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What does FBE mean?

This page is all about the meaning, abbreviation and acronym of FBE explaining the definition or meaning and giving useful information of similar terms.

FBE Stands For : Full Blood Examination

What is FBE?

There may be more than one meaning of FBE, so check it out all meanings of FBE one by one.

FBE definition / FBE means?

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What is the meaning of FBE?

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Related Full Forms - Terms


FULL Stands For : H B Fuller Company


BLOOD Stands For : be loyal or otherwise die | Blood Love Overcomes Our Depressions | Brotherly Love Overcomes Oppression And Despair | Brotherly Love Overcomes Oppression And Destruction | Bustas Live Only One Day


FBC Stands For : female breast cancer | fetal brain cells | full business case | functional bladder capacity | Full Blood Count | Family Birthing Center | Full Blood Count


FTCE Stands For : Faculty Training And Continued Education | Florida Teacher Certification Exam | Florida Teacher Certification Examination | Florida Teacher Certification Examinations | Florida Teachers Certification Examination | Ftceflorida Teacher Certification Examinations | Full Time Career Employee | Full Time Career Employees


FCE Stands For First Certificate Examination| Full Course Equivalent


FTE Stands For : Full-time Equivalent Weeks | Full Time Equivalence | Full Time Equivalency | Full Time Effort | Full Time Employee | Full Time Employees | full time equivalent | Fulltime Equivalent | Forte Energy | France Telecom | Full Time Employee | Full Time Equivalent | Foundation for Teaching Economics


TSE Stands For : testicular self-examination | total skin examination | tESTICULAR SELF-EXAM | TESTICULAR SELF-EXAMINATION | Testicular Self Examination | Transcutaneous Spinal Electroanalgesia | Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy


BSE Stands For : backscatter electrons | behavioural summarised evaluation | breast self-examination | British Society of Echocardiography | bystander effect | bovine spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow disease) | Breast self-exam | Breast Self Examination | Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy | Breast Self Examination | Breeding Soundness Examination | Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy | Breeding Sheep Examination | Breeding Soundness Examination


EUA Stands For : examination under anaesthesia | Examination Under Anesthesia | Examination Under Anesthesia | examination under anesthesia | Examination Under Anesthetic


BV Stands For : bacterial vaginitis | baculovirus | balloon valvuloplasty | bee venom | biliverdin | binocular vision | biventricular | bleomycin and vincristine | blood velocity | blood vessels | blood viscosity | Bacterial vaginosis | Bacterical Vaginosis | Bacterial Vaginosis | Blood Vessel | Blood Volume | Bone Volume | Breeding Value


CBC Stands For : Circulating Blood Count | Complete Blood Count | Cardiopulmonary Blood Count | Cell Blood Count | Complete Blood Count | National Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count


FQE Stands For : Fast Quiet Engine | Final Qualifying Examination | First Quality Enterprises | Fluorescence Quantum Efficiency | Fondation qu̩b̩coise en environnement | Friends of Queen Elizabeths | Full Quartz Element


O/E Stands For : (findings) on examination | upon examination: | On Examination


FTE Stands For : Full-Time Equivalent | Flight Test and Evaluation | Full Time Employment | Factory Test Equipment | Flight Test Engineer | Forced Test End | Full Time Equivalent | Full Time Employed | full-time equivalent | Fully Taxable Equivalent


OE Stands For : On Examination | Orthopedic Examination | Otitis Externa


WBC Stands For : White Blood Corpuscle or leukocyte | White Blood Cells | White Blood Cell | White Blood Cell | White Blood Cell count | White Blood Cell | White Blood Cell count


IME Stands For : Independent Medical Examination | Insurance Monitored Examination | Independent Medical Examination | Independent Medical Evaluation | Independent Medical Examination


IMBF Stands For : Inner Medullary Blood Flow | Intestinal Microvascular Blood Flow | IntraMuscular Blood Flow


ABG Stands For : abnormal blood gas | air bone gap | alveolar bone grafting | area-based grant | autogenous bone graft | axiobuccogingival Dentistry | American Barley Genomic | Aerobic Bacterial Generator | Arterial Blood Gas | Arterial Blood Gases


FOBT Stands For : Fixed Odds Betting Terminals | Faecal Occult Blood Test | Faecal Occult Blood Tests | fecal occult blood testing | fecal occult blood tests | First order beam theory | Fixed Odd Betting Terminal | Friends of Buckden Towers


BBB Stands For : Behandia Blodtryck Battre study | Blood Brain Barrier | Blood Brain Barrier | Body Balanced Board | Bundle Branch Block | Blood Brain Barrier


RBC Stands For : Red Blood Cell | Red Blood Cells | Red Blood Count | Red Blood Cell (count)


FMV Stands For : Fender Marshall Vox | Full Motion Videos | Full Motional Video


FT Stands For : Faint | Favorite Things | Full of Trash | Full Text


FOS Stands For : Full Order Scan | Finkel Osteogenic Sarcoma | Full Of Stool (constipated)


FTFY Stands For : For The Full Year | Fit After Fifty | Full Time


OSCE Stands For : Objective Structured Clinical Examination | Oral Simulated Clinical Examination | Objective Structured Clinical Examinations | objective structured clinical examination | Objective Structured Clinical Examination


FSD Stands For : Flying Screen Deterioration | Full Scale Development | Full Scale Development life cycle phase | Flight Simulation Division | Full Scale Development | Full Scale Development life cycle phase | Fleet Services Division | Family Support Division | Full Scale Development life cycle phase

ISBT 128

ISBT 128 Stands For : International Society of Blood Transfusion standard for blood


ABB Stands For : African Blood Brotherhood | Always Backing Bush | Anybody But Boxer | Arabian Blood Brothers


FSBS Stands For : Fetal Scalp Blood Sampling | Finger Stick Blood Sugar


RBS Stands For : Ribosome Binding Site | Random Blood Sugar | Routine Blood Screen


HPE Stands For : Health Promotion England (abolished | hepatoportoenterostomy | higher professional education | histopathological examination | holoprosencephaly | hydrostatic pulmonary (o)edema | Hypericum perforatum extract | History and Physical Examination | Human Phisiological Equivalent


FSS Stands For Flight Service Station| Final Steady State| Full Substitution Saturation| Faculty| Full Scale Span


FHD Stands For : Felix H Dahlke | Fine Home Displays | Florida Hometown Democracy | Full High Definition | Full Highness Dammit


bld Stands For : blood | Breakfast Lunch Dinner | Blood


DWPE Stands For : Detention Without Physical Examination | Detained Without Physical Examination


BP Stands For : bacterial peritonitis | bacterial prostatitis | basic protein | bathroom privileges | bed pan | Bell‰Ûªs palsy | bench press | benefit period | binding potential | binding protein | bowenoid papulosis | bullous pemphigoid | Before Penicillin | British Pharmacopea | Base Pair | Big Poops | blood pressure | Blood Pressure | Bacillary Peliosis | Bacterial Pneumonia | Before Plague | Blood Pollution | Blood Pressure | Body Part | British Pharmacopoeia | Balaenoptera Physalus (fin-back whale) | Bond Pair


PRBC Stands For : Pacific Rim Bloodhound Club | Packed Red Blood Cell | Parasitized Red Blood Cells | Pay Rent Build Credit


BSD Stands For : Blood Service Directive | Battery Status Display | Blood Supply Detachment | Brief Study Debrief | Back Seat Driver


BGA Stands For : Bermuda grass allergen | blood gas analysis | blood group antigen | brilliant green agar | Behavior Genetics Association


WBCT Stands For : Whole Blood Clotting Time | Whole Body Computerized Tomography | Whole Body CyroTherapy | Whole Blood Clotting Time | Whole Blood Coagulation Time


FH Stands For : Fitzwilliam Henry | Force Hunters | Fantasy Hero | FarmHouse Fraternity | Fast Hammer | Fast Hosts | Fat Head | Field Heating | Fluorescent High | Forest Hills | Forgotten Hope | Frat House | Freaking Hello | French Hooks | Fuels For Hot | Full Head | Full Health | Full Height | Fun Husband | Future Harvest | Future Husband


FTM Stands For : Financial Tax Management | Find The Money | Full Team Meeting | Freight Traffic Manager | Full Time Manual | Fan-Type Marker | Flat Tire Monitor


BS Stands For : Bachelor of Surgery | backscatter spectroscopy | bariatric surgery | Bartter syndrome | basisphenoid | bedside | Beh̤et syndrome | bile salt | bismuth subsalicylate | bismuth sulphite | blepharospasm | blood sample | blood smear | bone scan | bone scintigraphy | bovine serum | brain stem | bronchial secretion | Bureau of Standards | Blood Sugar | Body Smell | Bone Stock | Bowel Sounds | Brain Size | Brain State | Breath Sounds | Blood Sugar | Bear Spotter | Black Swallowtail


FBSM Stands For : Full Booty Stuffing Massage | Food Bank St Marys | Full Body Sensual Massage


NCE Stands For : Na+/Ca2+ exchange | national certification examination | National Confidential Enquiry | National Counselor Examination for Licensure and Certification negative contrast echocardiography | net current expenditure | noncontact erection | normal cervical epithelium


FOM Stands For Full Orthogonal Method| Full Orthogonal Methods| Filter Oscillator Mixer


BPR Stands For : blood pressure recorder | blood pressure response | Business Process Reengineering | Binding Potential Ratio


NRBC Stands For : Northlakes Reformed Baptist Church | Nucleated Red Blood Cell | Nucleated Red Blood Cells


FT Stands For : Fair Trade | Final Total | Funds Transfer | Fotoapparat Tokareva | France Techno | France Telecom | For Trade | Forward Thinking | From To | Free Trade | Franklin Universal Trust | Fortune Teller | Full Time | Functional Trainer | Fast Taper | Fierce Teapot | Flat Tank | Flat Top | Full Teflon | Full Thickness | Fast Trade | Fortune Minerals


FA Stands For : False Alarm, Full Abstraction, Failed Answer, Factory Automation, Full Adder, Finite Automata, Finite Automaton, Foreign Agent, Functional Application


DOE Stands For : Dishonest Outrageous Employees | date of examination | DATE(S) OF EXAMINATION | Depending On Experience | Determined on Employment | Direct Order Entry | Department Of Energy | Depends On Experience | Director Of Engineering | PowerShares DB Crude Oil Double Short Exchange Traded Notes


GSE Stands For : Grapefruit Seed Extract | Ground Support Equipment | Generic Structure Editor | Genital Self Examination | Ghassan Salih Elwadiy | Giant Size Enemabag | Golden State Examination | Gordon Safety Engineering | Government Service Employee | Graduate Student Executive | Group Study Exchange


RBC Stands For : Red Blood Cells | Red Blood Cells | Rotating Beam Ceilometer | Red Brick Crew


MMSE Stands For : Mini-Mental State Examination | mini-mental status examination


BG Stands For : Blood Glucose | Blood Glucose | Bone Graft | Baby Groundhog


CEEB Stands For : Central And Eastern European And Baltic | College Entrance Examination Board | College Examination Entrance Board


SMBG Stands For : Self Monitor Blood Glucose | Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose


FMB Stands For : Full Message Buffer, Full Message Buffer, Flexible Mother Board, Floating Modulo Base, WordPerfect for Windows File Manager Button bar


WBCC Stands For : White Blood Cell Count | Whole Blood Cell Cultures | White Blood Cell Count


FT Stands For : Fallot‰Ûªs tetralogy | Family Therapy | Full Term | Function Test | Free Testosterone | Free Thyroxine | full-term | Fallopian Tube | False Teeth


FOS Stands For : Finger Of Suspicion | Forward Observer System | Forward Operating Site | Full Of Shit | Full Operational Status | Faint Object Spectrograph | Flight Operations Support | Ferry Operators Service | Freedom Of Speech


BBI Stands For : Blood-Bourne Infection | blood-bourne infections | blood-bourne infections | blood-bourne infections


FYE Stands For : full year effect | full year equivalent


FTG Stands For Full Tensor Gradient| Field Testing Group| Full Tensor Gradient| Flower Transport Gel


BB Stands For : Baby Boy | Bed Board | Building Block | Beta Blocker | Bionic Brain | Blood and Brain | Blood Bank | Both Bones | Break the Backache | Breakthrough Bleeding | Baby Bear


FBI Stands For : Finest Bar In | Found Beer Inside | Facilitators of Banner Instruction | Famous But Incompetent | Far Behind Intelligence | Fat Barbies Idolized | Fat Bellied Inbred | Fat Big Italian | Federal Bacon Investigation | Federal Blonde Intelligance | Federal Bobcat Investigator | Federal Booty Investigator | Federal Bunk Inhalers | Federal Bureau of Illusions | Federal Bureau of Imagination | Federal Bureau of Incineration | Federal Bureau of Incompetence | Federal Bureau of Ineptitude | Federal Bureau of Insubordination | Federal Bureau of Interconnection |


NOTCE Stands For : National Occupational Therapist Certification Examination | National Occupational Therapy Certification Examination


CBF Stands For : Cerebral Blood Flow | Coronary Blood Flow | Cerebral Blood Flow


FOJ Stands For : First Of June | Friends Of Jill | Federal Office of Justice | Fondation Officielle de la Jeunesse | Friend Of Jill | Friends Of Jaclyn | Friends Of Joe | Full of Joy | Full Outer Join


BU Stands For : base up Optics | Bethesda Unit | biological unit | blood unit | blood urea | Bodansky Unit | bromouracil | burn unit | busulfan


FTS Stands For : Fault Tolerant System, Flex Image Transport Graphics file, Full-Text Search results file, Field Technical Service, Full Text Search


BBP Stands For : benign breast problems | blood-borne pathogen | Blood Borne Pathogen | bloodborne pathogen | Branchpoint Binding Protein


FWHP Stands For Full Width at Half Peak| Full Width at Half Power


USMLE Stands For : United States Medical Licensing Examination | United States Medical Licence Examination | United States Medical Licensing Examination | United States Medical Licensing Examinations


VSF Stands For : Variable Speed Feed, McAfee VirusScan 6.0 - Full Version, McAfee VirusScan 6.0 - Full Version, Veracity Snapshot File


BAC Stands For : bank automated credit | Beneficiary Advisory Committee | bile acid concentration | Bereavement Advisory Council | Bacterial Artificial Chromosome | Blood Alcohol Concentration | blood alcohol content


BSL Stands For : benign symmetrical lipomatosis | bile salt-limited lipase | Bio-Safety Level | biosafety level | Blood Sugar Level | Blood Sugar Level


BA Stands For : Brush Aid | Bacilus Anthraxis | blood alcohol | ???? | brain abscess | breast abscess | Barium | Beer Allergy | Blood Alcohol | Bone Age | Brachial Artery | Breast Augmentation | Bronchial Asthma | British Arabian


PBL Stands For : primary brain lymphoma | primary breast lymphoma | problem-based learning | Peripheral Blood Leukocytes | Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes


FBS Stands For : Fasting Blood Sugar | Fetal Bovine Serum | Fasting Blood Sugar


FA Stands For : Fly Ash | Federal Assassin | Filing Action | field artillery | Feasibility Assessment | Field Artillery | Field Attachable | Fighter Attack | Firozpur Arsenal | Force Analyzer | Form Application | Forward Array | Frankford Arsenal | Freeboard Aft | Freedom Arms | From Arpanet | Fuerza Armada | Full Armor | Full Automatic | Functional Area | Fusil Automatique | Failure Analysis | Final Approach | Final Assembly | First Alien | First Ascent | Flight Acceptance | Flight Aft | Fully Automatic | Full Automatic | Framework Agreement | Flight Attenda


FTE Stands For Full Time Equivalent| Fulltime Equivalent| Full Time Enrollment


VFE Stands For : Version with Full Encryption, Version with Full Encryption, Visual FoxExpress


FCTM Stands For : Fast Control Timing Module | Flight Crew Training Manual | Florida Council Of Teachers Of Mathematics | Freeway Corridor Traffic Management | Full Chemistry And Transport Model | Full Custom Texture Measurement | Functional Case Technology Model | Fuse Creative Talent Management


MMSE Stands For Mini Mental State Examination| Mini???Mental State Examination


CLEP Stands For College Level Examination Program| College Level Examination Program


DBP Stands For : Disinfection By-Products | diastolic blood pressure | Diastolic blood pressure


CBC Stands For : Complete Blood Count | Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation | Communist Broadcasting Censors | Cant Budget Contracts | Complete Blood Count | Cantonment Board Clifton | Corner Brake Control | Creping Blade Control


CLABSI Stands For : Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infection | Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections | central line‰ÛÒ associated blood stream infection


CQE Stands For Clinical Qualifying Examination| Clinical Qualifying Examination


FATSO Stands For : Fiber And Textile Student Organization | Full Analog Tape Simulator and Optimizer | Full Analog Tape Simulator Optimizer


JCEE Stands For : Joint Chief Environmental Engineer | Joint Chief Environmental Engineers | Joint College Entrance Exam | Joint College Entrance Examination | Joint Collegiate Entrance Examination | Joint Council Of Economic Education


NHANES Stands For : National Health And Nutrition Examination Survey | National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey


FPL Stands For : Final Printed Label | Fixed Price List | Florida Power & Light Company | Full Power Level | Full Power Load | Federal Poverty Level | Federal Poverty Level


FFGA Stands For : Fergus Falls Gymnastics Academy | Financial Fitness Greater Austin | First Financial Group of America | Florida Fancy Guppy Association | Full Funding Grant Agreement | Full Funding Grant Agreements | Fund For Global Awakening | Fund for Global AwakeningåÊ


BPC Stands For : Behavior Problem Checklist | blood precursor cell | British Pharmaceutical Codex | bronchial provocation challenge | Blood pressure cuff | British Pharmaceutical Codex | British Pharmaceutical Codex


BPAC Stands For : Blood Products Advisory Committee | Bi-national Public Advisory Council | Budget Program Activity Code | Bloomington Peace Action Coalition | Bethlehem Planning Advisory Committee | Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission | Blood Products Advisory Committee


FDX Stands For : Full Duplex | Full DupleX

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