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What does CDT mean?

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CDT Stands For : Clinical Documentation Tool | Continuing Day Treatment provider | Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin | carbohydrate-deficient transferrin | Consciousness Deepening Technique | Current Dental Terminology | carbohydrate-deficient transferrin | Catheter-Directed Thrombolysis

What is CDT?

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CDT definition / CDT means?

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What is the meaning of CDT?

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Related Full Forms - Terms


CDT Stands For Current Dental Terminology| Carbohydrate Depleted Transferrin| Craft Design & Technology| Charge-Discharge Transaction


CALP Stands For : Carbohydrate Addicts Lifespan Program | Carbohydrate Addicts Lifespan Plan


NSC Stands For : No Significant Change | Non Structural Carbohydrate | Normal State Of Consciousness


TBPB Stands For : Transferrin- Binding Protein B


ODC Stands For : Oxygen Deficient Center


DEF Stands For : Defecation | Deferred | Deficient


CHO Stands For Carbohydrate


ACLD Stands For : Anterior Cruciate Ligament Deficient


LFCC Stands For : Low Fat Complex Carbohydrate


CPT Stands For : calprotectin | carnitine palmityl transferase | carotid pulse tracing | choroid plexus tumour | cisplatin | cognitive performance test | complete perineal tear | conjunctival provocation test | conventional pain treatment | conventional phototherapy | A Clinical Patient Testing | Cost Per Treatment | Current Procedural Terminology | Cell Preparation Tube | Current Procedural Terminology | cognitive processing therapy | Cognitive Processing Therapy | continuous performance test | Carnivore Preservation Trust | Current Procedural Terminology


TBPA Stands For : Thyroxin- Binding PreAlbumin | Transferrin- Binding Protein A


CHO Stands For : carbohydrate | Chemical Hygiene Officer


WCCR Stands For Whistler Center for Carbohydrate Research


CCSD Stands For : Complex Carbohydrate Structure Database


CHO Stands For : carbohydrate | Chinese hamster ovary [cell(s)]


CALP Stands For : Carbohydrate Addicts Lifelong Program


SCD Stands For : Side Cargo Door | Specific Carbohydrate Diet | Sega CD | Sonic CD | Specification Control Drawing | Scottish Country Dancing | Simple CMS Design | Slowly changing dimensions | State Civil Defense | Steven Claypool Designs | Still Current Development | Stochastic Coordinate Descent


GDC Stands For : General Dental Council | glutamate decarboxylase | Guglielmi Detachable Coil | Genetically Deficient Cretin | Genetic Disease Control | Guglielmi Detachable Coil | (Institute for) Genetic Disease Control | General Dental Council | Great Dane Club


TOOL Stands For : The Time Of Our Lives


TOOL Stands For Textbook Orders On Line


TOOL Stands For : Table Of Organizational Listing


ITS Stands For : Independent Tribunal Service (abolished | inferior temporal sulcus | Initial Tracing Service | insulin-transferrin-selenium | intertubercular sulcus | Im Tired Syndrome


CLED Stands For : Cystine | Cystine Lactose Electrolyte Deficient


PID Stands For : Ports Is Deficient | Plastics Information Direct | Poor Innocent Dragon | Past International Director | Partners In Development | Pathway Interaction Database | Positioning Indicating Device | Project Information Document


ELD Stands For : Electronic Load Detector | Embryology Laboratory Director | Emerging Learning Design | Engineering Libraries Division | English Language Deficient | English Literacy Development | Enhanced Low Delay | Eternal Life Device | Every Last Detail | Every Last Dime | Every Last Dollar


MAD Stands For : Medical Assessment of Donors | Medical Assistance Division | Method Accuracy Description | Mitotic Arrest Deficient | mesenteric artery disease | Melanoma Awareness Day | Maximum Adrenaline Dose | Mercury Acquired Disease | Morning Affective Disorder | Multiple Avatar Disorder


STR Stands For : scotopic threshold response | seven transmembrane receptor | short tandem repeat | single twitch response | soluble transferrin receptor | Specialty Registrar (StR) | Structured Training Report | subtotal resection | superior temporal region | supratrigeminal region | systolic time ratio | Special Tube Request | Short Tandem Repeats | Straight | Strain | Strength


CAD Stands For : Collectors And Dealers | Color Asymmetry Diagram | Change Again Daily | Complicated And Difficult | Computer Aided Difficulties | Creepy Asian Dude | Computer Aided Design | A Cation Anion Degree | Can And Do | Carbohydrate Adicts Diet | Cash Against Delivery | Cash Agaisnt Delivery | College Avenue Deck | Come And Die | computer aid design | Computer Aided Drawing | Computer Aiding And Drafting | Computer Assisted Demon | Computer Assisted Drawing | Computers And Drawing | Computor Aided Design | Controlling And Drawing | Crt Alt Del | Current Accou


MD Stands For : Money Deficient | Managing Director | McDonnell Douglas | Mejeriselskabet Danmark | Market Depth | My Decision | Mall Detective | Managing Director | Manly Dude | Marketing Director | Master of Disguise | Medical Detective | Medical Doctor | Metaphysical Doctor | Maximum Differential | Micro Dry | Mnemonic Device


CAD Stands For : Coronary Artery Disease | Caspase Activated Deoxyribonuclease | carotid artery disease | Compliance Aggression Detachment | Computer Aided Diagnosis | Coronary artery disease | Carbohydrate Addicts Diet | Cardial Arterial Disease | Coronary Artery Disease


CRD Stands For : carbohydrate recognition domain | central respiratory drive | Centre for Reviews and Dissemination | child restraint device | childhood rheumatic disease | colorectal distension | cone-rod dystrophy | cysteine-rich domain | Chronic Reflux Disease | Chronic Renal Disease | Chronic Respiratory Disease


SD Stands For Scale Dependent| Sentential Derivation| Standard Deviation| Strength Divisor| Single Droplet| Specific Duty| Semantically Different| Structurally Deficient| Doctor of Spirituality| Side Door| Sketch Dimension| Smoke Detector| Specification & Description| Sun Deck| Structured Design| Small Dual in-line package| Sound Dampened| Standard Definition| Static Dissipation| Statistical Division| Structured Design| Synchronous Dynamic| Schwinger-Dyson (equation)| Super Deformed| Systematic Desensitisation


DPPT Stands For : Deep Pressure and Proprioceptive Technique | Directed Pressure Point TechniqueåÊ | Disease Processes Prevention and Treatment


CE Stands For : California encephalitis | capillary endothelium | capsule endoscopy | carbohydrate-electrolyte | carboplatin | carboxylation efficiency | cardiac enlargement | cardiac enzymes | cardiac event | cardioembolic | cardiovascular events | carotid endarterectomy | Carpentier-Edwards | carrier envelope | catamenial epilepsy | cataract extraction | catechol oestrogens | cathepsin E | cauda equina | cell extract | central episiotomy | central executive | cerebellum | cerebral edema | cervical examination | chemoembolisation | chest expansion | chick embryo


CPT Stands For Cosine Packet Transform| Cross Product Terms| Current Procedural Terminology| Computerized Placement Test| Curricular Practical Training| Cone Electrometer Tests| Cone Penetration Test| continuous performance test| Current Procedural Terminology


CES Stands For : carbohydrate-electrolyte solution | cat eye syndrome | Center for Epidemiological Study | central excitatory state | Charities Evaluation Services | cholesterol embolisation syndrome | Chronic Ear Survey | chronic electrophysiological study | Compulsive Eating Scale | congenital oesophageal stenosis | Cranial Electrical Stimulation | Capping Enzyme Suppressor | Combat Experiences Scale | Combat Exposure Scale | Cauda Equina Syndrome | Cranial Electrical Stimulation


PIT Stands For : Photo Interpretation Tool | Preinstallation Test | Patrol | Precision Intervention or Pursuit Intervention Technique | Pursuit Intervention Technique | Passive Integrated Transponder | Pittsburgh International Airport | Personal Identification Tags | Personal Income Tax | Procurement Incarceration And Treatment


CSU Stands For : cardiac surveillance unit | casualty staging unit | central statistical unit | clinical specialty unit | Commissioning Support Unit | Catheter Specimen of Urine | Clinical Service Unit


DPPT Stands For : Directed Pressure Point Technique | Democratic Peoples Party of Tajikistan


BACTS Stands For : British Association of Clinical Terminology Specialists


CPT Stands For : Current Procedural Terminology | Captain | Cockpit Procedures Trainer | Common Procedural Terminology | Crisis Planing Team | Crisis Planning Team | Cross Product Team | Cargo Processing Technician | Computer Program Tape | Chest Percussion Therapy | Child Protection Team | Captain | Captain - Army | Consumer Protection Trends


DPPT Stands For : Developing Psychoanalytic Practice and Training | Diabetes Prevention Program Trial | Directed Pressure Point Technique


DEET Stands For : Department of Employment | Directed Energy EOD Tool


CCC Stands For : Certificate of Clinical Competency | Category Cytology And Cytogenetics | Catalyst Control Center | Counter Current Chromatography | Certificate of Clinical Competency | Cognitive Complexity and Control | constant climate chamber | Controlled Cortical Contusion | Cumulative Clinical Computations


SCIO Stands For : Scientific Consciousness Interface Operating | Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation | Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations | Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation | State Chief Information Officer


LC Stands For : Low Ceiling | Low Cut | Light Contour | Level Compressed | Lovable Canine | Leach Cross | Last Call | Liquid Concentrate | Lobster Claw | Low Carbohydrate | Low Cholesterol | Lemonade Conspiracy | Lap Cat | Leroy Charles | Liam Centrella | Library Cat | Little Cat | Lodge Cat | Lorina Charlotte | Lord Crusader | Landing Craft | Lettres et Cartes (Letters and Cards) | Saint Lucia | A Lower Capital | Lake City | Lambda Crew | Latimeria Chalumni | LC connector | Lead Core | Leading Coefficient | Least Concern | Legendary Collection | Light Crew


CA Stands For : Commonwealth Award | Courage Award | Contractor Activities | Calcium | Constant Acquisitions | Contract Administration | Contract Authorization | Corrective Action | Cellulose Acetate | CyanoAcrylate | Heavy Cruiser (Cruiser | CA Acronym | Calcium And | California Agora | California also | California Az | Cameo And | Canada Accounting | Canadian Alliance | Canooter Assimilators | Car Assisted | Carbohydrate Antigen | Cayman airways | Cellular Automata | Census Area | Change Always | Character Animation | Chartered Accountancy | Chief Architect |


ART Stands For : Achilles reflex test | acoustic reflex threshold | analysis-reporting tool | androgen replacement therapy | antiretroviral therapy | artificial reproduction technique | assisted reproduction technique | atraumatic restorative technique | atrial reentrant tachycardia | Active Release Technique | Androgen Replacement Therapy | Anti-Retroviral Therapy | Assisted Reproductive Technology | Advanced Reproductive Technology | Assisted Reproductive Technologies | Assisted Reproductive Technology | Advanced Release Technology | Advanced Reproductive Technologies |


CTO Stands For : compulsory treatment order | Community Treatment Order | Clinical Trials Office | Carbon Taste and Odor | Chronic Total Occlusion


PEAT Stands For : Patient Environment Action Teams | Peaty | Peatys | Photosensitive Epilepsy Analysis Tool | Physical Environment Asessment Tool | Physiology Experience Action and Thought | Planning and Execution Assistant Trainer | Pre entry Assessment Team | Primary Energy Activation and Transcendence | Proposal Engine Assistant Tool | protecting endangered animals together | Psycho Energy Auro Technique


LOC Stands For : lateral occipital complex | lower oesophageal contractility | Length of Confinement | Level Of Care | loss of consciousness | Level Of Care | Level Of Consciousness | Loss Of Consciousness


RFC Stands For : radiofrequency catheter | radiofrequency coagulation | radiofrequency current | rosette-forming cell | Residual Functional Capacity


CORE Stands For : Centers for Obesity Research and Education | Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation | Clinical Outcomes Research and Effectiveness | Continuing Outcomes Relevant to Evista | Cancer Outreach And Relief Effort


NGT Stands For : New Grade Tool | Normal Graphical Technique


TWOC Stands For : Taking Without Consent (of cars) | Trial WithOut Catheter A patient who has been catheterised because he or she (but usually he) cannot pass urine | Trial WithOut Catheter


TIMI Stands For : Thrombolysis In Myocardial Infarction | Thrombolysis In Myocardial Infarction


ALOC Stands For : Acute Loss Of Consciousness | Altered Level Of Consciousness | Alternate Level Of Care


CEP Stands For : Cat Eye Productions | Client Employed Provider | Capital Expenditure Proposal | Continuing Education Program | Certified Education Planner


CGCP Stands For : Current Good Clinical Practices


DDT Stands For : Dichloro Diphenyl Trichloromethylmethane | Distributed Decision-aid Tool | Drift Dash Technique | Deflagration-To-Detonation Transition


ISP Stands For : Internet Service Provider, Internet Service Provider, Internet Service Provider, Internet Security Protocol, In System Programming, Internet Service Provider, Information Service Provider, Instruction Set Processor, Internal System Performance, Internet service provider settings (MS IIS)


RTPT Stands For : Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Tool


NET Stands For : nerve excitability test | neuroendocrine tumour | new and emerging technologies | non-equilibrium thermodynamics | National Emphysema Treatment | Neuro Emotional Technique


ADAPT Stands For : Automatic Density Analysis Profile Technique | Academically Driven Anatomy Peer Teaching | Adaptation | Adaptation Database and Planning Tool | adapting | Adolescent Drug Abuse and Prevention Treatment | Advanced Diagnostic and Prognostic Testbed | African Development of AIDS Prevention Trial | After Deployment Adaptive Parenting Tools | American Disabled for Accessible Public Transit | Application Design for Analytical Processing Technologies | Architectural Design Association of Portugal and Turkey | Association for Development Advancement and | Associatio


CRS Stands For : cAMP-responsive elements | care record service (NHS Care Record Service) | catheter-related sepsis | caudal regression syndrome | Chinese restaurant syndrome | chronic rhinosinusitis | circadian regulatory sequence | clinical risk score | colorectal surgery | Coma Recovery Scale | community rehabilitation services | craniosynostosis | cutaneous radiation syndrome | cytokine release syndrome | Clinical Research and Statistics | Center for Reproductive Science | Cell Regeneration System | Congenital Rubella Syndrome | Comparative Respiratory Society


OPT Stands For : ocular photodynamic therapy | opisthotonos | optic pathway tumour | optician | oral provocation test | Ontological Paradigm Technique | Outpatient treatment


CTID Stands For : Cancer Treatment Induced Diarrhea | Churches Together In Darlington | Clinical Training Information Database | Clinical Trials Insight Diabetes | Clothing Textiles And Interior Design | Clothing Textiles Interior Design


PICC Stands For : Pediatric Interim Care Center | Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter | Perspectives In Colorectal Cancer | Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter


FSAT Stands For : Family Sexual Abuse Treatment | Fan System Assessment Tool


EFDA Stands For : European Fusion Development Agreement | Expanded Function Dental Assistant | Expanded Function Dental Assisting | Expanded Function Dental Auxiliaries | Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary | Expanded Function Dental Auxillary | Expanded Functions Dental Assistant | Expanded Functions Dental Assisting | Expanded Functions Dental Auxiliary


CATH Stands For : Catheter | Class | Class | Catheter


LCDI Stands For : Leahy Center for Digital Investigation | Leak current detection and interruption | Leakage Current Detection And Interruption | Leakage Current Detection and InterruptionåÊ | leakage current detection interrupter | Leakage Current Detection Interrupters | Limavady Community Development Initiative | Locomotive Calendar Day Inspection


CMT Stands For : canine mammary tumour | catechol methyltransferase | central macular thickness | Certified Medical Technician | Certified Music Therapist | Charcot-Marie-Tooth | chemotherapy | chronic motor tics | circus movement tachycardia | combined modality therapy | Commissioning Management Team | controlled medical terminology | corporate management team | Council of Medical Television | critical micelle temperature | current medical terminology | cutaneous mixed tumour | Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy | Corneal Molding Therapy | Charcot Marie Tooth | Californi


STAR*D Stands For : Sequenced Treatment Alternatives to Relieve Depression [clinical trial]


DE Stands For : Detroit Field Office | Damage Expectancy | Data Element | Delay Equalizer | dental emergency | Development Estimate | Directed Energy | Display Entity | Drift Error | Dutch Elite | Design Engineering Directorate | Doppler Extractor | Dynamics Explorer | Dixon Electronics | DElayed


STAT Stands For : Speakers Today And Tomorrow Toastmasters Club | S Of The Alexander Technique | Science Teachers Association of Texas | Screening Tracing Active Transmission | Sharing Time And Talent | Short Turn Around Time | Signal Transducers And Activa Tors | Signal Transduction And Activators Of Transcription | Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique | Special Tactics And Techniques | Special Tertiary Admissions Test | stabilization treatment and transport | Student Teacher Academic Time | Students Taking Action Today


FAST Stands For Flow Actuated Sediment Trap| Fore-Aft Scanning Technique| Force| Food and Agricultural Sciences and Technology| Faceted Application of Subject Terminology| Faculty Academic Support Team| Faculty And Students Together| Fordham Alumni Student Teams| Freshmen Achieving Success Together| Fundamental Application to Science Teaching| Facilitated Awareness Stimulus Training


APT Stands For : Automatically Programmed Tool, Anti-Piracy Technology, Adaptive Performance Technology, Advanced Package Tool, Advanced Packaging Tool, Almost Plain Text, Annotation Processing Tool, Automatically Programmed Tool, Appropriate, Auto-Placement Technology, Automated Programmed Tool


DEI Stands For : Dabney Eats It | Dale Earnhardt Incorprated | Dale Earnhart Inc | Design Evaluation And Integration | Destroy Everything In | Directed Electronic Inc | Directed Electronics Inc | Divide Et Impera


CTRF Stands For : Clinical Trial Request Form | Cancer Treatment Related Fatigue


DTF Stands For : Data Transfer Facility | Dental Treatment Facility


QXCI Stands For : Quantum Xeroid Consciousness Interface | Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface


SCS Stands For Sequenced Convex Subtraction| Static Coordinate System| Symbolic Constraint Solving| Spanish Cultural Studies| Solution Case Study| School of Chemical Sciences| School of Computer Science| School of Continuing Studies| Southern California Seminary| Statewide Campus System| Study of Culture and Society| Single Crystal Silicon| Self Consciousness Scale


CS Stands For : caesarean section | campomelic syndrome | Capgras syndrome | capital strategy (!) | carcinoid syndrome | cardiogenic shock | carotid sheath | carotid sinus | cat scratch | catalytic subunit | cell surface | central supply | cerebral scintigraphy | cervical stimulation | charge separation | cholesterol stone | cholesterol sulphate | chondroid syringoma | chondroitin sulfate | chondrosarcoma | chronic schizophrenia | cigarette smoke | citrate synthase | climacteric syndrome | Clinical Specialist | clinical stage | clinical status | Clinical Superviso


MRIT Stands For : Maintenance Repair Invoice Tool | Market Rules And Implementation Timelines | Missouri Retailers Insurance Trust | Modified Retinacular Imbrication Technique | Multi Reference Impact Tests


NCAT Stands For : National Clinical Advisory Team | neurocognitive assessment tool | NormoCephalic ATraumatic


ACCENT I Stands For : A Crohn‰Ûªs disease Clinical trial Evaluating ifliximab in a New long-term Treatment regimen


CATIE Stands For : Clinical Antipsychotic Trials in Intervention Effectiveness | Canadian Aids Treatment Information Exchange


TRT Stands For : Tinnitus Retraining Therapy | Trauma Release Technique | Trauma Resolution Therapy | Treatment


FDT Stands For : Flow detection transducer Developed in the UK for measuring the flow in sewers and out if sewer overflows | 1st Dental Laboratories | Field Device Tool


GDP Stands For : Gateway Discovery Protocol, Gentoo Documentation Project, Good Documentation Practices, General Data Processor


CCPS Stands For : California Certified Prevention Specialist | CALSPro Certified Process Server | Calvert County Public Schools | Carolina Center for Public Service | Carroll County Public Schools | Cecil County Public Schools | Center For Chemical Process Safety | Center For Collaborative Problem Solving | Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies | Center for Continuing and Professional | Center For Continuing And Professional Studies | Centers For Counseling And Psychological Services | Central California Psychiatric Society | Centralized Clinical Placement System |


MCEP Stands For Master of Chemistry Education Program| Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology| Mandatory Continuing Education for Psychologists


MDWT Stands For : Mean Diastolic Wall Thickness | Million Dead Weight Tonne | Mission Directed Work Team | Mission Directed Work Teams


CAC Stands For : Carcinogeneity Assessment Committee | caudal anterior cingulate cortex | Certified Alcohol Counselor | cervical access catheter | cervical adenocarcinoma | chronic acalculous cholecystitis | chronic alcohol consumption | citric acid cycle | clinical advisory committee | coronary artery calcification


SDLL Stands For : San Diego Law Library | Self directed language learning | Self directed lifelong learning | Severnside Distribution Land Limited | Sime Darby London Ltd | Social Development and Learning Lab | South Durham Little League


PERT Stands For : Performance Evaluation Reporting Technique | Production Emergency Redistribution Test | Payroll Employees Recognition Team | Perfect Enterprise Results Technique | Performance Enhancement And Response Team | Program Evaluation And Review Technique | Program Event Recording Team | Partner Evaluation and Review Team | Performance Evaluation Review Tracking | Portfolio Evaluation Review Technique


ACDC Stands For Alternating Current / Direct Current| Academic Chairs and Directors Council| Alternating Current


MSP Stands For : Maxsec Group Limited | Manufacturers Selling Price | Managed Service Provider | Mathematica Server Page | Merchant Service Provider | MLS Service Provider | Moeller Special Processing | Moerdijk Sorting and Packing | Management Service Provider | Managing Successful Programs | Medicare Secondary Payer | Metropolitan Single Professionals | Multi-Stakeholder Process | Morgan Stanley Finance | Member of Scottish Parliament | Canadian Shield Fund (The)