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What does RTFC mean?

This page is all about the meaning, abbreviation and acronym of RTFC explaining the definition or meaning and giving useful information of similar terms.

RTFC Stands For : Read The F Code

What is RTFC?

There may be more than one meaning of RTFC, so check it out all meanings of RTFC one by one.

RTFC definition / RTFC means?

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What is the meaning of RTFC?

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Related Full Forms - Terms


READ Stands For : Read Eat And Do | Read Enrich Achieve And Discover | Reading | Reading Education Assistance Dog | Reading Education Assistance Dogs | Reading Educational Assistance Dog | Reading Evaluation Adult Diagnosis | Reflect Engage Apply and Disciple | Research Education Accessibility and Design | Rural Evangelical Academic Development | Rural Exchanges And Access For Development

Q code

Q code Stands For Standardized grouping of brevity code

QR Code

QR Code Stands For : Quick Response Code


READ Stands For : Rapid Engineering Application Development


READ Stands For Reach Excellent Academic Dreams| Reinforcing Education And Development


CODE Stands For Creation Out of Deep Energy


CODE Stands For : Cleaning On Demand Experts


READ Stands For : Regional Economies Assessment Database | Regional Economies Assessment Database


WORM Stands For : Wisely Organized Replacing Machine | A Write On Random Memory | A Write On Readable Media | Works Once Rewrites Many | Write Once Read Many | Write Once Read Maybe | Write Once Read Multiple | Write Once Registry Mod | Write One Read Many | Write Only Read Many


RTFM Stands For : Read The Fabulous Manual | Read The Furnished Manuals | Read The Fine Manual | Return To Former Maker


RTFM Stands For : Read That Fine Manual | Read The Famous Manual | Read The Friendly Manual | Read The Friggin Manual | Reinstall The Friggin Machine


RTFM Stands For : Read The First Message | Read The Frigging Manual | Read The Frustrating Manual


RTFQ Stands For : Read the Freakin Question | Read the Full Question | Read The Funny Question | Ready To Fly Quads


ROM Stands For : Read-Only Memory, Read-Only Memory, Read Only Memory, Read Only Memory image (emulators - AONs)


RTFM Stands For : Read The Frigging Manual, Read The Full Manual, Read The Flippin Manual


RWX Stands For : Read, Read, Criterion RenderWare Script, MEME Shape File


RDSE Stands For : Read Data Streaming Enable | Read Dreikurs Social Equality


COD Stands For : Crash On Demand, Compact Object Description, Boxer/2 Printer code definition file, Datafile (Forecast Plus - MS Multiplan - StatPac Gold), Program compiled CODe, Source code in assembler with original C code as comments (MS C), Template source file (dBASE Application Generator), UUPC CODe definition table, Videotext file


RCRB Stands For : Read Card Read Binary


ROM Stands For : Reception and Onward Movement | Recurring Operational Maintenance | Refuel On the Move | Restriction of Movement | Rough Order of Magnitude | Read Only Memory | Read-Only Memory | Rough Order of Magnitude | Registry Of Marriages | Read Only Meaning


PROM Stands For : Programmable Read-Only Memory, Programmable Read-Only Memory, Programmable Read-Only Memory, Packages, Please Return On Monday


UPC Stands For : Unknown Protracker Clone | Unorganized Pathetic Committee | A Universal Program Code | The Universal Peace Commitee | Ultra Personal Computer | Ultra Physical Contact | Under Postal Certificate | Uniform Product Code | Union Programming Council | Unique Product Code | Univeral Product Code | Universal Paintball Clan | Universal Project Code | University Presbyterian Church | Unlimited Profits Com


CFR Stands For : Code of Federal Regulations | Code of Federal Regulations | Contract Financial Requirements | Code of Federal Regulations | Code of Federal Regulations | Campaign Finance Reform | Council on Foreign Relations | C€Äile Ferate RomÌ¢ne(Romanian Railways) | Catch A Free Ride | Code of Federal Regulations | Code of Federal Regulations | Committee on Foreign Relations | Council on Foreign Relations


ASCII Stands For : A Scientific Computer Internal Intelligence | Amsterdam Subversive Code For Information Interchange | Alma Sandra Camille Ingret Illindale | Amerca Standard Code For Information Interchange | America Standard Code For Information Interchange | American Scientific Code For Information Interchange | American Standard Code Of Information Interchange | American Standardised Code For Information Interchange


EROM Stands For : Electronic Run Out Machine | Enterprise Report and Output Management | Erasable Read Only Memory | Erasable Read Only MemoryåÊ


MR Stands For : Memory Recall, Maintenance Release, Master Reset, Masked ROM (Read Only Memory), Magic Return, Memory Read, Multiple Record, Modem Riser


RB Stands For : ROM (Read-Only Memory) Boot, Remote Backup, Randomized Block, Resource Bearer, Reverse Billing, Registry Backup, Rounded Box, Read Binary, Reservation Bit, Rotate Buffer, Richard Bruce


EBCDIC Stands For : A Extendable Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code | A Extended Binary Code Decimal Interchange Control | Esextended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code | External Binary Code Decimal Input Code


EPROM Stands For : A Electronic Programmable Read Only Memory | Electronic Programable Read Only Memory | Erasable Progammable Read Only Memory | Erasable Programmable Red Only Memory


CFR Stands For : Code of Federal Regulations | Code of Federal Regulations | Code of Federal Regulations | C€Äile Ferate RomÌ¢ne | C€Äile Ferate RomÌ¢ne | C€Äile Ferate RomÌ¢ne | C€Äile Ferate RomÌ¢ne | C€Äile Ferate RomÌ¢ne | Call For Reference | Code of | Code Of Federal Regu | Code of Federal Regulation | College of Forest Resources | Community File Repository | Community First Responders | Compagnie Financiere Richemont


RW Stands For : Reporting Workbench, Regardless of Whether ...., Re Writeable, Read Write, read/write, ReWriter, Readable While, Rewrite While, Readable/Writable


APRIL Stands For : All People Read In The Li | All People Read In The Library


RIP Stands For Read| Read


PCM Stands For : Pulse Code Modulation, Pulse Code Modulation, Personal Call Manager, Pulse Code Modulation, Parallel Cache Management, Performance Computer Modulator, Plug Compatible Manufacturers, Process Control Manual


PQRST Stands For : Personal Questionnaire Rapid Scaling Technique | Preview Question Read Study Test | Preview question Read Summarize Test


SIC Stands For : Score Information Criterion | Second In Command | Special Industry Code | Standard Industry Classifications | Subject Identification Code | Surrender Is Cowardice | Survey Information Center | System Integration Contractor | Spacecraft Identification Code | Seat In Coach | Standard Industrial Classification | Standard Industrial Classification | Standard Industrial Code | Standard Industry Classification | Standard Industry Code | Surrender Is Cowardice


WRWR Stands For : WRite - Read - Write - Read


CC Stands For : Carbon Copy, Check Cookies, Client Capability, Cluster Controller, Courtesy Copy, Command Code, Common Core, C Compiler, Call Control, C Compiler, Cache Coherent, Color Compensating, Compact Computer, Carry Clear, Clear the Command, Condition Code, C++ language source code file (gcc), CC Language source Code file, Cyber Copy


UCC Stands For : Uncles Congregational Continent | The Uniform Contract Code | U Cant Clap | Ueshima Coffee Co | Ueshima Coffee Company | Umpqua Community College | Unicorns Causing Cancer | Uniform Child Custody | Uniform Civil Code | Uniform Construction Code | Union County College | United Community Center | United Consumers Club | Universal Commercial Code | University Core Curriculum | Unreal Commandline Client


CD-ROM Stands For : Compact Disc Read-Only Memory | Compact Disc Read-Only Memory | Compact Disk Read Only Memory | Compact Disc Read-Only Memory


LUC Stands For : Land Use Code | Ludicrously Underpaid Creators | The Language Universal Code


EIC Stands For : End Item Code | Equipment Identification Code | Experimental InterCom


USC Stands For : United States Code | United States Court | United States Code | United States Cavalry | United States Code | Universal Service Contract | USAREUR Subordinate Command | United States Code | United States Census | United States Customary | United States Supreme Court


UDC Stands For : Unit Descriptor Code | Unified Development Code | Upper Division Clerk | Uniform Document Count


SCC Stands For : Serial Communication Controller, System Console Concentrator, Simplified C Compiler, Soft Computer Consultants, Source Code Control, Source Control Code, Strongly Connected Component, Service Connection Charges, Specialized Common Carrier, Switching Control Center, Source Code Club, MSX picture Bitmap graphics


SPC Stands For : Text to speech, Small Pic Computer, Software Protection Code, Service Provider Code, Stored Program Control, Service Program Code, SCSI Primary Commands, Atari Compressed Spectrum file Bitmap graphics, Microsoft Multiplan Program file, WordPerfect Special Temporary file


UJC Stands For : Urgency Justification Code | Urgency Justification Code | Universal Joint Connector | Urgency Justification Code | Urgency Justification Code


RDR Stands For : Request for Document Revision | Rural Delivery Route | Rassemblement des RÌ©publicains | Reactive Dynamic Radar | Read Directories Read | Red Dead Redemption | Red Dead Resurrection | RÌ©duction des Risques | Registered Diplomate Reporter | Reservoir Dogs Run | Retail Distribution Review | Richter åá Dahl Rocha | right decision rate | Rock Deformation Research | Rounds Down Range


PROM Stands For : Programmable Read-Only Memory | Programmable Read-Only Memory


EEPROM Stands For : Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory, Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory, Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory, Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory, Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory


AAC Stands For : Acquisition Advice Code | Activity Address Code | Alaskan Air Command | Army Acquisition Corps | Army Air Corps | At Any Cost | Australian Army Cadets | Aft Access Closure | Alaska Administrative Code | Advanced Activity Concept | Advanced AERA Concepts | Airport Aircraft Capacity | Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center


CIRC Stands For : Cross-Interleaved Reed-Solomon Code, Cross-Interleaved Reed-Solomon Code, Computer Incident Response Capability, Cross-Interleaved Reed-Solomon Code, Cross-Interleaved Reed-Solomon Code, Cross-Interleaved Reed-Solomon Code


UIC Stands For : Unified INFOSEC Criteria | Unit Identification Code | User Identification Code


EPROM Stands For : Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory, Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory


EPROM Stands For : Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory | Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory


CELP Stands For : Canadian Environmental Literacy Project | Celpcode Excited Linear Prediction | Certified E Learning Professional | Code Excited Linear Predictive | Code Excited Linear Predictor | Code Exited Linear Prediction | Codebook Excited Linear Prediction | Common Endpoint Locator Pools | Community Energy Loan Program | Comprehensive English Language Program


NAC Stands For : Network Access Code, Network Admission Control, Natural Area Code, Network Adapter Card


DODIC Stands For : Department of Defense Identification Code | DoD Identification Code


P Stands For : Processor, Pointer, Personalize, Print, Parity, Protected, Public, Applause picture Graphics file, Progress Database source code, ReaGeniX code generator Rea-C-Time application parameter file


DTC Stands For : Data Transfer Controller, Design Time Control, Diagnostic Trouble Code, Diagnostic Trouble Code, Desktop Tactical Computer


CFR Stands For Code of Federal Regulations| case fatality rate| Code of Federal Regulations| Continuous Flow Recycling| Casting For Recovery


EEPROM Stands For : Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory | Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory


RWPCP Stands For : Read/Write Priority Ceiling Protocol, Read/Write Priority Ceiling Protocol


EEPROM Stands For Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory| Electrically-Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory


PCM Stands For : Program Coordination Meeting | Pulse Code Modulation | Power Control Mission | Pressurized Cargo Module | Pulse Code Modulation | Punch Card Machine


ccTLD Stands For : country code Top Level Domain | contry code Top Level Domain | country code Top Level Domain | Country Code Top-Level Domain


UCC Stands For : Unconfirmed Credit Contract | Uniform Commercial Code | Ueshima Coffee Corporation | Uniform Commercial Code


CDLD Stands For : Catholic Declaration on Life and Death | Centre for Digestive and Liver Diseases | CODE DE LA DEMOCRATIE LOCALE ET DE LA DECENTRALISATION | Code de la DÌ©mocratie locale et de la DÌ©centralisation | Community driven Language Documentation | Concept Development Learning Directorate


ART Stands For : The IATA airport code for Watertown International Airport | Watertown | Artificial (Other) | American Refrigerator Transit Company | The National Rail code for Arrochar and Tarbet railway station | Argentina Time


CRUD Stands For : Create, Create Read Update Delete, Create Read Update And Delete


CD-ROM Stands For : Compact Disc Read-Only Memory, compact disc read-only memory


CD-ROM Stands For Compact Disc Read-Only Memory| Compact Disc Read-Only Memory


NEC Stands For not elsewhere classified| North Equatorial Current| Nuclear Energy Commission| National Electrical Code| National Extension College| National Electrical Code| Neutral Earth Compensator


HMAC Stands For : Hashed Message Authentication Code, Hash-based Message Authentication Code


ORC Stands For : Oak Ridge Cemetary | Offset Row Cultivator | Ogura Racing Clutch | Ohio Revised Code | Old Recycled Caboose | Old Red Cracker | Online Run Control | Original Receiving Charges | Oscillating Ravenous Carnivore | Output Routing Code | Over Running Clutch | Overton Recreation Committee


TLC Stands For : Twist Lock Control, Trust Level Control, Three Letter Code, Text Link Cellular, Transparent Line Control, Third-Level Cache, Compiled Tool Command Language source code (Geoworks Swat)


UCC Stands For : urgent care center | urgent care clinic | Universal Checkout Console | Utilities Coordinating Committee | Universal Container Code | Uniform Code Council


WUC Stands For : Wake Up Call | Warriors Under Construction | Work Unit Code | Work Unit Code | Wake Up Call | Work Unit Code | Wake Up Call | Work Unit Code


UPC Stands For : Unified Parallel C, Universal Personal Communication, Usage Parameter Control, Universal Product Code, Unity Procedure Call, Unity Procedure Code


ICPN Stands For : International Chili Pepper Nursery | International Code Of Physociological Nomenclature | International Code Of Phytosociological Nomenclature


ADPCM Stands For : Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation, Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation, Intel/ DVI Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation Sound format


BAC Stands For : Billing Agency Code | Base Area Code | Basic Airborne Course | Brigade Ammunition Column | British Aircraft Corporation | Budget At Completion | Boeing Aircraft Company | Booster Assembly Contractor | Buffer Access Card | Blood Alcohol Concentration | Buy American Campaign


UPIC Stands For : Universal Payment Identification Code | Universal Promotional Identification Code


DODAAC Stands For : Department Of Defense Activity Address Code | DoD Activity Address Code


VQC Stands For : Vibrant Color Quality, Vector Quantizing Code, Vector Quantizing Code


ASC Stands For : Applications Strategy Council (Internet2), Additional Sense Code, Armored encrypted file (Pretty Good Privacy), ASCII text, GROB Graphic Object Bitmap graphics Black and White ASCII ( HP-48sx calculator), Accredited Standards Committee, American Standard Code


C Stands For : Command, Create, Communication, Connected, Customer device on a VPN, Compare, Compiler, Computational, Collect, Connection, Connectivity, See, Computer, Code, Capacitor, Core, Customer device, form C (break-before-make) contacts, Characters, Condition, C language source code file, Click, Computing


USC Stands For : Underground Serbian Cafe | United States Code | United States Customary (weights and measures) | United States Code | U S Can Corporation


NDC Stands For : National Drug Code | NATO Defense College | National Democratic Congress | Not Done Counting | Nuclear Disarmament Coalition | New Deal for Communities | National Destination Code | Normalized Device Coordinates | National Development Complex | National Development Council


FSCM Stands For : Federal Supply Code for Manufacturers | Fire Support Coordination Measure | Federal Supply Code for Manufacturers


USOC Stands For : Universal Service Order Code, Universal Service Order Code, User Support Operations Center


CD-ROM XA Stands For : Compact Disc Read-Only Memory eXtended Architecture, Compact Disc Read-Only Memory eXtended Architecture


RIC Stands For : Resident In Charge | Rare Item Code | Regiment Infantry Colonial | Routing Indicator Code | Resistance Inductance and Capacitance | Rockwell International Corporation | Royal Irish Constabulary (1867 to 1922-06-01) | Richmond International Airport - Byrd Field | Regional Intersectoral Committee | Recently Industrialized Country


NCF Stands For : Non-Conducting Film, Network Compatibility File, Neutral Code Format, Netware Command File, Netware Configuration File, Nokia Code Format


RAZ Stands For : Read As Zero


ZBZ? Stands For Can You Read Me?


BIC Stands For : Biron Capital Ltd | Bank Identification Code | Beginning Invested Capital | Bank Identifier Code | Benchmark Insurance Company | Bruno Bich (shortened last name of the family who establishes the company) | Business And Innovation Centre | Bank Investment Contract


DRE Stands For : Damascus Road Experience | Das Reich Elitetruppe | Data Replication Engine | Deciples Reunite Everywhere | Department of Real Estate | Design Reuse Evaluation | Developmental Reading and English | Digital Radio Eureka | Digital Remix Enabler | Direct Record Electronic | Direct Recording Electronic | Directly Responsible For Everything | Disc Read Error | Disk Read Error | Disk Reading Error | Drug Recognition Evaluator | Drug Recognition Examination | Ducati Riding Experience


AIC Stands For : Aeronautical Information Circular | Aeronautical Information Circular | Alice In Chains | Account Identifier Code | Access Identification Code | Adstream Information Central | Akaikes Information Criteria | An International Community | Appreciation Influence And Control


IC Stands For : Industry Compatible, Instrument Computer, Insulation Contact, Identification Code, Internet Connection, Identification Code, Image Component, Image Converter, Import Coupling, Interactive C, I See, Integrated Circuit, Integrated Circuit, M3CG intermediate language file (Modula-3), Ink Cylinder, Input Capture, Internal Connection, If Case, Ignore Case, Insert Character, Instruction Count, Instruction Counter, Internal Code, Independency Check, Information Criterion, Input Chunk, Information Criteria, Invisible Computer