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What does REDIC mean?

This page is all about the meaning, abbreviation and acronym of REDIC explaining the definition or meaning and giving useful information of similar terms.

REDIC Stands For : Resource Use and Disease Course in Dementia

What is REDIC?

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REDIC definition / REDIC means?

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What is the meaning of REDIC?

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Related Full Forms - Terms


REDIC Stands For : Ridiculous


REDIC Stands For Research Equipment Database in CERIF


CVD Stands For : carvedilol | cerebrovascular disease | chronic valvular disease | chronic venous disease | cisplatin | clinical valve dysfunction | collagen vascular disease | coronary vascular disease | cardiovascular disease | CardioVascular Disease | Cerebro-Vascular Disease


IBD Stands For : interest-bearing debt (!) | irritable bowel disease | ischaemic brain disease | Isolation By Distance | Identity By Descent | inflamatory bowel disease | irritable bowel disease | Inclusion Body Disease | Infectious Bursal Disease | Inflammatory Bowel Disease


ASD Stands For : acute stress disorder | adaptive seating device | adult Still‰Ûªs disease | aldosterone secretion defect | Alzheimer‰Ûªs senile dementia | androstenedione | arthroscopic subacromial decompression | autosensitisation spongiotic dermatitis | acute stress disorder | Autism Spectrum Disorder | autism spectrum disorders | Academic Skills Disorder | Advanced Senility Disease | Anterior Segment Dysgenesis | Atrial Septal Defect | Autism Spectrum Disorder | Autistic Spectrum Disorder | Action for Singapore Dogs


CHD Stands For : Centre for Human Development | centre haemodialysis | Chediak-Higashi disease | Child Health Division | childhood disease | chronic haemodialysis | chronic heart disease | classic Hodgkin disease | congenital diaphragmatic hernia | congenital heart disease | Connection of Health Data & General Practice | conventional haemodialysis | cyclohexadiene | cystic hydatid disease | Coronary Heart Disease | Could Have Died | Chromo Helicase DNA | Coronary heart disease | Congenital Heart Defect | Congenital Hip Dislocation | Congenital Hip Disorder | Coronar


DRS Stands For : Delirium Rating Scale | Dementia Rating Scale | Dental Reference Service | Diabetic Retinopathy Study | disease-related survival | DNA repair synthesis | Dyskinesia Rating Scale | Drag Reduction System


CAD Stands For : Coronary Artery Disease | Caspase Activated Deoxyribonuclease | carotid artery disease | Compliance Aggression Detachment | Computer Aided Diagnosis | Coronary artery disease | Carbohydrate Addicts Diet | Cardial Arterial Disease | Coronary Artery Disease


CIND Stands For : Center for Imaging of Neurodegenerative Diseases | Cindycenter For Inherited Neurovascular Diseases | cognitive impairment no dementia | Cognitive Impairment Not Dementia


DP Stands For : deep pectoral | deep peroneal | definitive procedure | degradation product | degree of polymerisation | delta pattern | deltopectoral | delusional parasitosis | dementia praecox | dementia pugilistica | dental papillae | dental pulp | dermal papilla | dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans | desmoplakin | diabetes prone | diabetic polyneuropathy | diazepam | differential pulse | diffuse plaques | diphosphate | Director(ate) of Performance | disability pension | discriminating power | disopyramide phosphate | dispersion pattern | distal pancreatectomy | di


VD Stands For : Venereal disease - now usually called STD | Vaccine Dependent | Venereal Disease | Venereal Disease | Vaginal Discharge | Venereal Disease | Venous Dilation | Ventrodorsal | Visual Discrimination


MCD Stands For : Mouse Cytogenetic Database | Mad Cow Disease (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) | Multiple carboxylase deficiency | Mad Cow Disease | Minimal Change Disease


LSD Stands For : lesions simulating disease | Letterer-Siwe disease | lipid storage disease | local service desk | local spin density low sodium diet | low salt diet | lumpy skin disease | lysosomal storage disease | Lysosomal Storage Disorder | lysergic acid diethylamide | Lysosomal storage diseases | Last Stage Of Delirium


CDC Stands For : Cul De Canard | Crop Development Centre | Capital Disease Control | Camel Dive Club | Center for Disease Control | Center for Disease CONTROL‰Û?it | Center of Disease Control | Centers For | Centers for Disease Control | Certified Development Company | Community Distributed Cache | Cul de Cunard


CRD Stands For : carbohydrate recognition domain | central respiratory drive | Centre for Reviews and Dissemination | child restraint device | childhood rheumatic disease | colorectal distension | cone-rod dystrophy | cysteine-rich domain | Chronic Reflux Disease | Chronic Renal Disease | Chronic Respiratory Disease


NED Stands For : neuroectodermal dysplasia | neuroendocrine differentiation | no effort detected | normal equivalent deviation | No Evident Disease | No evidence of disease | New Eating Disorder | No evidence of disease


CSD Stands For : calcium sulphate dihydrate | carbonated soda drinks (!) | carotid sinus denervation | cause-specific death | cervical spine disorder | child survival and disease | cold shock domain | conduction system disease | cortical spreading depression | cysteine sulphinate decarboxylase | Central Supply Department | cat scratch disease | Cat Scratch Disease | current source density


LCDC Stands For : Lab Centre For Disease Control | Lackawanna Community Development Corporation | Lake City Development Corporation | Lakhra Coal Development Company | Lawndale Christian Development Corporation | Lightstone Community Development Corp | Logistics Concepts Development Centre | London Centre For Dementia Care | Louisville Central Development Corporation


PUD Stands For : Personal Urinary Device | peptic ulcer disease | Peri-Urethral Diathermy | Peptic Ulcer Disease | Pulmonary Disease | Pick Up Dogs


CDC Stands For : cancer diagnostic centre | capillary diffusion capacity | carboplatin | cardiac diagnostic centre | Center for Disease Control and Prevention (USA) | central data control | Certified Drug Counsellor | chemical dependency counsellor | chenodeoxycholate | child day center | child development centre | chronic disseminated candidiasis | Clostridium difficile colitis | collecting duct carcinoma | communicable disease center | communicable disease centre | complement-dependent cytolysis | complement-dependent cytotoxicity | Crohn‰Ûªs disease of colon | Centers


CDRC Stands For : California Dispute Resolution Council | Career Development And Resource Center | Career Development Resource Centre | Child Development Research Center | Child Development Resource Center | City of Dallas Regional Center | Civic Design Review Committee | Clinical Diagnostics Research Consortium | Coeliac Disease Resource Centre | Common Drug Review Committee | Community Design Resource Center | Community Design Review Committee | Community Development Research Center | Community Dispute Resolution Center | Community Dispute Resolution Centers | Conflict Dis


ACAD Stands For : academy | accelerated coronary artery disease | Ambulatory Care and Diagnostic Centre | asymptomatic coronary artery disease | atherosclerotic carotid artery disease | Azithromycin in Coronary Artery Disease | Ambulatory Care And Diagnosis


IMD Stands For : immune deficiency | immunodeficiency | index of multiple deprivations | institute for mental diseases | Institution for Mental Diseases | Invasive mold disease | Immune-Mediated Disease | Index of Multiple Deprivation | Inherited Metabolic Disease | Invasive Meningococcal Disease


PD Stands For : Paget‰Ûªs disease | pancreatic duct | pancreaticoduodenal | panic disorder | papillary dermatitis | paralysing dose | Parkinson‰Ûªs disease | pars distalis | partial deficiency | patent ductus | percutaneous drainage | perfusion defect | perinatal death | pesistent diarrhoea | Peyronie‰Ûªs disease | phosphate dehydrogenase | physical disabilities | Pick‰Ûªs disease | poorly differentiated | population doubling | posterior deltoid | posterior descending | postpartum day | prenatal diagnosis | prescribed dose | problem drinker | programmed death | pr


ADC Stands For : active diffusion control | adenylate cyclase | adrenal cortex | adult day care | affective disorders clinic | agar diffusion chamber | AIDS-dementia complex | albumin | Alzheimer‰Ûªs disease centre | analogue-to-digital computer | anchorage-dependent cell | anodal duration contraction Physiology | anthracenedicarboxyaldehyde | antibody-dependent cytotoxicity | apparent diffusion coefficient | arginine decarboxylase | automatic data capture | average daily census | axiodistocervical Dentistry | Ambulance Dispatch Center


VHD Stands For : valvular heart disease | ventricular heart disease | Valvular Heart Disease | Ventricular Heart Disease | Viral Hemorrhagic Disease


HD Stands For : Healthy Diet | distilled mustard | hip disarticulation | horse dander | High Dose | Hodgkins Disease (lymphoma) | Hearing Distance | Heart disease | Hemodialysis | Hip Dysplasia | Hospital Day | House Doctor | human ë±-defensin | Huntingtons Disease | Hyperactive Disorder | high dose


CRG Stands For : Camaro Research Group | Central Rock Gym | Childrens Resource Group | Committee for Rural Grant | Community Resource Group | Comprehensive Research Group | Constructors Racing Group | Consulting Resource Group | Contract Resource Group | Control Risks Group | Control Room Group | Controlled Release Granules | Creative Resource Group | Creative Resource Groups


CAHD Stands For : Chronic Acquired Hepatocerebral Degeneration | Community Approaches To Handicap And Development | Community Approaches To Handicap And Disability | Coronary Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease | Coronary Artery Heart Disease | Coronary Artherosclrotic Heart Disease | Coronary Atherosclerotic Heart Disease


CDC Stands For : Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | Cadet Deputy Commander | Center for Disaster Control | Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | Classified Doctrine Concept | Combat Developments Course | Control Data Corporation | CONUS Demobilization Center | Core Data Center | Confined Detonating Cord | Control Data Corporation | CountDown Clock | Calculated Date of Confinement | Cairo-Damascus Covenant | California Democratic Council | Christian Defense Coalition | California Department of Corrections | Cent


PID Stands For : pain intensity differences | patient identification | patient identifier | person identifiable data | personally identifiable data | primary immune deficiency | proliferative intraocular disorder | Pelvic inflammatory disease | Primary immune deficiencies | primary immunodeficiency disease | Pelvic inflammatory disease | Poughkeepsie Inflamatory Disease | Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc


MDRD Stands For : Mason Dixon Rescue Dogs | Michigan Disability Resource Directory | Modification of Diet in Renal Diseases | Modified Diet in Renal Disease


VD Stands For : Valentines Day | Vegetable Depository | Valiant Death | Virtual Domination | Vanessa Dawn | Vortex Detector | The Virtual Doi | Vague Dissatisfaction | Van Dell | Vanarial Disease | Vanerial Disease | Veneral Disease | Venereal Diseases | VerkstÌ?llande Direkțr | Vertikalnye Dvigatel | Very Difficult | Very Discrete | Very Down | Video Drive | Viper Drivers | volume of distribution


CUR Stands For : Common Use And Reuse, Cursor image resource ( Resource Workshop - Watcom Resource Editor)


GD Stands For : guide dog | Gauchers Disease | Gestational Diabetes | Graves Disease | Giant Dog


ASCVD Stands For : Arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease | Atherosclerotic Coronary Artery Disease


AHD Stands For : Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease | Attention Hyperactive Disorder | Autoimmune Hemolytic Disease


RD Stands For : Resistant Disease | Raw Data | Regio Dragamine | Recently Disgorged | Respiratory Disease | Rat Dog | Rescued Dog


GBD Stands For : Global Burden of Disease | Gallbladder disease


GERD Stands For : Gastro-Esophogeal Reflux Disease | Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease | gastro-esophageal reflux disease | gastroesophageal reflux disease | Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease


HAD Stands For : HIV-associated dementia


DDD Stands For : dense deposit disease | dorsal dural deficiency | drug design and discovery | Daily Defined Dose | degenerative disc disease | Defined Daily Dose | Degenerative Disc Disease | Den Danske Dyrlaegeforening ( Danish Veterinary Association)


ERP Stands For : Enterprise Resource Planning | enterprise resource planning | Eat Revenue Profit | Enterprise Resource Packages | Enterprise Resource Planning | Enterprise Resource Production | Equity Risk Premium | Essential Requirement for Productivity | Estimated Retail Price | European Recovery Programme | European Recovery Program | Environmentally-Responsible Packaging | Exchange Rate Protection


URI Stands For : Uniform Resource Identifier, Uniform Resource Identifier, Uniform Resource Identifier, Universal Resource Identifier, List of Uniform Resource Identifiers, User Related Information


CIBD Stands For : Cancer Induced Bone Disease | CENTER FOR INNOVATION AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT | Central Iowa Barn Dance | Certificate of Independent Bid Determination | Charter in International Business Development | Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease | chronic inflammatory bowel diseases | Cytomegalic Inclusion Body Disease


CCAD Stands For : Central Cardiac Audit Database | chronic cold agglutinin disease | critical coronary artery disease | Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi


STD Stands For : ST-segment depression | Sexually Transmitted Disease | Skeletal Transcript Database | Sterilized Testing Developer | Sexual Tension Disorder | Sexually Transmitted Disease | Short-Term Depression | Skin Test Dose | Small Testicle Disorder | Standard | Standing Tremor Disorder | Sheep Transmitted Disease


FTD Stands For : Fixing To Die | FrontoTemporal Dementia


LARC Stands For : Laboratory Animal Resource Center | Lakeland Amateur Radio Club | Language Acquisition Resource Center | Latin American Resource Center | Learning and Academic Resource Center | Learning Assistance and Resource Center | Legal Advice and Referral Center | Legal Advice Referral Center | Legal Advocacy and Resource Center | Liberal Arts Recruiting Connection | Library Association of Rockland County | Lighter Amphibious Resupply Cargo | Local Artist Resource Center | Local Authorities Research Consortium | Lockwood Animal Rescue Center | London Action Resource


CPVD Stands For : Carotid Or Peripheral Vascular Disease | Color Plan View Display | Compatible Property Value Domain | Congenital Poly Valvular Disease | Cumulative Present Value Difference


AOD Stands For : Alcohol and Other Drug problems | Adult-Onset Diabetes | Arterial Occlusive Disease | Arteriosclerotic Occlusive Disease


VDRL Stands For : Vendor Document Requirement List | Veneral Disease Research Laboratory | Venereal Disease Research Lab


ACKD Stands For : Adult Children with Knitting Disorders | Advances in Chronic Kidney Disease | Acquired Cystic Kidney Disease


WD Stands For : Warm/Dry | Wilson disease | wrist disarticulation | Well Developed | Wilson Disease | Wound | Water Dragon


BPAD Stands For : Behavioral and Psychological Assessment of Dementia


NCDR Stands For Norwegian Centre for Dementia Research


CRPD Stands For : Centre for Research on Personhood in Dementia


BPSD Stands For Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms in Dementia


SDAT Stands For : Senile Dementia of Alzheimers Type


COAD Stands For : chronic obstructive airways disease (more commonly | chronic occlusive arterial disease | clinician-oriented access to data


PAD Stands For : peripheral artery disease | Peripheral Arterial Disease | Photo Activated Disinfection | Pop And Drop


RCD Stands For : Recovery Center of Delaware | Rabbit Calici Disease | Rabbit Calicivirus Disease


PAOD Stands For : Peripheral Arterial Obstructive Disease | Peripheral Artery Occlusive Disease


IRP Stands For : Intermediary Relending Program | Independent Research Provider | Integrated Resource Package | Integrated Resource Plan | Integrated Resource Planning | IRP Property Investments


PRC Stands For : Palm Resource Code, Palm Resource Collection, Palm Resource Control, Project Reviewer Compressed, Rational Rose Processes file


DLB Stands For : Dementia with Lewy Bodies | Direct Laryngoscopy and Bronchoscopy


DSDRS Stands For : Diabetes-Specific Dementia Risk Score


MSTD Stands For : Multiple System Tauopathy with presenile Dementia


DRM Stands For : Directorate of Resource Management | Data Records Management | Design Reference Mission | Drawing Requirements Manual | Divisional Resource Manager | Device Resource Management


SRM Stands For : Scalable Reliable Multicast, Server Resource Management, Shared Resource Management, Storage Resource Management, Security Relationship Management, Software Requirements Management, Solaris Resource Manager, System Reference Manual, System Resource Manager, Short-Range Modem, Software Requirements Management, Script Running Machine, Small Red Monitor, Systems Reference Manual


GVHD Stands For : Gastrointestinalgraft Versus Host Disease | Graft Vs Host Disease


DSEP Stands For Discontinuation of antidepressants in people with dementia and neuropsychiatric symptoms


RR Stands For : Receive Ready, Request Resource, Round Robin, Receiver Ready, Resource Record, Resource Record, Reading Recovery, Register Read


RAD Stands For : Radiate | Radiation Absorbed Dose | Reactive Airway Disease | Reactive Airways Disease | Reactive Attachment Disorder


LWRC Stands For : Lake Washington Rowing Club | Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium | Lakeshore Womens Resource Centre | Land and Water Resource Council | Land Warfare Resource Corporation


DNBI Stands For : Casualty Disease and Nonbattle Injury Casualty | Disease and Non-Battle Injury | Disease and Nonbattle Injury | Diseases And Non Battle Injuries


NDV Stands For : NASP Derived Vehicle | Negative Delta V | Newcastle disease | Newcastle Disease Vaccine | Nick D Virgilio | NORTH DALLAS VAGOS | Notre Dame des Victoires | Number of Distinct Values


NRD Stands For : Nancy Ross Dribin | National Registration Deparment | National Resource Directory | Natural Resource Damage | Natural Resource Damages | NHibernate Reference Documentation | non radiating dielec | Normal Retirement Date


APD Stands For : accessory pancreatic duct | acquired perforating dermatosis | adult polycystic disease | advanced professional development | alkaline phosphodiesterase | antero-posterior diameter | anti-psychotic drug | articulation-phonological disorder | atrial premature depolarisation | atypical parkinson‰Ûªs disease | automatic peritoneal dialysis | average percentage deviation | avoidant personality disorder | Automated Peritoneal Dialysis | Acid Peptic Disease | Afferent Pupillary Defect | Auditory Processing Disorder


DASS Stands For : Dementia Advice And Support Services | Depression Anxiety Stress Scales


MID Stands For : Marshfield Insertion/Deletion | Minimum Infective Dose | Multi Infarct Dementia


ADCS Stands For : Alzheimer‰Ûªs Disease Cooperative Study | Army Dental Care System | Association of Directors of Children‰Ûªs Services | Alzheimers Disease Cooperative Study


DRS Stands For : Data Retrieval Server, Demand Response System, Distributed Resource Scheduling, Distributed Resource Scheduler, Dial Return System, Driver Reliability Signature, Display Resource (WordPerfect for Win), Direct Registration System


CLD Stands For : Chronic liver disease | Chronic Liver Disease | Chronic Lung Disease


RHD Stands For : Rheumatic Heart Disease | right heart disease | Rheumatic Heart Disease | Right Hand


AOSD Stands For : Accounting Operations Systems Division | Adult Onset Still Disease | Adult Onset Stills Disease | Advanced Optical System Demonstration | Aspect Oriented Software Development


CSDD Stands For Center for the Study of Drug Development [Tufts Univ]| Cornell Scale for Depression in Dementia


URL Stands For : Uniform Resource Locator, Uniform Resource Locator, Uniform Resource Locator, Uniform Registration Language, Internet shortcut (Universal Resource Locator)


ACD Stands For : absolute claudication distance | absorbent cover dressing | acid citrate dextrose | actinomycin D | active cell death | active compression-decompression | acute colonic diverticulitis | acyl-CoA dehydrogenase | adult coeliac disease | advanced care directive | allergic contact dermatitis | alveolar capillary dysplasia | anaemic of chronic disease | angiokeratoma corporis diffusa | anterior cervical discectomy | anterior chamber depth | anteror chest diameter | apoptotic cell death | arteriosclerotic coronary disease | atherosclerotic coronary disease | A


AD Stands For : abdominal diameter | abdominal discomfort | above diaphragm | accident dispensary | acetabular depth | actinomycin D | active disease | acute dermatomyositis | acute diarrhoea | acute dissection | acute dysentery | addict | addictive disorder | Addison‰Ûªs disease | adductor | adenosine deaminase | adjustment disorder | adjuvant disease | adriamycin | adult | advance directive | affective disorder | after discharge | alcohol dehydrogenase | alcohol dependence | alcohol dependent | allergic disease | alveolar duct | Alzheimer‰Ûªs disease | amiodar


MELD Stands For : Mayo End-stage Liver Disease/Model for End-Stage Liver Disease | model for end-stage liver disease


VIRUS Stands For : Virtual Information Resource Under Seize, Vital Information Resource Under Siege, Very Important Resource Under Search, Vital Information Resource Under Siege, Vital Information Resources Under Siege


ERP Stands For : Environmental Resource Permit | Exposure Response and Prevention | Enterprise Resource Planning | Enroute Reporting Point | Enterprise Resource Planning | Equipment Reception Party | Effective Radiated Power | Eye Reference Point | Emergency Response Plan | Electronic Road Pricing | Enroute Reporting Point | Enterprise Resource Planning


SDAT Stands For : Sector Design Analysis Tool | Senile Dementia Alzheimers Type | State Department Of Assessments And Taxation


DMARD Stands For : Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drug | Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drug | disease-modifying antirheumatic drug


OCRM Stands For : Ocean And Coastal Resource Management | Ocean And Coastal Resource Managements | Ocean Coastal Resource Management | Oceans And Coastal Resource Management | Operational Customer Relationship Management


HMD Stands For : Hyaline Membrane Disease | Human Motor Development | Hyaline Membrane Disease


PDAI Stands For : Pouchitis Disease Activity Index | Perianal Disease Activity Index


PVD Stands For : peripheral vascular disease | Peripheral Vascular Disease | Posterior Vitreous Detachment


CKD Stands For : chronic kidney disease | Chronic Kidney Disease | Cyclical Ketogenic Diet

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