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What does CRD mean?

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CRD Stands For : Class Rules Design, Color Rendering Dictionary, Guitar Chord File, Windows 3.x or Yourway Cardfile

What is CRD?

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CRD definition / CRD means?

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What is the meaning of CRD?

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Related Full Forms - Terms


CHORD Stands For : Control Humility Obedience Restrictions And Discipline


COLOR Stands For : Change the color of the DOS environment


WINDOWS Stands For : We Indeed Never Developed One Working System | We Interpret New Data Only When Stuck | What It Never Does OK: Work Stably | Will Install Needless Data On Whole System | Wished Id Never Deployed On Work Station | Work Is Never Done On a Windows System | Work is never done on Windows systems

Windows NT

Windows NT Stands For : Windows Not Tested

Windows NT

Windows NT Stands For : Windows New Technology


RULES Stands For : Rate | Rate


DESIGN Stands For : Designed


M-CLASS Stands For mobile CLASS


CLASS Stands For : Cell Level ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) Services Simulator, Custom Local Area Signaling Services, Java bytecode (compiled class - application)


FILE Stands For : Filenet Corporation


FILE Stands For : Future Identification and location Experiment | Financial Literacy Is Essential


CLASS Stands For : application/octet-stream


CLASS Stands For : Canada-London Automated Settlement Service


CLASS Stands For : Closed Loop Artillery Simulation System | CLASSification | Committee for Law Abiding State Senators


CLASS Stands For cross-chain LORAN atmospheric sounding system| Catholic Leadership Academy for Successful Schools


CLASS Stands For : Come Late And Start Sleeping | Christian Life and Service Seminars | Classes | College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences | Colorado Learning Attitudes about Science Survey | Creativity Lifestyle And Sustainable Synergy


CLP Stands For : Constraint Logic Programming, Cell Loss Priority, Color Laser Printer, Clip art Bitmap graphics, Compiler responce file (CA Clipper), Windows 3.x Clipboard file, Courteous Logic Program


DCF Stands For : Dumb Compressed File | Dach Centre Focussing | Design rule for Camera File system | Defiant Class Flotilla


GDF Stands For : Gnome Debugging Framework, Game Disk Format, Global Depth First search, GEOS Dictionary file, Global Document Frequency, Gnutella Developers Forum, Graphic Design File


NC Stands For : No Commit | Non-Curling | Not Collectable | Natural Color | Neutral Color | No Color | Normal Contrast | Non-Collapse | New Crop | Neglected Mario Characters | Nicks Class | Night Cougar | Norton Cripples | Numerical Control (Controlled) | New Caledonia | Nana Chudasama | Nebus Challenge | Neutral Cool | New Caledonia | New Concept | Nicks Class | No Colon | No Convertibles | Non Checking | Normal Closed | Not Cool


CRI Stands For : Color Rendition Index, Color Rendering Index


WMF Stands For : A Word Macro Function | Weber Murphy Fox | Windows Management Framework | Windows Media Format | Windows Meta Format | Windows Metafile A Format | Windows Metafile file | World Manufacturing Forum


FC Stands For : Failure to Communicate, Fast Class, Fast Connection, Fibre Channel, Frame Control, Fedora Core, Fortran Compiler, Full Control, Fix Command, Fix Command, Fibre Channel, Fiber Channel, Flow Cell, File Compare, Flag Complex, Function Code, Force Close, Field Count, File Check, Harvard Graphics 2.0 Spell checking dictionary, File Control


WSF Stands For : Web Services Framework, Windows Scripting File, Windows Script File


ADT Stands For : Advanced Development Tool, Ant Detection Technology, Active Directory Tools, Aminet Download Tool, Array Display Tool, Dictionary (Lingvo), HP NewWave Cardfile Application Datafile, AdTech Fax document, Abstract Data Type


DCS Stands For : Digital Communications System, Digital Crosspoint Switch, Device Control String, Disaster Control Squad, Desktop Color Separation, Digital Collection System, Document Customization Server, Digital Cellular System, Digital Cross-Connect, Desktop Color Separation, Detector Control System, Digital Color Separation, Digital Command Signal, Disk Cartridge System, Distributed Computing Suite, Distributed Control System, Data Category Selection, Datafile (ACT!


ARK Stands For : Address Resolution Key, ARC archive ( CP/M port of ARC file archiver), Managing your Money Archive file, QUARK Compressed file archive, Advanced Rendering Kernel


MDF Stands For : Main Distribution Frame, MicroSoft Database File, MicroSoft Database File, Master Data File, Master Dictionary File, Memory Device Failure, Main Data File, Marker Definition File, Media Descriptor File, Microsoft Meta - Data Framework


NTFS Stands For : New Technology File System (Windows NT), NT File System (new with Windows NT), New Technology File System (Windows NT), New Technology File System, New Technology File System (Windows NT), NT File System (new with Windows NT)


THS Stands For : WordPerfect for Windows Thesaurus dictionary


QDV Stands For : Bitmap graphics (8bit) (Random Dot QDV file), Quark Xpress Dictionary File


XGO Stands For : GeoConcept File, LogMate for Windows File, Paradox Database-related File


BDC Stands For : Backup Domain Controller, Batch Data Communication, Batch Data Communication, Lingvo Dictionary file, Bad Design Concept


WMF Stands For : Windows Meta File, Windows Metafile Format, Windows metafile, Windows MetaFile format - Vector graphics


MRK Stands For : Major Resource Kit, CSI markup file (CAD format), Windows User Benchmark (Windows 95)


WFP Stands For : Windows File Protection, Windows Filtering Platform


CDRS Stands For : Conceptual Design Rendering Software


WIMP Stands For : Windows, Windows, Windows, Windows Icons Menus And Pointers, Why Implement Mega Programs, Windows Interface Manipulation Program


WUS Stands For : Windows Update Services, Windows Update Server, Windows Update Services, Word Underscore, Sub-basin Data-Water Use Input File


CPT Stands For : Cellular Paging Teleservice, CA-Cricket Presents Template, Compact Pro Compressed Macintosh file archive, Corel Photo-Paint file (Bitmap graphics), dBASE enCryPTed memo file, Color Palette Table


TC Stands For : Two Clusters | Tango Color | Teal Color | Track Color | Tri Color | Twin Coat | Tender Chicken | Tom Collins | Totally Crunchy | Tropical Chicken | Tuna Casserole | Terror Cat | Tickle Club | Timothy Club | Tiny Chris | Tooooo Coooool | Total Clown | Tough Cat | Treacherous Computing | Treasure Class | True Courage | Type Certification | Teresa Claire | Terry Christian | Thelma Catherine | Thomas Charles | Tigger Cat | Tobias Christopher | Trisha Catherine | Tubby Cat | Tuff Cat | Tyler Craig | Terra Crusher | Turks and Caicos Islands | Tem


HC Stands For : Hameldon Cross | Highlight Color | Historical Color | Holstein Central | Healthy Choice | High Class | Homemade Cookies | Houston Concentrate | Hacking Chumps | Horse Crazy | Hugh Charles | Heroic Corner | High Council | Hunter Clan | Home Club | Hourly Count


KIT Stands For : Keep It Together, Power Chords drum kit file (Power Chord)


XFS Stands For : X Font Server, X-Windows File Server, eRacer Sound File, Softnyx Gunbound file


DDF Stands For : Doom Definition File | Darkness Distortion Factor | Dynamic Depth Focusing | Damien Di Fede | Danny De Fouw | Danske Dagblades Forening | data description format | Data Descriptive File | Data Dictionary File | Detroit Design Festival | Device Definition File | Diego de Falco | Digital Data Feed | Digital Distribution Frame | Digitized Document Format | Distinct Degree Factorization | Distributed Data Facility | Distributed Data Framework | District Designated Fund | District Development Fund | Diversity Development Fund | Doctoral Dissertation Fellows


VORT Stands For : Very Ordinary Rendering Toolkit file Bitmap graphics


SDD Stands For : Software Data Dictionary | Software Design Description | Software Design Document | System Development and Demonstration | Shuttle Design Directive | Software Description Document | Software Design Document | System Design Document | Staff Development Day | Software Design Description | Software Design Document


TPW Stands For : Borland Pascal Pascal Unit (Windows library), Turbo Profiler for Windows Session-state file


WFS Stands For : Web Feature Server, Windows File Script, Webtop File System


TCT Stands For Tangent Chord Theorem| Transfer Certificate of Title| Tangent Chord Theorem


CNV Stands For : Convert, Data CoNVersion support file ( Word for Windows), Temporary file ( WordPerfect for Win)


WMC Stands For : MathCad Backup of startup files, WordMARC Text file, WordPerfect for Windows Macro file


WVC Stands For : Windows Virtual Class


PIF Stands For : Peripheral Interface File, Program Information File, Program Information File, Graphics metafile (OS/2), Process Interchange Format, Programmable Initialization File, Personel Information Format, Post Index Filename, Program Information File (Windows 3.x), Vector graphics GDF format (IBM mainframe computers)


SPL Stands For : Security Protocol Language, Standard Php Library, Sample, Sybyl Programming Language, Systems Programming Language, Set Priority Level, Set Processor Level, Macromedia Splash file, Personal SPell Dictionary, Splint Compressed file archive, Spool file for printing, Sprint Customized printer driver


WXP1 Stands For : Windows X P Introduction class


WVCL Stands For : Windows Virtual Class Library


DCR Stands For : Data Capture Record, Design Change Request, Duart Configuration Register, Dropped Call Rate, Digital Chart Recorder, Dynamic Color Rendition, Dynamic Commodore Retrievial, Define Constant Reversed, Delphi Component Resource, Macromedia Director Shockwave Data file, Double Correlated Read


CLR Stands For : Clear, 1st Reader Color binary screen image, Color definitions (Photostyler), Color scheme (Boxer/2), Common Language Runtime


DRI Stands For : Direct Rendering Interface, Dynamic Range Increment, Disable Random Interrupt, Direct Rendering Infrastructure


X Stands For : Crystal (Xtal) (circuit diagram marking), Horizontal axis (plotter X-axis), Xbox, X-windows, Lex language source code file, Alysis SuperDisk Self-extracting archive, AVS X image file 24-bit Bitmap graphics, X-file Animation ( Direct3D) ( DeepV2), X1 Archive


DFM Stands For : Design For Manufacturing | A Draw For Machining | Dan Foreman Mackey | Design for Maintenance | Design For Manufacture | Devon Facility Management | Digital Fusion Media | Dino File Manager | Division of Financial Management | Dollars For Marketing


WIZ Stands For : Wireless Internet Zone, MicroSoft Word Wizard file, Page WIZard, Windows Information Zip file


RUL Stands For : Echo-Conference Rules file


UDF Stands For : Upper Document Feeder, Universal Disk Format, Universal Disk Format, User Defined Field, User Defined Format, User Defined Function, Uniqueness Database File, Universal Data File, Excel User Defined Function, Filter (Photostyler), Photostyler Image Filter, Uniqueness Database File (Windows NT), Windows NT Uniqueness Database File


PT Stands For : Point and Talk, Protocol Translation, Process Tracker, Powered Tower, Print Thread, Project Template, Game crack Player Tools file, Kodak Precision Color Management System, Pitch Track Sound file


BRD Stands For : Allegro file, BizInt Smart Charts for Pharmaceuticals Data Transfer format, Eagle Layout File, RPG Toolkit Board Design File format, Winning Bridge Saved Hand, Business Requirements Document


CV4 Stands For : Color file (CodeView)


CVW Stands For : Color file (CodeView)


CDD Stands For : Common Data Dictionary, Component Design Document, Clock Difference Diagram, Compact Disc Driver


RLD Stands For : Reel Loader Driver, Relocation Dictionary, Norton Commander 5.0 Temporary file


HYP Stands For : Compressed file archive (Hyper), Hyphenation InDesign Proximity Dictionary Adobe


LCF Stands For : Lice Cap File (A (furnish viable concise description) Program called Lice Cap), Low Class Foundation, Linker Control File (Norton Guides compiler)


ICC Stands For : International Color Consortium, Inter Client Communications, International Code Council, Interexchange Carrier Charge, International Color Consortium, Incomplete Cuasi Computer, Innd Control Command, Integrated Circuit Card, Intensified CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) Camera, Kodak ICC printer file - Bitmap graphics, Incremental C Configuration


TXD Stands For : Transmit Data, Transmit Data, Clarion for Windows Application Code in Text Format, Grand Theft Auto 3 Game Texture Dictionary


AFR Stands For : Alternate Frame Rendering, Application Failure Rating, Alternate Frame Rendering, Adaptive Frequency Response


WXDC Stands For : Windows Cross-platform Direct Connect file-sharing client, Windows Cross-platform Direct Connect file-sharing client


CLS Stands For : Conversational Language System, Current Level of Service, Clear Last Screen, Clear the Screen, Class definition file, Visual Basic Class module, Common Language Specification


VC Stands For : Virtual Console, Virtual Container, Virtual Component, Virtual Channel, Variant Of C, Variant Of C, Virtual Channel, Venture Capital, Verification Condition, Virtual Circuit, Vivid Color, Variable Construction, Variant Configurator (in SAP), VisiCalc Spreadsheet, Vivid 2.0 Color definitions file


FZP Stands For : Fargo Primera color printer Dye Sub printing support file


MITSU Stands For : Mitsubishi S340-10 color sublimation printer file


W31 Stands For : Windows 3.1 Startup file


BMK Stands For : Bookmark file (Windows)


BFC Stands For : Windows 95 BrieFCase file


WBF Stands For : Windows Batch File


WOA Stands For : Windows 3.x Swap file


DBW Stands For : Windows file (DataBoss)


DHF Stands For : Design History File | design history file


STW Stands For : SmartTerm for Windows Data file


CMB Stands For : Xtree for Windows Button Bar file


WTMP Stands For : Windows Temporary file


WVX Stands For : Windows Media Video file


WFN Stands For : CorelDraw Windows 3.0 font file


WUL Stands For : WINdows Command ( WINCMD) File


PLN Stands For : WordPerfect for Windows Spreadsheet file


WOC Stands For : Windows OrgChart Organization file


CSA Stands For : Cisco Security Agent, Crystal Start Activator, Central Service Area, Comma Delimited Text, InterComm ASCII Sheet File, Ultimate Ride Roller Coaster file, Claris Solutions Alliance, Color Space Array, Common System Area, Communications Streaming Architecture


ADR Stands For : Advanced Digital Recording, Australian Design Rules, Aint Doin Right, AfterDark Randomizer screensaver, Opera Browser Bookmark - Extension