


CVD Stands For : Chemical Vapor Deposition | Center for Vaccine Development | China Video Disk | Ci vediamo dopo | Come Volevasi Dimostrare | Compact Video Disk | Congressional Visits Day | Cycle De Vie Des Donn


UDF Stands For : Universal Date Format | The Universal Disk For | Ulster Defence Force | Unified Disc Format | United Dairy Farmers | Univeral Disk Format | Universal Data Format | Universal Disc Format | Universal Disk Formating | Universial Disk Format | User Definable Function


CFL Stands For Council of Federal Libraries| compact fluorescent lamp| Compact Fluorescent Lamp


CDG Stands For : Cave Diving Group | Charles de Gaulle Airport Paris | Compact Disc Graphic | Competitive Development Group | Component Dependency Graph | Conditional Dependency Graph | Coup De Garbage


SD Stands For : SAN (Storage Area Network) Disk, Scan Disk, SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) Device, Small Dual in-line package, Smart Disc, Smart Drive, Spin Down, Same Domain, SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) Device, Service Director, Session Directory, Speed Download, Secure Data, Secure Digital, Self Delete, Service Description, Show Descriptions, Software Design, Software Development, Speed Dial, Secure Digital, Scattered Disk, Semi Discrete, Spool Directory, Submitted Data, Selective Default, Saving the Data, Single Data, Sorted Directory, Ent


DAR Stands For : Dual Analog Route, Decision Analysis and Resolution, Disk Archive RPMSeek, Disk Archiver Retriever, Data Acquisition Request, Direct Access Restore, Disc Area Ratio, Disk Archive Rpm


CP Stands For : Code Page, Compact Policy, Copy Protected, Call Processing, Cell Phone, Charging Party, Customer Premises, Copy, Central Processor, Color Printer, Computing Power, Control Panel, Compact Precision, Computer Problem, Computing Products, Control Program


CD Stands For Cluster of Differentiation| Clusters of Differentiation| Computational Dynamics| Cluster of differentiation| Construction Document| Customer Drawing| Cadmium| Class Demo| Cadmium| Capacitive Discharge| Circuit Design| Compact Disc| Contact Discontinuity| Critical Dimension


CR Stands For : Collection Report | Carriage Return | Change Request | Close Range | Communications Requirements | Compact Rifle | Continuing Resolution | Continuous Recruitment | Conventional Recoil | Critical Requirement | crossroad(s) | Card Reader | Certification Requirement | Change Request | Configuration Review | Control Room | Corona Resistant | CRew | Collins Radio | Country Road | Compassionate Revolution | Congressional Record | Continuing Resolution | Compassionate Revolution | Cultural Resource


DCC Stands For : Direct Cable Connection, Direct Channel Communication, Direct Client To Client, Directed Client To Client, Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse, Data Communications Channel, Direct Cable Connection, Digital Compact Cassette, Diskette Controller Chip


CFC Stands For : Call For Comments, Call For Comments, Call For Comments, Compact Flash Card, ColdFusion Component, Compact Flash Computer, Compressible Flow Computer Program


DVD Stands For : Dads Volcanic Destruction | Dads Volcanic Detruction | Dangerously Vindictive Damper | Dependable Video Discus | Digital Virus Disease | Dual View Display | Dumb Video Ducks | Dumb Vs Dumber | Digital Video Disc | A Dangerous Vapour Dampner | Deliciously Varied Data | Digital Versitile Disk | Digital Verstile Disc | Digital Video Discwhilst | Digital Video Disk | Digital Video dist | Digital Videodisc Or Digital | Dolby Video Disk


CLD Stands For : CD Label Designer | Center for Leadership Development | Center for Leadership in Disability | Centre Local de DÌ©veloppement | Certified LabVIEW Developer | Civic Leadership Development | ClamAV Local Database | clear liquid diet | Color Layout Descriptor | Compact Language Detector | Compact Letter Display | Comparative Law Department | CONTEXTUALIZED LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT | Council for Learning Disabilities | Custom Learning Designs


CURSOR Stands For : Cursor (Sun Cursor file)


CASL Stands For : Capital Area Soccer League | Central Arizona Soaring League | Chicago Area Solo Librarians | Colorado Advocates For Smarter Lighting | Common Algebraic Specification Language | Compact Application Script Language | Compact Applications Solution Language | Competition Advocates Shopping List | Comprehensive Assessment Of Spoken Language | Computer Aided Systems Laboratory | Council Of Australian State Libraries | Creating Applied Systems Leadership | Custom Attack Simulation Language


LD Stands For : Limited Deployment, Long Distance, Link editor or loader, Local Device, Logical Disk, Laser Disc, List Designs, List Directory, Long Distance codes file (Telix)


MD Stands For : Maintenance and Diagnostics, Mini-Disk, Multiple Device, Mini-Disk, Manufactured Diagnostics, Move Directory, Make a new Subdiretory, Make Directory, Management Domain, Meta Directory, Multiplication Division, Memory Defragmenter, Memory Disk, Machine Dependent, Meta Data, Mutable Dictionary, MDCD Compressed file archive


MCD Stands For : Mythical Creatures Department | Machine Control Data | Magnani Caruso Dutton | Major Commercial Development | Max Continuous Discharge | Mayor Chiefs Directors | Medical Care Development | Medicare Coverage Database | MHz Class D | Millie Can Della | Mini Compact Disc | Missile Countermeasures Device | Mission Control Desktop | More Core Division | Mosquito Contamination Device | Motor Coach Designs | Multiple Concrete Duct | Meters Composite Depth | MilliCandela


ECD Stands For : Estimated Completion Date | Early Child Development | East Coast Destuction | East Coast Dyes | Education Care And Discipline | Education Control And Discipline | Electro Charged Dick | Electro Chemical Devices | Electronic Custom Distributors | Embedix Component Description | Emissions Control Diesel | Engineer Creek Dating | Enhanced Clean Device | Enhanced Compact Disc | Erdheim Chester Disease | Ergonomic Comfort Design | Ethyl Cysteinate Dimer | Evaluation Capacity Development | expanded criteria donor | Expanded Criteria Donors | Extreme Cum Deter


RD Stands For : Remove Directory, Remove Directory, Receive Data, Receiving Data, Remote Device, Routing Domain, Receive Data, Receive Delay, Real Date, Removable Disk, Rotate Degrees, Register Destination, Register Dump, Rewind Disk, Record Delimiter


QC Stands For : Quality Control | Queens Council | Quality Control | Quarterly Conference | Quick Change | Quisling Councillor | Quality Control | Quality Cost | Quick Check | Quad Cities | Quebec City | Queen City | Queen Creek | Quad Cab | Quiet Compact


RCD Stands For : RAS to CAS Delay time, Residual Current Device, Receiver Configurable Distress, Ralf Change Directory


CEB Stands For : Compact Electronics Bay


DD Stands For : Data Dependent, Data Dumper, Device Dump, Duplicate Data, Digit Directory, Data Duplicator, Discharged Dead, Disk Data, Disk Drive, Disk Duplicator, Double Density (floppy disk), Duplicate Disk, Defined Definition, Definition Data, Definition Description, Compressed Macintosh file archive (DiskDoubler), Data Definition, Data Dump, Deterministic Data, Disk Dump


CLD Stands For : Compact Laser Designator


CHTML Stands For : Compact HyperText Markup Language


CPCI Stands For : Compact Personal Computer Interface


CLFR Stands For Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector


DSCF Stands For : Digital Storage Compact Flash


ATHC Stands For : Alaska Tribal Health Compact


CATR Stands For Compact Antenna Test Range


CASL Stands For : Compact Application Solution Language


ECGA Stands For : Extended Compact Genetic Algorithm


CSUV Stands For : Compact Sport Utility Vehicle


CTCA Stands For : Compact Telecommunications Computing Architecture


CIWT Stands For : Compact Implementation Writing Team


CPTR Stands For Compact Payload Test Range


DVD Stands For : Digital Versatile Disc, Digital Versatile Disk, RW, Digital Video Disc


MACHO Stands For Massive Astronomical Compact Halo Object


cromp Stands For : Compact Remote Object Model Platform


ICAMA Stands For : Interstate Compact Adoption and Medical Assistance


CCEFP Stands For : Center for Compact & Efficient Fluid Power


CRISM Stands For : Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometers for Mars


ICFPS Stands For : Interactive Compact Framed Portal System


CHARTS Stands For : Compact Hydrographic Airborne Rapid Total Survey


DCC Stands For : Double Chocolate Chip | A Distance Client Chat | Dalton Combat Cutlery | Department Of Comparative Culture | Diabolical Cloning Clusterfark | Dianas Creative Chocolates | Digital Classic Camera | Digital Comand Control | Direct Client Connect | Direct Computer Connection | Direct Computer To Computer | Dodge City Cycles | Dunhill Compact Classics | Dutch Chill Clan | Dynamic Climate Control | Dynamic Communicating Conditional | Dynamic Conditional Correlations | Dynamic Contrast Control