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What does GWP mean?

This page is all about the meaning, abbreviation and acronym of GWP explaining the definition or meaning and giving useful information of similar terms.

GWP Stands For : Gnome Word Processor

What is GWP?

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GWP definition / GWP means?

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What is the meaning of GWP?

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Related Full Forms - Terms


GNOME Stands For : Guarding Naturally Over Mother Earth | General NOAA Operational Modeling Environment | Gnu Networked Object Model Environment | Gnus Network Object Model Environment | Gtk Network Object Model Environment

Word Of Mouth

Word Of Mouth Stands For : Advertising from a satisfied customer


GNOME Stands For : Gnu Network Object Model Environment, Gnu Network Object Model Environment, GNU Network Object Model Environment


WORD Stands For : Wichitas Open Reading Discussions | Wichitas Open Reading Discussions


LWP Stands For : Light Weight Process, Lotus Word Pro, IBM Works for OS/2 Word Processor file, Lotus Word Pro Document


WPS Stands For : Wireless Priority Service, Word Processing System, Wireless Priority Service, MicroSoft Works Word Processor document (discontinued in 2006; replaced by DOC), Word Perfect Suite


TWP Stands For : Thai Word Processor


JWP Stands For : Japanese Word Processor


GTK Stands For : Gnu Tool Kit | Graphical Took Kit | Gut Tyrosine Kinase | Guts To Kill | The Gnome Took Kit | The Gnome Tool Kit


DW Stands For : Data Warehouse, Digital Workflow, Double Word, Declare Word, Define Word, Disk Write, Data Window, Delete Word


SW Stands For : Switch, SWitch, Spice Works, SoftWare, SoftWare, Standard Works, So What?, Some Will ...., Semantic Web, Single Wait, System Window, Set Word, Signed Word, Single Word, Store Word, Signed Word Audio file


SPARC Stands For : Scalable Processor ARChitecture, Scalar Processor ARChitecture, Sun Processor Allowing Remote Capture, Sunos Pipeline Accelerated Risc Computer


PCW Stands For : Personal Computer Word-Processor, Personal Computer World, PC Write Text document


CLIW Stands For : Carmel Long Instruction Words | Compact Long Instruction Word | Configurable Long Instruction Word | Course Lengths In Weeks | Current Long Instruction Word | Customizable Long Instruction Word


MP Stands For : Message Passing, Modular Portal, Multi Point, Multi Protocol, Message Protector, Mobile Processor, my place, Macro Parameter, Management Processor, Massively Parallel, Mini Profile, Multi Platform, Multi Processing, Multi Processor, Multiple Processor, Multiprocessing, Middle Position, Make Parameter, Multi Precision, Movie (MPEG compressed)


VP Stands For : Visual Processor, Vector Port, Virtual Path, Virtual Processor, Virtual Processor, Victory Points, Visible Printable, Variable Parameter, 3D Studio Video posting, Ventura Publisher Publication file


RCP Stands For : Remote Command Processor, Remote Communications Processor, Remote Call Procedure, Rich Client Platform, Remote CoPy, Region Code Protected, Remote Communication Processor, Run Control Parameter


GCC Stands For : General Compiler Collection, Gnome C Compiler, Gnome Compiler Collection, Gnu C Compiler, GNU Compiler Collection, Graphic Control Computer, General Computer Component, Get Code for this number


MSW Stands For : MicroSWitch, Machine Status Word, MicroSoft Word Text document


ADIW Stands For : Active Directory Installation Wizard, Add Immediate Word, Word-wide Addition


RDW Stands For : Resume Deluxe Writer, Reference Divider Word, Record Descriptor Word


TFG Stands For : The Finnish Gnome | Together For God


WOG Stands For Wicked Old Gnome


CW Stands For : Cable and Wireless, CiscoWorks, Congestion Window, Consumer Workstation, Conventional Wisdom, Component-Wise, Change Word, Content Word, Canada West


NSW Stands For : New South Wales | Naval Special Warfare | Navy Special Warfare | NSP (Network Signal Processor) Status Word | New South West | Navy Special Warfare


GIP Stands For : Gnome Install Project


GHU Stands For : Gnome Hamradio Utilities


GBF Stands For : Gnome Build Framework


GEP Stands For : Gnome Enhancement Procedure


SPP Stands For : Scalable Parallel Processor, Snort Pre-Processor, System Platform Processor, Serial Port Profile, Session Participation Probability, Standard Parallel Port, Super Princess Peach video game, Serial Port Profile, Scalable Parallel Processing, Sprint Printer file


AFTERWORD Stands For : After Word After Word


GWCC Stands For : GNOME Workstation Command Center


EOG Stands For : End Of Grade | Europa Oil Gas | Eye of gnome | Eye on Gambling | Eye On Gaming


GTM Stands For : Game To Monitor, Gnome Transfer Manager


AGES Stands For : Aegis Gnome Environment Suite


EWTN Stands For : Eternal Word Television Network | Eternal Word Television Networks | Eternal Word Tv Network | Eternal Words Television Network | Eternal World Television Network | Etworketernal Word Television Network


PVP Stands For : Parallel Vector Processor, Packet Video Processor, Protected Video Path


SEP Stands For : Scalable Encryption Processor, Secure Execute Processor, Single Entry Point, Slashdot Effect Protection, Simple And Easy Programming, System Enhancement Package, Printer separator page


GUIDO Stands For : Gnome Universal Internet Domain Observatory


VIP Stands For : Versatile Infrastructure Platform, Versatile Interface Processor, Video Image Processing, Virtual Internet Protocol, Visual Interactive Programming, Veritas Integration Platform, Versatile Image Processor, Very Important Playerfile, Video Integration Processor, Virtual Immediate Processing, Vlb Isa Pci, Voyager Information Portal


TLW Stands For : Tree Limb And Waterfall | The Latest Word | The Latest Word


DSP Stands For : Digital Signal Processor, Digital Signal Processor, Digital Signal Processor, Digital Signal Processors, Display parameters (Signature), Dr.Halo Graphics DISplay driver, Dynamic Studio Professional Module (Dynamic Studio), Project (MS Developer Studio), Directory System Protocol


GWC Stands For : Generic WIYN Client, Gnome Wave Cleaner, Graphics With Computers


KUSP Stands For : Ku-Band Signal Processor | Ku-Band Single Processor


DOT Stands For : Distributed Object Technology, Delphi OpenGL Toolkit, Document template (MS Word), Line-type definition file (CorelDraw), Word Document Template


SMP Stands For : Small Meat Pizza | Specially Marked Package | SCOS Misappropriated Printdriver | Sex | Smoke More Pot | Symmetric Multiple Penguins | A Service Management Protocol | Sean Michaels Pretentions | Section Management Process | Sekolah Menengah Perimbun | Sekolah Menengah Pertama | Servo Modular Platform | Single Multi Processor | Solid Matrix Priming | State Machine Products | Statutory Maternity Pay | Super Mario Portal | Support And Maintenance Package | Symetric Multi Processor | Symetrical Multi Processing | Symmetric Multi Processor | Symmetric Multip


PSW Stands For : Program Status Word, Process Status Word


WP Stands For : White Pinstripes | Wedding Peach | Whey Protein | Wolf Princess | Work Package | Well Played | The Wolf Pac | The World Politics | W Presence | Waaagh Power | Waiver Of Premium | Walden Pond | Warrior Poet | Water Proof | Watt Peak | Wave Packet | Way Point | Weak Pass | Weakest Precondition | Weapon Power | Web Page | Web Pavement | Weeping People | Weierstrass Polynomial | Weight Penalty | Well Played | Western Planeze | Wetable Powder | Wettable Powder | White Pages | White People | White Points | White Pride | Whole Pattern | Wholesale


GDL Stands For : Grey Death Legion | Gas Diffusion Layer | Gnome Development Library | Group Distribution List


FOP Stands For : Formatting Object Processor, Formatting Object Processor, Freedom of Press Bitmap graphics file


DLP Stands For : Data Link Processor | Doctrinal Literature Program | Drunken Lan Party | Data Link Processor


TEP Stands For : therapeutic exchange plasmapheresis | Traded Endowment Policy | Tactical Electronic Processor | Tactical ELINT Processor | Tactical Entry Point | Tactical Exploitation Processor | Technical Evaluation Plan | Test and Evaluation Plan | Theater Engagement Plan | Technical Evaluation Panel | Test Evaluation Plan | Technical Evaluation Plan


MCP Stands For : Message Control Protocol, Master Control Program, Metrowerks Compiler Project, Mud Client Protocol, Myrinet Control Program, Mobile Centered Paging, Master Control Program, Media Communications Processor, Media Control Processor, MOO command protocol, Media Communication Processor, Mark Current Procedure, Mask Characters Printable, Capsule Application script, NetMC Player Composed Media multimedia file, Printer driver (Mathcad)


DIP Stands For : Defense Intelligence Plan | Die In Place | Directorate for Intelligence Production | Designated Inspection Point | Display Input Processor | Display Interface Processor | Deputy Inspector of Passport | Did It Prior | Driver Improvement Program


FEP Stands For : Fleet Satellite (FLTSAT) Extremely High Frequency (EHF) Package | Front End Processor | Flight Evaluation Plan | Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene | Fluoro Ethel Propane | Front-End Processor | Federal Employee (insurance) Plan


CW Stands For : Chemical Warfare | Chemical Weapons | Code Word | Combat Weapon | ClockWise | Command Word | Continuous Wave | Continental Winchester | Continuous Wave | Civilian Welfare | Complied With


WSP Stands For Weibull Shape Parmeter| Water Soluble Packet| Water- Supply Papers| Weather Systems Processor| Water Soluble Packet| Water- Supply Papers| Water Soluble Packet| Warring States Project| Washington School of Photography| Washington School of Psychiatry| Wright State University| Wafer Scale Package| Wideband Signal Processor| Wireless Signal Processor


WPW Stands For : A Word Practice Word | Wolf Parkinson White | Wolff Parkinson White


MSIP Stands For : Multi Stage Improvement Program | Multi- Spectral Imagery Processor | Multiple Source Interface Processor | Multinational Staged Improvement Program


ADLP Stands For : Academic Dermatology Leadership Program | Airborne Data Link Processor | Aircraft Data Link Processor | Army Distance Learning Program


EDP Stands For : Electronic Data Processing | ELINT Data Processor | Emergency Defense Plan | Electonic Data Processing | Embedded Data Processor | Emotionally Disturbed Person | Expedite Departure Path | Economic Diversification Program


GPU Stands For : Gas Piston Upper | General Public Utilities | Georgia Physics Unintelligible | Global Processing Unit | Graphic Process Unit | Graphic Processor Unit | graphical Processor Unit | Graphics Processing UnitåÊ | Ground Power Unit | graphical Processor Unit | Graphics Processing UnitåÊ | Ground Power Unit


GST Stands For : Gnome System Tools, Global System for Telematics


GAIL Stands For : Gas Authority of India Limited | Glide Angle Indicator Light | Gnome Accessibility Implementation Library | Gremlins Assumptions Interpretations and Limiting


TWAT Stands For : The Word Association Thread | Topic The Word Association Thread


GDM Stands For : Gnome Display Manager, GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) Data Module, Gestalt Data Model


CP Stands For : Cleaner Production | Cerebral Palsy | Chest Pain | Citizen Petition | Compliance Program | City Planning | Central Processor | Check Point | Choke Point | Closest Point | Co-Pilot | Collection Point | Command Post | Command Processor | Communication Problem | Contact Point | Correction Processor | CounterPlan | CounterProliferation | Candle Power | Cargo Program Office | Center of Pressure | Chemically Pure | Circular Pitch | Cold Plate | Console Processor | Control Panel | Control Point | Controlled Planetary | Crash Pad | Command Post | Comm


WOMP Stands For : The Word Of Mouth Project | Watershed Outlet Monitoring Program | Weapons of Mass Production | Weapons Of Mass Protection | Web Only Mastering Project | Wills Own Media Player | Wineries of Old Mission Peninsula | Womping | Word Of Mouth Potential | Workshop on Middleware and Performance


UWL Stands For : User Word List, WordPerfect User Word List


PIP Stands For : Peripheral Interchange Program, Plug In Panel, Presence Information Panel, Programmable Input Processor, Postels Internet Protocol, Programmable Interconnection Point, Partner Interface Process, Picture In a Picture, Pre-Impulsing Pulse, Programmable Input Processor, Programmable In Put


DWL Stands For : Dave Winer Laptop | Dalit Women Leadership | De Witte Lietaer | Dead Weight Loss | Dead Wid Laugh | dead with laught | derived working limit | Descending Word Length | Design Work Life | Disingenuous White Liberal | Diversified Well Logging | Divided Word Line | Doppler Wind Lidar | Dutch Water Limited | Dying with Laughter


VP Stands For : Valuable Package | Vantage Point | Vehicle Pad | Veteran Points | Video Processor | Virtual Prototyping | Volks Pistol | Shuttle Payloads Directorate | Vacuum Pump | Velocity Profile | Verification Polarization | Vertical Polarization | View Processor | ViewPoint | Very Progressive | Vehicle Premise | Vibration Penetration | Viewing Period | Virtual Policy


PDP Stands For : Peripheral Data Processor, Physical to Digital to Physical, Plasma Display Panel, Programmable Data Processor, Packet Data Protocol, Parallel Distributed Processing, Printer Driver Plus, Product root Directory Prefix, Policy Decision Point, Portable Desktop Project, Pre Digital Processing


MSP Stands For : Mud Sound Protocol | Major Sperm Protein | Malevolent Sentinent Plushie | Managed Supplier Partnerships | Marketing Service Providers | Master Swashbuckling Pirate | Maximum Signal Processing | Mazda Special Program | minimum support price | Model Signal Processor | Modular Signal Processor | Molto Sul Ponticello | Multiple Spelling Problems | Mushroom Samba Productions


WSP Stands For : Wireless Service Provider, Wireless Session Protocol, Wireless Signal Processor, Widest Shortest Path, Wireless Service Provider, Wireless Signal Processor, Fortran PowerStation Workspace


DAWG Stands For : Data Analysis Working Group | Decision Analysis Working Group | Deterministic Acyclic Word Graph | Directed Acyclic Word Graph | Dog Adoption Welfare Group


IPC Stands For : Inter-Processor Communication, Inner Process Communication, Inter-Processor Communication (Cisco), Interval Preservation Constraint, Internet Privacy Coalition, Internet Protection Community, Inter-Process Communication, Internet Pricing and Configurator, Initial Paging Channel, Input Port Controller, Instructions Per Clock


PMS Stands For : Processor-Memory-Switch, Perl Mail Sorter, Port Management Switch, Possible Malicious Software, Panatone Matching System, Please Make Sense, Pantone Matching System, Processor Memory Switch, Project Management System


DCP Stands For : Data Compression Protocol, Defense Continuity Program, Data Compression Protocol, Delphi Compiled Package, Digital Copy Permitted, DriveCrypt Plus, Data Collection Platform, Data Collection Processor, Data Communications Processor, Direct Current Power, Display Control Panel, OS/2 Data CodePage, OS/2 Device Code Page, Distributive Collaboration and Prioritization


VGCP Stands For : Voice Grade Channel Processor, Voice Grade Channel Processor


GDF Stands For : Gnome Debugging Framework, Game Disk Format, Global Depth First search, GEOS Dictionary file, Global Document Frequency, Gnutella Developers Forum, Graphic Design File


NIP Stands For : National Immunization Program (CDC) | National Intelligence Program | Notional Intelligence Point | Network Input Processor | Network Interface Processor | Nipple | Notice of Intended Prosecution | Notice | National Inspection Plan | Network Improvement Program


CTP Stands For : CENTER FOR TOBACCO PRODUCTS | Common Tactical Picture | Communications Terminal Processor | Component Transition Plan | Coordinate Terrain Position | Coordinated Test Plan | Critical Technical Parameter | Communications Timing Procedure | Critical Technical Parameter | Cyclic Time Processor | Call To Power | Critical Technical Parameter


QRW Stands For : Quasi-Random Word, Quasi- Random Word


DSW Stands For : Dear Sweet Wife | A Deadly Shad W | Danny Scott Welch | Define Storage Word | Definition of Solid Waste | Designer Shoe Warehouse | Deutsche Stiftung Weltbev̦lkerung | Direct Screen Writes | Directed Stockpile Work | Division of Surface Water | Doctorate in Social Work | Dream Street Weekly | Dynamic Status Word | Dynamic Status Www | Shoe Warehouse


RDP Stands For : Reconstruction and Development Program | Radar Data Processor | Rapid Deployment Planning | Receiver and Data Processor | Requirements Data Plan | Requirements Development Plan | Reformers Dominion Party | Route Development Plan | Reconstruction And Development Programme


TP Stands For : Thermal Printer, Touch Panel, Twisted Pair, Team Portal, Termination Point, Transaction Processor, Transfer Protocol, Transit Portal, Tamper Proof, Third Party, Telephone Pole, Typical Provider, FLAMES template file (Ternion Corporation), Transactional Process, Turbo Pascal, Turing Processor, Turbo Pascal Configuration file, Turbo Profiler Session-state file


GBG Stands For : Game Breaking Glitch | Garciaparra Baseball Group | Girls Being Godly | Global Benefits Group | gnome be gone | Going Beyond Greatness | Golden Bridge Ghana | Good | Good the Bad and the Gossip | Google Business Groups | Grace by God | Guided by God


TMP Stands For : Tactical Marine Pistol | Target Materials Program | Technical Manual Plan | Telecommunications Management Program | Terminal Message Processor | Theater Manpower Forces | Transportation Motor Pool | Terminal Panel | Time Management Processor | Too Much Power | Transportation Management Program | Transportation Motor Pool


DSP Stands For : Daily Story Problem | Data Source Processor | Dawn Sign Press | Dean Stewart Photography | Delaware State Police | Delta Sigma Pi | Demand Side Platform | DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST PERSPECTIVE | Destination Service Provider | Develop Succeed And Prosper | Diarrhetic Shellfish Poisoning | Digital Signal Procesesing | Digital Signal Processors | Digital Signal Psrtutorial | Digital Signalling Processor | Dilution Stability Performance | Direct Signal Processor | Disabled Students Program | Disabled Students Program | Distal Symmetrical Polyneuropathy | Distrib


IMP Stands For : Investigational Medicinal Product | Impedance | Implementation | Implementation and Monitoring Plan | Individual Meal Pack | Information Management Plan | Input Message Processing | Intelligence Message Processor | Interface Management Plan | Interface Message Processor | Inventory Management Plan | Initial Memory Protection | Interplanetary Monitoring Platform | International Management Program


TDP Stands For : Tactical Data Processor | Technical Data Package | Technology Demonstration Project | Technology Development Plan | Test Design Plan | Theater Distribution Plan | Total Distribution Program | Temperature and Dewpoint | Tracking Data Processor | Telugu Desam Party | Tennessee Democratic Party | Tour Driven Performance | Transit Development Program | The Dollar Program


GTG Stands For : Get Trapped Girls | Games To Go | Gas Turbine Generator | Generate Test Generator | Generic Trace Generator | Geographic Technologies Group | Get To Gether | Get Together GTG | Getting Things GNOME | Good Time Gang | Good To Go | G̦teborgsregionens Tekniska Gymnasium | Gray to Gray


CDP Stands For : Candidate Development Program (SES) | career development plan | Census Designated Place | Combat Development Process | Command Data Processor | Commanders Dissemination Policy | Craft Departure Point (for landing craft) | Custom Defense Package | Command Data Processor | Case Da Place | County Development Plan (IE) | Census Defined Place | Contract Discount Program


WOM Stands For : Waste Of Money | Wings of Man | Word Of Mouth | Wings of Man | Waste Of Money | Word Of Mouth


TCP Stands For : Tactical Computer Processor | Tactical Control Processor | Terminal Control Protocol | Theater Campaign Plan | Traffic Control Point | Transmission Control Protocol | Task Control Packet | Test Checkout Procedure | Test Control Package | Thrust Chamber Pressure | Transmission Control Protocol | Tampa Communist Party | Traffic Control Point | Transportation Control Plan | The Common People


NIW Stands For : Not In Word


KWS Stands For : Key Word Search


VOWD Stands For : Value of Word Done


TO- Stands For : The Three-Letter Word