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What does EPOS mean?

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EPOS Stands For : Embedded Parallel Operating System, Ericssons Primitive Operating System

What is EPOS?

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What is the meaning of EPOS?

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EPOS Stands For : Electronic Purchasing Online System | This term got 6 hits on 06112011


EPOS Stands For Earthquake Phenomena Observation System| European Project On the Sun| Etched and Protected On-Slice| Ethnomethodology Phenomenology and Observational Sociology


EPOS Stands For : Electronic Point of Sale


EPOS Stands For : Electronic Point Of Sale | Electronic Point of Sale | Electronic Processing Of Sales | AtposCom

RAG rating system

RAG rating system Stands For : Red Amber Green rating system (Traffic light rating system)


SYSTEM Stands For : Saves You Serious Time Energy And Money


DOS Stands For : Dead Operating System | Defunct Operating System | Dense Operating System | Difficult Operating System | Dinosaur Operating System | Dirty Operating System | Disk Opening System | Dumb Operating System | Dunce Overriding System | A Doctors Orders System | Dal Oil and Sugar | Datorn Och Skolan | Day Of Sharing | Death Of Seasons | Defective Operative System | Degradation Of Service | Demons Of Shadows | Denail Of Service | Denial Of Services | Digital Operating System | Dijaska Organzacija Slovenije | Dimensions Of Sound | disk | Disk Of Shadows | Di


IOS Stands For : Internet Operating System, Internetwork Operating System, Internetworking Operating System (Cisco), Intelligent Operating Software, Internal Operating System, iPhone Operating System, Internet Over Satellite, Input Output System, Input/Output Supervisor


OS Stands For : Operating System, Operating System, Online Services, Open Server, Overhead Sending, Operating System, Open Sockets, Open Source, Operating System, Optimize for Size, Operations System, Open Source, Open System


COS Stands For : Central Operating System, Class Of Service, Common Object Services, Cost Of Service, Carousel Object Store, Collaborative Operating System, Comet Operating System, Computer Operating System, Corba Object Service, Corporation for Open Systems


MOSS Stands For : Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server, MIME (Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions) Object Security Services, Mechanized Operating System Setup, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, Mikes Operating System Simulation, MAC Operating System Startup, Macintosh OS (Operating System) Startup Screen


DOS Stands For : Denial Of Service, Disk Operating System, Denial Of Service, Disk Operating System, Denial Of Service, Autodesk Comprehensive Education Solution, Disk Operating System, Dual Operating System, Data Over Signal, DOS related file (Win95), External command file (1st Reader), Declaration Of Support


TOS Stands For : Type Of Service, Trusted Operating System, ToasterOS (Operating System), Temporarily Out of Service, Terms Of Service, Testing Operation System, Type Of Service, Teraflop Operating System, Terminate On Save, Top Of Stack, Atari S T Self-extracting file archive file


SOS Stands For : Start-up Override Switch, SNMP (Simple Network Managemetn Protocol) Operating System, Screen Of Screens, Service Offering Solutions, Standard Operating System, Structured Operational Semantics, Start Of Significance, Swap Operating Shell


BOS Stands For : Building Operations Staff | Base Operating Support | Base Operating System | Base Operation Services | Battlefield Operating System | Board Of Selection | Backup Operating System | Bright Object Sensor | Brotherhood Of Steel | Brothers Of the Struggle | Balance Of State | Boston (Logan) Airport | General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport | Base operations support


POS Stands For : Programmable Option Select, Programmable Option Select, Packet Over SONET, Point Of Service, Parallel Operating System, Performance Optimizing System, Persistent Object System, Programmable Option Select, Put On Shelf, Packet Over SONET (Synchronous Optical NETwork), Point Of Service, Parent Over Shoulder, Piece of Shit, Partition Os And Sos, Personal Operating System, Process Oriented System, Point Of Sale


RTOS Stands For : Real Time Operating System | Real time operating systems | Real Time Operation System | Reconfigurable Tactical Operations Simulator | Right Time Operating System | Rochester Theater Organ Society


OS Stands For : Ordnance Survey | Other Source | Outside Scope | Old Skool | On Sea | On Service | On Station | Operating Strength | Operating System | Operations Specialist | Opportunity to Serve | Ordinary Seaman | Ordnance Survey | Other Specifications | Outer Sensor | Overtly Similar | On-orbit Station | Operating Software | Operating System | Optics Subsystem | Orbital Servicing | Orbiter Specification | Outer Space | Optional Stopping | Other Supplementary


IOS Stands For : i Operating System | Ikea Of Sweden | Increased Oscillation And Sustain | Independent On Sunday | Information Organization System | Input Output Stable | Institute of Swimming | Integrative Organismal Systems | Internal Overflow System | Investors Overseas Services | iProducts operating system | The International Organization For Standards


GEOS Stands For : Genetic Engineering Operating System, Geometry Engine Open Source, Graphical Environment Operating System


EOS Stands For : End Of Stream, Emulator Operating System, Environment Operating System, Era On Sparcworks, Electrical OverStress, End Of String


BOS Stands For : Balance Of Systems, Bridge Organizing Software, Business Operating System, Back Office Server, Big Orange Switch, Biocomputer Operating System


NOS Stands For : Network Operating System | Nine One Six | Non Operating System | National Ocean Service | Not Otherwise Stated | Not Otherwise Specified


NOS Stands For : Network Operating System, Network Operations Service, Novell Operating System, Network Operating System


EOS Stands For : Equivalent Opening Size | Evil Operating System | Expensive Optical System | Eagles Of Serbia | Electro Optical System | Earth Oceans and Space | End of Sale | End of Support | Energy Operating System | Equations of State | Evolution of Smooth | Evolution of Smooths | Exodus Online Services


AOS Stands For : Aeon Of Strife, Ago Open Source, Alternate Operator Service, Installable program (Nokia Communicator add-on software), Academic Operating System, Audio Operating System


ECOS Stands For : Embedded Cygnus Operating System


ECOS Stands For : Embedded Configurable Operating System


EPOCH Stands For : European Parallel Operating System based on Chorus


GCOS Stands For : General Comprehensive Operating System | General Computer Operational System | Ground Computer Operating System


EOS Stands For Equation Operating System| Earth Observing System| Eye Of the Storm| Earth Observation Satellite| Earth Observing System| Equation Of State| Exploring Operating Systems| ECC (Error Correcting Code) On SIMM (Single In-line Memory Module)| Electrical Over-Stress| Electro Oscillating Superconductors| Exposure Of Self


JOS Stands For : Java Object Serialization, Java Operating System, Jeffs Operating System


MSOS Stands For : Manitoba Society Of Seniors | Mobile Services Operating Systems | Multi Service Operating System


FCOS Stands For : Flight Computer Operating System | Flight Control Operating System | Flight Control Operational Software


OSS Stands For : Open Source Systems, Open Source Software, Openly Stealable Source, Opera Schedule Server, Operating System Switch, Operating Systems Software, Omnitrax Switching Services, Operation Support System, Operation Support Systems, Operator Services System, Open System Support, Operation and Support System, MicroSoft Office Search result


RTOS Stands For : Real-Time Operating System, Real-Time Operating System


DOS Stands For : Department of State (US) | Date of Separation | Day Of Supply | Days Of Supply | Department of State | Deployed Operational State | Disk Operating System | Disk Operating System | Dead On Scene | Democratic Opposition Of Serbia | Department of State


POE Stands For : Parallel Operating Environment, Power Over Ethernet, Power Over Internet, PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) Over Ethernet, Peters Operating Environment, Peters Operating Environment, Procedurals Occurring Elsewhere


OS/360 Stands For : IBM 360 operating system (1960s), IBM 360 operating system (1960s)


ODS Stands For : One Damn Sheep | Our Dark Skies | Office for Disability Services | Office of Disability Services | Officer Development School | Official Document System | Oil Delivery System | Old Dominion Security | Omni Directional Suspension䋢 | On Demand Sedan | Open Digita Services | Open Document Spreadsheet | Open Domain Server | OpenLink Data Spaces | Operating Deflection Shapes | Operating Description System | Operation Dark Storm | Operational Data Source | Optimized Deformation System | Optimized Duty Sight | Oregon Dressage Society | Out Damnd Spot | Out


EOS Stands For : End Of Study | Earth Observing System | Element Of Surprise | Employed Operational State | End Of Screen | End Of Service | Earth Observation Satellite | Earth Observing System | Earth Orbit Shuttle | Emergency Oxygen System | Extended Operating System | Electronically Operated System | End Of Street | Engine Oil Supplement | Extension Of Stay


AOSS Stands For : Alpha Omega Suspension System | Alternate Operating System Scanner


ASOS Stands For : Air Support Operations Squadron | Army Secure Operating System | Automated Surface Observation System


MS-DOS Stands For : MicroSoft Disk Operating System, Microsoft Disk Operating System


NAOS Stands For : Nasmyth Adaptive Optics System | Native Application Operating System | Natural Area Open Space


OOS Stands For : OTM (Optical Transport Module) Overhead Signal, Out Of Service, Out Of Synchronization, Object-Oriented System, Ostrich Operating System


MOE Stands For : Martins Operating Environment | Monkeys On Ecstasy | My Own Ekjodd | Managed Operating Environment | Management Operations Etc | Manoa Otaku Experience | Martins Operating Environment | Master Of Eternity | Method Of Entry | Moccasins On Everyone | Moccies On Entry | Moccos On Every | Molecular Operating Environment | Montreal Open ended | My Only Enemy


GLADOS Stands For : Genetic Life-form and Disk Operating System | Genetic Life-form and Disk Operating System


POSIX Stands For : Portable Operating System Interface based on UNIX, Portable Operating System Interface based on UNIX


COB Stands For : Close Of Business | Country Of Birth | Chief Of the Boat | Civilian On the Battlefield | Collocated Operating Base | Command Operating Budget | Contingency Operating Base | Communications Office Building | California Oregon Border | Clean On Board | Close Of Business | Continuous Open Bidding | Coordination Of Benefits | Collocated Operating Base


DOI Stands For : Department of the Interior (US) | Defense Special Security Communications System (DSSCS) Operating Instructions | DSSCS Operating Instruction | Descent Orbit Insertion | Department of Interior | Declaration Of Independence | Department Of the Interior


GECOS Stands For : General Electric Comprehensive Operating Supervisor | General Electric Comprehensive Operating System


PC-DOS Stands For : IBMs Personal Computer Disc Operating System, IBMs Personal Computer Disc Operating System


IBM DOS Stands For : IBMs Personal Computer Disc Operating System, IBMs Personal Computer Disc Operating System


JACS Stands For : Joint Automated Communication-Electronics Operating Instructions System | JUMPS Army Automated Coding System


BOS Stands For : Best Of Show | Boots Of Speed | Basement Operating System | Basic Oscar Services | British Origami Society | Business Object Standard | Boston Patriots | Balance of System | Baldwin OzsvÌÁth SzabÌ?


VOS Stands For : Virtual Office System, Virtual Object System, Virtual Operating System, Veritas


CoS Stands For : Certificate of Suitability | cosmetic registration number (ORA AofC code) | Champions Of The Sea | Chief Of Staff | Civilian Occupational Specialty | COmmunications Segment | Company Orderly Sergeant | contingency operating statIon | Corporation for Open Systems | Corps Support | Covert Organization Search | Critical Occupational Specialty | Critical Operational Specialties | Carry-on Oxygen System | Co-Orbiting Satellite | Control Operating System | Cosine | Cosmic Origins Spectrograph | Criminal Organization System | City Of Stirling | City of Colorad


OS/2 Stands For : Operating System/2


OS2 Stands For : Operating System/2


SW/OS Stands For : Software/ Operating System


OS/2 Stands For : Operating System/2 (IBM-Microsoft)


OS/360 Stands For : IBM 360 operating system (1960s)


OSK Stands For : Operating System Kernel


FOS Stands For : Fundamental Operating System


OpSys Stands For : Operating System


HOS Stands For : Human Operating System


TOS Stands For : Tactical Operations System | Taken Out and Shot | Terms Of Service | Time On Station | Transition Operational State | Type Of Service | Test Operating System | Transfer Orbit Stage | Town Of Southampton


MS-DOS Stands For : MicroSoft Disk Operating System


IPSO Stands For : IP Security Operating System


GooOS Stands For : Google Operating System


MS DOS Stands For : MicroSoft Disk Operating System


MS-DOS Stands For : Microsoft Disk Operating System


SANOS Stands For : Sanjoft Operating System


OSX Stands For : Macintosh Operating System version 10


OSRI Stands For : Operating System Re-Installation


z/OS Stands For : latest operating system in the OS/360 lineage


AROS Stands For : Research Operating System


EROS Stands For : Extremely Reliable Operating System


CSOS Stands For : Communications Switch Operating System


ECOS Stands For : Experiment Computer Operating System


VCOS Stands For : Vehicle Control and Operating System


CTOS Stands For : Convergent Technologies Operating System


GCOS Stands For : General Comprehensive Operating System


EROS Stands For : Electronic Repository Operating System


UNOS Stands For : University of Newcastle Operating System


LOOSE Stands For : Linux And Other Operating System Enthusiasts


LMOS Stands For : Loop Maintenance Operating System


LOSS Stands For : Lcars Operating System Shell


OSPF Stands For : A Operating System Protocol Forwarder


SBOS Stands For : Secure Base Operating system


MUOS Stands For : Multi User Operating System


CentOS Stands For : Community ENTerprise Operating System


DOS/VS Stands For : Disk Operating System / Virtual Storage


PCOS Stands For : Professional Computer Operating System


AROS Stands For : Amiga Research Operating System


CEOS Stands For : Cross Enterprise Operating System


SCOS Stands For : Subsystem Computer Operating System


POSE Stands For : Palm Operating System Emulator