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What does AIF mean?

This page is all about the meaning, abbreviation and acronym of AIF explaining the definition or meaning and giving useful information of similar terms.

AIF Stands For : Apoptosis Inducing Factor | Adherence-Inhibiting Factor | Anemia-Inducing Factor | Anterior Interbody Fusion | Animal Industry Foundation

What is AIF?

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AIF definition / AIF means?

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What is the meaning of AIF?

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Related Full Forms - Terms


CF Stands For Correction Factor| correction factor (for LC data)| Central Focus| Certainty Factor| Characteristic Function| Correction Factor| Cumulative Frequency| Cold Fusion| Constant Flow| Cross Flow| Curved Field| Conceptual Framework| Chartreuse Fluorescent| Compact Framework| Californium| Ceramic Fiber| Chemical Fixation| Collection Frequency| Clinical Fellowship| Core Foundation| Curriculum Framework| Californium| Center Frequency| Characteristic Frequency| Conductivity Factor| Cape Fear


MLIF Stands For : Mamanasco Lake | Medicaid For Low Income Families | Ministry Of Light Industries And Foodstuff | Monocyte Locomotion Inhibiting Factor | Monocyte Locomotion Inhibitor Factor | Monocyte Locomotion Inhibitory Factor | Mouse Leukemia Inhibitory Factor | Municipal And Local Investment Fund | My Life is Foxy | My Life Is Friends


FUSION Stands For International Symposium on Fusion Engineering


DLF Stands For : Dose-Limiting Factor | Direct Lytic Factor | Digitalis-Like Factor | Dorso-Lateral Fasciculus


ANEMIA Stands For : Anaemia


EF Stands For Equal Frequency| Evaluation Function| Extended Function| Easy Flow| Electric Field| Energy Factor| Extra Fine| Elastic Fusion| Emission Factor


AHG Stands For : acute herpetic gingivostomatitis | anti-human globulin | antihemophiliac globulin | ‰Û¢ Factor IX | ‰Û¢ Factor VIII | AntiHemophilic Globulin factor | AntiHemophilic Globulin factor


BAF Stands For : Bioaccumulation Factor | Biologically Active Filter | Backup Alert Force | Bangsamoro Armed Forces | Battle Analysis Facility | Bunker Adjustment Factor | Bunker Adjustment Factor


AGF Stands For : adipocyte growth factor | angiogenic growth factor | autologous growth factor | Angle of Greatest Flexion


TRAIL Stands For : TNF- Related Apoptosis Inducing Ligand


ARF Stands For : ADP-ribosylation factor | ambulance report form | Annual Retention Fee | Addiction Research Foundation | Adp Ribosylation Factor | acute rheumatic fever | Acute Renal Failure | Acute Respiratory Failure | Acute Rheumatic Fever | Animal Research Foundation


SPF Stands For : Snape Protection Factor | Specific Pathogen Free | Sun Protection Factor | Sunscreen Protection Factor


RF Stands For : Rheumatoid factor | Radio Frequency | Right Front | Renal failure | Response Factor | Rheumatoid Factor | Right Foot | Right Front


WF Stands For : walking frame | warfarin | Weil-Felix | wheat flour | white finger | Willebrand factor | Work Foundation | Work Foundation (formerly Industrial Society) | Working Formulation | Wound Fluid | Wedge Factor | Well Formed | White Female | With Food


LEF Stands For : Lafayette Education Foundation | Lame Excuse For Filler | Large Event Fund | late expression factor | Law Enforcement Foundation | Leading Edge Forum | Legacy EGL Framework | Liberty Equality Fraternity | Life Extension Forums | Life Extension Foundation | Literacy Empowerment Foundation | Long Edge Feed | Loudoun Education Foundation | Lymphoid Enhancing Factor


INDUSTRY Stands For : industrial | Industries


SF Stands For South Fork| science fiction| Scaling Factor| Simple Function| Stackelberg Follower| Small Fall| Square Footage| Step Footing| Science Fiction| Surface Features| Self-Flocculating| Spreading factor| Simple Flux| Step Frequency| Summed Frequency| Super Fluorescence| Shallow Faulting| Schrodinger Functional| Shield Fusion| Singular Field| Speed Figure| Static Force| Strong Field| Structured Field| Super Free| Surface Friction| Symmetry Factor


ANIMAL Stands For : Automatic Non-linear Image Matching and Anatomical Labeling


GCF Stands For Generalized Cofactor| Greatest Common Factor| Gas Correction Factor


HPF Stands For : Health Point Factor | hibernation promoting factor | High Power Field


NRSF Stands For : Neuronal Restricted Silencing Factor | Neuron- Restrictive Silencer Factor


BLF Stands For : Balanced Learning Format | Blinky Light Factor | Bush League Factor


SFF Stands For Science Fiction Final| Small Form Factor| Scientific Fudge Factor


DCOH Stands For : Dimerization CO-factor of Hepatocyte nuclear factor


DCOH-1 Stands For : Dimerization CO-factor of Hepatocyte nuclear factor 1


ANF Stands For : Anti- Nuclear Factor | Atrial Natriuretic Factor


LLF Stands For Laki-Lorand Factor| Light Loss Factor


PF Stands For Prime Factorization| Purification Factor| Particle Flow| Photon Flux| PicoFarads| Power Factor


TNF Stands For : Tumour Necrosis Factor | Tumor Necrosis Factor | tumor-necrosis factor | TUMOR NECROSING FACTOR | Tumor Necrosis Factor


BCF Stands For : basophil chemotactic factor | beta cell function | Boundary Change Factor | breast cyst fluid


SF Stands For : Serious Fall | Swine Flu | Scatter Factor | Sandals And Feet | Spew Factor | Spinal fluid | Superior Feel


NF Stands For : natriuretic factor | necrotising fasciitis | neointima formation | neural fold | neurofibroma | neurofibromatosis | neurofilament | neurotrophic factor | Nissen fundoplication | nitrofurazone | nodular fasciitis | non-functioning | normal for | Nuffield Foundation | Nursing Facility | necrotizing fasciitis | National Formulary | NeuroFibromatoses


HF Stands For : haemofiltration | haemorrhagic fever | Hageman factor | haplotype frequency | head of fetus | heat flow | Hemochromatosis Foundation | high fat | high fibre | high fructose | hip fracture | Hispanic female | host factor | hot flashes | hot flushes | human factor | human fibroblast | humidifier lung | hydatid fluid | hydrops fetalis | hyperfractionated | hypoxic fraction | Health Facility | Human Furnace | heart failure | Hair Follicle | Hay fever | Heart Failure | Hip Flexor | Homotopy Functor


PAF Stands For : paroxysmal atrial fibrillation | Performance Assessment Framework | permanent atrial fibrillation | phosphodiesterase-activating factor | plain abdominal field | platelet-activating factor | progressive autonomic failure | Public Audit Forum (!!!) | pulmonary arteriovenous fistula | Platelet Activating Factor


CF Stands For : calcaneofibular | cardiac failure | cardiac fibrillation | cardiac fibroblast | carotid foramen | case fatality | clastogenic factor | complement fixation | contractile force | coronary flow | counting fingers | crude fibre | ChloroForm | Christmas Factor | Circulatory Failure | Cystic Fibrosis | Clotting Factor | Colony Formation | Culture Fluid | Cure Found | Collimator Factor | cystic fibrosis | Cardiac Float | Cervical Fluid | Chronic Fatigue | Colds and Flu | Compare | Cystic Fibrosis | Consume with Food


DRF Stands For : Datum Reference Frame | Dansk Ride Forbund | Danville Regional Foundation | Data Race Freedom | Daves Redistricting File | de rec fotografie | Demat Request Form | Department of Residential Facilities | Detail Removing Factor | Device Renewal Forum | Dierent Rise And Fall | Digital Repository Federation | Dimensional Regularization Factor | Direct Response Folio | Direct Response Forum | Directed Response Folio | Dose Reduction Factor | Dual Role Fighter | Dynamic Response Foot


LF Stands For Lexical Function| Linear Fractional| Logical Form| Latency Factor| Low Friction| Load Factor| Low Fluorocarbon| Laminar Flow


CSF Stands For : Collaborative Standards Forum | Colony-Stimulating Factor | CerebroSpinal Fluid | Community Support Framework | CerebroSpinal Fluid | Colony Stimulating Factor | CytoStatic Factor | CerebroSpinal Fluid | Colony Stimulating Factor | Calcium Stone Forming | CerebroSpinal Fluid | Chronic Fatigue Syndrome | Classical Swine Fever | Contrast Sensitivity Function | Coronary Sinus Flow | Classical Swine Fever


BF Stands For : bentonite flocculation test | biceps femoralis | bile flow | blastogenic factor | bleeding frequency | blocking factor | breast fed | broth filtrate | buffered | burning feet syndrome | Bone Fracture | Barrier Filter | Before Food | Big Forehead | Blood Flow | Bodily Function | body fat | Bone Formation | Bone Fragment | BreastFeeding | Burn Factor | Butt Fat


OF Stands For : open field | operating framework | orbitofrontal | organ failure | osmotic fragility | ossifying fibroma | oxidation fermentation | Obliquity factor; Output factor


CRF Stands For Cloud Radiation Feedback| case report form| corticotrophin-releasing factor| Charge Remote Fragmentation| Contrast Rendering Factor| Cumulative Relative Frequency


MSF Stands For : mean spectral frequency | meconium-stained fluid | M̩decins Sans Fronti̬res | Mediterranean spotted fever | megakaryocyte stimulating factor | melanocyte-stimulating factor | multi-source feedback | Multiple Sclerosis Foundation | Molecular Simulations File | M̩dicins Sans Fronti̬res (Doctors Without Borders)


WF Stands For Weak Fairness| Weighting Factor| World Friendship| Water Factor| Well Formedness| Withdrawn Failing| Weak Field


RH Stands For : Radiation Hybrid | Releasing Hormone | Rhesus Factor | rheumatic | Rhesus (monkey) factor | Right Hand


ALIF Stands For : Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion


CRF Stands For : Consumer Retail Fashion | Capital Rhyming Force | Central Repair Facility | Cave Research Foundation | Charitable Resource Foundation | Choroideremia Research Foundation | Cold Rolling Former | Collegiate Reformed Fellowship | Combustion Research Facility | Common Result Format | Community Reinvestment Fund | compact range finder | Condensation Resistance Factor | Conditional Random Field | Consolidated Revenue Fund | Constant Rate Factor | Contained Research Facility | Convex Regular Faced | Coral Restoration Foundation | Crotch Rocket Factory | CUSTOM


FIGF Stands For : Free Insulin-like Growth Factor | c-Fos Induced Growth Factor


GF Stands For : Genetic Fixation | Growth Factor | Gluten Free | growth factor


MTF1 Stands For : Metal-responsive Transcription Factor 1 | Mitochondrial Transcription Factor 1


MTF2 Stands For : Metal-responsive Transcription Factor 2 | Mitochondrial Transcription Factor 2


MPF Stands For : Money Follows the Person | Maturation Promoting Factor | Mitosis Promoting Factor


ACFP Stands For : Anterior Cervical Fusion And Plating | Anterior Cervical Fusion and Plate | Animal Confinement Facilities Plan


CCF Stands For Carbonaceous Chondrite Fission| Correlation Crystal Field| Circuit Correction Factor| Cosmogenic Correlation Factor| Campus Christian Fellowship| Christs College Finchley| Complementary Class Fitting


XBF-1 Stands For : Anterior Neural Plate-specific Winged Helix Transcription Factor


LRF Stands For : large restriction fragment | lateral reticular formation | Leukemia Research Foundation | LH-releasing factor | Local Resilience Forum | luteinizing hormone releasing factor | Leukaemia Research Fund | Leukemia Research Fund | Leukemia Research Fund


BPF Stands For : Bat Performance Factor | Berkely Packet Filter | Blood Potential Factor | Bluebonnet Pecan And Friendship | Brevets Des Province Francais | Bsd Packet Filter


REF Stands For : regional ejection fraction | renal erythropoietic factor (erythropoeitin) | restriction endonuclease fingerprinting | restriction endonuclease fragments | Relative Exposure Factor


ADRF Stands For : Aerosol Direct Radiative Forcing | Adipocyte Derived Relaxing Factor | Adjustable Distal Radius Fixator | Adventitium-Derived Relaxing Factor


MEF Stands For : Matrixs Elite Few | Maximum Expansion Factor | Memorial Education Fund | Ministerial Education Fund | Modified Energy Factor


APFR Stands For : atrial peak filling rate | Automatic Power Factor Regulator | Automatic Power Factor Regulators


LMIF Stands For : Leukocyte migration inhibition factor | Leukocyte migration inhibitory factor | LEVERAGED MUNICIPAL INNOVATION FUND


CAF Stands For : Centrepoint Alliance Ltd | Common Assessment Framework | Credit Application Format | Confederate Air Force | Computer Assisted Feedback | Cd Antiviral Factor | Currency Adjustment Factor | Muniholdings California Insured Fund V | Compressed Air Foam | Customer Activation Form


DPF Stands For Displacement Power Factor| Distortion Power Factor


EGF Stands For : Epidermal Growth Factor | Epithelial Growth Factor


ADSF Stands For : adipocyte-specific secretory factor | adipose tissue-specific secretory factor (resistin)


VIF Stands For : Viral Infectivity Factor | Virtually Impermeable Film | Virus-Induced Interferon | Virus De La Inmunodeficiencia Felina | Virus Infectivity Factor


RAF Stands For : Rheumatoid Arthritis Factor | Raw Animal Foods


PF Stands For : parafascicular | parafollicular | pars flaccida | partial filling | partial Fourier | patellofemoral | patients‰Ûª forum | peak flow | perfusion fluid | pericardial fluid | peritoneal fluid | physical fitness plantar flexion | plain film | plasma factor | plasma fibrinogen | Plasmodium falciparum | platelet factor | pleural fluid | post fertilisation | post fracture | posterior fossa | potentiation factor | prefrontal | primary fibromyalgia | primary follicle | primordial follicle | profile | proliferative fraction | protection factor | proximal


APF Stands For : Asset Protection Forum | Animal Protein Factor


TLIF Stands For : Transforminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion | Transforminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion | transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion | Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion


TRAIL Stands For : Teaching Responsibility And Inspiring Leadership | Teen Russian American International Leadership | Texas Records and Information Locator | The Real Advanture In Life | Tnf Related Apoptosis Inducing Ligand | Transitioning Responsible Adolescents To Independent Living


FMSF Stands For : Fibroblast Motility-Stimulating Factor | Forward Motility-Stimulating Factor


UPF Stands For : Ultraviolet Protection Factor | Unified Pseudopotential Format | United Plastic Fabricating | United Pulling Federation | Universal Peace Federation | Universidade de Passo Fundo | Uranium Processing Facility | Utraviolet Protection Factor


CAF Stands For : caffeine | calcium-activated factor | carotid arterial flow | cell adhesion factor | central abdominal fat | chromatid aberration frequency | chronic allograft failure | chronic atrial fibrillation | coronary artery fistula | cyclophosphamide | Caucasian Adult Female | Cold Aseptic Filling


PCAF Stands For : P300 CBP Associated Factor | Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith | Peter C Alderman Foundation | Pierce County AIDS Foundation


KSF Stands For : Key Success Factor | Kittay Scientific Foundation


AHF Stands For : antihemophilic factor | Army Historical Foundation


AHF Stands For : accelerated hyperfractionation | acute heart failure | acute hepatic failure | acute hissy fit | American Health Foundation | American Hospital Formulary | anterior heart field | Argentine haemorrhagic fever | AntiHemophilic Factor


NGF Stands For : Nerve Growth Factor | National Greyhound Foundation


NRF Stands For : negative regulatory factor | Neurosciences Research Foundation


IRF Stands For : Invisible Robot Fish | Islamic Republic of France | Its Realy Fried | Integration Reference Frame | Impulse Response Function | Incentive Research Foundation | Incentive Research Foundations | Independent Research Forum | Industrial Revitalization Fund | inherited rights filter | Insect Repellent Factor | Institut for Rationel Farmakoterapi | Instumentation Resource Facility | Intelligent Resilient Framework | interferon regulatory factor | International Rabbinic Fellowship | International Rabbinical Fellowship | International Racquetball Federation | Int


VEGFR Stands For : vascular endothelial growth factor receptors | vascular endothelial growth factor receptor


BRFSS Stands For : Behavioural Risk Factor Surveillance System | Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System


PTEF Stands For : photochemical thermodynamic efficiency factor | Port Townsend Education Foundation | Portage Township Education Foundation


ENF Stands For : Eagles Nest Foundation | Eldorado National Forest | Embarrassed Nude Female | Emilio Nares Foundation | excess noise factor | Executive Nurse Fellows | Extended Nonterminal First


FDDF Stands For : fibre diameter distribution factor | Freeport Downtown Development Foundation


UEF Stands For Unidentified Energy Factor| United Engineering Foundation| University Executive Forum


VEGF Stands For : vascular endothelial growth factor | Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor | Vascular-endothelial-growth-factor


UF Stands For : Urea Formaldehyde resin | UF definition | Ultra Flex | Uncertainty Factor | Undergroun Fighters | Unico Fuerte | Unidad de FomentoåÊ | United Free | United Front Education | University of filtered | University of Findlay | Unrolling Factor | Unsheathed Flange | Unstoppable Force | Upper Feasibility | Upper Freehold | Used For For | User Framework | uses file


SOF Stands For Science Olympiad Foundation| Self Organization Factor| Soluble Organic Fraction| Separated Oscillatory Field


DF Stands For : Decontamination Factor | Dosage Form | Dark Forces | Defense Force | Delta Force | Direction Finding | Dispersion Factor | Disposition Form | DongFeng missile | Development Flight | Development Forward | Direction Finding | Disassembly Facility | Display Function | Direction Finder | Duty Free


NF Stands For : Number of Farms | National Formulation | Nice Fink | Norfolk Island | A Number Of Filled | National Federation | National Francaise | neighboring face | Net Flix | New File | new frank | NF definition | Niagara Falls | Nice Fantasy | Nice Fight | Night Force | No F | No Fear | No Fill | No Fitting | No Flow | Noise Floor | Noise Free | Non Fiction | Non Field | Non First | Non Frustrated | Non Fui | nonfeminine from | Nonforest Forest | Normal Feel | Normalization Factor | North Fork | Not Fault | Not Finished | Now Following | Nuclear Fa


ASF Stands For Algebraic Specification Formalism| Aggregation stimulating factor| Ausaid Scholars Foundation| Alaska Satellite Facility


MCF Stands For : Michigan Cancer Foundation | Modal Contribution Factor | Money Comes First | Most Compact Formula | Multimedia Container Format | 1


QF Stands For : Qualifying Facility | Quality Factor | Query For | Quick Firing | Quick Fix | Qualifying Facility | Quality Factor | Qantas Flight | Quiet Freighter | Qualifying Facility


VPF Stands For : Vanuatu Pacifica Foundation | Vascular Permeability Factor | Venture Partnership Foundation | Venture Philanthropy Fund | Veracity Policy File | Versatile Pixel Fonts | Vice President for Finance | Virtual Print Fee | Vishwak Portal Framework | Vlaamse Pleziervaart Federatie | Vulvar Pain Foundation


LRFD Stands For : Load and Resistance Factor Design | Little Rock Fire Department | Load Resistance Factor Design | Long Reach Fire Department


AF Stands For Approximately Finite| Array Formula| Air Force| Acceleration Factor| Alternating Field| Anisotropic Filtering| Audio Frequency| Audio Frequency| Aluminum Frame| After Fall| Added Fluoroelastomer| Anistropic Filtering| Augmented Formulation| Akademi Fantasia| Anode Fall| Attenuation Factor| Audio Frequency| Automatic Filter| Across Flats| Anti-Fall


EGFR Stands For : Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor | epidermal growth factor receptor


PDGF Stands For : Platelet Derived Growth Factor | platelet-derived growth factor