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What does TLD mean?

This page is all about the meaning, abbreviation and acronym of TLD explaining the definition or meaning and giving useful information of similar terms.

TLD Stands For : Top Level Domain | Top Level Domain

What is TLD?

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TLD definition / TLD means?

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What is the meaning of TLD?

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Related Full Forms - Terms


C-Level Stands For : Category Level


DOMAIN Stands For : Distributed Operating Multi Access Interactive Network


ccTLD Stands For : country code Top Level Domain | contry code Top Level Domain | country code Top Level Domain | Country Code Top-Level Domain


TLD Stands For : Tuff Little Dude | The Living Dead | top level | Top Level Domains | Top Level Domain‰ÛÓ | Transatlantic Legislators Dialogue | Transportation Logistics and Distribution | Troy Lee Designs


SLD Stands For : Second Level Domain, Structured Logic Design, Source Level Definition, Slide


TLDH Stands For : Top Level Domain Holdings | Top Level


GTLD Stands For : Global Top Level Domain | Global Top Level Domains


DNS Stands For : Damn Naming Scheme | Darned Nasty Setup | Do Not Spit | A Data Network Server | Damn Network Solutions | Definitive No Swap | Did Not Show | Do Not Serve | Domain Name Search | Domain Name Server | Domain Name Servers | Domain Name Systemdns | Domain Name Systemfile | Domain Naming Service | Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization


A2LD Stands For : Alternative 2nd Level Domain


STLD Stands For : Sponsored Top Level Domain


gTLD Stands For : Generic Top Level Domain


GTLD Stands For : Generic Top Level Domain


ITLD Stands For : International Top-Level Domain


ccTLD Stands For : country code Top Level Domain


EL Stands For Enumeration Level| Euler-LaGrange| Electro-Luminescence| Energy Level| Enlarging Lens| Equal Level| Education Level| Exceptional Learner| Experience Level


TLD Stands For : TeleDisk Disk Image, Tag Library Descriptor, Top Level Domain


TLDR Stands For : Too Long Didnt Read | Top Level Domain Registry | The LockerGnome Daily Report


CBD Stands For : calmodulin-binding domain | case-based discussion | cell-binding domain | closed bag drainage | collagen-binding domain | cortical bone density | Common Bile Duct | CorticoBasal Degeneration


CPDL Stands For : Choral Public Domain Library | Christian Patriots Defense League | Computational Plasma Dynamics Laboratory | Cumulative Population Doubling Level


ITLD Stands For : Immunomagnetic T Lymphocyte Depletion | Institute for Theological and Leadership Development | International Top Level Domain | International Trade Law Division


TLO Stands For : Top- Level Objective | Top- Level Organization | Top- Level Objective | Top- Level Organization | Texas Legislature Online | The League Of | Task- Level Organization | Top- Level Objective


MLDD Stands For : Main Line Deputy DogåÊ | Maisons Laffitte DÌ©veloppement Durable | Majority Logic Decoder Detector | Maximum Likelihood Differential Detection | Multi Level Domain Decomposition


BSL Stands For : benign symmetrical lipomatosis | bile salt-limited lipase | Bio-Safety Level | biosafety level | Blood Sugar Level | Blood Sugar Level


LOE Stands For : Letter of Evaluation | Level Of Effort | Limit Of Exploitation | Limited Objective Experiment | Left Outboard Elevon | Level Of Effort | Life On Earth | Line of Effort | Level Of Effort | Level Of Effort


PRD Stands For : Performance Review and Development | positive regulatory domain | proline-rich domain


PQL Stands For : Power Quality Level | Practical Quantitation Level | Process Qualification Level


DNS Stands For : Domain Name Server | Directorate of National Security | Domain Name System | Dont kNow Squat | Driver Night Sight | Do Not Stop


LLD Stands For : Low Level Design, Low Level Data, Logic Level Driver


MSL Stands For Mean Sea Level| Mean Sea Level| Master of Studies in Law| Moisture Sensitivity Level| Modify System Logging| Moisture Sensitivity Level


DNS Stands For : Domain Name Server | Domain Name System | Domain Name System


DNS Stands For : Digital Network Services, Domain Name System, Domain Name Service, Domain Name Service, Digital Nervous System


SLM Stands For Sea Level Measurement| Sea Level Measurement| USAF School for Latin America| Sound Level Meter| Spatial Light Modulator


BL Stands For : Bank Larceny | Base Level | Basic Load | BCXXI Lightweight Computer Unit | Biocontainment Level | Blast Link | Bliley | Battle Level | Belt Line | Bicycle Lane | Bill of Lading


NOD Stands For : Nuclear Oligomerization Domain | Non-Obese Diabetic Mice | nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain


DN Stands For : Device Number, Domain Name, Domain Node, Dynamic Name, Directory Number, Distinguished Name


SL Stands For : Signature Line | ISYSCON Lightweight Computer Unit | Sea Launch | SearchLight | Security Level | Sensitivity Level | Silenced Liberators | Slow Loader | Sniper Lords | Squadron Leader | Staged Loading | Steel and Lead | Strategic Logistics | Switch Locator | System Layer | Sea Level | Seal | Service Level | Shelf Life | Sound Level | Spacelab | SearchLight | Sit and Look | Siliconix | Same Lane | Spoiler Lover | Sport Leicht | Sport Luxury | Steam Locomotive | Storstockholms Lokaltrafik | Superstar Limo | State Library


CL Stands For Confidence Level| Confidence Limit| Cut Level| Cat Ladder| Ceiling Level| Chlorine| Collaborative Learning| Commons Lunch| Consumer Laboratory| CathodoLuminescence| Chlorine| Current Loop


PDC Stands For : Primary Domain Controller, Plugin Delay Compensation, Pointer To Device Context, Primary Domain Controller, Programme Delivery Control, Problem Domain Component, Process Dependent Code, Program Delivery Control, Personal Digital Cellular, Personal Digital Communications, Processor Dependent Code


DDNS Stands For : Dynamic Domain Name Service | Dynamic Domain Name System


RL Stands For Random Lattice| Refinement Logic| Reference Level| Roof Level| Regular Leaf| Root To Leaf| Reaction Level| Recirculated Liquid| Return Loss| Regression Line| Relative Length| Remove Linear| Rigid Layer


SPL Stands For IEEE Signal Processing Letters| Steep Power Law| Sound Pressure Level| Speech Perception Level| Sound Pressure Level


ECL Stands For : E Commerce Logistics | Eastern Colored League | Effective Character Level | Electronic Combination Lock | Equivalent Character Level | Equivalent Class Level | Erosion Control Line | Estimated Class Level | European Cyber League | Event Communication Language | Executive Control Language | Extended Component Life


HLC Stands For : High Level Contact | High Level Clearance | Health Literacy Component | Higher Learning Commission | Historic Landmark Commission | High Level Communications


HLDD Stands For : herniated lumbar disc disease | High Level Decision Diagram | High Level Decision Diagrams | High Level Design Document


DIG Stands For : Domain Information Groper | Domain Internet Groper


WLT Stands For Water Level Transducer| Water Level Transducer| World Lecture Tour| Wafer-Level Test


MSL Stands For : Master Station Log | Master Support List | Missile | Mars Science Laboratory | Mean Sea Level | Mechanical System(s) Laboratory | Missile | Mean Sea Level | Minimum Subsistence Level


SLM Stands For : Sea- Launched Missile | SeaLift Magazine | Secondary Logistics Management | Stock Level Management | Submarine- Launched Missile | System Library Manager | USAF School for Latin America | Simulated Laboratory Module | Sound Level Meter | SeaLift Magazine | Sound Level Measuring | Stock Level Management


TWL Stands For Top Water Level| Top Water Level| Top Water Level| Traveling Wave Laser


LOC Stands For : lateral occipital complex | lower oesophageal contractility | Length of Confinement | Level Of Care | loss of consciousness | Level Of Care | Level Of Consciousness | Loss Of Consciousness


SL Stands For : slight | Sensation Level | Sensory Level | Sublingual | Sub-Lingually (under the tongue)


RDC Stands For : Remote Data Collector, Remote Data Concentrator, Remote Desktop Connection, Remote Domain Controller, Routing Domain Confederation, Random Data Compression, Report Designer Component


SWL Stands For : Safe Working Level | Starting Weapon Level


CTRD Stands For : Cardiac Transplant Research Database | C-terminal Transcriptional Repression Domain | C-terminal Transcriptional Repression Domain


LLWAS Stands For : Low Level Windshear Alert Sys | Low Level Windshear Alert Systems | Low Level Windshear Alerting System


FPL Stands For : Final Printed Label | Fixed Price List | Florida Power & Light Company | Full Power Level | Full Power Load | Federal Poverty Level | Federal Poverty Level


OTDR Stands For : A Optical Time Delay Response | Optical Time Domain Reflectometers | Optical Time Domain Reflectometry


WL Stands For Willimantic Library| Wigner Lattice| Wetting Layer| Water Level| Waterline| Wafer-Level| Weak Localization| Woods Light [uv]


LVL Stands For : Level | Flight LeVeL or Altitude


LLF Stands For : Low Level Format, Low Level Formatter


LLL Stands For : Low Level Language, Low Level List


HLA Stands For : High Level Architecture, High-Level Application, High-Level Application, High-Level Architecture, High-Level Architecture, High Level Assembly


CRD Stands For : carbohydrate recognition domain | central respiratory drive | Centre for Reviews and Dissemination | child restraint device | childhood rheumatic disease | colorectal distension | cone-rod dystrophy | cysteine-rich domain | Chronic Reflux Disease | Chronic Renal Disease | Chronic Respiratory Disease


TLA Stands For : Timber Licensee Agreement | Three-Letter Acronym | Three-Letter Acronym | Temporary Lodging Allowance | Three-Letter Acronym | Top Level Architecture | Turrel Lock Assembly | Three-Letter Acronym | Territorial Local Authority | Three-Letter Acronym | Three-Letter Agency | Top Level Architecture | Two Level Analysis


FDTD Stands For Finite Difference Time Domain| finite-difference time-domain| Finite Difference Time Domain


FDAF Stands For : Federal Drug Agents Foundation | Fife Domestic Abuse Forum | Ford Dealer Advertising Fund | Ford Dealers Advertising Fund | Formal Design Analysis Framework | Frequency Domain Adaptive Filter | Frequency Domain Adaptive Filtering


FQDN Stands For : Fully Qualified Domain Name, Fully Qualified Domain Name


SIL Stands For Sound Intensity Level| Self Instruction Lab| Summer Institute Of Linguistics| Semiconductor Injection Laser| Speech Interference Level| Systems Integration Laboratory| South Iceland Lowland


TDR Stands For Time Depth Recorder| Time Domain Reflectometry| Time Domain Reflectometry


BSL Stands For : BioSafety level | Biological Space Laboratory | Breed-Specific Legislation | Biosafety level


ALOC Stands For : Acute Loss Of Consciousness | Altered Level Of Consciousness | Alternate Level Of Care


LLJ Stands For Lower- Level Jet| Low Level Jet


NOAEL Stands For : No Observable Adverse Effect Level | no-observed-adverse-effect-level | no-observed-adverse-effects-level


LCL Stands For Lifted Condensation Level| Lamp Center Length| Lifting Condensation Level| Link Connected Liquid| Lower Confidence Limit


TLB Stands For : Target Line Balance | The Lost Battalion | Top Level Budget | Top Level Budget


FWL Stands For Flood Water Level| Forward Working Limit| Free Water Level


ULC Stands For : Unit Level Code | Unit- Level Computer | Unpressurized Logistics Center


LOD Stands For : Limit Of Detection | Legion Of Doom | length or distance | Level Of Death | Level Of Details | Line of Departure | Line Of Duty | Large Organic Debris


SRL Stands For : Seat Reference Level, Software Raid Level, Singing Return Loss, Shift Register Latch, Shift Right Logical, Short Repeats Left


GL Stands For Grey Literature| General Linear| Granularity Level| Groupe Lineaire| Ground Light| Ground Level| Green Luminescence| Guest Lecturer| Geograpic location


GLM1 Stands For Geophysics Low-level Meteor-like Phenomena Low-level Meteor-like Objects


DOI Stands For : Domain Of Interpretation, Domain Of Interpretation, Digital Object Identifier, Digital Object Identifier, Distinction Of Image, Digital Object Identifer, Data Output Interface


SLM Stands For : Salmat Ltd | Straight Line Method | Silicon Light Machine (Company) | Service Level Management | Stock Level Management | S L M Holding Corporation | Small Loans Manager


MLM Stands For : Metallica Minerals Ltd | Mike Lloyd Megastores | Mother Lode Mint | Muli Level Marketing | Multi-Level Marketing | Martin Marietta Mtls Inc | Mostly Losing Money


PHD Stands For : pathological habit disorder | personal health data | phage host defective | PhilosophiÌ? Doctor (PhD) | pleckstrin homology domain | poor helpless drunk | potentially harmful drug | prolyl hydroxylase domain | pulmonary heart disease | Personal Health Decision | Permanent Health Damage | Personal Health Diary | Physical Health Defined | Potentially Heavy Drinker


WLT Stands For : Water Level Transducer | Weapons Limitation Treaty | Water Level Transducer | Winning Lottery Ticket | Water Level Transducer | Weapons Limitation Treaty | Western Legal Tradition


DC Stands For : Device Context, Domain Component, Domain Controller, Double Check, Device Control, Dis-Connected, Dry Circuit, desk calculator, Direct Coupled, DisConnect, Declare Constant, Define Constant, Date Created, Date of Creation, Data Cartridge, Data Communication, Data Context, Desktop Calculator


FDTD Stands For : Finite Difference Time Domain | Finite Difference Time Domain


FDTD Stands For : Finite Difference Time Domain, Finite-Difference Time-Domain


TLA Stands For : Tube Leveling Amplifier, Top Level Architecture, Transport Layer Architecture, Text Link Ads, Top Level Architecture, Temporal Logic of Actions, Three Letter Abbreviation


FL Stands For : Forest Land | AFATDS Lightweight Computer Unit | Flying Leads | Force Level | Fail | Feed Line | Flow Line | Forward Link | Flight Level | Full Load


VHLL Stands For : Very High Level Languages | Very High Level Layer


CTD Stands For : carboxy terminal domain | chest tube drainage | chronic tic disorder | circling the drain‰ÛÒflippant for near death | clinical test for drunkenness | close to death | congenital thymic dysplasia | connective tissue disease | conotruncal defects | CT discography | Carboxy-Terminal Domain | Comet Tail DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) | Cyclophosphamide Thalidomide Dexamethasone | Clitoral Therapy Device | Cumulative Trauma Disorder


MTL Stands For : Main Transmission Line | Malawi Telecommunications Limited | Manual Transmission Liquid | Manufacturers Technical Literature | Maritime Tunisian Line | mean tidal level | Mean Tide Level | Microsystems Technology Laboratories | Modular Temporal Logic | Mon Trea L | MontrÌ©al | MONTRÌäAL | MontrÌ©al | MONTRÌäAL | More To Life | Motorcycle Transmission Lubricant | Multiplayer Traffic Library | Multiple Top Level | The Microsystems Technology Laboratories


LLD Stands For Lamp Lumen Depreciation| Laser Light Detector| Doctor of Laws| Liquid Level Detection| Low Level Discriminator| Lower Limit of Detection| Deep LaterLog| Log Linear Detrending| Long-Lasting Depolarization


ASL Stands For Algebraic Specification Language| Above Sea Level| Atmospheric Surface Layer| Ambient Stress Level| Atom Specification Language| Applied Sciences Laboratory


ALPS Stands For : Arcane Links Progress Section | advanced liquid processing system | Application Level Profile | Application Level Profile Semantics


SIL Stands For : System Integration Laboratory | Safety Integrity Level | Silver | Sound Interference Level | Systems Integration Laboratory | Services for Independent Living


NLLA Stands For : National Labour Law Association | Newfoundland and Labrador Library Association | Next Level Lacrosse Academy | Next Level Leadership Academy | Next to Leading Log Approximation


DIG Stands For : Domain Information Groper, Domain Information Groper