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What does DMPK mean?

This page is all about the meaning, abbreviation and acronym of DMPK explaining the definition or meaning and giving useful information of similar terms.

DMPK Stands For : Destroy Memory Protect Key

What is DMPK?

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DMPK definition / DMPK means?

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What is the meaning of DMPK?

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Related Full Forms - Terms


DMPK Stands For : Dystrophia Myotonica Protein Kinase | Drug Metabolism and PharmacoKinetics


MEMORY Stands For : memories


PROTECT Stands For Pagans Reaching Out To Educate the Campus Together


C2-Protect Stands For : Command and Control warfare - Defensive


PROTECT Stands For : Patient-Related Outcomes with Endeavor versus Cypher Stenting Trial


PROTECT IP Act Stands For : Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act of 2011


DBD Stands For : Death Before Dawn | Destroy Build Destroy | da bomb diggidy | daniel burton dean | days between dates | Death before Dishonour | Defective by Design | delicious bookmark discovery | Difference between dBi | Division of Bacterial Diseases


CEPA Stands For : Cant Ever Protect Anything | Cant Ever Protect Anything | Childrens Educational Play Activity | Communication Education And Public Awareness | Coupled Electron Pair Approximation | The Closer Economic Partnership Agreement


RAM Stands For : Random Access Memory, Random Access Memory, Random Access Memory, Reliability, Random Access Memory, Random Access Memory, Remote Authorization Mechanism, Random Access Memory, Retrieving Away Messages, Read Alternate Memory, RealAudio Metafile


MEM Stands For : Memory, MEMory - to display memory allocation and available, Clarion Memos datafile, MEMory variable save file ( Clipper - dBASE IV - FoxPro), WordPerfect Macro Editor macro


UMA Stands For : Uniform Memory Access, Uniform Memory Architecture, Unified Messaging Application, Unlocking Mechanical Apparatus, Unlicensed Mobile Access, Uniform Memory Access, Upper Memory Area (DOS), User - Mode Audio


DMA Stands For : Distant Monitor Access, Domain Manager Agent, Data Mining Algorithm, Doesnt Mean Anything, Direct Memory Access, Direct Memory Access, Display Memory At, Dayton Microcmpnuter Association, Direct Memory Addressing


RAM Stands For : Rampant Angry Men | Real Awesome Memory | Really Angry Machine | Radon Action Month | Los Angeles Rams | A Realtime Available Memory | A Regal Adding Machine | Random Access Machine | Reading About Memory | Ready Access Memory | Real Action Marker | Real Audio Media | Recursive Analog Multiplication | Remote Access Memory | Resource Assessment And Monitoring


MR Stands For : Memory Recall, Maintenance Release, Master Reset, Masked ROM (Read Only Memory), Magic Return, Memory Read, Multiple Record, Modem Riser


RMB Stands For : Read Memory Barrier, Right Mouse Button, Reserve Memory Block, Reserve Memory Byte


XMS Stands For : Extended Memory Specification, Extended Memory Specification, Xtreme Memory Speed, Autodesk AutoCAD External Message, ViewCafT XML Markup Session


ROM Stands For : Read-Only Memory, Read-Only Memory, Read Only Memory, Read Only Memory image (emulators - AONs)


MM Stands For : Multi-Mode, Main Menu, Meeting Maker, MentorMate, Multi-Media, Mighty Miffed, Mass Memory, Memory Management, Move Memory, Macro Module, Meme Virtual reality world file, MultiMate Advantage II Text document, Musicbrainz Metadata


EPROM Stands For : A Electronic Programmable Read Only Memory | Electronic Programable Read Only Memory | Erasable Progammable Read Only Memory | Erasable Programmable Red Only Memory


DIMM Stands For : DSP Interface ManageMent, Dual Inline Memory Module, Duel Inline Memory Module, Dual Inline Memory Module, Dual In-line Memory Module


DIY Stands For : Destroy It Yourself | Do It Yourself | Do not Involve Yourself


S&D Stands For : Search and Destroy


DSTR Stands For : Destroy


VMA Stands For : Virtual Memory Area, vSphere Management Assistant (VMware, Valid Memory Access


DSH Stands For : Destroy Sector Header


EEPROM Stands For : Erratic Extensible Program Random Object Memory | Electronically Erasable Programmeable Read Only Memory


TOAD Stands For : Take Over And Destroy | Tobyhanna Army Depot


SADARM Stands For : Sense and Destroy Armor Munition


MDK Stands For : Maim Destroy Kill | Mad Dog Killer | Murder


PROM Stands For : Programmable Read-Only Memory, Programmable Read-Only Memory, Programmable Read-Only Memory, Packages, Please Return On Monday


DIMM Stands For : Difficult To Install Memory Module | A Digital Information Memory Mode | Differential Image Motion Monitor | Dual Inline Memmory Modual


EMS Stands For : Enhanced Messaging Service, Enhanced Mobile Solution, Enterprise Mobility Server, Electronic Media Sanitization, Electronic Manual Special, Electronic Music Studio, Enterprise Management Suite, Element Management System, Enhanced Messaging Service, Enhanced Messaging Service, Expanded Memory Specification, Expanded Memory Specification, Electronic Music System, Enhanced Memory Specification, Expanded Memory System, Expanded Memory Services


PYE Stands For : Protect Your Eyes


R2P Stands For : Responsibility to Protect


DIM Stands For : Digital Instant Message, Distributed Information Management, Data Interface Module, Declare In Memory, Declare Into Memory


VMS Stands For : Volatile Memory Storage, Voice Messaging Service, Version Management Service, Virobot Management Server, Virtual Mimicking System, Vax Management System, Video Memory System, Virtual Management System, Virtually Motionless System, Visual Memory System, Text file containing VMS specific information


DAH Stands For : Dar Al Hekma | Destroy All Humans | Diffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage | Division of Arts and Humanities


WPNL Stands For : Write Protect Not Low


TM Stands For : Text Memory, Translation Memory, Turing Machine, Tools For Mime, Too Much, Technical Machine, Template Manager, EOSAT Landsat Thematic Mapper data file


AAMI Stands For : age-associated memory impairment | Age Associated Memory Impairment | Aviation Asset Management Inc


PYF Stands For : Protect Your Family (From Lead in Your Home)


PYE Stands For : Protect Your Eyes screen savers


NUMA Stands For : Non Uniform Memory Access, Nonuniform Memory Access


EDOM Stands For : Elccmnic Dissolution of Memory | Electronic Dissolution of Memory


DM Stands For : Defect Mode, Desktop Manager, Directory Management, Disk Manager, Download Map, Delta Modulation, Data Medium, Dialog Machine, Digital Media, Display Medium, Distributed Memory, DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) Module, Direct Manipulation, Display Memory, Display Message, Double Mode, Draw More, Data Missing, Data Model, Data Manipulation, Data Mining


ESCAPE Stands For : Exotic Species Compendium of Activities to Protect the Ecosystem


RTOP Stands For : Research and Technology Objectives and Plans | Responsibility TO Protect


LTM Stands For : lean tissue mass | learning to manage (health information) | long-term memory | Long Term Memory


NNP Stands For : Number Needed to Protect | Natural National Park | Nuclear Non-Proliferation


OM Stands For : Object Memory, Operational Measurement, Oh, On My ...., Out of Memory, Object Marker, Object Model, Output Mode, Object Manager, Object Modeller


IDPS Stands For : Intrusion Detection and Prevention Service, Ignore Disk Protect Switch


IWP Stands For : Internet Web Portal, Ignore Write Protect notch, Text document (Wang)


SIMM Stands For : Single In-line Memory Module, Single In-line Memory Module, Single Inline Memory Module


NVRAM Stands For : NonVolatile Random Access Memory, NonVolatile Random Access Memory, Nonvolatile RAM, Nonvolatile Random Access Memory, Non - Volatile Random Access Memory


MDR Stands For : Minimum Daily Requirement | Maarten de Rijke | memory address register | memory data register | Middle Distance Relationship | Miniatures Driving and Riding | Mojave Desert Racing | Mort de RireåÊ | Motor Driven Roller | multi drug resistance


PAN Stands For : Permanent Account Number | Planetary Art Network | Protect Arizona Now | Post Authorization Notification


PERS Stands For : Protect Emergency Response Systems | Performance Evaluation Reporting System | Personal Diagnostics


UMB Stands For : Upper Memory Block, Upper Memory Block (DOS), MemMaker Backup file


VMS Stands For : Virtual Memory System | Virtual Memory System | Velocity Measuring System | Variable Message Sign | Vessel Monitoring System


RIMM Stands For : RAMBUS In-line Memory Module, RAMBUS In-line Memory Module, RAMBUS In-line Memory Module, Removal


CD-ROM Stands For : Compact Disc Read-Only Memory | Compact Disc Read-Only Memory | Compact Disk Read Only Memory | Compact Disc Read-Only Memory


VRAM Stands For : Video Random Access Memory, Virtual Reality Aided Modeler, Video Random Access Memory


DE Stands For : Dairy Equipment | Dextrose Equivalent | Design Engineering | Days of Emergence | Death Eaters | Dragon Enchanter | Destroyer Escort | Germany | Dark Elf | Dell Edition | Destroy Evidence | Dumb Ent


BTM Stands For : Batch To Memory Batch file, Batch To Memory, Behind The Music


DRAM Stands For : Dynamic Random Access Memory, Dynamic Random Access Memory, Dynamic Random Access Memory, Dynamic Random Access Memory


MDL Stands For : Microsoft Data Link, Memory Descriptor List, Memory Descriptor List, Master Directory Listing, Microstation Development Language, Minimum Description Length, 3D Design Plus Geometrical MoDeL, Rational Rose 98 Object design MoDeL, Spreadsheet (CA-Compete!)


DTE Stands For : Distance To Empty | Days To Expiration | Destroy The Ethernet | Doc Took Everything | Days Till Expiration


DEI Stands For : Dabney Eats It | Dale Earnhardt Incorprated | Dale Earnhart Inc | Design Evaluation And Integration | Destroy Everything In | Directed Electronic Inc | Directed Electronics Inc | Divide Et Impera


DAM Stands For : Dry As Molded | Mothers Against Dyslexia | Dry As Molded | Destroy All Monsters | Destruction And Mayhem | Digital Analog Media | Digital Auto Mode | Digitally Automatic Music | Doing All Methodically


RAM Stands For : Random Access Memory | Reporting and Analysis Module | Raised Angle Marker | Random Antiterrorism Measure | Reliability | Rolling Airframe Missile | Radar Absorption Material | Random Access Memory | Research and Applications Module | Responsibility Assignment Matrix | Republican Attack Machine | Ridiculous Amount of Mileage


EM64T Stands For : Extended Memory 64-bit Technology, Extended Memory 64-bit Technology


PROM Stands For : Programmable Read-Only Memory | Programmable Read-Only Memory


PRICE Stands For : Protect | Protection | Protection


EEPROM Stands For : Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory, Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory, Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory, Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory, Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory


ROM Stands For : Reception and Onward Movement | Recurring Operational Maintenance | Refuel On the Move | Restriction of Movement | Rough Order of Magnitude | Read Only Memory | Read-Only Memory | Rough Order of Magnitude | Registry Of Marriages | Read Only Meaning


MMF Stands For : Multi Mode Fiber, Minimal Marketable Feature, Modified Modified Format, Major Modified Format, Memory Mapping File, Mobile Media Format, Memory Mapped File, Mail Message File ( MicroSoft Mail)


MMU Stands For : Malfunction Management Unit | Mass Memory Unit | Medium Machine gun Upgrade | Minimum Mapping Unit | Malfunction Management Unit | Manned Maneuvering Unit | Mass Memory Unit | Morristown Municipal Airport


PMS Stands For : Processor-Memory-Switch, Perl Mail Sorter, Port Management Switch, Possible Malicious Software, Panatone Matching System, Please Make Sense, Pantone Matching System, Processor Memory Switch, Project Management System


SDRAM Stands For : Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory, Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory, Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory


SRAM Stands For : Static Random Access Memory, Static Random Access Memory


EPROM Stands For : Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory | Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory


DMAIF Stands For : Direct Memory Access Interface, Direct Memory Access Interface


FRAM Stands For : Ferroelectric Random Access Memory, Ferroelectric Random Access Memory


VRAM Stands For : Video Random Access Memory | Video Random Access Memory


EPROM Stands For : Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory, Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory


UDMA Stands For : Ultra Direct Memory Access, Ultra - Direct Memory Access


SAD Stands For : Single Awareness Day | Socrates Action Day | Swallow Arrival Day | Standard American Diet | Suppen Ale Doon | Sadness | Seasonal affective | Seek and Destroy | Sociedad AnÌ?nima Deportiva | Sons and Daughters | stand for abbreviation to define | Stand For Acronym Database | Stress Anxiety and Depression


PCMCIA Stands For : Personal Computer Memory Card International Association, Personal Computer Memory Card International Association, Personal Computer Memory Card International Association, Personal Computer Memory Card International Association


MD Stands For : Maintenance and Diagnostics, Mini-Disk, Multiple Device, Mini-Disk, Manufactured Diagnostics, Move Directory, Make a new Subdiretory, Make Directory, Management Domain, Meta Directory, Multiplication Division, Memory Defragmenter, Memory Disk, Machine Dependent, Meta Data, Mutable Dictionary, MDCD Compressed file archive


MMU Stands For : Memory Management Unit, Memory Management Unit


DKD Stands For : Dego Kaidi Daz | Delta Kappa Delta | Demirguc kunt and Detragiache | Die Kill Destroy | Dorje Khyung Dzong | dynamical Kelvin doublet | The Dynamical Kelvin Doublet


DLC Stands For : Destroy | Direct Lift Control | Damn Lobbyist Committee | Democratic Leadership Council | Democratic Losing Campaigns | Direct Lift Control


RIO Stands For : RAM (Random Access Memory) Input/ Output, Radx Input Output, Random Access Memory Input Output, Remote Input Output, Resources Input Optimization, Riada Internet Objects


POT Stands For : Patterson Office Tower | Point Of Transaction | Profit On Turnover | Protect Our Team | POTASH Corporation of Saskatechewan | Post Ordination Training | Plain Old Telephone | Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc


PONY Stands For : A Positive Occupation Of New York | Pennsylvania Ohio New York | Prostitutes Of New York | Protect Our Nations Youthtri | Protecting Our Nations Youth


EEPROM Stands For Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory| Electrically-Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory


EEPROM Stands For : Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory | Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory


RDRAM Stands For : Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory, Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory


VM Stands For : Virtual Machine, View Mail, Voice Mail, Voice Messaging, Virtual Machine, Video Mail, Virtual Memory, Virtual Memory file


DYB Stands For : Destroy Your Business | Dallas Youth Baseball | Danbury Youth Baseball | Denton Youth Basketball | Diocesan Youth Board | Dixie Youth Baseball | Do Your Best | Do Your Block | Duxbury Youth Baseball