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What does NBD mean?

This page is all about the meaning, abbreviation and acronym of NBD explaining the definition or meaning and giving useful information of similar terms.

NBD Stands For : Nucleotide Binding Domain | Nervous Break Down

What is NBD?

There may be more than one meaning of NBD, so check it out all meanings of NBD one by one.

NBD definition / NBD means?

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What is the meaning of NBD?

The meaning of the NBD is also explained earlier. Till now you might have got some idea about the acronym, abbreviation or meaning of NBD. What does NBD mean? is explained earlier. You might also like some similar terms related to NBD to know more about it.

Related Full Forms - Terms


BREAK Stands For : [ON/OFF] watch for a break in execution


DOMAIN Stands For : Distributed Operating Multi Access Interactive Network


BREAK Stands For : Breaking


Break Stands For form B (normally closed) contacts


NOD Stands For : Nuclear Oligomerization Domain | Non-Obese Diabetic Mice | nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain


CBD Stands For : calmodulin-binding domain | case-based discussion | cell-binding domain | closed bag drainage | collagen-binding domain | cortical bone density | Common Bile Duct | CorticoBasal Degeneration


NOD Stands For : Number Of Dogs | Nodistic Order of Destruction | Nation Of Deitys | Nations Of Defiance | Naval Ordinance Department | Netherworld Of Defication | Night Of Decadence | NOD32 | Non Obese Diabetic | north of Delmar | Novice Of Doom | Nucleotide Oligomerization Do | Nucleotide Oligomerization Domain


SNP Stands For : School Nurse Practitioner | Scottish Nationalist Party (!) | single nucleotide polymorphism (!) | sinonasal polyposis | sinus node potential | sodium nitroprusside | synaptophysin | Single Nucleotide Polymorphism | Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms | Single Nucleotide Polymorphism


DNS Stands For : Digital Network Services, Domain Name System, Domain Name Service, Domain Name Service, Digital Nervous System


RBD Stands For : Rho Binding Domain


LBD Stands For : Ligand Binding Domain


PNS Stands For : Pediatric Neuro- Surgery | peripheral nervous system | Peripheral Nervous System | Penile Numbness Syndrome | Percutaneous Neural Stimulator | Peripheral Nervous System


ZBDII Stands For Zinc Binding Domain 2


ZBDI Stands For Zinc Binding Domain 1


RBD Stands For : RAS Binding Domain | REM Behavior Disorder


CNS Stands For : Central Nervous System | Clinical Nurse Specialist | Community Nursing Service | Coagulase-Negative Staphylococcus | Crystallographic And Nmr System | Central Nervous System | Cardiovascular Nervous System | Central Nervous System | Coagulase Negative Staphylococcus | Congenital Nephrotic Syndrome | Crigler-Najjar Syndrome | Cutaneous Nerve Stimulation


hLBD Stands For : Hinge plus Ligand-binding Domain


chLBD Stands For : Chicken Liptin-Binding Domain


IPBD Stands For : Inositol Phosphate Binding Domain


DBD Stands For : DNA Binding Domain | Disruptive Behavior Disorder


PTPD Stands For : Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase binding Domain


ZBD Stands For Zinc Binding Domain| Zenithal Bistable Device


ABD Stands For : Actin Binding Domain | Abdomen | Abdominal | Adynamic Bone Disorder


DBM Stands For : Daily Bowel Movement | Di-nucleotide Binding Motif | Demineralized Bone Matrix | Demineralized Bone Matrix


DNS Stands For : Damn Naming Scheme | Darned Nasty Setup | Do Not Spit | A Data Network Server | Damn Network Solutions | Definitive No Swap | Did Not Show | Do Not Serve | Domain Name Search | Domain Name Server | Domain Name Servers | Domain Name Systemdns | Domain Name Systemfile | Domain Naming Service | Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization


SNP(s) Stands For : single nucleotide polymorphysm(s) | single nucleotide polymorphism(s)


TMBP Stands For : Testicular Metal Binding Proteins | Tilapia Mannose Binding Proteins | Trehalose Maltose Binding Protein


TBOI Stands For : Binding of Isaac | The Binding | The Binding of Isaac | The Brotherhood of Iron | The Brothers Of Invention | The Business of Influence


CBP Stands For : Community Bonus Pack | Calmodulin Binding Peptide | Choline Binding Protein | Creb Binding Protein


PSBD Stands For : Peripheral Subunit Binding Domain | Personal Services Business Determination | Pugsley Sidwell Business Development


ANS Stands For : ataxia neuropathy spectrum | Autonomic Nervous System | Autonomic Nervous System


G Stands For : form G (polar break; break) contacts, Get, Gzip, Graphics, Applause Data chart


PBD Stands For : peroxisome biogenesis disorder | Protein Binding Domain | Peroxisomal Biogenesis Disorder


BOAT Stands For : Break Open Another Thousand | Break Out Another Thousand | Bring Out Another Thousand | Bring Over Another Thousand | Buoyancy Operated Aquatic Transport | Bail Out Another Thousand | Beer On A Table | Better Organize Another Thousand | Big Ole Ass Truck | Bit Of A Twat | Break Out Another Twenty | Bring Out Anther Thousand | Bust Out Another Thousand | But Only Another Thousand


ABP Stands For : Achyranthes bidentata polysaccharides | actin-binding protein | acute bacterial prostatitis | acute biliary pancreatitis | Adriamycin (doxorubicin) | adriamycin | albumin binding protein | ambulatory blood pressure | American Board of Pathology | American Board of Pediatrics | American Board of Pedodontics (obsolete) | American Board of Periodontology | American Board of Prosthodontics | American Board of Psychotherapy | AMPA receptor binding protein | amyloid beta protein | anastomotic bursting pressure | androgen binding protein | antibiotic prophylaxis


TBPA Stands For : Thyroxin- Binding PreAlbumin | Transferrin- Binding Protein A


GOAB Stands For : gang operated air break | Geeks on a Beach | group operated air break | Growth On Annualized Basis


BREAKVIA Stands For : break / via | Break‰Û Via


H Stands For : Hexadecimal, Header file, form H (break; break) contacts, Hub, Hoax, Header


H Stands For Hamming| High| Hot| Hold| Honors| Hall| Handle| Hydrogen| Harvard| History| Honors| Humanities| form H (break; break) contacts| Heater (vacuum tube)| Henry| Hybrid| Hilly


BIR Stands For : baculoviral IAP repeat | break-induced replication | British Institute of Radiology | Break-Induced Replication | Biomedical Imaging Resource


FABP Stands For : Fatty Acid Binding Protein | Fatty Acid Binding Proteins | The Fatty Acids Binding Protein


G Stands For Given| Gate| Gully| Gravity| Glass| Graphite| Guanine| Gypsum| Gators| General Test| Genius| Good| Graduate| Guru| form G (polar break; break) contacts| Gate (transistor)| Grid (vacuum tube)


NP Stands For : N protein | nasal polyp | national priorities | National Program | National Programme | natriuretic peptide | nerve palsy | neural plate | neuritic plaque | neuropathic pain | neuropathy | neuropeptide | Niemann-Pick | nitrogen-phosphorus | nitroprusside | non-principal | nonapeptide | nonhistone protein | nonparametric | normal-phase | nosocomial pneumonia | not present | nucleoside phosphorylase | nucleotide pair | nucleus pulposus | Nucleotide Protein | nasal pack | nasopharyngeal | neuropsychiatric | Nasopharynx | Needle Punch | NeuroPathol


PRD Stands For : Performance Review and Development | positive regulatory domain | proline-rich domain


TBG Stands For : Thyroxine binding globulin capacity | Thyroid Binding Globulin


LBI Stands For : Laurel Business Institute | Legally Binding Instrument | Leo Baeck Institute | Let Bubbles impress | Library Binding Institute | Limited Background Investigation | Loyal Brothers Inc


CREB Stands For : cAMP Response Element Binding Protein | Cyclic-AMP Response Element Binding | Clinical Research Ethics Board


DNS Stands For : Domain Name Server | Directorate of National Security | Domain Name System | Dont kNow Squat | Driver Night Sight | Do Not Stop


IBC Stands For : Iron Binding Capacity | Institutional Biosafety Committee | Iron Binding Capacity | Inflammatory Breast Cancer


DNS Stands For : Domain Name Server | Domain Name System | Domain Name System


AN Stands For : Any Nucleotide


ACBP Stands For : Acyl CoA binding protein | acyl coenzyme A binding protein | Advanced Concepts Base Program | Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies | ATHLETIC CLUB BOURG PIERRELATTE | Atlantic City Beach Patrol


BD Stands For : Black Dial | Bondage and Discipline | Before Destruction | Bryan David | Bogies Demon | Bangladesh | A Baby Doll | A Butadiene Doi | Baby Dancing | Baby Diva | Baby Dsl | Bachelor of Divinity | Bachelors Degree | Backordered Demands | Bad Deals | Bad Driver | Bain Davis | Bande Desinee | Bande Dessinee | Bankers Daughter | Bantam Duty | Bead Door | Beam Dump | Bear Dude | Beautiful Day | Beautiful Disgrace | Beautiful Doll | Bed Down | Before Danmus | Behaviorally Disadvantaged | Belgium Distribution | Ben Davis | Ben Dover | Benedats Discov


SNP Stands For single-nucleotide polymorphism


PNS Stands For : Pin Number Syndrome | Point N Shoot | Pacific Northwest Snowfighters | Pakistani Naval Ship | Paraneoplastic Neurological Syndromes | Partnership for Nuclear Security | Pennsylvania Neurological Society | Perfect North Slopes | Periferal Nervous System | Peripheral Nerve Society | perspective in namek saga | pheriphical nervous system | Philadelphia Neuropsychology Society | Physician Network Services | Pissing Network System | Portsmouth Naval Shipyard | PPTP Network Server | Prefer Not to Say | Presbyterian Night Shelter | Public News Service


SNPs Stands For : single nucleotide polymorphisms


ABC Stands For : aberrant behaviour checklist | absolute blast count | absolute bone conduction | acalculous biliary colic | acid-based control | airway | alternative birth centre | aneurysmal bone cyst | antibody-binding capacity | apnoea | ATP-binding cassette transporter | avidin-biotin complex immunoperoxidase | axiobuccocervical Dentistry | Active Breathing Coordinator | Across Breed Comparison | Adaptive Behavior Center | Antibody Binding Capacity | Activated B Cell | Advanced Breast Cancer | Absolute Brain Control | Abstinence Behavioral Change | Airway Breathing


BCO Stands For : Base Commanding Officer | Binding Change Order | Binding Change Order


NtRTI Stands For : Nucleotide Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors


DN Stands For : Device Number, Domain Name, Domain Node, Dynamic Name, Directory Number, Distinguished Name


CBA Stands For : CarBoxylic Acid | cost-benefit analysis | cranial base angle | Competence-Based Assessment | Constricted Breathing Appliance | Collagen-Binding Assay | Competitive Binding Assay | Chocolate Blood Agar | Chronic Bronchitis and Asthma | Congenital Biliary Atresia | Cutting Balloon Angioplasty


LBP Stands For : LAND BANK OF THE PHILIPPINES | Lead Based Paint | left binding power | Licensed Building Practitioners | Lipopolysaccharide Binding Protein | Little Big Planet | Local Binary Pattern | Local Binary Patterns | London Biodiversity Partnership | Lower Back Pain | Lukas Bmw Performance


DARWIN Stands For : Data Analysis And Retrieval With Indexed Nucleotide


SNV Stands For : Specimen No Value | single nucleotide variant | Sin Nombre Virus


CNP Stands For Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterase| Certified Nurse Practitioner


NITS Stands For : Nervous In The Service


PDC Stands For : Primary Domain Controller, Plugin Delay Compensation, Pointer To Device Context, Primary Domain Controller, Programme Delivery Control, Problem Domain Component, Process Dependent Code, Program Delivery Control, Personal Digital Cellular, Personal Digital Communications, Processor Dependent Code


DDNS Stands For : Dynamic Domain Name Service | Dynamic Domain Name System


CND Stands For : Cider N Drugs | Concerned Nervous Disorder


ccTLD Stands For : country code Top Level Domain | contry code Top Level Domain | country code Top Level Domain | Country Code Top-Level Domain


DIG Stands For : Domain Information Groper | Domain Internet Groper


GND Stands For : Girls Need D | Graphic Not Done | Guilty Nervous Disorder | The Girl Next Door


JAXB Stands For : Java Architecture XML Binding, Java Architecture For Xml Binding


DSB Stands For : double strand break | double-strand break


PNS Stands For Peripheral nervous system| Pulsed Neutron Source| Perpetual Named Scholarship


PNS Stands For : Peripheral Nervous System | Premarket Notification Section | Pakistan Naval Services


CNS Stands For : Central Nervous System | Congress of Neurological Surgeons | Chinese National Standard | Communications


UIBC Stands For : Unsaturated Iron Binding Capacity | Unsaturated Iron Binding Capacity


TIBC Stands For : Total Iron Binding Capacity | Total Iron Binding Capacity


RDC Stands For : Remote Data Collector, Remote Data Concentrator, Remote Desktop Connection, Remote Domain Controller, Routing Domain Confederation, Random Data Compression, Report Designer Component


TBA Stands For : tert butyl alcohol | testosterone-binding activity | to be admitted | To Be Announced or Arranged | total bile acids | trabecular bone area | tracheobronchial amyloidosis | traditional birth attendant | transluminal balloon angioplasty | trypsin-binding activity | Traditional Birth Attendent | Trained Birth Assistant | To Be Arranged | Thoroughbred Breeders Association | Tropical Biology Association


SLUDGE Stands For : Salivation Lacrimation Urination Defecation Gastrointestinal distress Emesis (descriptions of the parasympathetic nervous system)


CTRD Stands For : Cardiac Transplant Research Database | C-terminal Transcriptional Repression Domain | C-terminal Transcriptional Repression Domain


PPB Stands For : Pre-Production Barrel | Paper Print and Binding | paper printing and binding | part per billion | Party Political Broadcast | Patriot Pride Band | permanent prostate brachytherapy | Petunia Pickle Bottom | Powdered Peanut Butter | Pregnancy and Perinatology Branch | Printing and Press Building | Procurement Policy Board | Project Power Beyblade | Public Policy Board | Parts Per Billion


CNSD Stands For : Certified Nutrition Support Dietitian | Central Nervous System Demyelination | Chronic Neuropathic Sensory Disorder


ENS Stands For : Earthquake Notification Service | Ecole normale sup̩rieure | Electronic Network Systems | Elite Navy Seals | Emergency Notification System | Empty Nose Syndrome | energy normalized statistics | Energy Not Supplied | Engineering Network Services | Enteric Nervous System | Enterprise Nervous System | Enterprise Network Systems | Enterprise Networking Solutions | Entertainment News and Sport | Environment News Service | Environmental News Service | Episcopal News Service | estimated net sales | European Network Services | European Neurological Society | E


SNV Stands For : s for Netherlands development | Schweizerische Normen Vereinigung | single nucleotide variation | SpiÁskÌÁ NovÌÁ Ves | Stichting Nederlandse Vrijwilligers | Survivors Not Victims | Sydney North Volleyball


OTDR Stands For : A Optical Time Delay Response | Optical Time Domain Reflectometers | Optical Time Domain Reflectometry


SLUDD Stands For : the functions of the parasympathetic nervous system is SLUDD (salivation


NT Stands For : NucleoTide | Nanofiller Technology | Naso-Tracheal | Natural Tendency | Nerve Treatment | Neurologically Typical | No Toes | Non-Tender | noninvasive testing | Normal Temperature | Not Tested | Not Tubercular


ONS Stands For : optical nerve sheath | optical nerves | Oncology Nursing Service | Other Nervous System


SNS Stands For : Supplemental Nursing System | Sympathetic nervous system


CRD Stands For : carbohydrate recognition domain | central respiratory drive | Centre for Reviews and Dissemination | child restraint device | childhood rheumatic disease | colorectal distension | cone-rod dystrophy | cysteine-rich domain | Chronic Reflux Disease | Chronic Renal Disease | Chronic Respiratory Disease


FDTD Stands For Finite Difference Time Domain| finite-difference time-domain| Finite Difference Time Domain


FDAF Stands For : Federal Drug Agents Foundation | Fife Domestic Abuse Forum | Ford Dealer Advertising Fund | Ford Dealers Advertising Fund | Formal Design Analysis Framework | Frequency Domain Adaptive Filter | Frequency Domain Adaptive Filtering


FQDN Stands For : Fully Qualified Domain Name, Fully Qualified Domain Name


BUT Stands For : Break-Up Time


BTK Stands For Break Tank

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