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What does AM mean?

This page is all about the meaning, abbreviation and acronym of AM explaining the definition or meaning and giving useful information of similar terms.

AM Stands For : Antagonistic Message | Anytime Maybe

What is AM?

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AM definition / AM means?

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What is the meaning of AM?

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Related Full Forms - Terms


MSG Stands For : Message, Management Steering Group, Message, Digitized voice file (ZVoice), Message(s)


MEAN Stands For : Menacingly Evil Antagonistic Network


AAL Stands For : The Anywhere Anytime Library


ANYTM Stands For : Anytime


TVAF Stands For : Tv Anytime Forum


DML Stands For : Display Message Log, Display Message Log, Display Message Log, Dynamix Material Library, Distributed Mode Loudspeaker, Data Manipulation Language, Domain Modeling Language


ICMP Stands For : A Internal Control Mail Protocol | A Internet Control Message Parameter | Icmpinternet Control Message Protocol | Icsinternet Control Message Protocol | Internet Connection Message Protocol


NAVY Stands For : Nailed Another Virgin Yesterday | Need Any Vaseline Yet? | Never Anytime Volunteer Yourself


SMDR Stands For : Station Message Detail Record | Structure & Manning Decision Review | Station Message Detail Records | Station Message Detail Recording


MSG Stands For : Master Sergeant | Message | Militarisch Scharfschutzen Gewehr | Multi- Source Group | Mechanical Subsystem Group | Message | Mission Support Group | Master Sergeant - Army | Message


PM Stands For : Pardon My | Personal Message | Private Message


MQ Stands For : Message Queuing, Message Queue


DELTA Stands For Definately Enough Learning To Achieve| Delivering Emerging Learning Technologies Anytime| Drink


NMR Stands For : Nel Message Record, Network Management Resource, Network Measurement Report, Nominal Message Rate


PRM Stands For : Performance Response Message, Process Resource Manager, Performance Report Message, Parameters


GM Stands For : Group Message, Game Maker, Good Message, Good Morning, Goodness Me!, Bitmap graphics (Autologic files), Global Minimal


WAU Stands For : Wageningen Agricultural University | Washington Adventist University | Web Audio Utility | What About Us | Windows Anytime Upgrade | Word Among Us


AABC Stands For : Amsterdam American Business Club | Aspen Airport Business Center | Access Anytime Bancorp


MDN Stands For : Message Disposition Notification, Message Delivery Notification, Mystro Digital Navigator, Mobile Directory Number, Blank database template (MS Access)


AMH Stands For : Associates Of Military History | Automated Message Handler | Automated Message Handling


GM Stands For : Get Me | Good Message | Good Morning | Goodness Me! | Group Message | Gutter Mouth


EOM Stands For : Extra-Ocular Muscles | End Of Message | Earth Observation Mission | Emergency Oxygen Mask | End Of Message | End Of Mission | End Of Month | Engineering Operations Manual | Equations Of Motion


MTS Stands For : Modular Time System, Multi-Touch Switch, Message Transfer Service, Microsoft Transaction Server, Multi Threaded Server, Millenium Theatre System, Manitoba Telephone System, Message Telephone Service, Memory Tracking System, Message Transfer System, Multichannel Television Sound


MOH Stands For : Manufacturing OverHead | Message On Hold | Message On Hold | Maid Of Honor


MU Stands For : Master Unit, Message Utilities, Maintenance Update, Media Unit, Message Unit, Multi User, Mysterious Utility, Menu (Quattro Pro)


EMM Stands For : Elephant Memory Management | Ekballistic Mode Of Ministry | Entitlement Management Message | Entitlements Management Message | Estimated Man Months | Exact Method Marketing


NIM Stands For : Network Information Management, Network Information Model, Network Installation Management, Not- Inside Message, Not-Inside Message, No Intended Message


IMP Stands For : Investigational Medicinal Product | Impedance | Implementation | Implementation and Monitoring Plan | Individual Meal Pack | Information Management Plan | Input Message Processing | Intelligence Message Processor | Interface Management Plan | Interface Message Processor | Inventory Management Plan | Initial Memory Protection | Interplanetary Monitoring Platform | International Management Program


DML Stands For : Data Manipulation Language | Devonport Management Limited | Display Message Log | Developmental instrumentation MDM (Manipulator Deployment Mechanism) - Left | Direct Memory Load | Display Message Log | Democratic Majority Leader


FMB Stands For : Full Message Buffer, Full Message Buffer, Flexible Mother Board, Floating Modulo Base, WordPerfect for Windows File Manager Button bar


SMC Stands For : Supreme Military Council (Ghana) | Chief Salvage Mechanic | Midpoint Compromise Track Spacing | SAR (Search And Rescue) Mission Coordinator | Senior Management Committee | Site Movement Coordinator | Staff Message Control | Surface-Mount Component | System Master Catalog | Scientific Manpower Commission | Spatial Motion Compensation | Staff Message Control | Seattle Municipal Code | Senior Management Committee | Staff Message Control


MHS Stands For : Message Handling Service, Message Handling System


SMCR Stands For : Self Modeling Curve Resolution | sender message channel and receiver | Smith Magenis Chromosome Region | Society for Menstrual Cycle Research | Source Message Channel Receiver | Standard Microcircuit Cross Reference


HMAC Stands For : Hashed Message Authentication Code, Hash-based Message Authentication Code


ICMP Stands For : Internet Control Message Protocol, Internet Control Message Protocol, Internet Control Management Protocol, Internet Control Message Protocol, Internetwork Connection Model Protocol


MPF Stands For : Mars Path Finder | Message Processing Facility | Message Processor Function | Missing Presumed Found | Missing Protector Factor | Muliti Purpose Facility | Multi Purpose Filler


MQM Stands For : Multinet Quality Monitor, Message Queue Manager, Message Queue Manager


WM Stands For : Windows Messaging, Window Manager, Window Message, Windows Media, Windows Message, Word Macro


SMDI Stands For : Simplified Message Desk Interface, SCSI Musical Data Interchange, Simplified Message Desk Interface


GENSER Stands For : General Service (message category) | General Service (Message)


MWI Stands For : Message Waiting Indicator, MINISIS Web Interface, Message Waiting Indicator


JAMPS Stands For : JINTACCS Automated Message Preparation System | Joint Interoperability of Tactical Command and Control Systems (JINTACCS) Automated Message Preparation System


MDC Stands For : MDT (Mini-Drift Tubes) Digitizing Card, Mobile Data Computer, Maintenance Domain Controller, Message Digest Cipher, Modification Detection Code, Monthly Demand Charge, Message Digest Code, MUMPS Development Committee, Modem Daughter Card, Mapped Diagnostic Context


DMB Stands For : Dodos Message Board | Dodos Message Board | DoubleMessage Board | Dumb Mad Bloke


MOTIS Stands For : Message Oriented Text Interchange System, Message-Oriented Text Interchange Systems


AM Stands For : Assembly Member | Acknowledgment Message | Air Mobile | Alert Message | Amplitude Modulation | AMunition | Asset Management | Actuator Mechanism | Administration and Management Operations Directorate | Alpha Meter | Ammeter | Amplitude Modulation | Antenna Management | Amplitude Modulation


SM Stands For : Smart Media, Storage Manager, See Message, Scheduler Message, Set Mode, Shared Memory, Small Machine, Software Modem, Spell Menu, Super Mini, System Manager, Shell Model, Simple Mainloop, Maillist (SoftSpoken Mailer), Script (ScriptMaker), Smalltalk language source code file, Text document (Samna Word)


IM Stands For : IntelliMouse, Instant Message, Instant Messaging, Internet Messaging, Instant Messenger, In The Module, Instant Messanger, Instant Message, Instant Messaging, Information Model, Intermediate, Bitmap graphics (Sun raster file), Internet Machine


QMI Stands For : Queue Message Interface, Queue Message Interface layer


MD5 Stands For : Message Digest 5, Message Digest 5


ENM Stands For : Emergency Notification Message | Emergency Notification Message | Emergency Notification Message | Emergency Notification Message


WMB Stands For : Message Broker | WANT MIDNA BACK | Want Midna BackåÊ | Waste Management Board | Watch My Back | Websphere Message Broker | Wenell Mattheis Bowe | Wheres My Bus | World Most Beautiful | Worlds Most Beautiful | Worlds Most Beautiful | Write Me Back


MP Stands For : Message Passing, Modular Portal, Multi Point, Multi Protocol, Message Protector, Mobile Processor, my place, Macro Parameter, Management Processor, Massively Parallel, Mini Profile, Multi Platform, Multi Processing, Multi Processor, Multiple Processor, Multiprocessing, Middle Position, Make Parameter, Multi Precision, Movie (MPEG compressed)


JMPF Stands For : Java Message Passing Framework, Java Message Passing Framework


WCMP Stands For : Wireless Control Message Protocol, Wireless Control Message Protocol


SMSC Stands For : Short Message Service Center, Short Message Service Center


UMWI Stands For : Unprocessed Message Waiting Indicator, Unprocessed Message Waiting Indicator


VMB Stands For : Voice Message Broadcasting, Voice Mail Box, Voice Message Broadcasting


ENM Stands For : Emergency Notification Message, Emergency Notification Message


PM Stands For : Peg Material, Physical Memory, Palm Mute, Personal Media, PHP (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions), pagemaker, Pattern Matching, Perl Module, Plot Manager, Powerful project management toolset for Project Manager, Presentation Manager, Program Module, Performance Monitoring, Personal Message, Pocket Message, Private Messaging, Partial Match, Pattern Match, Personal Mainframe, Pikon Message, Power Mac, Private Mail, Product Manual, Production Metadata, Protected Mode, Power Management, Perl, Personal Mobility, P


DREAM Stands For : Doing Really Everything After Midnight | Dont React To External Authoritarian Messages | Drugs Rule Everything Around Me | Dedicated Rotarians Enthusiastic And Motivated | Dedicated Respected Educated Accomplished Man | Dedicated Rotarians Educated And Mo | Dedicating Resources To Educating And Mentoring | Development Relief And Education For Alien Minors | Diversify Reach Empower Activate And Motivate | Downstream Regulatory Element Antagonistic Modulator | Dreams Real Envy Always Machismo | Dreams Real Envy Always Machismo | Drunks Rule Everything Around Me


JMS Stands For : J Michael Straczynski | J Micheal Straczynski | Java Message Service | Java Message Servlet | John Morgan Studio | Joinery Management Software | Jones Management Services | Joseph and Mary Simeri | Joseph Michael Straczynski | Journal of Management Studies | Journal of Mass Spectrometry | Journalism Media Studies | Just My Size


CANADA Stands For : Can A New American Do Anything? | Can All North Americans Die ASAP? | Can Anybody Name A Dumber Area | Can Anyone Name A Dumber Acronym | Come And Nap All Day Anytime | Cool And Nice Allies of Doomed Armistice | Coquitlam And Naniamo Are Darn Annoying | Country About Never Awakening Dumb Asses | Country All Northern Ass Dudes Approach | Country And Nice Allies of Dollar Arguments | Country of A Nice Alms Dollar Advent


AMHS Stands For : Academic Magnet High School | Adult Mental Health Services | Aeronautical Message Handling System | Arabia Mountain High School | Archbishop Murphy High School | Ats Message Handling System | Auburn Mountainview High School | Automated Material Handling Systems | Automated Materials Handling System | Avon Middle High School


MOM Stands For : Mobile Originated Message, Map Oriented Machine, Message Oriented Middleware, Micro-kernel Object Model, Microsoft Office Manager, Microsoft Operations Management, Mainboard Operation Monitor, Micro-kernel Object Model, Microsoft Operations Manager, My Online Manager


SMS Stands For : Small Memory System, System Managed Storage, Send Me Symbols, Systems Management Server, Smart Messaging Service, Server Malloc (Memory ALlocation) System, Service Management System, Short Message Service, Short Message Service, Sega Master System, Storage Management Subsystem, Shred Mylar Surface


OMB Stands For : Office of Management and Budget | Office of Management and Budget | Office of Management and Budget | Operations Management Branch | Originating Message Buffer | Office of Management and Budget | Ontario Municipal Board | Office of Management and Budget | Offshore Model Basin | Office of Management and Budget | Official Message Board


DMS Stands For : Defense Message System | Defense Meteorological System | Demobilization Station | Digital Message Switch | Diminishing Manufacturing Sources | Director Medical Services | Director of Military Support | Documentation Management System | Dont Mean Squat | Data Management System | Deep Multicolor Survey | Digital Matrix Switch | Docking Mechanism System | Docking Module Sub-system | Dynamic Motion Simulator | D Midnight Society | Driving Motor Second gear | Defense Mapping School


MS Stands For : Memory Scrubbing, Memory Stick, Master-Slave, Merchant Server, MicroSoft, Mirrored Server, Malicious System, Matys Scripts, Microcomputer Software, Mobile Station, Modified Service, Management Systems, Master Slave, Message Size, Message Store, Morphy Synthesis, Multiple Stream, Munter System, Mass Storage, Missing Sense, Formatted manual page with Microsoft macros, Microsoft antivirus report (MSAV), Modula-3 Intermediate assembly file, Worksheet (Maple)


NIM Stands For : Nothing In Message


JTM Stands For : Just the Message


NFM Stands For : No Further Message | Not For Me


MEK Stands For : Message Encryption Key


MD4 Stands For : Message Direct 4


WME Stands For : Web Message Editor


LAM Stands For : Leave A Message | Look At Me


NMI Stands For : No Message Inside


MMB Stands For : My Message Board


XMR Stands For : XML Message Router


QMP Stands For : QCD Message Passing


MIB Stands For Message In a Bottle


MOTD Stands For : Message of the day


KDM Stands For : Key Dependent Message


QSM? Stands For Shall I repeat the last message which I sent you?


MOTD Stands For : Message Of The day


CMP Stands For : Civil Money Penalty | Canadian Military Pattern | Civilian Marksmanship Program | Common Message Parser | Communications Message Processor | Configuration Management Plan | Contractor Management Plan | Corps of Military Police | Configuration Management Plan | Contamination Monitor Package | Corps of Military Police | Communists | Capacity Management Program | Cargo Movement Penalty | Central Meridian Passage | Common Minimum Program | Capital Master Plan


RLSM Stands For : Released Message


MQI Stands For : Message Queuing Interface


MRG Stands For : Message Relationship Guide


ADMSG Stands For : Advice by Message


MSGID Stands For : Message Identification


CME Stands For : Cellular Message Encryption


ENM Stands For : Emergency Notification Message


JMH Stands For : JSSIS Message Handler


TME Stands For : Telocator Message Entry


MLOGREC Stands For : Message Log Record


XMB Stands For : eXtreme Message Board


M2AF Stands For : Message To All Friends

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