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ACME Stands For Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education| Advisory Committee on the Marine Environment| Arginine Catabolic Mobile Element| Academic Credit for Military Experience| Academy of Criminology| Advisory Committee for Mathematics Education| American Company Makes Everything


ACRI Stands For Advanced Computer Research Institute| Advanced Computing Research Institute| Australian Cotton Research Institute


ACRIM Stands For Active Cavity Radiometer Irradiance Monitor| Active Cavity Radiometer Irradiance Monitor


ACM Stands For Alternative Calculation Method| Adiabatic Connection Model| Aluminium Composite Material| Anormal Chemical Material| Astrocyte-Conditioned Medium| Absolute Characteristic Maxima| Aluminum Conductor Material| Association for Computing Machinery| Audio Compression Manager| Autonomous Crack Monitoring


ACV Stands For Aggregate Compacted Value| IEEE Workshop on Applications of Computer Vision


ACS Stands For Auxiliary Constraint Set| Auxiliary Communications Service| Advanced Camera for Surveys| American Chemical Society| Academic Computing Service| Advanced Competitive Science| All Cannot Study| American Campus Subscriptions| American College of Sofia| Adjacent Channel Selectivity| Advanced Communications System| Alternative Current Switch


ACT Stands For Acoustical Ceiling Tile| Astrographic Catalog Tycho| Academic| Alumni Consulting Team| American College Test| Associates of Campus Theatre| Actual Cycle Time| Air Cooled Triode| Akebono Ceramic Technology| Alternative Control Technique| Actualize Conscious Thought


ACTS Stands For Advanced Communications Technology Satellite| African Centre for Technology Studies| Asian Christian Theological Studies| Association of Chicago Theological Schools


ACSA Stands For Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture| American Computer Scientists Association| Association for College Student Affairs


ACSU Stands For Academic Computing Services Unix| American Cancer Society University| Association Of Computer Science Undergraduates


ACTT Stands For Academic Contributors for Today and Tomorrow| Advanced Center for Technology Training


ACVD Stands For Agricultural Chemicals and Veterinary Drugs| American College of Veterinary Dermatology


ACU Stands For Acquisition Control Unit| Abilene Christian University| Association of Commonwealth Universities


ADE Stands For Algebraic Differential Equation| Advanced Distance Education| Association of Departments of English| Advanced Development Environment


ADC Stands For Architecture Development and Construction| Advanced Data Converter| Analog Digital Converter| Analog to Digital Converter| After Death Communication


ADAS Stands For AWOS/ASOS Data Acquisition System| Airborne Data Acquisition System| Asiago DLR Asteroid Survey| Alcohol and Drug Abuse Studies


ADAM Stands For Absolute Disintegration of Available Mass| Art Design| Aliveness| Academic Date Analysis and Management| Advanced Design And Modeling| Active Design and Analysis Modeling| Advanced Digital Audio Matrix


ADD Stands For Agency for Defense Development| Accumulated Degree Days| Android Developer Day| Architectural Design Document| Advanced Discipline Deficit