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What does VAM mean?

This page is all about the meaning, abbreviation and acronym of VAM explaining the definition or meaning and giving useful information of similar terms.

VAM Stands For : VPN (Virtual Private Network) Acceleration Module, Virtual Authorization Module, Vulnerability Assessment and Management, Virtual Access Model, Vamoose

What is VAM?

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VAM definition / VAM means?

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What is the meaning of VAM?

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Related Full Forms - Terms


VR Stands For : Vertical Reader, Virtual RAM (Random Access Memory), Virtual Router-based VPN (Virtual Private Network), Virus Removal, V-model Reference, Visual Representation, Virtual Router, Virtual Reality, Visual Recognition


VLM Stands For : Very Large Memory, Virtual Loadable Module, Volume Logical Module, Vellum CAD Drawing, Virtual Loadable Module (Netware)


VRM Stands For : Virtual Reality Modeling Language, Virtual Resource Management, Version Release Modification, Virtual Runtime Module, QuattroPro Overlay file, Visual Rexx language source code file


VPN Stands For : Virtual Private Network | Virtual Private Network | Vendor Product Number | Virtual Private Network


VA Stands For : Virtual Airline, Virtual Assistant, Voice Activity, Virtual Address, Virtual Address, View Attributes, Valid Again, Variable Argument, Variable Arguments, Vector Accumulate, Video Acceleration


DVPN Stands For : Delaware Valley Pagan Network | Dialup Virtual Private Network | Dynamic Virtual Private Network


VTM Stands For : Vibration Test Module | Virtual Team Meeting | Valve Test Manifold | Variable Torque Management | Virtual Transportation Management | Votes This Meeting


RAVE Stands For : Reconfigurable Advanced Visualization Environment, Renderer Acceleration Virtual Engine, Rasterization Acceleration Virtual Engine, Real Animated Vector Effects, Renderer Accelerated Virtual Engine


JAVA Stands For : Just Another Vague Acronym | Just Another Valueless Acronym | Just Another Very Advanced | Just Another Victim Again | Just Another Virtual Analyzer | Just Another Virtual Architecture | Just Another Virtual Assembler | Just Another Virus Attack | Just Another Vulnerability Announcement


RVM Stands For : Remote Volume Mirror, Research Virtual Machine, Remote Viewing Module, Recoverable Virtual Memory


VPE Stands For : Virtual Private Exchange | Virtual Private Exchange (type of internal telephone network)


VPLS Stands For : Virtual Private LAN Service, Virtual Private LAN (Local Area Network) Service


VTAM Stands For : A Virtual Transaction Application Management | Virtual Telecommunication Access Method


WVPN Stands For : Wireless Virtual Private Network, Wireless Virtual Private Network, Wireless Virtual Private Network


VPN Stands For : Virtual Private Network, Virtual Private Network, Virtual Private Network, Virtual Private Network, Virtual Private Network


VFM Stands For : Virtual File Manager, Voice/ Fax Module, Virtual File Manager, Vladi File Manager, Voice Frequency Measurement, Voice/ Fax Module, Ventura Font Metrics file ( Ventura Publisher), Voting Form (Voter)


VC Stands For : Virtual Console, Virtual Container, Virtual Component, Virtual Channel, Variant Of C, Variant Of C, Virtual Channel, Venture Capital, Verification Condition, Virtual Circuit, Vivid Color, Variable Construction, Variant Configurator (in SAP), VisiCalc Spreadsheet, Vivid 2.0 Color definitions file


VNC Stands For : Virtual Network Computer, Virtual Network Computing, Virtual Network Connection


VPDN Stands For : Virtual Private Dial-up Network, Virtual Private Dial-up Network


VME Stands For : Versacard Multibus Eurocard, Verve Master Edition, Virtual Machine Environment, Versa Module Eurocard, Versabus Module Europe


VDS Stands For : Video Data Specification, Virtual DMA Service, Virtual Dedicated Server, Virtual Disk Support, Virtual DMA Services, Virus Distribution System, Video Display System, Virtual Data Space, Virtual Disk Service


NAM Stands For : Network Applications Management, Numbered Access Module, Network Addition Modification, Number Assignment Module, Numerical Access Mode, Numerical Access Mode, Name Space Modules (Novell NetWare)


VLM Stands For : Very Lazy Management | Vault location Map | Vertical Load Marker | Very Low Mass | Video Library Manager | Vince L Morton | Virgin London Marathon | Virginia Living Museum | Virtual Led Movements | Virtual LifeStyle Management | Virtual Light Machine | Virtual Load Manager | Viva la Musica | Volume License Manager | Volumising Lengthening Mascara | Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry | Vulgar Little Monkey


VPC Stands For : Voice Processing Card, Virtual Path Connection, Virtual Private Cloud


PVC Stands For : Permanent Virtual Circuit, Permanent Virtual Circuit, Permanent Virtual Circuit, Positive Verified Connect, Primary Version Control, Permanent Virtual Circuit, Partial Value Code, Previous Virtual Cell, Primitives Volumes And Collectives


MWVPN Stands For : Mobile Wireless Virtual Private Network, Mobile Wireless Virtual Private Network


VSM Stands For : Vestigial Sideband Modulation, Viable Systems Method, Vestigial Sideband Modulation, Voice Service Module, Very Special Monitor, Virtual Storage Management, VisSim Simulation model


MVM Stands For : Magnus Voll Mathiassen | Mahoning Valley Mustang Club | Mann vs Machine | Market Value Margin | Matrix Vector Multiplication | mean variance model | Merck Veterinary Manual | Minute Virus of Mice | Molecular Virology and Microbiology | Mondo Virtual Memory | Morningside Virtual Machine | Most Valuable Member | MOVIES vs MOVIES | Much Valued Member | My Virtual Model


SVA Stands For : Scandinavian Virtual Airlines | Security Vulnerability Assessment


VPM Stands For : Vanguard Pharmaceutical Machinery | Virtual Product Model | Value Per Million | Virtual Plane Measuring


VSD Stands For : Virtual Shared Disk, Virtual Server Daemon, Virtual System Design, Visio Drawing


VERA Stands For : Virtual Electronic Resource Access, Virtual Entity Of Relevant Acronyms


PRIVATE Stands For : Palace Ranch Igloo Van Apartment Treehouse Elevator | privately


VSAM Stands For : VME Smart Analog Monitor, Video Surveillance And Monitoring, Virtual Storage Access Method, Virtual Sequential Access Method


VPN Stands For : Very Problematic Nightmare | Very Productive Network | Very Private Network | Virtual Private Networking | Visual Parallel Network


VGL Stands For : Very Good Looking | Vaughan Group Ltd | Victorian Golf League | Video Games Live | VIRTUAL GENETICS LAB | VIrtual Geophysics Laboratory | Virtual Geosciences Library


VAT Stands For : Value Added Taxes | Variant Annotation Tool | Virtual Allocation Table | Virtual Anaesthesia Textbook | Virtual Appalachian Trail | Voice Application Technology


VNS Stands For : Value Network Service, Virtual Name Server, Virtual Network Service, Virtual Network System


VCN Stands For : Virtual Cluster Number, Virtual Communications Network, VTAM Communication Network


VTB Stands For : Virtual Test Bed | Virtual Test Bed | Virtual Test Bed | UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT District of Vermont | Virtual Test Bed


VW Stands For : Voted Waiting, Virtual Wall, Version War, VideoWare, Virtual Workspace, Very Well, Very Wonderful, Virtual World, Variable Write, Visual Workstation, Volkswriter Text file


MODEL Stands For : Motorcycle On Dead End Lanes


VLAN Stands For : Virtual Lan A Network | Virtual Local Area Networks


VNP Stands For : Virtual Network Programming, Virtual Network Protocol, Voxel NotePad


IAVA Stands For : Information Assurance Vulnerability Alerts | Information Assurance Vulnerability Assessment | International Association of Virtual Assistants | Iranian American Volunteer Alliance | Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of Americas


KVM Stands For : Keyboard, Keyboard, Keyboard, Kilobyte Virtual Machine, K Virtual Machine, Keyboard, Key Variable Management, Keyboard, Kilobyte Virtual Machine, Keyboard-Video-Mouse switch, Kernel Virtual Memory


VE Stands For : Virtual Ethernet, Value Edition, Variable Edition, Virtual Edition, Virtual Entity, Virtual Environment


DVM Stands For : Devoted Veterinary Mouser | A Diagnostic Voltage Meter | Dalvik virtual machine | Diel Vertical Migration | Discrete Velocity Model | Dividend Valuation Model | Doctor Vithout Money | DOS (Disk Operating System) Virtual Machine


VPD Stands For : Virtual Printer Device, MicroSoft Windows Virtual Printer Driver, Vital Product Data, Vital Product Data, Virtual Private Database, MicroSoft Windows Virtual Printer Driver, Virtual Printer Driver


VS Stands For : Virtual System, Very Secure, Virtual Studio, Vision System, Virtual Storage, Value Separator, Value Set, Vivid 2.0 include file with Surface definition


VVM Stands For : Validation and Verification Manual, Virtual Volume Manager, Visible Virtual Machine, Voting Virtual Machine architecture


VCI Stands For : Virtual Channel Identifier, V-Chip Information, Virtual Channel Identifier, Virtual Circuit Identifier, Virtual Component Interface


VPI Stands For : Virtual Path Identifier, Virtual Path Identifier, Very Poor Integrity, Virtual Path Identifier, Vital Processor Interlocking, Virtual Pascal Unit (VP/OS2)


NVT Stands For : Network Vulnerability Tool, Network Vulnerability Tool, Network Virtual Terminal


VMO Stands For : ViewMail for Outlook, Virtual Mobile Operator, Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover File, Virtual Make Over Cosmopolitan


VPL Stands For : Visible Panty Liner | Validation of Prior Learning | Valuation of Prior Learning | Vancouver Public Lib | Vanishing Point Left | Variable Pulsed Light | victorian premier league | Virtual Planetary | Virtual Planetary Laboratory | Virtual Prescription Learning | Virtual Programming Lab | Visual Page Layout


ADHOC NETWORK Stands For : adhoc is a temporary networking scheme where a backbone network and a router is not required


VDA Stands For : Virtual Desktop Access, Virtual Digital Assistant, Truevision Targa format Video Bitmap graphics, VDA-FS surface data Graphics file


VNO Stands For : Virtual Network Operator, Virtual Network Overlay


VNE Stands For : Virtual Network Engineering, Virtual Network Environment


LVM Stands For : Logical Volume Management, Logical Volume Manager, Lazy Virtual Machine, Line Verification Module, Left Voice Mail


LAVA Stands For : Linear Algebra Visualization Assistant | Live Audio Video Animation | Local Area Virtual Atlas | Los Alamos Vulnerability Assessment


VP Stands For : Visual Processor, Vector Port, Virtual Path, Virtual Processor, Virtual Processor, Victory Points, Visible Printable, Variable Parameter, 3D Studio Video posting, Ventura Publisher Publication file


VACL Stands For : VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) Access Control List, VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) Access Control List


CAVE Stands For : A Computer Activated Video Environment | Carboplatin Adriamycin Vincristine Etoposide | Cave Activated Virtual Environment | Cave Audio Visual Experience | Cave Automated Virtual Environment | Cave Automatic Virtual Environment | Cave Automatic Virtual Environments | Compressed Audio For Vehicle Entertainment | Computer Aided Virtual Environment | Computer Assisted Video Editing | Computer Automated Virtual Environment


VFS Stands For : Validating Flight Surgeon | Virtual Firing Squad | Virtual Fighter Squadron | Variable Face System | Virtual Flight Surgeon


VN Stands For : Virtual Node, Volume Number, Version Number, Virtual Network, Von Neumann


VDO Stands For : Varus Derotation Osteotomy | Vas Deferens Organization | Vereinigte Deuta Ota | Very Distant Object | Virtual Data Object | Virtual Data Optimizer | Virtual Display of Objects | Visible Dick Outline | Voltage Drop Out


VPWS Stands For : Virtual Private Wire Service, Virtual Private Wire Service


SVM Stands For : Simple Virtual Machine, Smart Volume Management, See Secure Virtual Machine


VCCV Stands For : Video Call Completion to Voice | Virtual Channel Connectivity Verification | Virtual Circuit Connection Verification | Virtual Circuit Connectivity Verification | virtual circuit connectvity verification | Volunteer Center of Cedar Valley | Vowel Consonant Consonant Vowel


SAM Stands For : Sisbro Ashley Manor | Springfarm Architectural Mouldings | Sales Access Module | Sales | Segmented Addressable Market | Self Adjusting Mattress | Serviceable Area Market | Site Assets Management | Social Accounting Matrix | Strategic Account Management | Boston Beer | Security Account Manager | Security Accounts Manager | Self-Appointed Manager | Service And Accounting Manager | Skills Assessment Manager | Sewer Access Module | Sound Abatement Membrane | Society for Advancement of Management | Society for Airway Management | Society


VOS Stands For : Virtual Office System, Virtual Object System, Virtual Operating System, Veritas


CMM Stands For : Capability Maturity Model, Capability Maturity Model, Capability Maturity Model, Cable Management Module, Calls, Color Management Module, Cmm script (CEnvi)


VAM Stands For : Vigilanza Aeronautica Militare | Vulnerability Assessment and Management | Vulnerability Assessment and Management | via air mail | Vulnerability Assessment and Management


VM Stands For : Virtual Machine, View Mail, Voice Mail, Voice Messaging, Virtual Machine, Video Mail, Virtual Memory, Virtual Memory file


IVAD Stands For : Integrated Virtual Access Data, Integrated Virtual Access Datacommunications, Integrated Voice And Data


VM Stands For : Variation Management | Virtual Manufacturing | Vanessa Mae | The Vector Mesons | Vanadiel Mafia | Vedlikehold Maintenance | Venerable Master | verdens mesterskap | Vilangu Manidhan | Virtual Machine‰Û | VM mark | Voice Message | von Mises | Voltage Magnitude


RIM Stands For : Remote Infrastructure Management, Remote Invocation of Methods, Repository Information Model, Rule Implementation Module, Remote Integrated Mulitplexor, RDBMS (Relational DataBase Management System) Interface Module


VLAN Stands For : Virtual Local Area Network, Virtual Local Area Network, Virtual Local Area Network, Virtual Local Area Network


VI Stands For : Vi Improved, Virtual Instrument, Virtually Impossible, visual, Virtual Interface, Jovian Logic VI video capture board Bitmap graphics, LabView File, LABView Virtual Instrument file, Watcom Vi editor Script file


VTP Stands For : Virtual Terminal Protocol, VLAN Trunk Protocol, Verification Test Plan, Voice To Print, Virtual Terminal Protocol, Virtual Terminal Program


SVC Stands For : Switched Virtual Circuit, Switched Virtual Circuit, Supervisor Call, Scalable Video Coding, Single Voice Coil, Switched Virtual Circuit


STM Stands For : Synchronous Transport Module, Synchronous Transport Module, Segment Time Marked, Synchronous Transmission Mode, Synchronous Transport Module, Synchronous Transport Module, Support Tool Manager, Synchronous Transport Module, Sample Time Message, Super Text Markup, Prosa State Transition Diagram model file, Scream Tracker II Music (4 channel)


VMS Stands For : Volatile Memory Storage, Voice Messaging Service, Version Management Service, Virobot Management Server, Virtual Mimicking System, Vax Management System, Video Memory System, Virtual Management System, Virtually Motionless System, Visual Memory System, Text file containing VMS specific information


VP Stands For : Very Pricey | Vest Pocket | Vintage Plus | Vlassis Park | Virtual President | Verichrome Pan | Vocal Point | Vahki Power | Vanden Plas | Vapor Phase | Vapor Presure | Variable Pitch | Velocity Picker | versatile product | Vertex Program | Very Pathetic | Very Persnickety | Vice Principal | Victoria Protoplasm | Video Phone | Village People | Village Pharmacy | Vincent And Patricia | Virtual Pinball | Virtual Places | Virtual Prosessor | Virtually Pre | Virus Protect | Visual Performance | Vulnerable Patient


ACCESS Stands For : All Campus Computing Environment Support System


ACCESS Stands For : A Case Control Etiology Sarcoidosis Study


ACCESS Stands For Alagappa Chettiar College Of Engineering Students Symposium


VTAM Stands For : Virtual Telecommunications Access Method, Virtual Telecommunications Access Method


VINT Stands For : Virtual Intelligence Node Translation, Virtual InterNetwork Testbed


VWB Stands For : Viral Wealth Builder, Virtual Whiteboard Viewer, Virtual WorkBench


VC Stands For : Very Clever | Very Cool | Very Cute | View Code | Virtual California | Virtual Community


VBO Stands For : Vereniging Bemiddeling Onroerend | Virtual Back Office | Virtual Business Owner


VLO Stands For : Virtual Loan Originators | Virtual Learning Organization | Valero Energy Corporation


VFE Stands For : Valley Forge Enterprises | Virtual Franchise Expo | Virtual Factory Equipment


VWE Stands For : Virtual World Entertainment | Virtuous Woman Enterprises | Virtual Working Environment


Vcc Stands For : Voltage Collector-to-Collector (transistors), Virtual Channel Connection, Version Controlled Configuration, Virtual Call Center, Voice Call Continuity, VSAT (Very-Small-Aperture Terminal) Control Center, Virtual Circuit Connection, Voting Combinations of Classifiers


VG Stands For : Virtual Graffiti, Vicious Gaming, Video Game, Voice Grade, Virtual Graphics