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What does DEC mean?

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DEC Stands For : deciduous | decompose | dendritic epidermal cell | Development and Evaluation Committee | diagnostic episode cluster | Disasters Emergencies Committee | Doppler echocardiography | duct epithelial cells | This term got 24 hits on 05112011 | Diagnostic Evaluation Center | Deceased | Decrease | Desquamated Epithelial Cell

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Related Full Forms - Terms

CARE Committee

CARE Committee Stands For : Clinical Audit Research and Effectiveness Committee


D-CELL Stands For : Deployment Cell


TEC Stands For : thiotepa | thromboembolic complications | thymic epithelial cell | thyroid epithelial cell | total eosinophil count | tracheal epithelial cells | Training and Enterprise Council (extinct) | Training and Enterprise Council (now abolished) | Transluminal Endarterectomy Catheter | Tubular Epithelial Cell

ABCD Committee

ABCD Committee Stands For : Harvard University-wide computer user group


CELL Stands For : California Early Litarcy Learning | California Early Literacy Learning | cellular phone | Center for Ecological Living and Learning | Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning | Community Education And Life Long | Computer Enhanced Language Learning | Connecting Evangelism Learning Loving | Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning


CELL Stands For Continuous Education And Lasting Loss


CELL Stands For : Caller Enabled Leased Line


CELL Stands For : Commercial Excellence Leadership Learning | BrightPoint


REC Stands For : Racial Equality Council | receptor | recombination | Reforming Emergency Care | renal epithelial cell | research ethics committee | respiratory epithelial cell | Rear End Collision | Receive | Recommend | Recurrent


EC Stands For : E-cadherin | early cleavage | eccentric contraction | echocardiography | effector cell | ejection click | elderly control | electrical cardioversion | electrocautery | electrochemical | embryonal carcinoma | emergency centre | emphysematous cholecystitis | emphysematous cystitis | endocervical | endometrial cancer | endometrial carcinoma | endometrial cytology | endothelial cell | endurance capacity | energy cost | enriched condition | enteric coating | enterococci | enterocolitis | entorhinal cortex | environmental control | eosinophil count | eo


CDC Stands For : cancer diagnostic centre | capillary diffusion capacity | carboplatin | cardiac diagnostic centre | Center for Disease Control and Prevention (USA) | central data control | Certified Drug Counsellor | chemical dependency counsellor | chenodeoxycholate | child day center | child development centre | chronic disseminated candidiasis | Clostridium difficile colitis | collecting duct carcinoma | communicable disease center | communicable disease centre | complement-dependent cytolysis | complement-dependent cytotoxicity | Crohn‰Ûªs disease of colon | Centers


MSC Stands For : major septic complication | major symptom complex | marrow stem cells | Masters of Science | Materials Services Center | medial septum complex | Medical Services Committee | medical smart card | medical staff corps | Medicare Status Code | medicines selection committee | membrane secretory component | mid-systolic click | migrating spike complex | Modernising Scientific Careers | Moloney sarcoma cell | morphine sulphate | motile sperm count | motor-sensory cortex | myeloid suppressor cells | Mesenchymal Stem Cell | Mesenchymal Stem Cell | Medicines Sel


DRC Stands For : Diagnostic and Research Clinic | Dose-Response Curve | Dendritic Reticulum Cell

HNK cells

HNK cells Stands For : human neonatal kidney cells


BOEC Stands For : Blood Outgrowth Endothelial Cell | Bovine Oviduct Epithelial Cell


IEC Stands For : Intelligence Evaluation Committee | Independent Ethics Committee | Imagery Exploitation Cell (within CARS) | International Electro-technical Commission | Island Eastern Corridor


FCTEC Stands For : Fuel Cell Test and Evaluation Center | Fuel Cell Test and Evaluation Center | Fuel Cell Test and Evaluation Center


CEC Stands For California Energy Commission| Cation Exchange Capacity| Casa de Economii si Consemnatiuni| Class Executive Committee| Colombia Education Center| Columbia Education Center| Continuing Education Credit| Cell Evaluation Chip


CLUSTER Stands For Consortium Linking Universities Of Science And Technology For Education And Research


PEC Stands For : pancreatic exocrine cells | perivascular epithelioid cell | Psychiatric Emergency Center | pulmonary ejection click | Perinatal Evaluation Centre | Parallel Elastic Component


EpCAM Stands For epithelial cell adhesion molecule


ECC Stands For : eccentric contractions | Edgbaston Commissioning Consortia | enterochromaffin cells | estimated creatinine clearance | external chest compression | extracorporal circulation | Emergency Care Center | Evaluation of Clinical Competence | Exceptional Cases Committee | Effective Critical Carbohydrates | Embryonal Cell Carcinoma | Emergency Cardiac Care | EndoCervical Curettage | Enteric Coated Capsule | External Cardiac Compressions | Extracorporeal Circulation


GRADE Stands For : Greater Richmond Award For Design Excellence | Global Research Arch for Developing Education | grading | Grading of Recommendations Assessment Development and Evaluation | Group Reading Assessment and Diagnostic Evaluation


CFCD Stands For Computational Fuel Cell Dynamics| Center For Career Development| Center for Faculty and Curricular Development| Center for Family and Community Development| Committee on Faculty Compensation and Development| Communication For Career Development


CWDE Stands For : Cell Wal Degrading Enzyme | Cell Wall Degrading Enzyme | Cell Wall Degrading Enzymes | Chemical Warfare Defense Ensemble | Chemical Warfare Defense Equipment | Continuous Wave Doppler Echocardiography


SC Stands For : sarcomatoid carcinoma | satellite cells | Schwann cell | scintigraphy | sclerosing cholangitis | sebaceous carcinoma | secondary care | secretory carcinoma | secretory component | semicircular canal | seroconversion | serum cholesterol | serum complement | serum concentration | serum creatinine | sex chromatin | Sezary cell | short chain | sickle cell | sigmoid colon | single copy | small cell | smoking cessation | Snellen chart | social care | sodium citrate spinal canal | specialist care | specialty clinic | spinal cord | spindle cell | squamo


LTFC Stands For : Latanoprost Timolol Fixed Combination | Lean Tissue Feed Conversion | Learning Technology Fee Committee | Long Term Foreign Currency | Louvre The Final Curse | Low Temperature Fuel Cell | Low Temperature Fuel Cells


HITS Stands For : MusicMakerCom


HITS Stands For : Health Improvement Through Sport | Hows In The Sun


CAC Stands For : Carcinogenicity Assessment Committee | Casualty Area Command | Combined Arms Center (formerly Combined Arms Command) | Common Access Card | Control Analysis Center | Crisis Action Cell | Current Actions Center | Citizens Advisory Council | County Administration Center | Cancer Assessment Committee | Carcinogenicity Assessment Committee (CDER)


`Term` Stands For : `FullForm`


DevMAC Stands For : Development Milestone Achievement Certificate | This term got 10 hits on 05112011 Because it was linked to spectacularly failed National Programme for IT


TERM Stands For : Terminal | Terminate


TERM Stands For : Termination | Technology Enabled Relationship Manager


SCR Stands For : serious case review | short consensus repeat | sister chromatic recombination | social care region | summary care record | This term got 76 hits on 23102011 and thus may not be in common use | Sustainable Cell Rate | Sustain Cell Rate | Serum Creatinine


PSC Stands For : Pediatric Symptom Checklist | peptide-sensitive channel | peripheral stem cell | Pharmaceutical Services Committee | posterior semicircular canal | posterior subcapsular cataract | Postmarket Strategies Committee | Primary Service Coordinator | primary synovial chondromatosis | primitive stem cells | prospective studies collaboration | public sector comparator | Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center | Posterior subcapsular cataract | Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis


HITS Stands For : Heavy Intensive Targeting Strategy | Hull Integrated Technology System | High Rate Multiplexer Input/Output Test System | Highway In The Sky


HITS Stands For : Headend-In-The-Sky, Headend In The Sky


HITS Stands For Hospitality Information Technology Studies| Human Information Technology Systems


ECC Stands For : Economic Coordination Committee | Engineer Coordination Cell | Evacuation Control Center | EXFOR Coordination Cell | Experiment Control Center | Engineering Change Control | Engineering Critical Component


HITS Stands For : Hacking Information Trade Site | Hyperlink Induced Topic Search | Hypertext Induced Topic Search


TIDC Stands For : Teacher Innovation Development Centre | Teaching Innovation And Development Committee | Technical Information And Documentation Centre | Test Individual Disk Certificate | Texas Information Development Commission | The Internet Dictionary Company | Tiontripura Industrial Development Corporation | To The Internet Dictionary Company | Tourism Industry Development Centre | Tourism Industry Development Council | Tourism Information And Development Centre | Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation | Trinity Irish Dance Company | Tripura Industrial Developm


CENTER Stands For : Continuing Education Network For Training Enrichment And Renewal


DPC Stands For : Deception Planning Cell | Defense Planning Committee | Digital Pitch Control | Civil Protection Department (Italy) | Dark Phoenixx Clan | Dog Pound Crew | Development Planning Council | District Peoples Committee | Destination Point Code


ARC Stands For : absolute reticulocyte count | Accreditation Review Committee | Accreditation Review Council | Addiction Research Center | Ageing Research Centre | AIDS-related complex | AIDS-related condition | Annual Report on Carcinogens | Application Review Committee | Arthritis and Rheumatism Council | Arthritis Rehabilitation Center | Australian Resuscitation Council | Accessible | Annual Rate of Change | Antigen Responsive Cell | Access Respite Care | Aerobic Respiration Control | Age-Related Cataract | Aggregation of Red Cells | AIDS Related Complex | Atypical Re


OIVD Stands For : Office of In-Vitro Diagnostic Device Evaluation and Safety


DiET Stands For : Diagnostic and Evaluation Tools for Natural Language Applications


PDL Stands For : Pacific Diagnostic Laboratories | Premiere Diagnostic Laboratory | Preston Deeply Labs | Pregnancy Disability Leave | Petra Diamonds | Pocket Diagnostic Link | North American Palladium


SQC Stands For : service quality committee | squamous cell | squamous cell carcinoma


BET Stands For : back electron transfer | Benefit Evaluation of Direct Coronary Stenting | benign epithelial tumour | benign essential tremor | bicycle exercise test | big endothelin | blood exchange transfusion


CD Stands For : cadaveric donor | caesarean delivery | Canavan disease | canine distemper | capillary diameter | carbon dioxide | cardiac denervation | cardiac disease | cardiac dysfunction | Castleman‰Ûªs disease | catalytic domain | cathepsin D | cation dependent | celiac disease | cell death | cell density | cell dissociation | centre distance | cerebellar degeneration | cervical dystonia | Chagas disease | challenge dose | chemical dependency | chemical diabetes | chiral discrimination | choline deficiency | chronic dialysis | chronic dizziness | cigarettes/d


MREC Stands For : mismatch repair enzyme cleavage | Multicentre Research Ethics Committee (ethics committee) | microbial reverse electrodialysis cell | Multi-centre Research Ethics Committee


PCC Stands For : Public Consultation Centre | Poison Control Center | Pakistani Community Council | Publication and Communication Commission | Chief Postal Clerk | Partnership Coordination Cell | Percentage of Correct Classification | Personnel Contingency Cell | Policy Coordination Committee | Presidents Conference Committee | Primary Control Center | Pseudo City Code | Pad Control Center | Payload Control and Checkout | Power Converter for CDMU | Production Control Centers | Partido Carlista de Catalu̱a | Partido Comunista Canario | Partit dels Comunistes de Catalunya


CQUIN Stands For : Commissioning for Quality and Innovation | This term got 4 hits on 05112011


RCC Stands For : rape crisis centre | Rathke cleft cyst | red cell cast | regional cancer centre | Registered Clinical Counsellor | right common carotid | Rural Community Council | Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center | Red blood Cell Count | Red Cell Concentrate | renal cell cancer | Rotterdam Coronary Calcification Study | Renal Cell Carcinoma


ADC Stands For : Air Data Computer | Agility Dog of Canada | Acronym Development Company | Aden Daniel Carl | Area Distribution Center | Adobe Developer Connection | Advanced Direct Connect | After Dark Committee | Agricultural Digital Camera | American Diagnostic Corporation | Analog to Digital Converters | Antwerp Diamond Community | Application Defense Center | application delivery controller | Applied Data Corporation | Area Defense Counsel | Arkansas Department of Correction | Arkansas Department of Corrections | Association Of District Councils | Association of Div


MCEC Stands For : Mendick Cardiac Evaluation Center | Murine Cardiac Endothelial Cell line


CFEP Stands For : Canadian Field Epidemiology Program | Cash Flow Enhancement Program | Cell Free Elicitor Preparation | Center For Educational Partnerships | Center For Environmental Politics | Child Forensic Evaluation Program | Chorro Flats Enhancement Project | Citizens For Equal Protection | Client Focused Evaluations Program | Community Facility Enhancement Program | Conselho Federal De Economistas Profissionais | Cooperative Fertilizer Evaluation Program | Ctioncitizens For Equal Protection


EEC Stands For : ectodermal dysplasia with ectrodactyly and cleft lip or palate | endometrial epithelial cells | enteropathogenic Escherichia coli | exstrophy-epispadias complex


CSC Stands For : Community Sector Coalition | Circulating Stem Cell | Cell Surface Complex | Chondroitin Sulfate C | Cytokine-Secreting Cell | Cancer Stem Cell | Cardiac Stem Cell | Central Serous Chorioretinopathy | Cervical Sympathetic Chain


PDU Stands For : power Doppler ultrasonography | pulsed Doppler ultrasonography | Perinatal Diagnostic Unit | PropaneDiol Utilization


FDC Stands For : Fior Di Conio (Italian coin condition equivalent of Uncirculated or Mint State) | Fleur De Coin (French | Fault Detection Classification | Future Disney Cabinet | First Day Cover | First Day Cover | First Day Cover | Facility Development Corporation | FACULTY DEVELOPMENT CENTER | Family Day Care | Family Development Credential | Family Developmental Center | Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic | Federal Direct Consolidation | Fire Direction Control | Fixed Data Collection | Flatbush Development Corporation | Flexible Display Center | floppy drive controller


HSC Stands For : haematopoietic stem cell | Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland | health screening centre | Health Select Committee | Health Service Circular | Health Service Commissioner | heat shock consensus | horizontal semicircular canal | hysteroscopy | hematopoietic stem cell(s) | hematopoietic stem cell | Health and Safety Commission


SRC Stands For : Security Risk Category | Service Reception Center | Single Integrated Operational Plan (SIOP) Response Cell | Standard Requirements Code | Standard Rolling Conditions | Standard Source Requirement Code | Submarine Rescue Chamber | Survival Recovery Center | Sample Return Container | Software Requirements Committee | State Records Center | State Regulatory Commission | Student Representative Council | Scientific Review Committee


LTC Stands For : large transformed cell | leukotriene C | local tumour control | long-term care | long-term condition | lysed tumour cell | Long Term Care | Long Term Care


EAC Stands For : Expert Advisory Committee (Canada) | East African Command | Echelons Above Corps | Emergency Action | Emergency Action Committee | Emergency Action Console | Estimate At Completion | Evaluation and Analysis Center | Energy Absorbing Capacity | Estimate At Completion | Experiment Apparatus Container | Elite Assassins Clan | Eastern Area Center | Echelons Above Corps | Endocrine Advisory Committee | Eastern Africa Community


ECTMS Stands For : electronic clinical transfusion management system | This term had 89 hits on 05112011 and apparently was a pilot programme


IEEC Stands For : Inland Empire Energy Center | Innovation And Engineering Excellence Centre | Innovation Engineering Excellence Centre | Institutional Educational Evaluation Committee | Integrated Electronics Engineering Center | Interagency Energy Efficiency Committee | International Education Exchange Council


PTL Stands For : pancreatic triglyceride lipase | patient targeting list | patient tracking list | peripheral T cell lymphoma | preterm labour | primary thyroid lymphoma | This term got 45 hits on 23102011 | Pre Term Labor | Purple Tailed Lizard


DC(s) Stands For : dendritic cell(s)


ICC Stands For : immunocytochemistry | Indian childhood cirrhosis | infection control committee | Integrated Child Credit | Integrated Commissioning Consortium | intercalated cells | internal conversion coefficient | interstitial cell of Cajal | intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma | invasive cervical carcinoma | Intensive coronary care


FDC(s) Stands For follicular dendritic cell(s)


CDAC Stands For : Center For Development Of Advanced Computing | Centre Development For Advanced Computing | Chinese Development Assistance Council | Circle Drive Alliance Church | Classified Development Advisory Committee | College Discipline Area Committe | College Discipline Area Committee | Colorado District Attorneys Council | Colorado District Attorneys Council | Communication Disabilities Access Canada | Community Decommissioning Advisory Committee | Community Design Assistance Center | Community Development Advisory Comittee | Community Development Advisory Committee |


CDRC Stands For : California Dispute Resolution Council | Career Development And Resource Center | Career Development Resource Centre | Child Development Research Center | Child Development Resource Center | City of Dallas Regional Center | Civic Design Review Committee | Clinical Diagnostics Research Consortium | Coeliac Disease Resource Centre | Common Drug Review Committee | Community Design Resource Center | Community Design Review Committee | Community Development Research Center | Community Dispute Resolution Center | Community Dispute Resolution Centers | Conflict Dis


MCC Stands For : Maneuver Control Center | Marine Component Commander | Maritime Component Commander | Master Control Console | Micro Climatic Cooling | Military Cooperation Committee | Military Coordinating Committee | Military Coordination Center | Mission Control Cell (w/in CARS) | Mission Control Center | Mobility Control Center | Movement Control Center | Main Combustion Chamber | Mid-Course Correction | Mission Control Center | Motor Control Center | Madison County Customs | Mill Creek Canyon | Maintenance Control Center | Micro Compact Car | Motor Control Center


SC Stands For Saratoga Champlain| Self Consistent| Seabed Classification| Space Council| Square Connector| Star Cluster| Stem Clearance| Scandium| Silicon Carbide| Solid Carbide| Suspendable Concentrate| Scientific Community| Secondary Campus| Stevenson Center| Stockton College| Study Committee| Sub Campus| Sapphire Carrier| Semi-Conducting| Slow Close| Socket Contact| Super Cell| Scattering Chamber| Schwartzschild Constant


TCC Stands For : Tactical Command Center | Technical Command Center | Technical Control Cell | Telecommunications Center | Theater Communication Command | Theater Communications Control | Transmission Control Code | Transportation Component Command | Test Control Center | Thermal Control Coating | The Crackhead Clubhouse | Tank Car Committee | Torque Converter Clutch | Transportation Component Command | Transportation Control Center | Transportation Coordinating Committee | Total Construction Cost | Transaction Classification Code


EBME Stands For : Electro Biomechanical Engineer | Note: This term appears on several lists of abbreviations and acronyms that I found on this side of the pond There were no (none) hits on 05112011


SCoRPME Stands For : Standing Committee on Regional Postgraduate Medical Education | This term got 3 hits on 23102011


JHAC Stands For : Jackson Hole Athletic Club | Job Hazard Analysis Checklist | John Henryism Active Coping | Joint Health Advisory Cell | Joint Highways Agency Committee | Justice And Home Affairs Committee


CDER Stands For : Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (United States Food and Drug Administration) | Center for Drug Evaluation and Research | Center for Drug Evaluation and Research | Center for Drug Evaluation and Research | Center for Drug Evaluation and Research


EGF Stands For : Epidermal Growth Factor | Epithelial Growth Factor


JPC Stands For : Joint Planning Cell | Joint Postal Cell | Joint Power Condition | Joint Parliamentary Committee | jpc:joint parliamentary council


IPC Stands For : In-Process Control | Initial Planning Conference | Integration Planning Cell | Inter Process Communications | Interagency Planning Cell | Intermittent Positive Control | Indian Penal Code | Intelligent Peoples Crime | Independent Political Committee | Indochina Peace Campaign


AESC Stands For : Aeromedical Evacuation Support Cell | Aerospace Environment Support Center | Aerojet ElectroSystems Company | Alabama Employer Services Committee


SFC Stands For Strategy Free Criterion| Space Forecast Center| Spot Forming Cell| Student Fee Committee| Sigma Frequency Control| Supercritical Fluid Chromatography| Sideway Force Coefficient


SCC Stands For : Short Course Chemotherapy | Squamous Cell Carcinoma | Strategic Cell Controller | Somatic Cell Count


DEC Stands For : Dominion Executive Committee | Digital Equipment Corporation | Declination | Department of Environmental Conservation | Department of Environmental Control | Disaster Emergency Committee | Drug Evaluation and Classification


WBC Stands For : White Blood Corpuscle or leukocyte | White Blood Cells | White Blood Cell | White Blood Cell | White Blood Cell count | White Blood Cell | White Blood Cell count


APC Stands For : absolute phagocyte count | advanced pancreatic cancer | alkylphosphocholine | alternative pathway of complement (activation) | Ambulatory Patient Classification | anterior polar cataract | antigen-presenting cell | apoptotic cells | Area Prescribing Committee | aspirin | associative parietal cortex | atrial premature contraction | autologous platelet concentration | Ambulatory Payment Classification | Argon Plasma Coagulation | Anaphase Promotion Complex | Antigen Presenting Cells | Average Propensity to Consume | adenomatous polyposis coli | Activated Pr


TGCT Stands For : Testicular Germ Cell Transplantation | Testicular Germ Cell Tumor | Testicular Germ Cell Tumors | Testicular Germ Cell Tumour | Testicular Germ Cell Tumours | Transport Garanti Court Terme


CCE Stands For : Centre for Clinical Effectiveness | cholesterol crystal embolisation | clear cell endothelioma | clear cell ependymoma | completed consultant episode | comprehensive clinical examination | cruciform cutting endonuclease | Clinical Care Extender | care coordination entity/ies | Clubbing | Clubbing


RAC Stands For Rockefeller Archive Center| Revue dAnthropologie des Connaissances| Radio Amateurs Of Canada| Resident Activity Committee| RAMBUS ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) Cell| Remote Access and Control


SCROC Stands For Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee


DAC Stands For Design Automation Conference| Data Assembly Center| Diamond Anvil high pressure Cell| diamond anvil cell| Drug Affinity Complex| Dean Advisory Council| Digital-to-Analog Converter| Dual Attached Concentrator| diamond anvil cell


EH Stands For : eccentric hypertrophy | emotional handicap | emotionally handicapped | employee health | endometrial hyperplasia | enlarged heart | epidermal hyperplasia | epidermolytic hyperkeratosis | epidural haematoma | epithelial hyperplasia | epithelioid haemangioma | epithelioid hemangioendothelioma | essential hypertension | extramedullary haematopoiesis | extremely high


PTDS Stands For : Parker Team Development Survey | Photo Thermal Deflection Spectroscopy | Pit Type Disassembly System | Pizza Thermal Delivery System | Pneumatic Tool Diagnostic System | Post Test Diagnostic System | Precision Time Distribution System


PC Stands For : patient choice (NHS Choices) | Patients‰Ûª Council | peak capacity | penetrating cell | pentose cycle | pericarditis | pericentral | peripheral cell | phaeochromocytoma | phenol coefficient | phobia clinic | phosphate cycle | phosphatidylcholine‰ÛÒlecithin | phosphocholine | phosphocreatinine | phosphorylcholine | physocyanin | plasma cell | plasmacytoma | platelet concentrate | platelet count | pneumotaxic centre | polycarbosilane | portable computer | portocaval | post cibum | posterior chamber Ophthalmology | posterior commissure Neuroanatomy |


FDC Stands For : Familial Dilated Cardiomyopathy | Follicular Dendritic Cell | fixed dose combination | Feline Domesticus Cat