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What does SLA mean?

This page is all about the meaning, abbreviation and acronym of SLA explaining the definition or meaning and giving useful information of similar terms.

SLA Stands For : slide latex agglutination | somatomedin-like activity | surfactant-like activity

What is SLA?

There may be more than one meaning of SLA, so check it out all meanings of SLA one by one.

SLA definition / SLA means?

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What is the meaning of SLA?

The meaning of the SLA is also explained earlier. Till now you might have got some idea about the acronym, abbreviation or meaning of SLA. What does SLA mean? is explained earlier. You might also like some similar terms related to SLA to know more about it.

Related Full Forms - Terms


LATEX Stands For : Text document (LaTeX)


LATEX Stands For : application/x-latex


SLIDE Stands For : Scene Language for Interactive Dynamic Environments | Senior Level Immediately Deployable Experts | Skiing Learning Improving Developing and Educating


LATEX Stands For Louisiana-Texas Experiment


RSA Stands For : Rapid Slide Agglutination | Regular Spiking Activity | Reactive Secondary Amyloidosis | Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion | Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia | Right Subclavian Artery


SMA Stands For : scala media area | severe malarial anaemia | shape memory alloys | simultaneous multichannel autoanalyser | smooth muscle actin | smooth muscle antigen | Snow Mountain Agent | somatomedin a | somatomedin activity | spinal muscle atrophy | spiral modiolar artery | spontaneous motor activity | Student medical assistant | Smooth Muscle Antibody | superior mesenteric artery | Sensory Motor Amnesia | Spinal Muscular Atrophy | Superior Mesenteric Artery | Supplementary Motor Area


SAR Stands For : Successive Approximation Register, Scalability Availability And Reliability, System Activity Report, System Activity Reporting, System Activity Report, Search And Replace, Segmentation And Reassembly, Segmentation And Reassembly, System Activity Report, Structure Activity Relationship, System Archirval And Retrival, Shift Arithmetic Right, Sample of Anonymised Records, SAR Compressed file archive


SIA Stands For : sequence independent amplification | sequential injection technique | serum inhibitory activity | serum-in-agar | sialic acid | slide immunoenzymatic assay | small intestine atresia | sperm-immobilising activity | Spinal Injuries Association | stress-induced analgesia | stretch-induced arrhythmia | Structured Intermittent Auscultation | subacute infectious arthritis | Subintimal angioplasty | Survivors of Incest Anonymous | Spectrophotometric Intracutaneous Analysis


WAR Stands For : Warriors And Rogues | Wartime Asset Redistribution | Watch Arabs Run | Weekly Activity Report | Weekly Activity Report | Work Authorization Report | We Are Right | Weekly Activity Report | WHAT ARE RECORDS?


APGAR Stands For : Activity | Appearance Pulse Grimace (reflex) Activity Respiration


IVA Stands For : Individual Voluntary Arrangement | Intelligence Virtual Architecture | Intra Vehicular Activity | Intravehicular Activity


HAWK Stands For : Hostile Activity | Hundreds of Attorneys Watching Kline | Help Awaiting Wet Kids | Hostile Activity Watch Kernel


SSA Stands For : Secret Service Agent | Selective Service Number | Sector-Specific Agencies | Social Security Administration | Software Support Activity | Soldier Store Advance | Source Selection Authority | Space Situational Awareness | Special Support Activity (NSA) | Staff Support Activity | Standard Small Arms | Strapdown Sensor Assembly | Supply Support Activity | Supply Support Area | System Specification for ATCCS (Army Tactical Command and Control System) | System Supportability Assessment | S-band (198 to 22 GHz) Single Access | Shuttle Simulation Aircraft | Sola


AMSA Stands For : Advanced Manned Strategic Aircraft | Area Maintenance Support Activity | Army Maintenance Support Activity


EASY Stands For : Eat | Eat | Easily | Eastern Area Schools Youth | Eat Activity Sleep And Your | Eating Activity Sleeping And Your | Effective And Success Yielding | Electronic Automatic Script You | Eliminate Alcohol Sales To Youth | Enjoyment At School Yes | Extensible And Simple Yep


PEA Stands For : Phenyl Ethyl Amine | Pulseless Electrical Activity | Pulseless Electrical Activity (cardiac)


LMAS Stands For : Laboratory for Manufacturing and Sustainability | Labour Market Activity Service | Labour Market Activity Survey | Labour Market Activity Surveys | Latina/o | Latina/o and Mexican American Studies | Latino and Mexican American Studies | Lets Move Active Schools | Lloyds Members Agency Service | Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems | London Manufacturing Advisory Service | Louisville Metro Animal Services


VPAD Stands For : Variable Products Administration Department | Veterans Practitioner Activity Database | Veterans Practitioner Activity Database | Virtual Places Audio Data


GAA Stands For : General Agency Agreement | Geospatial Intelligence Assessment Activity | General Aviation Activity | General Aviation Area


WAAR Stands For : Wartime Aircraft Activity Report | Wartime Aircraft Activity Reporting


DODAAC Stands For : Department Of Defense Activity Address Code | DoD Activity Address Code


PDAI Stands For : Pouchitis Disease Activity Index | Perianal Disease Activity Index


LEAN Stands For : Education Academic Network | Leadership To Encourage Activity And Nutrition | Leading Employees to Activity and Nutrition | Lean Education Academic Network | Leanweblouisiana Environmental Action Network | Lifestyle Education for Activity and Nutrition | Lifestyle Exercise and Nutrition | Listen Engage Address Next | Louisiana Environmental Action Network | Lutheran Episcopal Advocacy Network


BAM Stands For : Bay Area Music | Be A Merchant | Best Airgun Manufacturer | Bickford And Mcneece | Booking Actors and Models | Books A Million | Benefit Accuracy Measurement | Benefits Activated Marketing | Bricks And Mortar | Business Activity Measurement | Business Activity Monitoring | Back At Mac | Brookfield Asset Management Inc


MA Stands For : mandelic acid | masseter | maternal age | maternity allowance | medical assistance | medical authorisation | menstrual age | metal age | mixed agglutination | Modernisation Agency | motor area | Mycobacterium avium | Medical Accident | Medical Appointment | Medicare Advantage | Mercury Amalgam | Motorcycle Accident | Monophyletic Assemblage | Medical authorization | Mental Age | Metamorphic Anamorphosis | Moderately Advanced | Muscle Activity


VAD Stands For : Voice Activity Detection, Voice Activity Detection, Value Added Dealer


NOSSA Stands For : Naval Ordnance Safety and Security Activity | Navy Ordnance Safety and Security Activity | Naval Ordnance Safety and Security Activity


LMA Stands For Low Moisture Absorption| Low Moisture Activity| Low Moisture Activity| Low Mositure Affinity| Large Mode Area| Low Moisture Absorption


BRAC Stands For : basic rest-activity cycle | breath alcohol content | Basic Rest Activity Cycle


SAR Stands For Sonar Acoustique Remorque| Station Activity Report| Stichting Architecten Research (Foundation for Architects Research)| Structures Are Reactive| Synthetic Aperture Radar| Structure-Activity Relationship| Sexual Attitude Reassessment| Student Accounts Receivable| Student Aid Report| Stop And Reverse


AAL Stands For : Access Activity Log, Add A Leaf, Application Adaptation layer, ATM Adaptation Layer, Access Activity Log, ATM (Asynchronous Transmission Mode) Adaptive Layer


WWAC Stands For : World Wide Activity Cards | World Wide Anime Club | World Wide Activity Card


DODAAC Stands For : Department Of Defense Activity Address Codes | Department Of Defense Address Activity Code


SAM Stands For : Sanitation | Salvage All Materials | Skill Allocation Module | Sleep/Activity Monitor | Software Asset Maintenance | Soldier Adaptation Model | Special Air Missions | Special Airlift Mission | Super-Absorbent Material | Surface to Air Missile | Surface-to-Air Missile | Safety And Maintenance | Sensor Actuator Module | Shuttle Attachment Manipulator | Sun Acquisition Mode | System Activation and Monitoring | System Assurance Manage | Suspicious Activity Monitor | Suspicious Activity Monitoring | Safety Always Matters | South American Region | Save Ameri


CATC Stands For : Childrens Activity Tax Credit | Childrens Activity Tax Credit


SPA Stands For : sheep pulmonary adenomatosis | shrinking pleuritis with atelectasis | Small Practices Association | soluble protective antigen | spastic ataxia | sperm penetration assay | sphenopalatine artery | spinal anaesthesia | spondyloarthropathy | spontaneous physical activity | spontaneous platelet aggregation | staphylococcal protein A | structured professional activities | superficial palmar arch | supporting professional activities | suprapubic (bladder) aspiration | surfactant protein A | Scottish Prescribing Analysis | Super Powerful Amphetamine


LEAN Stands For : Leaders Encouraging Activity And Nutrition | Leaders Encouraging Activity Nutrition | Lidocaine


LAT Stands For : lactic acid threshold | latency | latency-associated transcript | lateral atrial tunnel | latex agglutination test | latissimus dorsi | lidocaine | locum appointment for training | lateral | Last Action Type | Lateral | Lidocaine


HPA Stands For : Health Protection Agency (BRITISH) | Head of Processing Activity | Head of Procurement Activity | Health Protection Agency


NCA Stands For : National Cancer Act | National Council on Aging | National Council on Alcoholism | nested clade analysis | neurocirculatory asthenia | neutrophil chemotactic activity | nevus cell aggregate | non contract activity | noncompetitive antagonist | nonspecific cross-reacting antigen | nuclear cerebral angiogram | numerical chromosomal abnormalities | nurse-controlled analgesia | Nursing Competence in Aging


EVA Stands For : Entry Validation Application | Enhanced Visual Apparatus | EscuadrÌ?n de Vigilancia AÌ©rea | Earned Value Analysis | Earned Value Assessment | Electron Value Actuator | Extra-Vehicular Activity | Electrical Vehicle Association | Earned Value Award | entry validation application | Extra Vehicular Activity


AAC Stands For : Acquisition Advice Code | Activity Address Code | Alaskan Air Command | Army Acquisition Corps | Army Air Corps | At Any Cost | Australian Army Cadets | Aft Access Closure | Alaska Administrative Code | Advanced Activity Concept | Advanced AERA Concepts | Airport Aircraft Capacity | Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center


PPA Stands For : PhenylPropanolAmine | Poison Prevention Act | PERSINS Processing Activity | Personnel Information System (PERSINS) Personnel Activity | Physical Point Of Attachment | Practical Pistol Applications | Principal Purchasing Agency | Portland Police Association | Progressive Peoples Alliance | Participatory Poverty Assessment | Presidential Power Abused | Principal Purchasing Agency | Provisional Patent Application


TAC Stands For : Targeted Amortization Class | Total Average Cost | Traffic Acquisition Cost | Transfer At Cost | The Adventure Company | The Angel Company | The Art Corner | Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata | Trustee Assistance Corporation | Telematics for Administrations Committee | Tenants Are Customers | Terms and Conditions | This Aint Controls | Time Activity Curve | Total Activity Cycle | Technical Advisory Committee | Tandycrafts


TBA Stands For : tert butyl alcohol | testosterone-binding activity | to be admitted | To Be Announced or Arranged | total bile acids | trabecular bone area | tracheobronchial amyloidosis | traditional birth attendant | transluminal balloon angioplasty | trypsin-binding activity | Traditional Birth Attendent | Trained Birth Assistant | To Be Arranged | Thoroughbred Breeders Association | Tropical Biology Association


RCA Stands For : radiofrequency catheter ablation | random case analysis | red cell agglutination | red cell aggregate | renal carcinoma | renal cell adenoma | renal concentrating ability | replication-competent adenovirus | residual cortical activity | right carotid artery | right coronary angiography | root canal anterior Dentistry | rotational coronary atherectomy | Royal College of Anaesthetists | Ricinus Communis Agglutinin | Ricinus Communis Agglutinin | Right Coronary Artery


RPAC Stands For : Realtor Political Action Committee | Realtors Political Affairs Council | Recreation And Physical Activity Center | Recreation Physical Activity Center | Rights And Permissions Advisory Committee | Robotic Personal Assistance Cart | Rpacrealtor Political Action Committee


TIA Stands For : temporary injury allowance | thrombosis-inducing activity | total intestinal aganglionosis | trabecular iris angle | Traffic Impact Assessment | transient ischaemic attack | Transient Ischaemic Attackor | trypsin inhibitor activity | tumour-induced angiogenesis | Transient Ischemic Attack | transient ischemic attack | Transient Ischemic Attack | Trouble In Arteries


SDAP Stands For : Sdapspecial Duty Assignment Pay | Single Daily Action Plan | Site Development Activity Permit | Site Development Activity Permitting | Sixth District Appellate Program | Social Development Action Plan | Special Duty Assignment Pay | Spray Dried Animal Plasma | Sustainable Development Action Plan


LA Stands For : lactic acidosis | Lambert | laser ablation | laser angioplasty | late antigen | latex agglutination | left atrial | leukocyte adhesion | levator ani | local anaesthesia | low affinity | Local Anesthesia | Lab Assistant | Lumpus Anticoagulant | left arm | left atrium | LeukoAraiosis | Long Acting | Lupus Anticoagulant


SHS Stands For Square Hollow Section| Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis| slide-hold-slide


SAR Stands For : Sashes And Ribbons | Stable Auroral Red | Sailor Animamates Reviews | Sacramento Association of REALTORS | Sarasota Association of Realtors | Scholars at Risk | Scholars at Risks | School for Advanced Research | School of American Research | Severe acute respiratory | Society for Artistic Research | Society of Abdominal Radiology | Sons of the American | Southern Area Region | Suspicious Activity Reporting | Suspicious Activity Reports


PACS Stands For : Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) | Pediatric Activity Card Sort | Picture Archiving and Communications System | premature atrial contractions | Partial Anterior Circulation Syndrome | Pediatric Activity Card Sort | Posterior Anterior Chest System


ROGAINE Stands For : Rugged Outdoor Group Activity Involving Navigation And Endurance | Rugged Outdoor Group Activity Involving Navigation Endurance


NDA Stands For : New Drug Application | New Drug Application number | National Disability Authority | National Drug Agency | Nuclear Decommissioning Authority | National Defence Academy | National Defense Area | No Detectable Activity | National Democratic Alliance | Non-Democratic Alliance | National Democratic Alliance | Next Day Air | New Drug Application | Non-Disclosure Agreement | Notice of Docket Activity


PSA Stands For : Prostate-Specific Antigen | Port Support Activity | Post Shakedown Availability | Pressure Swing Absorption | Problem Statement Analyzer | Payload Service Area | Payload Support Avionics | Power Servo Assembly | Pre-Sleep Activity | Preferred Storage Area | Pressure Switch Assembly | Provisions Stowage Assembly | Prostitute of School Age | Public Service Agreement | Partido Socialista de AndalucÌ?a | Partido Socialista de AragÌ?n | Protective Services for Adults | Pacific Southwest Airlines


NSA Stands For : National Security Agency | National Security Agency | No Significant Abnormalities | National Security Act | National Security Agency | National Security Area | National Shipping Authority | NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Standardization Agency | Naval Support Activity | National Standards Association | National Socialist Alliance | National Socialists of America | Non-State Agencies | Naval Support Activity | NATO Standardization Agency


SRA Stands For : Senior Resident Agent | Strategic Rail Authority | Selected Reserve Augmentee | Selected Restricted Availability | Senior Airman | Senior Airman - USAF | Senior Airmen | Ship Radio Authorization | Ship Repair Agreement | Short Range Aid | Software Requirements Analysis | Special Repair Activity | Specialized-Repair Activity | Stock Record Account | Sub- Registration Authority | Systems Research and Applications | Software Requirements Analysis | Spin Reference Axis | Support Requirements Analysis | Ship Repair Agreement | Short Range Aid | Short Range


AEA Stands For : Activity End Acknowledge


MFA Stands For : Mean Flourescence Activity


GMA Stands For : Gross Motor Activity


AVRADA Stands For : Aviation R & D Activity


NIA Stands For : Neuromuscular Integrative Activity


JFA Stands For : Joint Field Activity


ABM Stands For Activity Based Management


F/AD Stands For : Force/activity Designator


DBA Stands For : Deep Brain Activity


DENTAC Stands For : Dental Activity


DONSA Stands For : Day Of No Scheduled Activity


OSIA Stands For : On-Site Inspection Activity


COOAL Stands For : Co-ordinated Activity List


LOGSA Stands For : Logistics Support Activity


FIAM Stands For : Free Ion Activity Model


AON Stands For : Activity On Node, All-Optical Network


MEDDAC Stands For : Medical Department Activity


MOGA Stands For : Most Outrageous Group Activity


NAVSUPPACT Stands For : Naval Support Activity


CIFA Stands For : CounterIntelligence Field Activity


CPAFLA Stands For : Canadian Physical Activity


YAGA Stands For : Youth Against Gang Activity


WABM Stands For : Workforce Activity- Based Management


TDAA Stands For : Training Development & Analysis Activity


WLAA Stands For Wellness - Aerobics/ Activity courses


PAV Stands For : Pavlova A Very | Personal Activity Vehicle | Pro Art Virtual


MCIA Stands For : Marine Corps Intelligence Activity


SADA Stands For : Select Agent Distribution Activity


UDA Stands For : undecanoic acid | Unit of Dental Activity


ECOSAR Stands For Ecological Structure Activity Relationships


DODEA Stands For : Department of Defense Education Activity


ASIF Stands For : Activity Structure Intensity And Fuel


AALPS Stands For : Automated Activity Log Preparation System


ISMA Stands For : Information Systems Management Activity


DFSA Stands For : Designated Finance Support Activity


ITPA Stands For International Tokamak Physics Activity


MAFA Stands For : Manual for Activity Fund Accounting


MGSA Stands For : melanoma growth stimulating activity


QBSA Stands For Quarterly Bulletin on Solar Activity


RSSA Stands For : Regional Supply Support Activity


ALDO Stands For : Activity Level Dependent Operations

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