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MAGIC Stands For : metabolic assistance group intervention clinic | Military Advisory Group in China | Multidimensional Applications and Gigabit Internet-work Consortium | Meggitt Advanced Generation Integrated Cockpit | Mobile Automotive Geographic Information Core | Map And Geographic Information Center | Multiple Access Graphics Imaging Center


MAGTF Stands For : ACE Marine Air-Ground Task Force Aviation Combat Element | Marine Air Ground Task Force | Marine Air-Ground Task Force


MAIN Stands For : Main Command Post(for Referenced Echelon) | Maintenance | Mapping Arkansas Information Network


MAISRC Stands For : Major Automated Info System Review Council | Materiel Acquisition Integrated System Review Council


MAIT Stands For : Maintenance Assistance and Instruction Team | My Aim Is True | Major Accident Investigation Team


MAM Stands For : Maintenance Assist Module | Maintenance Avionics Module | Mission Area Manager | Mobile Asset Management | Maintenance Assist Module | Mile A Minute | Maintenance Assist Module


MAP Stands For : Making Action Plans | Management Action Plan | Manufacturing Automation Protocol | Materials Allocation Plan | Materiel Acquisition Plan (or Process | Military Assistance Program | Missed Approach Procedure | Modern Aids to Planning | Maintenance Analysis Program | Message Acceptance Pulse | Microwave Anistropy Probe | Missed Approach Point | Mission Application Program | Modified Atmosphere Pack | Montana Advocacy Program | Military Airport Plan | Missed Approach Point | Modified American Plan


MAPS Stands For : Mobility Analysis and Planning System | Mobilization Asset Planning System | Measurement of Air Pollution from Satellites | Measurement of Atmospheric Pollution from Satellites | Minnesota Accounting and Procurement System | Military Aviation Preservation Society | Madrid Agreement And Protocol System


MARC Stands For : Main Battle Area | Manpower Requirements Criteria | Mid Altitude Radial Convergence | Mobile Area Resource Centre | Multi-technology Automated Reader Card | Multiple Access Reservation Centre | Muti-Technology Automated Reader Card | Maryland Area Rapid Commuter


MAST Stands For : Maximum Aircrew Stress Tolerance | Medical Anti-Shock Trousers | Military Assistance to Safety and Traffic | Mobile Army Surgical Team | Mobile Ashore Support Terminal | Medical Anti-Shock Trousers | Mutual Aid Support Team | Michigan Alcohol Screening Test


MATT Stands For : Mapping Analysis Tools for Transportation | Multi-Mission Advanced Tactical Terminal | Mapping and Analysis Tool for Transportation


MAW Stands For : Marine Air Wing | Marine Aircraft Wing | Maximum Aircraft Weight | Missile Approach Warning


MAXI Stands For : Modular Architecture for the Exchange of Information | Modular Architecture for the Exchange of Intelligence


MBA Stands For : Main Battle Area | Mighty Big Attitude | Marching Bush Ahead | Made By America | Management By Accident


MBB Stands For : Messerschmitt-B̦lkow-Blohm | Modular Building Blocks | Messerschmitt-B̦lkow-Blohm | Men Behaving Badly | Moustache Bronx Brotherhood | Montgomery Bus Boycott