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What does CMG mean?

This page is all about the meaning, abbreviation and acronym of CMG explaining the definition or meaning and giving useful information of similar terms.

CMG Stands For : Call Me God | Crystalic Myst Graphics web site

What is CMG?

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CMG definition / CMG means?

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What is the meaning of CMG?

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Related Full Forms - Terms


MYST Stands For : Mystic Financial


MYST Stands For : Ministry of Youth


GRAPHICS Stands For : allows Graphics to pass from screen to Printer


CALL Stands For : Call Procedure, Invoke a Batch file as a subroutine, Computer Aided Language Learning, Computer Assisted Language Learning


CALL Stands For : Center for Army Lessons Learned


SITE Stands For : Sign In To Enter


CALL Stands For Collaborative Asteroid Lightcurve Link| Computer Assisted Language Learning


SITE Stands For : Sindh Industrial Trading Estate | Spectrasite Holdings | Society of Incentive Travel Executives


SITE Stands For Space Influences on the Terrestrial Environment| Science Innovation Technology And Engineering| Student Invention Through Education


SITE Stands For : Supernatural Intuitive Transmundane Entity | School of Information Technology and Engineering | Society of Incentive and Travel Executives


CALL Stands For : Cancer Aid Listening Line | common acute lymphoblastic leukaemia | common acute lymphocytic leukaemia | Common Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia


SITE Stands For : Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation | Search For International Terrorist Entities | Search For International Terrorist Entities


VIC Stands For : Voice Interface Card, Virtual Innuendo Call, VICAR ( Video Image Communication and Retrieval) Graphics


WPG Stands For : Web Page Generator, Web Policy Group, WFDB Programmers Guide, Word Perfect Graphics, WildTangent Branded .PNG file, WordPerfect Graphics Format - Bitmap graphics, WordPerfect Graphics Format - Vector graphics


AGP Stands For : Accelerated Graphics Port, Accelerated Graphics Port, Accelerated Graphics Port, Advanced Graphics Processing, Acclerated Graphics Port, Advanced Graphics Printer, Another Good Platform, Accelerated Graphical Presentation, Accelerated Graphics Performance, Advanced Gaming Port, Advanced Graphic Processing, Advanced Graphics Port, Advanced Graphics Processor


VGA Stands For : VGA (Video Graphics Array) Graphics Adapter, VGA (Video Graphics Array) Graphics Adapter, Video graphics array, Video Graphics Array, OS/2 VGA Bitmap graphics file, VGA display font


CFP Stands For : Canadian Financial Professional | Call For Participation | Call For Proposals | Caring Friendship And Purity


CACH Stands For : Call Appearance Call Handling


IGES Stands For : Initial Graphics Exchange Specification | A Integrated Graphics Exchange Specification | For Initial Graphics Exchange Specification | Initial Graphic Exchange Specifications | Initial Graphics Exchange Service | Initial Graphics Exchange Specifications | Initial Graphics Exchange Standard | Institute For Global Environmental Strategies | Internation Grephical Exchange Standard | International Genetic | International Genetic Epidemiology Society | itial Graphic Exchange Standard | itial Graphics Exchange Specification | itial Graphics Exchange System


CFC Stands For : Call For Comments, Call For Comments, Call For Comments, Compact Flash Card, ColdFusion Component, Compact Flash Computer, Compressible Flow Computer Program


VGA Stands For : Violet | Very Good Adaptor | Very Gross Adapter | A Visual And Graphics Adaptation | Vesa Graphics Adapter | Video Game Arena | Video Graphical Array | Video Graphics Accellerator | Video Graphics Ansi | Visual Gate Array


PNG Stands For : Portable Network Graphics, Portable Network Graphics, Pacific Northwest Gigapop, PNGs Not GIF, Bitmap graphics (Portable Network Graphics)


CCC Stands For : Card Capabilities Container, Clipper to C Compiler, Correlated Computer Code, Clear Channel Capability, Central Control Console, Carriage Control Character, Catalyst Control Center, Curtain Call native format Bitmap graphics, Corys Computer Club


RTLS Stands For : Ravena Training and Logistics Site | Return To Launch Site | Real-Time location System


WS Stands For : Would Smash | Web Server | Web Site | World Site


ACD Stands For : Automated Configuration Documentation, Apex Collaborative Dialing, Automatic Call Distribution, Apple Cinema Display, Automatic Call Distributor


QTV Stands For I sent another dollar and still no card| My wife will kill me if I put herringbone patterns on the television| Thats a funny call| Thats my original call| Delta College Quality Public Television


RPC Stands For : Remote Procedure Call, Remote Procedure Call, Region Protection Control, Remote Procedure Call


EGA Stands For : Enhanced Graphics Adapter, Enhanced Graphics Adapter, Enhanced Graphics Adapter, Extended Graphics Adapter, EGA display font (Ventura Publisher)


SCR Stands For : System Clock Reference, Send Configure Request, Single Call Ring, AutoCAD Script, ColoRIX or Sun rasterfile Bitmap graphics, Debug source code file, Fax image, LocoScript Screen font, Microsoft Screen Capture format SCReen snapshop, Screen File, Windows 3.x Screen saver


SVG Stands For : Scalable Vector Graphics, Scalable Vector Graphics, Scalable Vector Graphics, Scalable Vector Graphics, Microsoft Word Glossary Autosave file


RSS Stands For : Really Simplified Stuff | Rich Site Specification | Rumour Super Service | Random Shot Script | Really Simple Syndication | Rich Site Summary


ABCD Stands For : Above and Beyond the Call of Duty | Above and Beyond the Call of Duty | Another Bad China Day


DPC Stands For : Driver Parameter Calculator, Deferred Procedure Call, Deferred Procedure Call, Daewoo Personal Computer, Display Position Counter, Dirty Paper Coding, Dutch Power Cows


CG Stands For : Character Graphics, Convert to Garbage, Character Generation, Character Generator, Composite Graphics, Computer Generated, Computer Graphic, Computer Graphics


RSS Stands For : Remote Support Software, Routers, RDF Site Summary, Really Simple Sniptools, Radio Service Software, Remote Switching Site, Remote Switching System, Redlink System Settings, Reduced Space Symbology, Rich Site Summary, Reverse Sense Switch, Receive - Side Scaling, EPOC RESource Source File, Really Simple Syndication


CEG Stands For : Bitmap graphics (Tempra Show - Edsun Continuous Edge Graphics)


PTX Stands For : Bitmap graphics (Printronix graphics file), E-Transcript PTX files


HGL Stands For : Highlight groups definitions (DN), Vector graphics (HP Graphics Language)


CQG Stands For : Classical and Quantum Gravity | Commodity Quote Graphics | Comprehensive Quotes and Graphics


GIFF Stands For : Bitmap graphics (GIF87A/GIF89A CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format)


PC3 Stands For : Atari Degas Image Bitmap graphics, Harvard Graphics 3.0 Custom PALette


MNG Stands For : Multiple-image Network Graphics, Multiple Network Graphics, Bitmap graphics (Multiple-image Network Graphics), Map (DeLorme MapnGo)


DGI Stands For : Dos Gateway Interface, Dynamic Graphics, Damn Good Idea, Digital Graphics Incorporation


GFX Stands For : Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation, Global Effects, Graphics Files (Instant Artist)


LJ Stands For : Laser Jet, Bitmap graphics (HP LaserJet graphics file)


GLE Stands For : Graphics Language Editor, Graphics Layout Engine


PJXL Stands For : Bitmap graphics (HP PaintJet XL PCL graphics file)


VGA Stands For Variable Gain Amplifier| VGA (Video Graphics Array) Graphics Adapter| Voltage Generator Amplitude


SYW Stands For : Sense Your World! Display Software, So You Wish, Harvard Graphics for Windows Graphics symbols, Yamaha SY-85/SY-99 Wave File


GO Stands For : Game Over, Giga Octet, Global Open, Bitmap graphics (GraphOn graphics file), Genetic Optimizer


SGI Stands For : Silicon Graphics Image Bitmap graphics


PGI Stands For : Phoenic Graphics Interface, Progeny Graphical Installer, Printer Graphics File device driver ( PGRAPH library)


CGM Stands For : Computer Graphics Metafile - Vector graphics format, Computer Graphics Metafile


IGES Stands For : Initial Graphics Exchange Specification, 2D or 3D CAD model (Initial Graphics Exchange Specification format), International Graphics Exchange Standard


ELS Stands For : Establishment License Supplement | Earth Landing System | Eastern Launch Site | Elevon Load System | Emergency Landing Site | Energy Loss Spectroscopy


PNF Stands For : Profile and Notification Facility, Bitmap graphics (Portable Network graphics Frame) (standalone stream), Precompiled setup information (Windows)


SG1 Stands For : Stanford Graphics Graphics file


PWG Stands For : Parish Web & Graphics | Programming Web Graphics


CFC Stands For : ChloroFluoroCarbon | ChloroFluoroCarbon | Combined Federal Campaign | Call For Comments | Canada Firearms Centre | Canadian Forces College | Centre des Armes ÌÄ Feu Canada | Combat Fighting Course | Combat Flight Center | Combative Fighting Concepts | Combined Federal Campaign | Combined Forces Command | Current Functional Capability | Call For Comments | Combat Flight Center | Combined Federal Campaign | California Fire Code | Call For Comments | Cheap Formula Continental | Chloro Fluoro Carbon | Combat Flight Center | Combination Friction Clutch |


XSS Stands For : Cross- Site Scripting, Cross-Site Scripting, Extremely Simple Syndication, Ability Office Spreadsheet


BS Stands For : Be Sweet | Biting Sarcasm | Bring Snickers | Bull Shit | Best Site | Bull shit | The Binding Site


APC Stands For : American Power Conversion (Corporation), Automatic Ping Control, Alternative PHP Cache, Asynchronous Procedure Call, Asynchronous Procedure Call, Analog-to-Packet Converter, Lotus 1-2-3 Printer driver Characters, Application Pointer Cache, Australian Personal Computer


GIF Stands For : Graphics Interchange Format, CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format Bitmap graphics file, Graphical Interchange Format


GPU Stands For : General Purpose Unix, Graphics Processing Unit, Graphics Processing Unit, Graphical Processing Unit, Graphics Processor Unit


PGA Stands For : Professional Graphics Adapter, Professional graphics adapter, Pin Grid Array, Professional Graphics Adapter, Process Global Area, Programmable Gain Amplifier, Program Global Area


MGA Stands For : Matrox Graphics Adapter, Monochrome Graphics Adapter, Macintosh Graphics Adapter, Monochrome Graphic Adapter


DGI Stands For : Digislide Holdings Limited | Digital Graphics | The Durrant Group | Dynamic Graphics | Data Group Income Fund (The)


RLB Stands For : Wavefront raster image file Bitmap graphics, Rendered Latex Bitmap, Harvard Graphics for Windows Data


AGI Stands For : Address Generation Interlock, Asterisk Gateway Interface, Analytical Graphics, Applications Graphics Interface


HAATS Stands For : Haight Ashbury Alcohol Treatment Services | Hehigh Altitude Aviation Training Site | High Altitude Aviation Training Site | Houston Area Air Traffic System


VDA Stands For : Virtual Desktop Access, Virtual Digital Assistant, Truevision Targa format Video Bitmap graphics, VDA-FS surface data Graphics file


Vcc Stands For : Voltage Collector-to-Collector (transistors), Virtual Channel Connection, Version Controlled Configuration, Virtual Call Center, Voice Call Continuity, VSAT (Very-Small-Aperture Terminal) Control Center, Virtual Circuit Connection, Voting Combinations of Classifiers


YAPWS Stands For : Yet Another Personal Web Site | Yet Another Personal Web Site


SWAIN Stands For : Site Without An Interesting Name | Site Without Any Interesting Name


CDR Stands For : Compact Disc Recordable, Committed Data Rate, Compact Disc Recordable, Crash Data Retrieval, Call Detail Record, Clock and Data Recovery, Contents of Data Register, Contents of Decrement Register, Contents of Destination Register, Clinical Data Repository, CorelDraw format Vector graphics, Compact Disk Recordable, Copy Density Range


NC Stands For : Natural Casing, Noise Cancellation, Non-Chargeable, Not Connected, Naming Context, Neill Concelman, Network Codes, Network Computing, Network Control, No Connect, Node Controller, Not Compatible, No Check, Network Channel, Next Call, No Connection, Not Coming, Numeric Control, Network Computer, Native Compiled, New Clock, No Carry, No Clobber, No Column, CAMS Instructions for Numerical Control machine, GEOS Non-error-Checking pre-processed GOC source code file, Unidata NetCDF Graphics file


MCGA Stands For : Multi-Color Graphics Array, MultiColour Graphics Array


SGF Stands For : Sac Graphics File, Smart Game Format, Starwriter Graphics File


HGA Stands For : High-resolution video Graphics Adapter, Hercules Graphics Adapter


GED Stands For : Arts & Letters Graphic Environment Document graphics file, EnerGraphics Graphics editor file, GoldED for DOS Compiled configuration file


CG Stands For : Chessgamescom | Clean Green | Certificate Of Gameness | Chalk Guy | Charles George | Christian Gail | Congo | C For Graphics | Capital Gains | Cavies Galore | Challenge Games | Charles Gagalaccg | Chipped Gems | Clear Graphics | Cocoa Graphics | Code Grid | Color Graph | Commercial General | Community Galactica | Compact Gaming | Complete Games | Composite Grahpics | Constraint Grammar | Consuming Geographies | Contemporary Group | Continuous Galerkin | Curved Glass


RPC Stands For : Rapid Positioning Capability | Remote Procedure Call | Request the Pleasure of Your Company (Naval invitation to a social event) | Remote Power Controller | Remote Procedure Call | Randys Placebo Cocaine | Regional Planning Commission | Regional Protection Code | Regional Protection Control


LBM Stands For : Bitmap graphics (Amiga Interleaved Bitmap format) (Deluxe Paint), Linear bitmap graphics (XLib)


ADRG Stands For : Arc Digitized Raster Graphics, Arc Digitised Raster Graphics


QGI Stands For : Quantum Graphics | Quantum Group Incorporated | Quarrytop Graphics


GDI Stands For : Graphics Device Interface, Graphics Device Interface, Graphics Device Interface, Graphics Device Interface, Graphics Design Interface


SSSTS Stands For : Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme | Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme | Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme


SG Stands For : Saurashtra Gramin Bank | Standard Guage Railroad Trackage: Four-feet eight and one half inches between inner vertical edges of rails: | Savage Garden | Schneider Grunau | Serba Guna | Siddarth Geo Consultants | Silicon Graphics | Stourbridge Glass | Scheduling Graph | Small Group | Study Group | Scientific Games Holdings | Salary Grade | Security Guard | Site God | Solicitor General | Sound Guy | Stud Guy | Spin Glass | Straight Glass | Strand Grade | Super Glue


RG Stands For : Radio Grade, Residential Gateway, Residential Gateway, Regression Graphics, Record Group, 1bit B&W 4bit CMYK Raster Graphics format


CF Stands For : Chaos Frame, Cursor Forward, Call Forward, Carrier Furnished, Coin First, Compact Flash, Compact Flash, Conflict Free, Carry Flag, Computation Flag, Comma Format, Imake Configuration file, Call Forwarding, Configuration File, Control Function


PJ Stands For : Persistent Java, Pure Java, Pointer Justification, Bitmap graphics (HP PaintJet PCL graphics file), CA-SuperProject Project file


TSAA Stands For : Test Site Administration Agreement | Test Site Administration Agreement | Test Site Administration Agreement | Test Site Administration Agreement


CGA Stands For : Carrier Group Alarm, Color Graphics Adapter, Color Graphics Adapter, CGA display font, Computer Generated Art


LS Stands For : Louisville Field Office | Labelling Standard | Land Sea | Launch Site | Long Shen | Longitudinal Section | Landing Side | Launch Sequence | Launch Site | Left Side | Life Science | Limit Switch | Long Stroke | Low Seat | Labor Supply | List Shows


PAWS Stands For : Perfectly Awesome Web Sites | Panther Access To Web Services | Personal Access to Web Services | Personalized Access Web Services | Personalized Animal Web Site | Proud American Westlife Site | Public Access Workstation Service


SMSTS Stands For : Site Management Safety Training Scheme | Site Managers Safety Training Scheme


CCS Stands For : Common Comand Set, Common Comand Set, Common Comand Set, Common Channel Signaling, Certified Coding Specialist, Coded Character Set, Call Center Service, Centa- (hundred) Call Seconds, Common Channel Signaling, Common Comand Set, Clip Connection System, Common Communication Support


TARGA Stands For : Bitmap graphics (Truevision Targa format), Truevision Advanced Raster Graphics Adapter