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What does TCI mean?

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TCI Stands For : target-controlled infusion | to come in (!) | total cerebral ischaemia | transient cerebral ischaemia | transient cognitive impairment | Therapeutic Crisis Intervention | to come in (for appt) | Transient Cerebral Ischemia | Thermal Comfort Inventory | to come in | Transient Cerebral Ischemia

What is TCI?

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TCI definition / TCI means?

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What is the meaning of TCI?

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Related Full Forms - Terms


CI Stands For : caloric intake | cardiac index | cation independent | cell inhibition | cellular immunity | cephalic index | cerebral infarct | cerebral ischaemia | cerebrovascular insufficiency | cervical incompetence | chest infection | chronic infection | chronic inflammation | cimetidine | ciprofloxacin | circulatory insufficiency | clinical impression | clinical improvement | clinical index | clinical indicator | clinical instructor | coagulation index | cognitive impairment | cold ischaemia | conditioned inhibition | continued insomnia | continuous imaging |


TIA Stands For : temporary injury allowance | thrombosis-inducing activity | total intestinal aganglionosis | trabecular iris angle | Traffic Impact Assessment | transient ischaemic attack | Transient Ischaemic Attackor | trypsin inhibitor activity | tumour-induced angiogenesis | Transient Ischemic Attack | transient ischemic attack | Transient Ischemic Attack | Trouble In Arteries


TDS Stands For Terra Del Sol| Traverse des Sioux Library System| Triangulation Data Structure| Total Dissolved Salts| Thermal Desorption Spectrum| Total Dissolved Solids| Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy| Transient Discriminating Suppressor| Transient Discriminating Surge


TCA Stands For : trichloroacetic acidor | TriCyclic Antidepressants | Tricyclic Anti-Depressant | trichloroacetic acid | Tricyclic Antidepressant | Transient Cerebral Accident (mini-stroke)


TLQ Stands For : Transient Living Quarters | Total Living Quotient | Transformational Leadership Questionnaire | Transient Living Quarters | Transient Living Quarters


ETDL Stands For : Early Time Delay Locator | Education Technology Distance Learning | Educational Template Definition Language | Electronics Technology And Devices Laboratory | Energy Transfer Dye Laser | Equipment Transient Design Level | Equipment Transient Design Levels | Equipment Transient Desiqn Level


TRP Stands For : Trust Recovery Plan | Transient Receptor Potential | Transient Receptor Potential | Tumor Repressor Protein


CPC Stands For : cerebral performance category | cerebropedal commissure | choroid plexus calcification | chronic passive congestion | circumferential pneumatic compression | clinicopathological conference | complex partial crises | confidential personal code | cost per case | Cerebral Palsy Clinic | Chest Pain Center | clinical pathology conference | clinical-Pathological Conference | Complete Primary Care | chromosomal passenger complex | Cells Per Colony | Centrifugal Partition Chromatography | CLINICAL PATHOLOGICAL CASE | Choroid Plexus Carcinoma | Carotid Pulse Curve


HETE Stands For : High Energy Transient Experiment | High Energy Transient Explorer


TVSS Stands For Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor| Transient Voltage Surge Suppression


TOT Stands For : Time On Target | Transfer Of Technology | Total | Tax Our Tourists | Trail Of Tears | Transient Occupancy Tax | Turn(ed) over to: | Terrorists Of Thailand


VT Stands For Vanishing Terms| Variable Temperature| Vertical Tank| Virtual Tributary| Visual Test| Viscous Traction| Viceroy Territory| Virginia Tech| Vocational Training| Vacuum Transducer| Vacuum Tube| Variable Transient| Variational Technology| Vee Tunnel| Vertical Twin| Video Tracker| Vision Technology| Voltage Transient| Valid Time


TIM Stands For Tri-Iodo Methane| Thermal Interface Material| Transducer Interface Module| Transient Intermodulation Distortion| Transparent Insulation Material| Total Imaging Matrix


CBF Stands For : Cerebral Blood Flow | Coronary Blood Flow | Cerebral Blood Flow


TNT Stands For : The Nurturing Team | Transient Nuclear Test | Total Neuromuscular Training | ToeNail Trim


TAC Stands For : tacrolimus | Technology Accreditation Commission | tetracaine-adrenaline-cocaine | therapeutically achievable concentration | total abdominal colectomy | total aganglionosis coli | Trainee Advisory Committee | transient aplastic crisis | transplant aspiration cytology | transverse aortic constriction | truncus arteriosus communis | Taxotere | Triple Antibiotic Cream | Tiger Authentication Committee


MCI Stands For : mandibular cortical index | manually controlled infusion | mean cardiac index | mucociliary clearability index | multiple casualty incident | Medical Council of India | Mild Cognitive Impairment | mild cognitive impairment | Mild Cognitive Impairment | Millicurie | Mobile Computer Injury


TTO Stands For Transient Tracers in the Ocean| Technology Transfer Office(s)| Total Toxic Organics| Technical Training Officer


TPU Stands For Tomsk Polytechnic University| Thermal Processing Unit| Transient Protection Unit


IMA Stands For : Indian Medical Association | Industrial Medical Association | inferior meatal antrostomy | internal mammary artery | Irish Medical Association | ischaemia-modified albumin | Institute for Mathematics and its Applications | Ischemia Modified Albumin | inferior mesenteric artery | Inferior Mesenteric Artery | Ischemia Modified Albumin


CPP Stands For : Cerebral Perfusion Pressure


TICI Stands For : Thrombolysis in Cerebral Infarction


CSVT Stands For : Cerebral SinoVenous Thrombosis


HACE Stands For : high-altitude cerebral edema


CMOS Stands For : Cerebral Muscle Operation Synapse


CFM Stands For : Cerebral Function Monitor | Cross Flow Microfiltration


CAMEO Stands For : Cerebral Aneurysm Multicentre European Onyx䋢


PCCA2 Stands For : Progressive Cerebello Cerebral Atrophy type 2


TUF Stands For Transient Usage Factor


TTN Stands For : Transient Tachypnea of the Newborn


TMM Stands For : Transient Multimon Manager


TDP Stands For : Thermal Design Power, Tag Distribution Protocol, Tag Distribution Protocol, Transient Data Program, True Desktop Project


AMI Stands For : Academy of Molecular Imaging | acquired monosaccharide intolerance | acute mesenteric infarction | acute mesenteric ischaemia | acute myocardial ischaemia | age-related memory impairment | anterior myocardial infarction | Association of Medical Illustrators | Athletic Motivation Inventory | Australian Medical Index | acute myocardial infarction | Acute Myocardial Infarction | American Meat Institute


AD-RVCL Stands For : Autosomal Dominant-Retinal Vasculopathy with Cerebral Leukodystrophy


CBV Stands For : Cannabivarin | Cerebral Blood Volume | Childrens Binocular Vision


TED Stands For Total Electron Detector| Total Energy Detector| Trawl Efficiency Device| Turtle Excluder Device| Thaddium Elemental Diverter| Thermo-Electric Device| Transient Enhanced Diffusion


RTD Stands For : Ready To Die | Rapid Transient Determination


TACS Stands For Transient Analysis of Control System


ITI Stands For Instructor Training Institute| Transient Inward Current


AITIA Stands For : Aspirin In Transient Ischemic Attacks


DLTS Stands For Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy


THAD Stands For : Transient Hepatic Attenuation Differences


TCPE Stands For : Transient Charged Particle Equilibrium


TDIA Stands For : Transient Data Input Area


TREE Stands For : Transient Radiation Effects On Electronics


HETE-2 Stands For high energy transient explorer


BATSE Stands For Burst and Transient Source Experiment


BATSE Stands For : Burst And Transient Source Experiment


APPT Stands For : Appointment | Appropriate | Association of Private Practice Therapists


RCBO Stands For : Raymond Community And Business Organization | Regional Cerebral Blood Oxygenation


PTF Stands For Palomar Transient Factory| Part Time Faculty


SDLTS Stands For Scanning Deep-Level Transient Spectroscopy


PICTS Stands For Photo-Induced Current Transient Spectroscopy


SOLTIP Stands For Solar Connections to Transient Interplanetary Processes


TRPC6 Stands For : transient receptor potential cation channel 6


GLA14 Stands For Geophysics Luminous Aurora-like Phenomena Transient Sky Brightenings


TVS Stands For : Transformation Verification And Simulation | Trust | Transient Voltage Suppressor


TMB Stands For : theoretical mechanistic biochemistry | too many birthdays (!) | transient monocular blindness


TLP Stands For The Lunascan Project| Transient Lunar Phenomenon| Thread Level Parallelism


TDOA Stands For : Time Difference Of Arrival, Transient Data Output Area


TPA Stands For : Third Party Article | Transaction Processing Activity | Transient Program Area | Test Preparation Area | Tilt Platform Assembly | Tampa International Airport | Terminal Performance Analysis | Total Pirate Awareness


PCA Stands For : pancreatic cancer | parietal cell antibody | Patient Choice Advisor | patient-controlled analgesia | percutaneous carotid arteriogram | peripheral circulatory assist | posterior cerebral artery | posterior communication artery | primary care association | prostate cancer | Patient Controlled Analgesia | Patient Controlled Anesthesia | Post Conceptual Age | Posterior Crico Aritenoid | Prostate Cancer Archive

QOF target XX

QOF target XX Stands For : Quality and Outcomes Framework target (QOF target)


CRTS Stands For Catalina Real-Time Transient Survey| Centre Royal de Teledetection Spatiale


TGA Stands For : TransGlutaminase Antibody | Take Good Advice | Transient Global Amnesia | Transposition of the Great Arteries


OT Stands For Other Terms| Office of Telecommunications| Oxytocin| Overflow Threshold| Optical Transient| Overload Time


CRISIS Stands For : Candy Raving Intensely Stepping Illumination Squad


TL Stands For : Target locations | Team Leader | Trailer Life | Transfer Line | Thrust Level | Time Latest | Traceability Lot | Transient Load | Taxilane | The Loop | Tilling Lewisham | Touring Luxury | Trailer Load | Transmission Lacking | Truckload


COMFORT Stands For : Caring Observant Mindful Friendly Obliging Responsible Tactful


ACP Stands For : acute cor pulmonale | adenocarcinoma of prostate | advanced care planning | alcoholic chronic pancreatitis | alternate complement pathway | American College of Pathologists | American College of Pharmacists | American College of Psychiatrists | antegrade cerebral perfusion | anterior cervical plate | anterior clinoid process | antiviral collection point | antrochoanal polyp | area contingency plan | aspirin-caffeine-phenacetin | Association for Clinical Pathologists | Asymptomatic Cardiac ischemia Pilot study | autoimmune chronic pancreatitis | Anesthesia


CTPE Stands For Corrected Transient Potential Energy| Coal Tar Pitch Emulsion| College of Textile and Polymer Engineering


TPI Stands For : Tan Protection Index | Test Planning Integration | Terminal Phase Initiation | Tuned Port Injection | Twin Point Injection | Timber Products Inspection | Total Personal Income | Totally and Permanently Incapacitated | Transient Performance Index


APPT Stands For : Asia Pacific Poker Tour | Asian Pacific Poker Tour


VFT Stands For Venus Fly Trap| Variable Frequency Transformer| Voltage Frequency Transient


TGD Stands For : Three Grimmy Dogs | Temporary Ground Displacement | Transient Ground Deformation


ATWT Stands For : Anticipated Transient Without Trip | Around the World Travel | As The World Turns


VTT Stands For Vacuum Tower Telescope| Virtual Tele Training| Termination Voltage| Voltage Transient Tools


ETAP Stands For Entreprenuerial Technology Apprenticeship Program| Electrical Transient Analyzer Program| Eastern Trough Area Project


NCA Stands For : National Cancer Act | National Council on Aging | National Council on Alcoholism | nested clade analysis | neurocirculatory asthenia | neutrophil chemotactic activity | nevus cell aggregate | non contract activity | noncompetitive antagonist | nonspecific cross-reacting antigen | nuclear cerebral angiogram | numerical chromosomal abnormalities | nurse-controlled analgesia | Nursing Competence in Aging


TQM Stands For : The Quickest Method | Time Quality Management | Total Quality Maintenance | Total Quality Management | Total Quality Marketing | Totally Questionable Management | Totally Quiet Management | Training Quota Management | Transient Quality Metric | Tremendous Quality Managers | Tremendous Quality Methods | Trend Quota Maintenance


HCE Stands For : Health Care Ethics | Health Care Executive | Hyper-Cerebral Electrosis


ECM Stands For : electronic claims management | embryo conditioned media | endocrine cell micronests | endoscope-controlled microneurosurgery | epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis | erythema chronicum migrans | Every Child Matters | experimental cerebral malaria | extended cervical mediastinoscopy | external cardiac massage | extracellular mass | extracellular matrix | Electro Cell Manipulation | Extra Cellular Mass | extracellular matrix


LMC Stands For : lateral motor column | left main coronary artery | left middle cerebral artery | lymphocyte-mediated cytotoxicity | Local Medical Committee


LCV Stands For : large cell variant | lateral cerebral ventricle | limited clinical value (procedures of limited clinical value) | lymphocytc choriomeningitis virus | LeukoCytoclastic Vasculitis | Laboratoire Central V̩t̩rinaire


VST Stands For Vane Shear Test| Variably Stable And Transient| Virtual Synthesis Technology| Virtual Studio Technology


TIE Stands For : TGF-beta inhibitory element | transient ischaemic episode | translation inhibitory element | Toxicity Identification Evaluation | Treatment Information Exchange


TS Stands For Tapering Stepsize| Test Statistic| Time Series| Tropical Storm| The Surface| Tropical Storm| Transverse section| Telecommunication Science| Timber Supply| Top Soil| Temperature Sensitive| Total Solids| Time Step| Transient Static| Transparent Substrate| Tangential Section| Temporal Synchronization| Time-Space| Transition State


TOTAL Stands For Taste Of Translation And Linguistics


RCP Stands For : reactive C protein | red cell protoporphyrin | regional cerebral perfusion | Research Capability Programme | retrograde cerebellar perfusion | revised class play | Regional Collection Plan | Registry of Comparative Pathology (defunct)


RCH Stands For : registered care home | renal compensatory hypertrophy | reproductive and child health | residential care home | right cerebral hemisphere | Royal Children‰Ûªs Hospital (Aus) | Rockville City Hospital


TARGET Stands For : The Annual Rec Gambling Entry Tournament


TEV Stands For : Teflon Encapsulated Vessel | Tera Electron Volt | Tera Electron Volts | Transient Earth Voltage | TeraElectron Volts


CAG Stands For : Canadian Association of Gastroenterologists | Carcinogen Assessment Group | cerebral angiography | cholangography | chronic atrophic gastritis | circulating antigen | clinical advisory group | core antigen group | coronary angiography | Cytosine


NIFT Stands For : National Institutional Facilitation Technologies | National Institutional Facilitation Technology | Nutrient Induced Fluorescence Transient


TARGET Stands For : Treatment Adequacy Review For Gaining Enhanced Therapy


CFI Stands For : cardiac function index | Centre for Infections‰ÛÒpart of HPA | cerebral flow index | chemotactic factor inactivator | colour flow imaging | Community Finance Initiative | community fluorosis index | complement fixation inhibition


TARGET Stands For : Trans-European Automated Real-time Gross settlement Transfer System


TARGET Stands For : Task Authority Recognition Grouping Evaluation And Timing | Technology Applications Readiness Grants For Empowering Texas