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What does TTP mean?

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TTP Stands For : To The Point | Time To Post

What is TTP?

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TTP definition / TTP means?

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What is the meaning of TTP?

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Related Full Forms - Terms


POST Stands For : Peninsula Open Space Trust | people objectives strategy and technology | Point Of Sales Terminal | Point of Service Test | Postal | Posted | Protecting our Students and Teachers


POST Stands For : Point Of Sale Terminal | Cypost Corporation


Post-AF Stands For : Post-atrial fibrillation


POST-OP Stands For : Post-OPerative


TIME Stands For : Technology Infrastructure Measurements And Environment, Timed Interactive Multimedia Extensions, Display or Set computer time


POINT Stands For : Pursuing Our Italian Names Together | Presbyterians Organized In Nurture And Teaching


PRO-TIME Stands For : Prothrombin Time


EXTRA POINT Stands For : Exchange Traded Automatic Pricing Order Improvement


POST Stands For : Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology | Passive Optical Seeker Technique | Portable Optical Sensor Tester | Post Officer Security Training | Power-On Self Test | Pre-Operative System Test | Programmable Optical Sensor Tracter | Payload Operations Support Team | Positive | Program to Optimize Simulated Trajectories


TIME Stands For : Telecom It Media Entertainment | The Inventory Management Experts | Technology Information Multimedia And Entertainment | Total Information Management Electronically | Time Financial Services


POST Stands For : Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment


TIME Stands For : Things I Must Earn | The International Magazine of Events | Top Industrial Managers for Europe | Triumphant Institute of Management Education


POST Stands For Pacific Ocean Salmon Tracking| Power On Self Test| Power On System Test


TIME Stands For International Workshop on Temporal Representation and Reasoning| Tsunami Inundation Mapping Efforts| Tsunami Inundation Modeling Exchange Project| Trends In Mechanical Engineering| Timing Installation Made Easy


POST Stands For : Power-On Self Test, Power-On Self Test, Power-On Self Test, Power On Self Test, Printer Online Standard Test, Positive Operating System Test


RPO Stands For : Recovery Point Objective | Rendezvous and Proximity Operations | Radiation Protection Officer | Recovery Point Objective | Railroad Post Office | Railway Post Office | Regular Production Option | Rural Post Office


POP Stands For : Point Of Presence, Pass On Packet, Point Of Presence, Post Office Protocol, Point Of Presence, Post Office Protocol, Positively Outstanding Programming, Performance Optimized Program, Pop a Word from the Stack, Messages index (PopMail), Pop-up menu object (dBASE Application Generator)


ICP Stands For : Incident Command Post | Installation Control Point | Interface Change Proposal | Interim Change Package | Internal Communications Processor | Intertheater COMSEC (COMmunications SECurity) Package | Inventory Control Point | ICS (Interpretive Computer Simulator) Control Program | Inventory Control Point | Incident Command Post | Incident Control Point | Interactive Community Policing | International Communist Party | Iraqi Communist Party


POP Stands For : Pissing Off People | Premises Of Post | Point Of Presence | Portal Of Praevus | Post Office Protocol


CP Stands For : Cleaner Production | Cerebral Palsy | Chest Pain | Citizen Petition | Compliance Program | City Planning | Central Processor | Check Point | Choke Point | Closest Point | Co-Pilot | Collection Point | Command Post | Command Processor | Communication Problem | Contact Point | Correction Processor | CounterPlan | CounterProliferation | Candle Power | Cargo Program Office | Center of Pressure | Chemically Pure | Circular Pitch | Cold Plate | Console Processor | Control Panel | Control Point | Controlled Planetary | Crash Pad | Command Post | Comm


PM Stands For : Precious Metal | post meridian | Pairs Master | Party Mode | Perl Monger | Project Mayhem | Popular Model | Poor Man | Project Manager | St Pierre and Miquelon | Palette And Masque | Pastel Metallic | Pervaiz Musharraf | Planned Maintenance | Point Mix | Point Mixes | Police Magistrate | Practical Mark | Previously Moderated | Particle Measure | Past Master | Per Metre | Post Mile


PPP Stands For : Point-to-Point Protocol, Point-to-Point Protocol, Point-to-Point Protocol, Point-to-Point Protocol, Protect Proper Patch, Perl Pre Processor, Point-to-Point Protocol, Poster Printer Paper, PagePlus Publication


RP Stands For : Resident Post | Radar Picket | Rally Point | Rapid Patch | Rapid Production | Recommended Practices | Recon Party | Reconstitution Priority | Red Phosphorus | Reference Point | Release Point | Release Point (Road) | Religious Program Specialist | Rendezvous Point | Repair Parts | Retained Personnel | Review Pane | River Patrol | Russian Prick | Reaction Plane | Relative Pressure | Repair Period | Rocket Propellant | Rotating Platform | Reporting Person | Responsible Person | Reform Party | Republican Party | Ron Paul | Really Poor | Response Pa


PST Stands For : Pants Seeking Time | Post Second Time


MPOS Stands For : Mark Patrick On Sports | Mining Portal Open Source | Mobile Point of Sale | mobile point of sale‰ÛÓand | Mobile Post Office Society


PTP Stands For : Paper Tape Perforator, Paper Tape Punch, Picture Transfer Protocol, Point-To-Point, Precision Time Protocol, Preliminary Test Plan, Proficient Test Program, Programmable Text Processor, Personal Telco Project, Point To Point, Picture Transfer Protocol, Program Tape Preparation, Programming The Psychodrill


CRP Stands For : C-Reactive Protein | Command Readiness Program | Control and Reporting Point | Control and Reporting Post | Cost Reduction Program | Configuration Requirements Processing | California Republican Party | Committee for the Re-election of the President | Central Receiving Point


PP Stands For : Point-to-Point, Page Preview, PowerPoint, public place, Parallel Port, Post Processing, Presentation Position, Pretty Print, Printed Page, Processing Problem, Programming Project, Prolog Profile, Pure Perl, Compressed Amiga file archive (PowerPacker)


PMI Stands For : Pain Management Inventory | painless myocardial ischaemia | panoramic mandibular index | Patient Master Index | patient medication instruction | Physician Manager Institute | post mortem interval | posterior myocardial infarction | present medical illness | previous medical illness | prior myocardial infarction | private medical insurance | Permanent Medical Impairment | point of maximum impulse | Past medical illness | Point of Maximal Impulse | Point Of Maximum Impact | Point of maximum impulse (on chest examination)


WTEP Stands For : whole time equivalent post | Whole Time Equivalent Posts


PTT Stands For : Post | Pacific Track Time | Perfect Tactical Trainer | Physical Therapy Today | post telegraph and telephone | Postal Telegraph and Telephone | Public Telephone Telegraph | push to talk In this


PT Stands For : Part Time | Preferred Term | Patrol Torpedo | Peace Time | Personal Touch | Personal Training | Physical Training | Plain Text | PLRS Terminal | Point | Private Type | Pure Torture | Advanced Planning and Technology Office | Part Time | PinT | Pitch Trim | PoinT | Pressure Transducer | Police Trainer | Panel Truck | Passenger Traffic | Performance Tuned | Personal Transport | Personal Transportation | Personal Truck | Personalised Transport | Personalized Transportation | Procedure Turn | Public Transport | Physical Torture | Plenary Talk


TP Stands For Transformation Procedure| Transforming Principle| True Positive| Tuple Production| Transpersonal Psychology| Tee Pee| Tender Perennial| Thermo Plankton| turgor pressure| Total Phorphorus| Total Porosity| Transition Point| Triple Point| Teaching Practice| Technology Prodigies| Temasek Polytechnic| Test Point| Top Plate| True Position| Tuning Pulser| Terrain Polycount| Time Polygon| Toroidal Poloidal| Transmission Projection


PPP Stands For : Point-to-Point Protocol | Point-to-Point Protocol | Power Projection Platform | Primary Patch Panel | Priority Placement Program | Pusan | Payload Patch Panel | Peak Pulse Power | Programmable Power Processor | Pakistan Peoples Party | Point To Point To Point | Poor Prospects for Passengers | Purchasing Power Parities | Point of Personal Privilege | Public Private Partnership | Purchasing Power Parity


EPOC Stands For : Emergency Point Of Care | Elevated Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption


STP Stands For : Same Time Post | See The People


PPPOA Stands For : Point To Point Protocal Over Atm | Point To Point Protocol Over Asynchronous


PTPF Stands For : Previous Time Post-Fault


DPO Stands For : Death Pit Offering | Designated Post Office | Diplomatic Post Office | Discontinued Post Office | Darin Peter Oswald | Data Project Online | Day Post Ovulation | Democratic Party of Oregon | Detrended Price Oscillator | Direct Plasterboard Outlet | Display Power Optimizer | Diversity Programs Office


PITR Stands For : Point-In-Time Recovery


PRISS Stands For : Post-Deployment Real Time Interactive Simulation System


POCA Stands For : Pantera Owners Club of America | point of closest approach | Post Office card account | Proceeds of Crime Act | Protection of Children Act


BCP Stands For : Bureau of Consumer Protection | Battery Command Post | Base Condemnation Percent | Benchmark Control Point | Best Current Practices | Beacon Community Program


PND Stands For : Purulent Nasal Discharge | Partial Neck Dissection | Post-Natal Day | Pre-Natal Diagnosis | Post-Nasal Drip | Paraneoplastic Neurologic Disorder | Paroxysmal Nocturnal Dyspnea | Peripheral Nerve Dysfunction | Post-Nasal Drip | Post-Natal Depression


TPO Stands For : Thermal Plastic Olefin | Thermo Plastic Polyolefin (often applied to elastomers) | ThermoPlastic Olefin | Transfer Post Office | Travelling Post Office | Technology Partnerships Office | Temporary Protection Order | The Pritzker Organization | Time Price Opportunity | to The Pritzker Organization | Transportation Planning Organization | Treatment Payment and Operations


TTP Stands For : Tactics | Technology Transfer Policy | Torpedo Tube Pitch | Torpedo Tube Pointer | Trailer Transfer Point | Time To Perigee | Transfer Trajectory Phase | Technology Transfer Permit | Thursday Talking Point | Trust The Process


pee Stands For : urine / to urinate | Point | peed | peeing | Point Evidence Evaluate | Point Evidence Explain | Point Evidence Explanation | Point Explanation Evidence


PRTP Stands For Post-graduate Research Training Program| Private Rate of Time Preference


PTC Stands For : Pet Trading Cards | Parametric Technology Corporation | Pagan Teaching Circle | Paid To Click | Pan Tilt Controller | Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma | Parents Television Counsel | Phase Transfer Catalysis | Place And Time Changer | Positive Temperature Coeficient | Post Transcriptional Control | Practical Training Centre | Prime Time Certified | Pseudo Tumor Cerebri


PCT Stands For : palliative care team | papillary carcinoma of thyroid | Pediatric Cardiology Today | percutaneous tracheostomy | perfusion CT | peripheral conduction time | photochemotherapy | poker chip tool | porphyria cutanea tarda | portacaval transposition | positron computed tomography | postcoital test | preoperative chemotherapy | primary care team | procalcitonin | prothrombin consumption time | proximal convoluted tubule | pulmonary circulation time | Para Centrum Texel | Patent Cooperation Training | Post Cycle Therapy | Pet Care Trust


POE Stands For : Point Of Elimination | Point Of Origin Energetics | Port Of Embarkation | Pilot Operational Equipment | Point of Entry | Port of Embarkment | Port of Entry | Point of Entry | point of exit | Port Of Entry


PPOE Stands For : Point to Point Over Ethernet | Primary Point of Escalation | Professional Peace Officer Education


BP Stands For Bivariate Poisson| Branching Point| Brown-Peterson cohomology theory| Before Polarization| boiling point| Breaking Point| Body Paragraph| Bachelor of Pharmacy| Back Propagation| Battery Powered| Building Planning| Benzoyl Peroxide| Boiling Point| Bonus Points| BandPass


YST Stands For : Ste Therese Point Municipal Airport | Yukon Standard Time [UTC - 0900]


VPO Stands For : Valhalla Pure Online | Vanadium Phosphorus Oxide | Vantage Point Operations | Vapor Pressure Osmomcrry | Variable Prescription Orthodontics | VERMONT PARALEGAL ORGANIZATION | Vertical Pursuit Outdoors | Very Private Orchestra | Vice President Operations | Village Post Office | Village Post Offices | VINE PROTECTIVE ORDER | Virginia Program at Oxford | Virtual Production Office | Virtual Project Office | Vivienda de ProtecciÌ?n Oficial | Volunteer parent Organization | Voyager Plant Optimization


PI Stands For : pain intensity | pancreatic insufficiency | parallel imports | pars intermedia | Pearl Index | perfusion imaging | peripheral iridectomy | phosphatidyl inositol | physically impaired | physiologic index | pituitary | plaque inhibition | poison ivy | post implantation | post infection | post inoculation | post irradiation | post ischaemic | primary infection | prognostic index | proliferation index | pulmonary index | pulmonary infarction | pulse inversion | Protease Inhibitor | Propidium Iodide | Penile Implant | Perpetual Idiosy | Personal Injury


TCPA Stands For Time for Closest Point of Approach| Trusted Computer Platform Alliance


FTE Stands For : Full-time Equivalent Weeks | Full Time Equivalence | Full Time Equivalency | Full Time Effort | Full Time Employee | Full Time Employees | full time equivalent | Fulltime Equivalent | Forte Energy | France Telecom | Full Time Employee | Full Time Equivalent | Foundation for Teaching Economics


PTS Stands For : patient transport services | Pediatric Trauma Score | peptide transport system | post thrombotic syndrome | post-traumatic syringomyelia | prior to surgery | patients | post-thrombotic syndrome | Patient Transport Service | positive threshold shift | Post Traumatic Stress


PTE Stands For : percutaneous transcatheter embolisation | post transplant erythrocytosis | post traumatic epilepsy | proximal tubular epithelium | pulmonary thromboembolism | post-traumatic epilepsy


PPD Stands For : peak particle diameter | periodontal pocket depth | pigmented purpuric dermatosis*** | post psychotic depression | postpartum depression | Prescription Pricing Division | primary progressive dementia | postpartum day | Psycho Physical Development | Purified Protein Derivative | persistent post-traumatic distress | post-partum day | Post-Partum Depression | purified protein derivative | Packs Per Day | Permanent Partial Disability | Post Partum Depression | purified protein derivative (TB test)


PG Stands For -Post Graduate| Physical Geography| Plant Genetics| Post-Graduate| postgraduate| Propylene Glycol| Post Graduate| Pass Gap| Polarization Gate| Programmable Gain| Proportional Gain| Persian Gulf


TRP Stands For : Twisted Resource Pickle | Teen Role Play | The Real Picard | The Right Path | The Ring Post | The Technology Responsible Person | The Time For Ras Precharge


GMT Stands For : Grounds Maintenance Tractor | Ghana Maybe Time | Greek Maybe Time | Glass Mat Thermoplastics | Galaxy Mean Time | Greenwich Mean Time (now obsolete)


RTO Stands For : Recovery Time Objective, Retransmission Time Out, Round-trip Time Out, Real Time Output, Return To One


PIT Stands For : Point In Time copies, Programmable Interval Timer, Pre-Integration Testing, Compressed Macintosh file archive (PackIt)


RTP Stands For : Real-Time output Port, Real-Time Plotter, Real Time Protocol, Real-time Transport Protocol, Redundant Time Protocol, Routing Table Protocol, Real-Time Protection, Release To Production, Real-time Transport Protocol, Realtime Transport Protocol, Run Time Package, RTPatch Software update file


POT Stands For : Patterson Office Tower | Point Of Transaction | Profit On Turnover | Protect Our Team | POTASH Corporation of Saskatechewan | Post Ordination Training | Plain Old Telephone | Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc


TP Stands For : Timber Preserved | Tropical Park | Tampa Field Office | Tactical Points | Target Practice | Technical Publication | TelePhone | Temporary Pass | Tentative Preference | Toilet Paper | Total Package | Total Penetration | Transition Plan | Transport Protocol | Transportation Priority | Turn Point | Turn Port | Turning Point | Test Point | Test Port | Test Procedure | Time to Perigee | Tracker Processor | Training Plan | Transition Period | True Position | Turbo Pump | TyPe | Terrace Park | Travis Park | Telecommunications Processor | Tire Pressur


FPO Stands For : Field Paint Only | First Petty Officer | Flack Panzer Oil | Fleet Post Office | Fleet Post Offices | Future Projects Office | Fareinikat Partisaner Organizatsia | Fleet Post Office


AP Stands For : Access Point, Access Point, Advanced Packaging, Application Protocol, Access Point, Action Point, Alternative Power, Application Processor, Allocation Pointer, Datalex EntryPoint 90 Data file, Whap Compressed Amiga file archive, Artificial Paradise, Automation Protocol


PTLS Stands For : post tubal ligation | Post Tubal Ligation Snydrome | Post tubal ligation syndrome | Practical Training of Law Students | Prospect Timber and Landscape Supplies


POS Stands For : Poseidon Nickel Ltd | Percentage Of Sales | Purchase Of Service | Point of Sales | Point of Services | Perceived Organizational Support | Place Of Service | Point Of Sale | Point of Service | Position Of Shop | Positively Outstanding Service | Public Offering of Securities | Plexus Holdings | Catalina Marketing Corporation | Public Offering Statement


PTP Stands For : Preliminary Target Point | Point-to-Point Phone(s) | Parti Togolais de Progres (Party for Togolese Progress) | Public Transportation Program | Pre-Travel Penalty | Payee TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) Perfection file | Public Trust Position


HRP Stands For : High-Risk Personnel | Highway Regulating Point | Human Remains Pouch | Heliport Reference Point | Highway Regulating Point


PTT Stands For : Post | Personal Training Tactics | Post | Pull The Trigger | Push-to-Talk


PTLD Stands For : Physical Teardown Logistics DemonstrationåÊ | Post Transplant Lymphoproliferative Disorder | Post Transplant Lymphoproliferative Disorders | Post transplantation lymphoproliferative disorders


PTP Stands For Point Park College| Posterior Probability| Phase Transition Phenomena| Potato Tuber Peroxidase| Post-Tetanic Potentiation| Parallel Track Path| Peak-To-Peak| Peer To Peer| Programmed Turn Phase


PT Stands For : pain threshold | parathyroid | paroxysmal tachycardia | part-time | patellar tendon | performance test | pertussis toxin | phototherapy | phototoxicity | popliteal tendon | portal tract | posterior tibial | pretectal | prior treatment | proficiency testing | propylthiouracil | pulmonary tuberculosis | pulp testing | pyramidal tract | Peptidyl Transfer | Prothrombin time | partial tonsillectomy | percutaneous tracheotomy | Physical Therapy | physiotherapy | preferred term | Pain and Torture | Patient | Pencil Test | Permanent and Total | Physical


RTS Stands For : Right Thieving Smegger | Return To Supplier | A Real Time Simulator | A Really Tight Strategy | Radio And Television Of Serbia | Rapid Termination Strategy | Real Time Shooter | Real Time Sonar | Real Time Stragety | Real Time Stragey | Regional Transit System | Regular Time Series | Reliable Transfer Service | Return To Scandia | Rice Transliteration Standard | Ryan The Shark


ARP Stands For : Acquisition Requirements Packages | Address Resolution Protocol | Air Raid Patrol | Air Raid Place | Air Raid Precautions | Air Refueling Point | Ammunition Refilling Point | Anti-Radiation Projectile | Aerospace Recommended Practice | Automated Release Processing | Airport Reference Point


GPC Stands For : Get Post Cookie | Get Post Cookies


POD Stands For : Post Operative Day | Post Ovulation Day


OP Stands For : Observation Post | Office of Preference | OPeration | Observation Post | Off-base Privileges | Office of Protector | Operating Plan | Operational Publication | Operations | Opportunity Profile | Ordnance Publication | Overall Position | OPen | OPerate | OPeration | Oxygen Purge | Observation Post | Official Publication


PET Stands For IEEE Workshop on Power Electronics in Transportation| Photosynthetic Electron Transport| Peak Ejection Time| Poly-Ethylene Teraphthalate| polyethylene terephthalate| Precollege Engineer Training| Post-Etch Treatment| Pile Echo Tester


PTSD Stands For : Pissed Tired and Sick of Drills | Post Traumatic Stress Disorder | POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER | Post Traumatic Stress Disorder | Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


BST Stands For : Bangladesh Standard Time | Bering Strait Time [UTC - 1100] | Brazil Standard Time [UTC - 0300] | British Standard Time [UTC + 0100; term used when UK is on BST all-year] | British Summer Time [UTC + 0100]


PCT Stands For : Poly-Cyclohexylenedimethylene Terephthalate | Pacific Container Terminal | Patent Collaboration Treaty | Patient Care Technician | physical chemical treatment | Point Of Care Testing | points carrys and touchdowns | Post Cycle Therepy | Progenitor Cell Therapy | Progress Compilation Tools | The Pressure Cooker Test


PPTP Stands For : Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol, Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol, Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol


OPEB Stands For : Other Post-retirement Employee Benefit | Other Post Employment Benefits | Other Post-Employment Benefit | Other Post-retirement Employee Benefits


MP Stands For Multiple Probabilities| Melting Point| Melting Point| Mini Plankton| Magnetic Particle| Medium Prismatic| Modal Particle| Multi Physics| Massive Protostar| Murmuring Pine| Medium Pressure| Melting Point| Metal Particle| Metal Particulate| Metal Poor| My Problem| Maximum Power| Multi Phonon| Multi-Polarized| Melting Point


PPPOE Stands For : Point-to-Point Protocol Over Ethernet, Point To Point Protocol Over Ethernet


MPPE Stands For : Microsoft Point-to-Point Encryption, Microsoft Point-to-Point Encryption


PCR Stands For : Project Completion Report | Pickled Cabbage Reserve | Politically Correct Rifle | Pretty Crazy Relatives | Process Capability Request | Post-Consumer Resin | Pacific Coast Region | Partnering for Cyber Resilience | Patient Care Record | Polymerase Chain ReactionåÊ | Post Consumer Recycled | Post Conviction Relief | Potomac Community Resources | Professional Computing Resources | Of Each Hundred


POB Stands For : Pablo Occupies Bob | Paris Opera Ballet | Patrick OBrian | Patrick On Board | perforation obstruction and bleed | Phat Oriental Bastads | Physicians Office Building | Plainview Old | Plainview Old Bethpage | Plastic Ono Band | Point of BankingTM | Post Office Box | Principles Of Business | The Passed Out Brothers


TST Stands For Total Story Time| tissue surface tension| Time| transition state theory| Transitional State Theory| Time-Space-Time


PREP Stands For : Perfectly Retarded Egotistic People | Prawn Roll and Egg Pancakes | Point | Patience Responsibility Empathy and Partnership | Personal Responsibility Education Program | Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership | Point Reason Example and Point | Preparatory | Preparing Resourcing Encouraging and Praising | Prevention and Recovery in Early Psychosis


LSTP Stands For : Lake Superior Trading Post | Lebanon Science and Technology Park | Legal Secretary Training Program | Life Skills Transition Program | Linking Skills To Passion | Local Signal Transfer Point | Local Sludge Treatment Plant | lung sparing total pleurectomy


MFT Stands For : Materiel Fielding Team | Mean Flight Time | Motor Fuel Tax | Meter Fix Time / Slot Time


MTTR Stands For : Mean Time To Repair, Mean Time to Restoration, Mean Time To Restore, Multiple Timed Task Routing