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What does AIDA mean?

This page is all about the meaning, abbreviation and acronym of AIDA explaining the definition or meaning and giving useful information of similar terms.

AIDA Stands For : Another Insulting Deceptive Announcement

What is AIDA?

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AIDA definition / AIDA means?

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What is the meaning of AIDA?

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Related Full Forms - Terms


AIDA Stands For Applications of Integrated Driver Assistance


AIDA Stands For : Advanced Interface Database Application


AIDA Stands For : Agricultural Income Disaster Assistance | Attention Information Desire Action


AIDA Stands For : Action Investment Differential Advantage | Advanced Industrial and Design Applications | Appeal | Attention - Interest - Desire - Action | Automatic Interprofessional Dealing System | Awareness | Agricultural Income Disaster Assistance | Australian Indigenous Doctors Association


AIDA Stands For : Artificial Intelligence Data Anomaly | Abstract Interface For Data Analysising | Abstract Interfaces For Data Analysis | Advanced Integration Of Db Applications | Advanced Interactive Digital Administrations | Artificial Intelligence For Document Analysis | Attention Interest Demand And Action


ARIAS Stands For : AIDA Reinsurance and Insurance Arbitration Society | Archives Records Information Access System


VAB Stands For : Value Added Bank | Vacancy Announcement Bulletin | VOEST- ALPINE Bergtechnik | Vacancy Announcement Bulletin | Vermont Association of Broadcasters


PMI Stands For : Pretty Much Insulting


PRDA Stands For : Program Research and Development Announcement | Paris Regional Development Agency | Provincial Road Development Authority | Program Research and Development Announcement


DHS Stands For : Deceptive Header Screening, Dedicated Hosted Solution


SAP Stands For : Systems, Systems, Sandipan Accepted Protocol, Service Access Point, Service Announcement Protocol, Session Announcement Protocol, Start of Active Profile, System Area Pointer, System Application Product, Systems, Send Another Person, Service Advertising Protocol, System Application Program, Systeme, Systems Applications Processing, Secondary Audio Programming


DNA Stands For : Dry Norwegian Almonds | Deadly Nuclear Ale | Disciple N Anarchy | Dissimilar Neopets Attributes | Davids New Adventures | Dance New Amsterdam | deceptive not authenticated


JOA Stands For : Job Opportunity Announcement


AIG Stands For : All Investments Gone | American International Group | Add Inverse Global | Adventures in Greed | American Innocence and Greed | Another Insulting Grab | Answers In Genesis | arrogance incompetence and greed


NCSA Stands For : Non Commercial Sustaining Announcement


ANAC Stands For : Automatic Number Announcement Circuit


GARUDA Stands For : Go And Relax Untill Delays Announcement


VARS Stands For : Voice Announcement And Recording System


PSAV Stands For : Public Service Announcement Video


JVA Stands For : Janine Vanderburg Associates | Job Vacancy Announcement


MZAP Stands For : Multicast-Scope Zone Announcement Protocol


ND Stands For : Naval District | Non Deployed | Non Detectable | Normal Deployment (Posture) | Not Detected | Not Determined | Not Detonate | Nuclear Disarmament | NASA Document | Neodymium | Network Director | Not Deceptive | New Democrats | National Defense | No Doubt | Non Domestic | Not Done


FOA Stands For : Fellowship Of Assassins | Field Operating Agency | Funding Opportunity Announcement


VOCA Stands For : Vocational Opportunities Of Clubs Of America | Voice Over Credit Announcement


GDP Stands For : God Damned Pissed | Google Defines People | Gorillas Dont Polka | Gosh Darn Prices | Grand Debate Party | Gross Deceptive Product | Growth Defying Poverty | Guys Dig Puppies | Good Doggy Paddle


NPA Stands For : Network Point Address, Novell Product Announcement, Numbering Plan Area, Numeral Prefix Allocation, No Picture Available, Number of Projected Attributes


VATS Stands For : Vacancy Announcement Tracking System | Viral Activation Transfusion Study | Vehicle Anti Theft System


LSRA Stands For : Lake States Resource Alliance | Late Successional Reserve Assessment | Life Science Research Announcement | Little Snake Resource Area


AFO Stands For : Army Finance Officer | Announced Flight Opportunity | Announcement of Flight Opportunities | Authorized Firearms Officer


JAVA Stands For : Just Another Vague Acronym | Just Another Valueless Acronym | Just Another Very Advanced | Just Another Victim Again | Just Another Virtual Analyzer | Just Another Virtual Architecture | Just Another Virtual Assembler | Just Another Virus Attack | Just Another Vulnerability Announcement


JOA Stands For : Joint Operational Area | Joint Operations Area | Job Opportunity Announcement | Joint Operating Agreement


BAA Stands For : Battlefield Automation Appraisal | Broad Agency Announcement | British Airports Authority | Bad Attitude Airport | British Airports Authority


F-HOUR Stands For : Effective time of announced Reserve Component mobilization | Effective Time of Announcement By The Secretary of Defense to The Military Departments of A Decision to Mobilize Reserve Units


SRA Stands For Seasonal Rainfall Amount| Scanning Radar Altimeter| Science Research Association| Special Research Announcement| Student Recreation Association| Student Resident Advisor


DFOA Stands For : Dallas Football Officials Association | Danish Forest Owners Associations | Death Feast Open Air | Denver Football Officials Association | draft Funding Opportunity Announcement | Duty Free on Arrival


FDIC Stands For : Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation | Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation | Fraudulant Deceptive Instillers Of Confidence | Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation


ARO Stands For : Army Research Office | Automatic Reconfiguration Order | Airport Reporting Office | Airport Reservation Office | Announcement of Research Opportunity


DMA Stands For : Dynasty Metals Australia Ltd | Dale Morris & Associates | Database Marketing Agency | Direct Marketing Association | Deceptive Marketing Associates | Demographic Merchant Analysis | Designated Market Area | Direct Marketing Analysis | Direct Marketing Association | Dominant Marketing Area | Day Moving Average | Direct Market Access


CDC Stands For : Clearly Deceptive Calculations | Current Dated Cheque | Central Data Centre | Certified Development Corporation | Community Development Corporation | Control Data Corporation | Career Development Center | Combined Distribution Centre | Consumer Distribution Committee | Copper Dev Co | Carey Diversified | Cycle Double Cover | Central Depository Company | Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited


ETCA Stands For : East Tennessee Chinese Association | East Texas Callers Association | East Texas Christian Academy | Education and Training Course Announcement | Education and Training Course Announcements | Education Training Course Announcements | El Transito CENTRO DE ARTES | EQUALITY TOLEDO COMMUNITY ACTION | Export Trading Company Act


BBS Stands For : Backbone-to-Backbone Station, bulletin board system, Browser Based System, Bulletin Board Software, Be Back Soon, Bulletin Board System, Bulletin Board System announcement or text information, FTN software Hudson-style messagebase file


RAD Stands For : Rapid Application Development, Rapid Application Development, Remote Access Device, Rapid Application Design, Rapid Application Development, Rapid Applications Development, Recorded Announcement Device, Rapid Application Design, Radience, Reality AdLib Tracker 2-op FM music file


RIP Stands For : Randomly Insulting People | Real Intense People | Reality Isnt Perfect | Really Into Partying | Rectuum Invited Party | Rest In Pain | Rest In Piece | Rest In Pieces | Rest In Pizza | Really Ignorant Person / People | Revenge Is Planned | Random Inspired Poetry | Ranger International Performance | Rap In Pride | Rastor Image Processing | Reading Improvement Program | Reading Incentive Program | Really Imperial Propaganda | Really Inspiring People | Recovery Implementation Plan | Recovery Is Possible | Repair Inspecion And Paint | Repeat Induced Point


AO Stands For : Argentum Online | Ancient One | Annoying Orange | AntiOxidant | Apoctalyptic Order | Fleet Oiler (Auxiliary | Angola | Associate Post Office | Autres Objets (other articles) | Administratieve Organisatie | Adults OnlyåÊ | Aktsionernoye Obshestvo | All Output | Alpha Out | Alternative Ordinary | Anal Orfice | and AO | Angry Outburst | Announcement of Opportunity | Anthony Oropeza | Aoiro Ohki | Application Object | Assembling Objects | Assessment Objectives | Associated Operations | Astromanialetta Orphormotogus | Athol Orange | Audi Option | Aut


SPA Stands For : Search Predict Act | Skill Performance Aids | Software Product Assurance | Special Project Aquarius | Special Psychological Operations (PSYOP) Assessment | Submarine Patrol Area | System Performance Analysis | S-Band Power Amplifier | Servo Power Amplifier | Shared Peripheral Area | Signal Processor Assembly | Small Payload Accommodations | Software Product Assurance | Solar Panel Assembly | Space Processing Application | Spare Parts Analysis | Steering Position Amplifier | Special Police Animals | Sussex Police Authority | Special Price Authorization |


PA Stands For : Privacy Act of 1974 | Physical Activity | Pakistan Army | Performance Accountability | Personal Authority | Physicians Assistant | Post Apocalypse | Powered Armor | Precautionary Approach | Primary Agency | Probability of Arrival | Processing Activities | Procurement Army | Product Assurance | Public Affairs | Pad Abort | Paging and Area Warning | Power Amplifier | Product Assurance | Public Address | Public Affairs | Pulse Amplifier | Partido Andalucista | Political Awareness | Palo Alto | Punta Arenas | Piong Astro | Port Authority | Palestinia


PA Stands For : Palaeopathology Association | palladium | panic attack | paranoia | Parapsychological Association | pathology | patient | patients‰Ûª association | percussion & auscultation | performance analysis | periarteritis | periodic acid | pernicious anaemia | phosphoric acid | photoallergic | physician advisor | physician‰Ûªs assistant (USA) | plasminogen activator | platelet adhesiveness | Police Authority (!) | polyarteritis | positive attitude | postmortem examination‰ÛÒie | prealbumin | pregnancy-associated | procainamide | profile analysis | progr


NRT Stands For : No Rules Tools, Nokia Ring Tone, No Run Time, Non Real Time


TUMS Stands For : The Upgrade Manual Script, Telephone and Utilities Maintenance System, Tulsa Users of Macintosh Society


IMP Stands For : Imaginative Marvelous And Playful | Internet My Pocket | Its My Party | Industrial Marketing And Purchasing | Internet Mail Project


AC Stands For : abdominal compression | Absorption Coefficient | acceleration | accommodative convergence | acetate | acetone | acetyl | acetylcholine | acid | activated charcoal | acupuncture | acute care | acute cholecystitis | adenylate cyclase | adherent cell | adrenal cortex | air conductioned | alcoholic cirrhosis | allyl chloride | alveolar crest | ambulatory care | ammonium chloride | ante cibum‰ÛÒbefore meals | anterior chamber | anterior commissure | aortic compliance | arabinosyl cytosine | arm circumference | ascending colon | assist control | atria


MRI Stands For : Magnetic Resonance Imaging | Magnetic Resonance Imaging | Magnetic Resonance Imaging | magnetic resonance imaging | Medical Resonance Imaging | Magnetic Resonance Imaging | Magnetic Resonance Imaging


IBIS Stands For : Integrated Board Information System


VWG Stands For : Volunteer Wellness Group


APHIS Stands For : Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service | Animal and Public Health Information System (NI) | Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service


A3MP Stands For : Armor/ Anti-Armor Master Plan


DPU Stands For : Data Processing Unit | Department of Public Utilities


MDF Stands For : Magical Defense Factor | Main Defense Forces (NATO) | Main Distribution Frame | Manipulator Development Facility | Mating/Demating Facilities | Mild Detonating Fuse


SPBS-R Stands For : Standard Property Book System - Redesign


EHX Stands For : Experiment Dedicated Heat Exchanger


DGA Stands For : Democratic Governors Association


CPSIA Stands For : Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act


CNYK Stands For : Central New York Railroad Corporation


GVSN Stands For : Sao Nicolau


LSB Stands For : Lordsburg


PPV Stands For : Port Protection


TZV Stands For : Tompkinsville-Monroe County Airport


MCEM Stands For : Membership College of Emergency Medicine


WSDF Stands For : Water Soluble Dietary Fibers


JNH Stands For : Journal of Negro History


BAVF Stands For : Bay Area Vendor Fair | Blind American Veterans Foundation | Blinded American Veteran Foundation


FDCC Stands For : Faculty Development And Curriculum Committee | Faculty Development Coordinating Committee | Fashion Design Council Of Canada | Federation Of Defense Corporate Counsel


MAGE Stands For : Management Of Accounts For Georgiatech Environments | Mathematical Art Generating Engine | Michigan Alliance For Gifted Education | Minnesota Alliance For Geographic Education


QSG Stands For : Quake Standards Group | Quality Solutions Group | Quality Systems Group | Quantitative Services Group | Quantum Solutions Group


RKI Stands For : Reasonably Knowledgable Individual


MEM Stands For : Merrill Lynch & Company | Merchandising Execution Manager


CGT Stands For : Compensated Gross Tonnage


IVO Stands For : Imperial Innov | Intelligent Valve Operator


WBOJ Stands For : World Bank Office Jakarta


WNTS Stands For : Washington National Tax Services


MNDI Stands For : Mondi


ICGX Stands For : I C G Communication


TIWI Stands For : Telesystem International


WMSR Stands For : Wasp Magnetic Stripe Reader


WISPIT Stands For WISP Instrument Test


SIRA Stands For Solar Imaging Radio Array| Southwestern Intramural & Recreational Activities


NCM Stands For Norwegian Cyclone Model| National Coastal Monitoring


HIFT Stands For Heard Island Feasibility Test


CICS Stands For Cooperative Institute for Climate Science| Cooperative Institute for Climate Studies| Center for Information and Computation Security| Center for Inner City Studies


C2CWG Stands For : Center-to-Center Working Group


INE Stands For : Improved Network Encryption, Intelligent Network Element


NSDU Stands For : Network Service Data Unit


TVC Stands For : Trivial Vernam Cipher


INS Stands For : Its Never Simple


ACE Stands For : acentric | acetaldehyde | acetaminophen | acetic | acetone | acute | acute care for elders | acute cerebral encephalopathy | Addenbrooke‰Ûªs Cognitive Examination | adrenal cortical extract | Advancement in Clinical Excellence | affinity electrophoresis | alternative care for the elderly | American College of Epidemiology | angiotensin-converting enzyme (CD143) | approved continuing education | Aspirin and Carotid Endarterectomy | Adverse Childhood Experiences | Alzheimers Care and Enrichment | Angiotensin Converting Enzyme | Angiotensin Converting Enzym


MSRP Stands For : Medical Sciences Research Program


ICSOL Stands For : Intra Cranial Space Occupying Lesion


W/C Stands For : Wheel Chair | Wound Care


ARNet Stands For : Acquisition Reform Network | Acquisition Reform Network


AACE Stands For : Aircraft Alerting Communication EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) | Airworthiness Assurance Center of Excellence

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