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What does EDENDOR mean?

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EDENDOR Stands For Electrically Detected Electron-Nuclear DOuble Resonance

What is EDENDOR?

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EDENDOR definition / EDENDOR means?

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What is the meaning of EDENDOR?

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Related Full Forms - Terms


ODEND Stands For Optical Detected Electron Nuclear Double Resonance


EDEPR Stands For Electrically Detected Electron Paramagnetic Resonance


ENDOR Stands For Electron Nuclear DOuble Resonance


FSE Stands For Final Summative Evaluation| Field Scanned ENDOR (Electron Nuclear Double Resonance)


ODEPR Stands For Optical Detected Electron Paramagnetic Resonance


DEER Stands For : Diesel Engine Emissions Reduction | Double Electron Electron Resonance


EPR Stands For East Pacific Rise| Einstein| electron paramagnetic resonance| Electron Paramagnetic Resonance| Ethylene-Propylene (co-polymer) Resin| Empirical Primal Root


NMR Stands For Nuclear Magnetic Resonance| Non Monotonic Reasoning| Noise Masking Ratio| Normal Mode Rejection| Nuclear Magnetic Resonance| Non-metallic Mining Reclamation| No Mental Rotation


ODMR Stands For Optical Detected Magnetic Resonance


NMR Stands For : Nuclear Magnetic Resonance | Nuclear Magnetic Resonance | nuclear magnetic resonance | Nuclear Magnetic Resonance | Nuclear Magnetic Resonance


NMR Stands For : nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy | News Media Representative | Not My Responsibility | Not My Responsibility | Nuclear Magnetic Resonance | Not My Responsibility | Not My Responsibility


ECR Stands For Electron Cyclotron Resonance| Engineering Change Request


SEDOR Stands For Spin Echo DOuble Resonance


NQR Stands For Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance


NRS Stands For Numeric Rating Scale| Nuclear Reaction Spectrometry| numeric rating scale| Nuclear Retention Signal| Negative Reinforcement University| No-Resonance System


MQ-NMR Stands For Multiple Quantum Nuclear Magnetic Resonance


FT-NMR Stands For : Fourier Transform Nuclear Magnetic Resonance


RMN Stands For : Nuclear Magnetic Resonance data processing program


NAD Stands For : Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide | Nicotinamide Adenosine Dinucleotide | no abnormality detected | not actually diagnosed | No Abnormality Detected | nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide | No Active Disease | No Acute Distress | No Appreciable Disorders | Nothing Abnormal Detected


ND Stands For : Naval District | Non Deployed | Non Detectable | Normal Deployment (Posture) | Not Detected | Not Determined | Not Detonate | Nuclear Disarmament | NASA Document | Neodymium | Network Director | Not Deceptive | New Democrats | National Defense | No Doubt | Non Domestic | Not Done


MRA Stands For : Magnetic Resonance Arteriography | Mineralocorticoid Receptor Antagonists | magnetic resonance angiography | Magnetic Resonance Analyser | Magnetic Resonance Angiography


CDMR Stands For : Catalytic Dense Membrane Reactor | Cdmrcentre For Disaster Mitigation Response | Centre For Durability Maintenance And Repair | Centre Of Disaster Mitigation And Response | Cochrane Database Of Methodology Reviews | Community Development And Microfinance Roundtable | Conductivity Detected Magnetic Resonance

Beta NMR

Beta NMR Stands For Beta-radiation Nuclear Magnetic Resonance


EDL Stands For IEEE Electron Device Letters| Electric Double Layer| Electrodeless Discharge Lamp| Electronic Digital Lock


NMRI Stands For : National Medical Research Institute | Network of Minority Research Investigators | Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging


EEOE Stands For : Electrically Evoked Otoacoustic Emission | Electrically Evoked Otoacoustic Emissions


NLR Stands For : narrow line region | New Left Review | New Life Rule | NOD like receptor | North Little Rock | nuclear Lindblad resonance | The New Left Review


ESR Stands For Electronic Scanning Radar| Environmental and Scientific Research| Electron Spin Resonance| Electronic Scanning Radar| Equivalent Series Resistance


EMR Stands For : Excalibur Morganas Revenge | Early Morning Riser | electron magnetic resonance | Electronic Meter Reading | Energy Mines And Resources | Exercises in Math Readiness | Extra Marital Rage | Extra Marital Relationship


LEP Stands For Large Electron Positron collider| Large Electron-Positron collider| Large Electron Positron| Language Elective Program| Light Emitting Polymer| Lissajous Electron Plasma


TEM Stands For Transmission Electron Microscope| Transmission electron microscope| Transverse ElectroMagnetic| Toluene Extractable Matter| Test for English Majors| Transverse ElectroMagnetic| transmission electron microscopy| Transparent Electron Microscope| Transverse ElectroMagnetic| Tunneling Electron Microscopy


DSDD Stands For : Deep Sea Divers Den | Diabolical Steam Driven Device | Deck Starboard Door Dogged | Double Sided Double Density | Dual Switch Double Distributor | Duplex specific Direct Digestion


NMR Stands For : No Moves Received | No More Radiologists | Naked Mole Rat | National Mileage Register | National Monment Records | National Monuments Record | New Mexico Resonance | Nielsen Media Research | Normalized Message Router | Nuclear Magnetic Resonace


EH Stands For : Western Sahara | Economic History | Edward Hardesty | Einzelbau Heer | Electrical Hazard | Electrically Heated | Electro Harmonix | Electronics Hour | Emergency Help | Entire History | Eppler Horten | Eps Homology | Eric Hertsens | Esrf Header | Eulerian Height | Event Handler | Event Horizon | Everything Here | Exception Handler | Expage House | Extramatrical Hyphae | Extreme Hopscotch | Extremely Hot | The Electron Hole


EEPROM Stands For : Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory, Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory, Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory, Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory, Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory


DS Stands For Double Scalar| Stokes diameter| Determinate Sound| Digital Service| Discontinuity Sample| Digital Signal| Digital System| Double Sampling| Double-Sided


MRI Stands For : Member of Royal Institution | Mothers Rule Inc | My Ridiculous Insides | Magnetic Reasonance Imaging | Magnetic Resonance Imaginging | Magnetic Resonance Imagining | Magnetic Resonance Iowa | Mathematical Research Institute | Meaningless Repairable Injury | Method Replacement Indicator | Meuse Rhine Issel | Monetary Research Institute | Money Rolling In | Myst Risk Indicator


FMRI Stands For : Fmrifunctional Magnetic Resonance Imaging | Functional Magentic Resonance Imaging | Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging


MNE Stands For Modified Neville Extrapolation| Master of Nuclear Energy| Materials and Nuclear Engineering| Materials and Nuclear Engineering| Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering| Mining Engineering| Micro- and Nano- Engineering


MRI Stands For Meteorological Research Institute| magnetic resonance imaging| Magnetic Resonance Imagery


MRI Stands For : Magnetic Resonance Imaging | Magnetic Resonance Imaging | Magnetic Resonance Imaging | magnetic resonance imaging | Medical Resonance Imaging | Magnetic Resonance Imaging | Magnetic Resonance Imaging


APFD Stands For : A Passion for Diamonds | Academic Planning and Faculty Development | Akron princeville Fire Department | Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend | Andhra Pradesh Forest Department | Asbury Park Fire Department | Association of Private Family Doctors | Average Percentage of Fault Detected | Average Percentage of Fault Detection | Average Percentage of Faults Detected


NPSS Stands For Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society| Numerical Propulsion System Simulation| Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan| Nuclear Physics Summer School| Nuclear Power Sources


ESR Stands For : electron spin resonance spectroscopy | Electronic Staff Record | estrogen receptor | erythrocyte (blood) sedimentation rate | Erythrocyte Sedimentation rate | Erythrocyte Sedimentation rate | Endonasal Sphenoid Release | Equivlant Series Resistance | Erythrocyte Sedimentation rate


KEV Stands For Kilo-Electron Volt (1000 electron Volts)


LEO GER Stands For Losing Electron Oxidation Gaining Electron Reduction


EEEI Stands For Effective Electron-Electron Interaction


EIC Stands For Error In Covariate| Electron Indifferent Cardinal| Electron Ion Collider| Extract Ion Chromatogram| Electronic Instrumentation and Control Engineering


EEPROM Stands For : Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory | Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory


EEPROM Stands For Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory| Electrically-Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory


DB Stands For : deaf-blind | decidua basalis | deep breath | demineralised bone | dense body | dextran blue | diet beverage | direct bilirubin | disruptive behaviour | distobuccal | DNA binding | dot blot | downstream box | duodenal bulb | Double Blind | Double-Blind | Date Of Birth | Disability | Double Bottom hip


MRC Stands For : magnetic resonance cholangiography | magnetic resonance cisternography | magnetic resonance colonography | Medical Registration Council | Medical Research Council | Medical Research Council | Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain | Mutant Research Centre | Medical Research Council | Medican Research Council | Medical Research Council | Mitral Ring Calcification | Multilocular Renal Cyst | Meat Research Corporation ( Australia)


DDR Stands For : Double Data Rate, Dynamic Document Review, Detailed Design Review, Device Description Repository, Drag, Double Data Rate, Digital Disk Recorder, Double Density RAM (Random-Access Memory), Destination Data Register


DBDJ Stands For : De Beers Diamond Jewellers | Double Bonus Double Jackpot


DBDW Stands For : Dog Beach Dog Wash | Double Blind Double Wide


ANA Stands For : Almost Never Awake | Anti-Nuclear Antibody | Anti-Nuclear Antibody | Anti-Nuclear Antibody | Almost Negative Alignment | Anesthesia | Anorexia | Anti-Nuclear Antibody


DBDT Stands For : Disposition-Based Decision Theory | Dimmer Button Double Tap | Double Bladed Damascus Trapper


DPDT Stands For Double Pole Double Throw


DPDT Stands For : Double Pole Double Terminal


DSDD Stands For : Double-Sided Double-Density


SNAP Stands For : Secondary Nuclear Auxiliary Power | System Nuclear Auxiliary Power | Systems For Nuclear Auxiliary Power | Significant New Alternatives Policy | Streamlined Noncompeting Award Process


MEV Stands For : Make Edge Vertex | Molded Ethnic Vegetables | Mega Electron Volts | Million Electron Volts


GEV Stands For : Generalized Extreme Value | Gigga Electron Volts | Ground Effect Vehicle | Giga Electron Volts


TEL Stands For : Telecom Corporation of NZ Ltd | Tax Expenditure Limitation | Time Entry and Labor | Tata Elxsi | Tokyo Electron Limited | Tokyo Electron Ltd


KEV Stands For : Key Encoded Value | Kilo Electron Volt | Kreis Energie Versorgung | Kilo Electron Volts


ESEM Stands For : Eenvironmental Scanning Electron Microscope | Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope | Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy


DBS Stands For double-blind study| Double Bottom Ship| Division of Biological Sciences| Direct Broadcast Satellite| Dynamic Bass System


DHBT Stands For : Dedicated Highway And Bridge Trust | Dedicated Highway Bridge Trust | Distance Horse Bowl Tournament | Double Hetero Bipolar Transistors | Double Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor | Double Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors | Double Hetrojunction Bipolar Transistor


MRCP Stands For : Membership of the Royal College of Physicians | Magnetic Resonance Cholangio Pancreatography | Magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatogr aphy | Maximum Reserve Capacity Price | Medical Rehabilitation Centers of Pennsylvania | Microelectronics Research Collaboration Program | Mini Racing Club Pilatus | Mobile Radar Control Post


STEM Stands For science| Soluble Trace Element Mixture| Science Technology Engineering And Mathematics| science| Science| Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy| Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope| scanning transmission electron microscopy| Storable Tubular Extendible Member| Stress Trajectories Element Method


WNAI Stands For : WNA (World Nuclear Association) Nuclear Energy Index


SNF Stands For : Secret No Foreign | Spent Nuclear Fuel | Strategic Nuclear Forces | System Noise Figure


EV Stands For Electron Volt| Exceptional Vacuum| Electron Volt| Exposure Value


DB Stands For Double Blind| Decibel| DeciBel| Deutsche Bahn| Double Bond| Dubnium| Design Based| Dual Band


NLS Stands For : No Limits Snipers | Negro Logic Society | No Limit Soldiers | Nuclear Localisation Signal | Nuclear Localization Sequence


DH Stands For : delayed hypersensitivity | developmental handicap | diaphragmatic hernia | diuretic hormone | double haploid | ductal hyperplasia | Department of Health | Double Helix | Dental Hygeinist | Developmentally Handicapped


PDFI Stands For : Probability of Detected Fault Isolation


ECD Stands For Energy Citations Database| Electron capture detector| evidence-centered design| Electron Capture Detector| Early Childhood Development


BEEM Stands For Ballistic Electron Emission Microscopy| Best Evidence in Emergency Medicine Investigator Group| Ballistic Electron Emission Spectroscopy


TEV Stands For : Teflon Encapsulated Vessel | Tera Electron Volt | Tera Electron Volts | Transient Earth Voltage | TeraElectron Volts


DBT Stands For : Double Blind Testing | double-blind trial | Dialectical Behavior Therapy


FESEM Stands For : Fesemfield Emission Scanning Electron Microscope | Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope | Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy


IFEL Stands For : Infrared Free Electron Laser | Institute For Early Learning | Interest Free Educational Loan | International Foundation For Extraterrestrial Life | Inverse Free Electron Lasers | Irradiated Fuels Examination Laboratory


VSEPR Stands For : Valence Shale Electron Pair Repulsion | Vseprvalance Shell Electron Pair Repulsion


ESGN Stands For : Electrically Suspended Gyro Navigation


EIEE Stands For Electrically Independent Earth Electrode


EAROM Stands For Electrically Alterable Read-Only Memory


EPLD Stands For Electrically Programmable Logic Device


ELDV Stands For : Electrically Operated Depressurization Valve


CBRN Stands For : Cbrnchemical Biological Radiological Nuclear | Checmical Biological Radiological Nuclear | Chemical Biological Radiological And Nuclear | Chemical Biological Radiological Or Nuclear


EEPLD Stands For Electrically Erasable Programmable Logic Device


TDA Stands For Tactical Decision Aid| Tornado Detection Algorithm| Total Detected Area


DD Stands For Default Distribution| Degree Days| Demonstration Division| Differential Detection| Diffractive Dissociation| Detailed Design| Doctor of Divinity| Double Degree| Dolby Digital| Double Diode| Dual Diagnosis


NPT Stands For : Non Proliferation Treaty | National Pipe Thread | Network Planning Terminal | Non- Proliferation Treaty | Nuclear Power Training | Treaty On The Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons | National Police Training | Neighbourhood Policing Team | Non-Proliferation Treaty | (Nuclear) Non-proliferation Treaty


DN Stands For : Double Nose | A Double Numerical | Dagens Nyheter | Daisuke Niwa | Data Number | Death Note | Deep National | Demyelinating Neuropathy | Designated Numbers | Desktop Notebook | Detroit New | Developer Network | Devs Network | Dial Nigel | Digha Nikaya | Digital Network | Digital Number | Digital Numbers | Discussion Note | Distance Number | distinguisehd name | Distinuished Name | Dominant Negative | Dos Navigator | Double Negation | Nominal Diameter


fMRI Stands For : functional magnetic resonance imaging | functional magnetic resonance imaging


DINKY Stands For : Double Income | Double Income No Kids Yet


SEM Stands For Standard Error of Mean| structural equation modeling| Space Environment Monitor| Scanning Electron Microscope| Space Environment Monitor| Solvent Extractable Material| Science| SEMester| Synthesizer Expander Module| Scanning Electron Microscope| scanning emectron microscopy| Secondary Electron Multiplier| Standard Error of Measurement| Structural Equation Modeling| Structural Equation Models


SET Stands For Storm Education Team| Safety| Science| Simulation Engineering Technology| Software Engineering Technology| Single Electron Tunneling| Single-Ended Triode| single-electron transistor| Sound Emission Transmission